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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bad Vibes Are Soon To Be Gone, I Hope...

Hi there. So, here I am. Back again. There is nothing much to tell really. I mean, I have been jobless for two weeks, counting today's in. Two consecutive weeks without a job and one day class a week is killing me inside. Really.

What I could not imagine is how the hell is some people who can live life happily without a job in a long term unemployment in their own will! Like, they are some sort enjoying the life of no job at all for such amount of longer time!! How did they manage to do that? Horrifically disastrous, if it is in for me I say!

I know I hated job once in a while, but most of the time if it is on Monday, but then again.... work is when you ought to see people and your brain is still active. But without job, you feel some sort of LOST in your own place of mind. And it is not a favourable thing to do if you ask me!

Since I do not have a job, that simply means I could not afford the place I am living in now. My little lair! Currently, I am living in a one bed apartment, with a super huge balconies that runs along the living room to my bedroom, but now... I can not afford this place anymore.

That is why I have been quite not in the blog anymore to blog. .I have been busy to find a job, a new home and all this thing just wrecked me into bits! I could not live by myself anymore, instead I opt for sharing! Share with other housemates, but having my own bedroom.

Lucky me, after few days struggling (you would not even know how difficult it is to find a home in Ireland! Once it is on the website, newly posted for few hours, but if you're late to call and book for viewing, it is already gone! - See this letting, sharing, etc. website in Ireland www.daft.ie ), I got a little place for myself. Oh, no. Sharing but with my own bedroom! For €650 per month. Now I am paying €1,100 per month for a one bed apartment!

It is so difficult. Like, you have to know the areas, so that you are not in a shit pit, where all the gang lands gathered! You never knew. There's few spots here which shows "STAY AWAY". In some of those areas, even sometimes taxi drivers are afrai to pass through the roads/areas just because it is noted to be dangerously dangerous!

I just got the text today telling me that I got the room that I viewed last night! I was so happy. Because the guy was telling me that he will let me know on Monday to let more people to view the house, but then he texted me this afternoon and tell me that he offering the room to me!! Yayyy! :) One job is done.

I will have to move out from this house by 19th March, and the new house required me to move in on the 15th March. So, it is kind of PERFECT! I have few photos on the new home too! Oh, and did I tell you that the room I am going to be in has every girl's ever dreamt of to have in a bedroom??? A massive 6 doors floor to celiling wardrobes, with two tiers hanging racks and shoe racks too??? And it is quite spacious as well, for the price of €650! And it is quite in a descent respectable housing area, and close to city centre! It's a good catch! Thank God!

So, now it is only the matter of finding a job.

I will be going to Spain (Malaga) next Tuesday! The 'boyfriend' is taking me there to relax for a week, and when I get back here he asked me to start again for the job searching! His parents have a house there, so basically it is just like a little vacation! ;)

Oh, and I have met his parents too!! :) Obviously, it is such an experience! I mean, I am always afraid when it comes to the meet the parents session! ;) But it is all good!

Too many things to tell, but basically that is what has been happening around my life at the moment! Thanks to all who keeps on reading, and sorry for lack of commitment in voting. It is just because there is too many unlucky things happened from one to another. Just hope that things are going to get better soon!

I have to go now. I'll write again soon!

Have a good weekends, everyone! *twirl*


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