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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Brilliante! :)

I had fun last nite! Yayy! It was a very good performance. And, I party till 3 in the afternoon today. Went back home, and sleep. :)

Surely had loads of fun! :)

I just cant write anything, much more in here. I am too tired. I went back at 3, and quickly tucked myself under the duvet. Was too tired. Woke up back again at 9pm, was too hungry. Ate. And now, at 1am, I am feeling sleepy again. avere sono! Tanto!! :)

So, have fun viewing some pictures in here. Talk soon! *kisses*

Oh, and don't forget to vote me! :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Gui Boratto! Yayyy!!

I am getting myself ready to go out and see my favourite tunes... in Tivoli, Dublin! *wink*

Hope that it will be a good party!!! *wink & twirl & twirl*

Talk to you soon! Oh, by the way... this is the track, one of the track! Have fun listening!! *wink*

Todloo! *kisses*

Full of Hatred

I am not in a good state today. I am so angry. And full of hatred.

A person just treat me like a piece of a shit, found on the street. He treat me with such annoyance, and worst, like a shit!

Have you ever come accross this feeling, that you feel so angry towards somebody and you are compacted with so much hatred in you, that you feel like crying, not because you are sad, but because you are so angry?

I feel like that now.

Who does he think he is? A kiddo with a tiny brain like, maybe a germs brain (does a germ has a brain, anyway?), and hooked up with not-so-good supplement everyday?
And the fact that, he is working in some shitty place, without experience, and of course without any qualification, he thought that he is so good enough to treat people like a dirt?

Whatever happened to the world now? People like this chap, always thought that they are the universe-owner, treat people like that? Like they are the best, and of course we are the worst ones? Stupid!

I am so full of revenge now. I want him to feel like a rubbish. I want him to feel the pain I have now. And I want him to suffer so badly, that he will soon regrets those mean things he said and did to me! How can it be possibly done?

Impossible! Because people like this now, actually rule the world! Double stupid.

I have to gain back all my confidence! To coup all my scattered life back. But, that will never stop me from having this huge, thick revenge I have inside.

He will pay for what he did. That is a promise. And, yes... he is long gone in the book of my life.
**** off! *I am really pissed!*

P/S: This is the first time I have ever felt so angry, and I am so angry that I can't even twirl today*

P/S2: Maybe I should join penfold, in finding the right partner, for myself. Queue up now... Forms will be given out soon! ;)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Peek of My Happy-Fun Mode

I just love to write today. *wink*

Maybe because I am stuck in the room, have nothing else to do, so here I am, hooked on the laptop, and write and write and write! Yayyy!!! *jumping and twirling*

It's nothing much to tell. *double wink*

Just that, I went out last nite. It was fun, alright! But it is so cold. So, no more skirts or spaghetti strap for me, until maybe end of winter? *sigh*

So, I wore a pair of jeans and a long sleeves top! I bet it looks awful, (that is what I thought before I'm off to the party), but I guess it is not so bad afterall! *giggles*

I thought so, coz I had this picture taken last night. And I think it looks okay. *wink, wink & wink*

What do you think? *giggles*

Un Esperimento

I had an unbelievable experiment, on Friday.

It was such a lazy day, of course. It's Friday. And, people just can't wait to go home, and do whatever things they want to do, since it's weekend. And, this week is our last day of holidays for the year, (excluding Christmas, mind you). We will have our Bank Holiday, this coming Monday. Yayyy! (only in Dublin. Yup! And to Sylvie, if you read this, it will be so much difference to me, since you know how I hated Monday so so much! *wink*)

So, I was lazying around too! Not that I put my head on the table, and made the awful, most awful faces all the time. (Imaginarily, YES!) But, I was just staring at the computer, and pretend to be busy. *chuckles* No, no. Not pretending, it's just that I don't really have the passion to do any work! (Do I really have a time, that I really have the passion do do work? I don't think so! And, I don't think anyone does! *giggles*)

Well, the main point here is... I thought about an experiment! I was looking on my table... (Neat, as always! *wink*), then I saw a pack of POLO mints, tube. Yup. I always had mints, sweets or something alike, to help me to stay awake at some point when I couldn't bear the sleepyhead I have since I was born! *wink*

Then, I suddenly realized. I should do this! There is always an advertisement about this mint, that POLO mints with a hole in it, is super-strong! I took one, and I popped in my mouth. I tried to bite 'em, and yup! It's very strong, that I had to bite harder, and klukkk, klukkk and klukkk! I made it.

Then I thought, another thoughts. Maybe it is so strong, that if I throw it to the wall, or to the floor, it wouldn't break? *wondering hard, looking like a scientist now... maybe Einstein?*

On my way back home, I grab my POLO mints tube, took one from it, and looked around. So that, no one could see what I'm trying to do. (I was walking home with a colleague from the office. Yup. I told him about my intention for this small experiment! And, yes of course. He laughed at me!)

So, I throw it to the floor!

It doesn't break!! (I knew it!). Then, a colleague of mine took one, and throw it to the floor. It broke into pieces. (No way!!). I am not too satisfied with that. I took another one, and throw it to the wall. It doesn't break. (Yayyy!). And then, my colleague took another one, and throw it to the wall. It broke, scattered (again...), into small pieces. So, it is not that strong. *sigh*

I thought the momentum, of the POLO mints that made 'em not break into pieces. Plus, it is a strong holey-mints. But, then again... I think I don't have that much 'power' of my little arms, to give a good momentum for it to land on the wall/floor to get scattered into pieces.

So, POLO mints is not so strong, afterall! *wink*

Maybe I will think of other experiments, after this. Next Friday, for the next experiment ahead! Yayyyy to Professor Baby! *twirl*

P/S: It's windy tonite, looks like the autumn is really here now. Sigh. Oh, and I am all alone in my room, in my house, and it's Halloween Night... *scary*
And, Happy Halloween people!!

And (again...), don't forget to vote for me! Again!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fuel My Blog

(Picture courtesy from Sean-B at http://www.flickr.com/photos/sean-b/245744537/)

Everyone has indeed, talking about fuelmyblog. And, of course... as part of the 'club', I am in it too! *wink and twirl*

And, oh yeah. Fuelmyblog is really a nice group to join too! As in, now everyone is racing for the $500, offered to those who got the most votes. (Err... I think so.)

So, as part of the team-members, as I joined them too... of course I would like to have that money on hand too! By the way, who doesn't? (Vote me here --->

A lump sum of money, handed to you, wowww! It is the most best thing would ever happen to anyone. Who agrees with me? *rolling eyes*

Well, it's really good that by joining this, (despite of the chances gain to obtain free-money, even tho' I am one of those people who will get the least chances of winning... sigh), I met few bloggers out there who has quite outrageous personalities in many ways... But, whatever the thing is, I wanted to tell you peeps here that these people, they are fantastic! Really.

I have been browsing their blogs. Sylvie, for a start! She's a charmer. Who would ever thought, a mummy for two cute-lil' kids would still be fantastically gorgeous? Oh, she's a star! Really.

And, DaddyPapersurfer. The first time I read his blog, I was like... what on earth is this writer talking about? I can't actually understand any of the things he said. Like...errrr? But, he's adorable!

And, Papersurfer? Hmm.... from seagulls (darn, I hate those creature!), to music and talents of actually, making a HOUSE? And, surfing, and wordings? Until the recent one, the form given out for a partner? *giggles*

And, of course... the most recent one. Fracas. I browsed through the page. Fracas this, Fracas that and Fracas thought, Frasca feels... It's fabulous!

These, the people (the blogs actually), I mentioned above. Is really a blog-must-read! Whoever won before, that doesn't really matter. But the beautifully-crafted-material on these... It's unbelievably awesome!

To those who I crossed-by, but I did not mentioned your blog. I am truly sorry. But, all the others, whoever you are... you are truly a star too! In fact, everybody is. (Because you know what happened if I ought to mentioned all other blogs I read, I will be non-stop babbling in here, until the next day, next day and the other day). *giggles and wink*

So, take care and good nite. (It is almost midnight now, and I am truly sleepy already).

P/S: Have all blogs spotted above a go, you might be like me too! Wouldn't be able to stop reading, until you realized that you are so intact with the postings. *wink & twirl*

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Why I Said That?

It was a total disaster... That is what happened when your feelings take control, over your sanity mind. Why do I have to actually said that? Why do I have to actually asked that? Stupid.

I made some stupid things. I asked a guy, who I actually like so a lot, (as he was treating me differently, in a good way... but now I thought about it, it might be just me who thought that way...), who am I to him. And his response... "NO ANSWER".

Yayyy! Way to go, girl! Another ditch by the roadside moment for me.

Shit. Really not in a good state of mind now. Collapsing, scattered all over the floor.

'Till then. *now I am really sad. Like, really, really, really sad*

Friday, October 19, 2007

Routine of Life?

Routines of life, woke up, shower, long walk to the bus stop (like, reallllllyyyyyy long! about half an hour?), bus trip to Ballsbridge (my office), and another routine in the office, lunch-time, back in office, more stress, sometimes staring at the machine, half five, coming back home, shower, dinner, what-ever-suits-my-mood-to-do-things, sleep... and the routines go on and on and on.

How cliche would a life of a 26 year old girl, single, would be far from the statement above? None. Basically, I think it is about the same. More or less. *wonder*

Sighing and wondering are the best two items I am good at. And of course, the conclusion to that, to pour all-out in here. *wink*

Just that, I thought I might have to think-out-loud about this one. About the things I thought. So, there goes. How possibly could I change all these scenario...? And, I have thought about it too. What if, when I thought that it will be good to have, at least, something to be changed, but later on I will found out that it is better for things to stay as it is? Confusing? I thought so. What do you think?

Anyway, I coloured my hair! *rolling eyes*

Twice! The first time, it went so wrong, like so so wrong! (My picture on the left). I got this really yellowish colour, splotches all over my hair, splotted here and there. The word; scattered! Horrifyingly annoying! When it is all done, I thought I can live with it. At least, try to life with it. But, heck no! Two days after that, I changed it to another one!

It was last Tuesday. At least now, I am happy with the hair colour I have now! *satisfying look*

Maybe I should open a salon? *wink*

Buona notte! Tanti baci! *wink & twirl*

Monday, October 15, 2007

Meow Meow Day

Something to cheer my day, and maybe yours.
Nothing much to post today, maybe tomorrow. Have fun! *wink*

P/S: I love cats!! *kisses*

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Meow Meow

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I am so depressed. Seems like a depressing week for me the whole week.

Instead of a coffee called ESPRESSO, my week is most likely to be so-more-like the coffee called; DEPRESSED-OH! Hahaa... Ironic.

Anyway, on the other side of it, my PMS thingy did affect my mood-cycle as well, as I predicted.

So, everything in one whole big bundle package, create a horrible week for me. That is why.

Oh, I cried last nite. It was a spontaneous emotions. Out of the blue, nothing happened. Nothing thought about. Nothing. But, as I sat there, I cried.

Yeah, so I cried.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Speaking of Luck

I am at home. Sitting. Watching tv. Being a couch potato. While listening to awesome tracks.
All in one.

I feel so tired. Tired, and so tired I am. One more day to go to work, then as usuals, my weekends off. There is something different with this weekend tho'. It is more like, a 'Christmas' like to me.
We are going to celebrate Syawal, this weekend. More like 'Christmas'. As I said earlier.

For the second year, of my life, celebrating it without my family. Sad? I don't really realized that, to be honest. Nano. I don't know.

Supposedly, everyone will be with their family. Celebrating, and having loads of fun. But me, I am here. All alone, for the second year, in my entire life.

Ahh... no worries. I will be okay.

Oh, despite of feeling sad and things like that, for this Syawal thingy... I was, I repeat that... I was supposed to be happy. Because I was supposed to go to this Luciano thingy. A DJ, playing in Dublin... tomorrow night. At least, it will make it up for the sad part, of not being near to my family. But then again, yesterday's text received, I really don't feel like doing anything.

Even now, I feel like not doing anything. Everything is so so wrong.

Bad lucks all week. Sigh.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Text Tantrum

I was in the office today. Back to my little workstation. New place. Was quiet.

Everything was like the usuals. Basically every single little thing as it was, like any normal other day for me until something stabbed me, (imaginarily), in the afternoon!

How would you feel, when someone doesn't really understand what you are saying? Like, you are telling him that the sky is blue, but he, on the other hand was telling you that the TV is on? How peculliar is that? *rolling eyes*

And, the fact that this particular sentence was said to me, I cried... again!

"go... do whatever you want!!"

How can this particular person said the things to me? Like, how dirt am I to him, now? Unbelievable. But that is the fact, in fact, obtained... today. So unbelievable!

And, that is one thing, why, and always be the reason why I don't really fancy texting, compared to phone calls. I received that thru' text, after what I texted earlier on!

And, my oh my... there goes the man I like. Off the peak of life, off the cliff... *jumping off the cliff, periodically*

One thing that really annoys me today, texting! How I wish it could be far more simpler, for him to understand what I really meant, instead of things (I wonder what he really thought, might be something far off from the real meaning... obviously!) that he now thought of!

How bizzare to acknowledge that, things said to be misunderstood could definitely bring you straight to huge disastrous event!

How I wish life would be simpler, and world would be a better place to live...
How I really wish...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Detox Day Out?

Here are the pics for the Detox Day Out with my lovely, butterfly!! Love you loads, butterfly!! Thanks for always be there for me!! *wink*

More cakes and cakes and lattes and cappucinos... Nyummmssss!!

Doodles Days

Many, many days of silent updates from me. I have been so busy with my submission, and other few things... alas, now I have the time to update! Yayyy! *smile*

Well, today I'm home. No office for me. I had a terrible period pain that one can ever imagined! How would that possibly be? Impossible!! I was crying the whole morning on bed, holding my tummy so hard, that somehow it seems that can possibly burst! Outrageous, I supposed! *still am in pain*

So many things happened in these past few days of my absentice from the blog. Really!! Like, unbelievable things to ever been consumed to your tiny mind too!!

I shifted place in the office. To another place. Not another workplace. Just another place, err... maybe best called it as workstation? Yeah. More like it! *smile again* 
A good new place to be at, but less people to talk to. I guess it is good for my working environment eh? What do you think? Hope so!

And, my weekends? It was okay. We went out to Frazers, the usuals, for Friday nite. Quite okay... My friend was playing, as the introduction DJ that night. Tommy. I, personally, kind of like the music he played. I think, it's kind of cute, in a way. *wink* The music. Yeah, I can't really describe how the hell the cute means, but you know when you listened to it. True!

My love-life? Do I have one? I have no idea. If there is, I might say that, it is more or less, there... I don't even know what is going on with it. Like, the person that I like, truly like at this moment, having a big, huge, gigantic crush on, is there... but, he is just there. And, me? I am here. And the feeling inside? It is there too. So, I guess I have a love-life, just that I don't know what's going on with it. As my 'little' butterfly friend, (now, officially, my best friend), told me, let's just see what happen soon. Let it go with the flow of life, we have in our
everyday life. I guess that's better!

(But, I do really like this person! Yeah, him and the butterfly!!!) *twirl and wink*

So, there goes the story of what basically happened in my life for these past few of my absentice days. *wink*

Oh, by the way, we had a Sunday Detox Day Out, last Sunday. It was awesome. We had cakes. Chocolate cakes, mind you?! And huge cookies, with cups and glasses of capucinno and latte! Fabulous! Brilliant in fact!! And 5 hours spending time outside the coffee shop called LEON, it was superb! There was me, Butterfly, Gladys (sorry if it is wrong spelled), and Anna. I thought of doing it again next Sunday, as a must-do-event for each Sunday! We'll see!

Okay, too much to tell now. I'm off to find some food, again!! (to eat and eat and eat!)

I hate PMS!! I hate PMS with the cravings for chocolates, and food, basically all food!! *grumble*

I'll drop in more stuff to spill in soon! 'till then, kisses! *wink, twirl and plant a kiss on the air*

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Another Day?

Morning blues. That is what I get whenever Monday peek-a-boos' in the weekdays life of mine. The usuals. Work, and more work in the office. Submission is near the corner. So, more and more things to be completed.

That's one thing about Monday. To get on to the job you're on to, left behind since Friday. To gather it up, pile it all together and to try remember where it was left behind. Torturing, sometimes.

Well, there is something new today, though.I had a fight. Not that big fight that people usually do have. And the fight is with someone, which is I thought is so 
impossible for me to have a fight with. At least, I don't ever have an imagination of having a fight with. Sigh.

It is not, a fight that leads you to feel burns, and angry inside. Instead, the fight made me feel sad and horrible inside. It is a disaster. Totally am!

It is about meeting me, and not meeting me. Wanting to see me and not wanting to see me.

How would you ever felt, when a person, whom you really, really like... telling you that he/she will be meeting you soon, and at the very end of time, he/she cancelled it? And that kind of situation repeated, over and over again? How would you feel? Oh, and plus... it happened on Monday?

I was too devastated. The most used word of the month, "another day...".

It is so horrifyingly, horrible! After for so many times, I freaked out! I screamed my lungs out, I cried (not that the person notice any of those, anyway... phew!), and I am through.

I told this person, "...it's okay. Nevermind. Just forget it! Like, just forget it!!".

At last, I blurted it out. Hung up. And, of course... like in any other chick flicks movie, the girl cried. I cried. Not that I am too sad with the situation. But, I was too angry with the fact that the word "another day", singing in my ear-drum! Like, "shhhhh!!!"

How would it turn out to be? My mobile, singing the tunes lala laa laa la laaaaa... someone's calling me. I ignored. And, more sounds. Ignored again. And more and more and more.... Ignored.

How would it turn out to be, then? I don't know!

Monday, October 1, 2007

When Sanity Takes Control

It's already Sunday! Too many things, unbelievably things happened this week! Which, is too many to consumed, in the brain of mine. Little tiny brain of mine.

Luckily, am back to work tomorrow. For the first time, I am so eager to go to work tomorrow to finish up my work. My long-time-consuming work, which was supposed to be done last week. At last, back to my sane mind again. Phew!

This many, many things, somehow made me think. That there are few people in this world gifted with lack of sanity and capable mind, the mind of sane human to actually think what is right and what's NOT! Luckily, I am the other group of people, the sane ones! At least, I think I don't do stupid things to annoy people and crack their brains of their heads!

It will be a long day at work tomorrow and the day after, and after and after, until the next weekend. But, I think I can cope with one hell of a week, to wait for the next satisfyingly (hopefully) weekends!

So, 'till I am back tomorrow with few crappy stuff to write in about my topsy turvy life, I will put a dot to this entry, at this very second.

Good nite, and kisses for now! Ciao, ciao! *wink*

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