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Friday, August 31, 2007

Annoyance Attractions

Whoopsies! One little tiny detail was excluded, by mistake. *rolling eyes*

We didn't just went back home right after the gig. I think all of us were getting so tipsy, then we had bar-hoping. (Not really. But actually, it was like bar to club). We drink and talk and giggle and drink, talk, giggle and the routine goes on and on, until we were kicked out of the bar. They're actually closing. (Mind you, the cute-but-married guy wasn't with us anymore, so... I don't have my best needs to stay at that mo'. But, let's just say that I love the company...)

So, we hopped to another club, instead of a bar. We need some refreshments. So, we went to this club. It's called RIRA. We went in, and later on, the music started to blared off! It was so much fun. What I remembered, was... I was having so much FUN! So, with the alcohol-consumed-over-rated... I just cannot think straight. And what I love to do most at that time, is dancing. So, I did. I dance and I just ignored others. Like, I don't really mind other peeps at that time. I'm basically, enjoying myself! Until...

I saw HIM! Nope. Not the married-guy. He's way out of the picture at that time. It was this monstrous-looking-guy-slouching-on-the-couch-do-nothing-but-stare! Somehow, it annoyed me. But, I just kept on ignoring him. I mean, the stare. When, I just don't think I can take it anymore. It's really annoying! Trust me.

So, I walked over. And, when I was in front of him, I was startled. He is actually kind of CUTE, with long messy-yet-notty look, and the face!! I mean, the simply annoying face that the guy has. It attracts! At least, it attracts me.

Then, we talked (after we had like few stupid-idiot-drunken arguments). And, this guy's annoyance seems to attracts me more and more. Really! (Something must have gone wrong with me, but really... I just LOVE Bad Boys!) *drooling*

At the end of the day, I mean, to shorten the story... what we did is we talked, talked and talked. And, somehow we sorts of complete each other. Lol. Even though, most of the times, we argue and we suits each other arguments. That's sweet! Seriously! It's like, Annoyance Attracts! We got really attached to each other. Like, I don't know. Some kind of a magnetism attitude, somehow. It's just, there!

In fact of, asking me to go to bed here and now, like what most of the jerks usually did... he offered me a cup of tea, instead. And, instead of panting to be wanting to be in my pants, he soothed me with good songs and musics, and even with his own (He is a musician, by the way). *chuckles*

Oh yeah, and we were seriously drinking few cups of tea... That's really odd. Like, really....

"Where can you find a guy, who you met in a club, offer you a cup of tea?"

He's just too good to be true, and there he was, sitting on a couch with me and TALK?! (Oh, by the way, as I told you earlier on, HE IS CUTE! Like, he is CUTE!) *wink wink*

That was the most enjoyable moment, treasured... now, then and forever.

That was one of a kind, situation that a girl can have... One in a million, I say. One in a million.

Yup, I still presumed that, what happened between us, was the Annoyance Attractions! *wink & twirl*

Midweek Nite Out?

Wednesday, such a day! Or, should I say, such a nite? *wondering*

I went to a gig in Ambassador. It's more like a gig rather than a club, with stage and two parts of audiences; Cloakroom and Standing. I might say, it's an indoor hall, with all the equipments needed to make a concert. At least, I thought it's for a bigger gig scene. *giggling*

It was Eagles of Death Metal who's performing. It was class, I should tell you. Even though, from the very beginning when I entered the hall, I was like, "What am I doing in a place like this?!"

It's full of people with studs everywhere; face, eyebrows, nose, ears, tongue (I have mine too!) and all over. And more and more peeps with black shirts, jeans, spikes and stuffs like that. And, what am I wearing? A sheer green, spaghetti strap with a jeans and a denim jacket. I thought I am looking classy than the rest. Or, in any other word, I looked totally out of place. Luckily I just put on my NIKE shoes on. No stilettos or heels anywhere. *wink*

Oh, by the way, I was dragged to the gig by my girlfriend. (Actually, she's working with me in the same company). She just got this ticket and ask me to come along. So, there I was. Without having any single idea like who's playing. *idiotically pose*

Surprisingly, it turned out to be awesome. Totally was. The songs, drum and bass were kind of cool, I must say. Turned out that I ended up jumping, dancing and giggling through the whole time. In short, I had a really good time. Really! *giggling*

At that particular time, my eyes was hooked to this friend of mine. I mean, my friend's friend. He's so adorable, and I was like head over heels. Like, practically drooling! (silently, of course!) He has this bad-boy look, if you know what I mean. With the eyebrow piercing and he is so damn cute! But, yet... at the end of the day, I found out that he's married. Sigh.

But the best bit was, he told me he likes me. Like, he gives me ten out of ten! He was actually hitting on me too! Without I even realized that. Funny eh? But that was it. He's married. End of story.

Why do I have to end up, making all the wrong decisions, moves and what-so-ever that can be ended up as it is. Always did. Always.

But, naturally... he is cute. Like, bad-boy-kinda-cute. Nevermind if he's married, at least he thought that I'm cute, and adorable too! At least, I still got his tiny attention! *wink*

So, there goes my nite at the gig, with a crush on a guy within nano seconds! Tadaaa... *twirl*

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Will You Marry Me?"

Tuesday went okay. I had few stuffs to do. And, that was it. The dateline for my submission is just a week and a half away. But, that doesn't make any difference. I am so sure that I cannot finish that up by the said time. Sigh. More and more work piled. *shrug*

And, while I was walking back home... suddenly, the 'green man' on the lights went red. So, I stopped. Have to wait for it to turn green back again. I was having my MP3 player on. My pinkish iPOD shuffle, what I called my baby iPOD. Music blaring. It was PINK, with the song Love Song. I love the track, I wonder why. More sigh.

Out of nowhere, came in a guy. Quite messed looking guy. I was startled, but thought.. to heck with this guy. Like, who cares who he is, anyway. And at that point, I thought of someone was talking to me. I plugged of my right earphone, and looked at that guy. He is Irish and he was totally drunk.

"Will you marry me?!". I was shocked. I was like, "What?"

And there he goes again, "Will you marry me?!"

Laughing, supposedly I wanted to laugh like mad, maybe curling on the floor, and laungh endlessly, but I was cautious. Afraid. I might say so.

"Why? Err... I  mean, no. Go and ask another girl. I won't."

"Why? Oh, you pretty thing... You are so pretty..., beautiful!!" With the red eyes looking at me, wanting me. (It was horrifying, I tell you!)

Not wanting to give him so much hope, I plugged my right earphone back. He was staring, and I ignored him completely. And, for the first time, I wonder why do the 'green man' has not appeared yet. Shite!

He keeps on talking. I unplugged my earphone once again. Trying to understand what he's saying.

"Where are you from pretty thing?"


"Oh, Kuala Lumpoor?"

"Yeah...," I pulled off a friendly smile. (Still scared).

Suddenly, my prayers answered. The 'green man' appears. Thank God. I looked at him for the last time, before I walked away.

"You are so pretty.... beautiful. Take care..."

I smiled, and I walked away... It was the most horrifying, dreadful waiting mo' to have the 'green man' on. The worst nightmare ever. *cursing, cursing and non-stop cursing for two minutes*

On my way home, I was feeling self-pity. How dreadful my life is, that only drunken, homeless Irish wanted to marry me? Is there really no other people outside there, wants to marry me, as eager as the guy by the roadside? Am I really that worth? Been thinking so hard, and really hard but I still couldn't find the exact answer. And, I keep on thinking, like, why... should he came over and out of all thousands, even millions of questions he should be asking, marry me is the thing popped out of his mouth?! Terrible!! *smiling warily*

But, on the other hand... Get this thing straight. Perhaps, I am so gorgeous looking girl, that even though he's drunk, and he knows that, and  he knows he wouldn't even has the chance or even got my attention, he's still willing to test his luck and he gathered all his courage to come over and spilled it out... Hahaha... That might be it. Stick to that! Yup! I am that irresistible!

I really hope it's the latter. *smile, wink & twirl*

Cheers! *kiss kiss*

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monday Haters?

So, I went to the office this morning. I had few things to do on my table. I mean, things that I need to finish up, like supposedly a week and a half from now. NO WAY! Its too much for me to do that by myself. Plus, it's FREAKY MONDAY, and there is no way I can manage to sit still and concentrate on my work. It's like, NO WAY!

So, early in the morning... I had a cup of tea. Staring at my PC, and do nothing. (Less people in the office this week, most of them taking up their holidays now... I mean, at this moment. Sorts of, hols-mo' for them, I guess... But, mine?! It's all gone!)

At some points, I just stare, and like stare at the PC monitor... and trying so hard to at least concentrate. Like, being a good employee.... I mean, to start doing some work! But, nope. Not a move at all. I just sit still, and stare. And, sometimes... sip my tea.

It's always like that. That is how my Mondays life. I mean, my Mondays routes. *rolling eyes*
Unless, it's a Bank Holiday. Then, it's a ya-ya, lalaland for me. *twirl*

So, there goes my Monday. Just like my other Monday days. Lazy me on Monday. That is me.
Enjoy the rest of the day peeps! *wink*

P/S: Maybe I should form a club?? called Monday-Haters? *rolling eyes and smile sheepishly*

Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekends Poofed In Seconds...

So, there goes my weekends. No night-out-party-'till-late. Went out window shopping, got the piercing, bought new phone with new number, meeting up few friends, coffee at the cafe and that's all about it. But, I guess I am happy with it. Fair enough. *smile sheepishly*

Believe it or not, I still have the tiredness of last week hours of partying. Mannn, that's horrible! At least this week I got the chance to go out and feel the warm of bit ends of summer (even though now it was supposed to be autumn... sigh. Dublins weather!!).

Fortunately, this week, I mean this weekends... hmm, quite nice weather. So, heck with it. At least more chances to get the warm feeling outdoors. It's not that easy to get sunny days in Dublin. Even though if it's summer. Dreadful weather? Yupp! Most of the times...

Oh, and there's one more news. Recently, I talked to my schoolmate (back in the school days). Farhan! Hahaha... it's been a while, not having classmates hanging around in MSN or YM. But, apparently this guy was there. *jumping with excitement*

He was, sorts of close to me before! I mean, in our school days. But, most of the times, he used to blackmailed me, said that he wanted to pinch my pimples!! (Oh yeah, I have loads of pimples before... I mean, loads mean loads and loads!!)

Good to have him back in the picture! (Farhan!! Read this... See, more stuff about you! Hahaha...) Thank you Farhan... *wink*

So, okay. I guess that's it for tonite. Sigh. Working days tomorrow! Hate that!! *grumble*
I need to tuck in myself in my comfy duvet now. Need to have a really good nite sleep. Long days ahead tomorrow... Working days, and worst of all, its MONDAY! Hate Mondays. *sad look*

Take care peeps. See you guys around! *kiss kiss*

Sunday, August 26, 2007

At Last!!

I did that!! It is all there!! *twirl*

Surprisingly, it is not painful. In fact, I think it looks so class now... *giggles*

I had this difficulties to pronounce few things, but I guess I will get over it soon. I mean, get used to it. *wink*

And, I have so much trouble to eat things. I mean, eat food. I was advised to only take soft foods, for the first 3 to 4 days. To make it heal (I still don't have the pain, might be in few days time), and then I can eat back to normal.

I had soups. And, unfortunately, I feel awkward. Like, having something in your mouth. Always thought that there is some food left, but alas... its the stud. *giggles*

Anyway, I did that. I think my thought is true, like true true. I am persistent. If I said I want it, then I really want it! *shrug and sigh*

Well, view the pic and let me know what you think about it okay?? I still think it's cool! Yayyy!
*twirl and singing*

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Persistent Chick

I cannot decide. I have no idea. But, I have the options... YES or NO.

I was thinking to get a new piercing, but at first I could not decide. Like, which part... whereabouts. Before, it was vague. Like, sigh. I am completely in a foggy mind. I can't really make up my mind. Being fickle, as always. *rolling eyes*

But, at the end of the day (err... basically, now), I think I made up my mind. I think I want to go for tongue piercing! *smile, like realllyyyyy smiling*

What is your opinion? I think I want to have that like, now! Haaha... Would it be painful, like so painful? I have no freaking idea how it's going to be. Sigh.

Would it suits me? Like, would it really 'go' with me? Oh gosh! I can't think now. I just can't.
What should I do? Help me out... *confused look*

But, up to this moment, I still want to have it. I want to have my tongue pierced tomorrow. I am sure about it. Am so sure! *smile*

So, off me go tomorrow. Wish me luck! I'll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, do drop by opinions. I love opinions! Wish me luck!! *waving hands*

Friday, August 24, 2007

"Are You Sleeping, Are You Sleeping, Brother John... Brother John?"

I am feeling so groggy, and lazy... As always?! *chuckles*

It's just that, I have been busy. At least, that is what people do to move hatred-sad-sappy-things away from their life. And, I did that too! Surprisingly, I had it all right. Yayy for me! *wink*

I have made my mind. Big news everyone!! I am going back to school.

Did I tell you peeps that I am interested in taking up this APC thingy. Some sorts of an exam, after completing a two years practice, to become a chartered surveyors. (Sounds promising enough, eh?) *giggles*

Anyway, due to some reasons, I can't take the APC course, directly. Instead, I have to take up another degree, (then I will have a double-degree in future), then only I am capable to take up the APC thingy.

I just don't know where's on earth I got the idea of talking these 'crap' with my boss in the office. But, fortunately, they are very supportive. At the end of the day (to shorten the story, actually...hahahaha...), they are willingly to pay off my tuition fees, taking up the degree course in part-time sessions, and there you go!!

Another route to a better future!! Yayyy.... I mean, another cheers for me! *jumping here and there* Alas, not having a boyfriend in due time, at least I am becoming some sort of career woman now, eh? I guess that pay off the wobbly-tingle-hating-feeling I had inside.

So, that's the BIG NEWS, I guess. There's nothing much happened anyway. But, to me... that is some kind of a news. *wink*

What do you think? Impressive? I thought so! *twirl & smile*

Err... the truth is, I am dying to curl under my oh-so-comfy-yet-enduring duvet now... And, my eyelids keeps on blinking now and then... that means, I am off to bed now! *giggles*

Okay, let me know what you think about my future-career-development-strategy lined up right. For now, that is all about it! *yawn with eyelids blinking*

Tata & cheers! Love you loadsssss!! *kiss kiss*

One, Two, Three?

Three name you go by?
1. G
2. Najiha
3. Baby

Three physical things you like about yourself
1. My looks? (I own a pair of dimples, and I think it's a PLUS point! *chuckles*)
2. My hair
3. My body measurement? *giggles*

Three physical things you don't like about yourself
1. My feet (difficult to get a good pair of shoes...)
2. My nails... (I want those long, stylish nails, please...please...)
3. My nose

Three parts of your heritage
1. Malay
2. Chinese (My great, great grandma)
3. Malay, again...

Three things you can't stand?
1. Tons of dirty dishes piled up in the sink of my newly-polished kitchen top! Haish! *sad look*
2. People from F.A.K.E department... irritatingly, annoying! *sigh*
3. Lazy bum! There are times to be lazy, but if you are in the same circle of peeps, you have to do what you have to do! Don't be a simple-selfish-freak!

Three things that scare you?
1. To be left
2. Fated future
3. To make up my mind

Three of your favorite shows?
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Desperate Housewife (Susan - if you watch this series, she is far more better than me! At least she got married to Mike now! Haish! *sigh*)
3. Heroes

Three of your favorites Japanese Anime?
1. Midori No Hibi
2. Sizuka in Doraemon
3. No idea! *giggles*

Three of your favorite current songs?
1. 4 am in the morning - Gwen Stefani
2. Love Song - Pink
3. Universe & Me - KT Tunstall

Three movies you can watch over and over again?
1. The Lake House
2. 50 First Date
3. The Notebook

Three movies you would like to watch?
1. Rules of Attraction (I think it is an old movie, but I still want to watch this!)
2. Knocked Up (It looks nice!)
3. I don't know... It's been a while I'm off from the cinema... No new updates. *sigh*

Three of your everday essentials?
1. Walk...Like, a realllyyyyyy long walk from office back home (It's an hour walk, believe it or not!)
2. Feeling darn sleepy, in the office.... especially during tea-time *chuckles*
3. Smile... (Even though when I had the sad-sappy-moment, I think I never fail to smile at least once, a day!) *wink*

Three things you're wearing now?
1. My nice-oh-notty undies
2. Purple pyjama's pants
3. White, baby-T top

Three things you want in a relationship?
1. Honesty
2. Love
3. Affections

Three physical things about the opposite gender that appeals to you?
1. Eyes
2. Height
3. Body... (I have to be choosy, oh, darn me!)

Three bad habits?
1. Procrastinating... Am so into it! *sigh*
2. I couldn't make up my mind... Fickleness is so ME!
3. Being a shopaholic... Spend all my money, unwisely! *giggles*

Three of your favorites hobbies?
1. Shopping... (I told you!)
2. Flirting... Actually, am not. But that is what my friends told me... Am NOT!! (in denial)
3. Reading (innocent I am... *wink*)

Three careers you're currently considering pursuing?
1. Chartered surveyors... One fine day! *wink*
2. An award winning wife to someone who truly appreciate me, and love me the way I am.
3. Well-known shopper?! *giggles*

Three place you want to go on vacation?
1. Italy
2. LEGO-LAND (I think it's in Berlin... am i right?!)
3. Paris (I want to go to the Disneyland over there, please, please...)

Three kids name you like?
1. Alisa
2. Adam
3. Nasha

Three things you want to do before you die?
1. To make everyone (especially my family), happy
2. To become successful (in any ways; a good daughter, a good mummy, a good wife, etc.)
3. To get my wishes granted

Three things you're stereotypically a girl?
1. Retail therapy helps me a lot thru my bad days! *smile*
2. PMS - on monthly basis, yeah!
3. I need a good-hair-day, everyday!

Initial of three crushes? (Hint; none of the listed is Malaysian... hahaha..)
1. K
2. K
3. M

Three people I tag to do this :
1. Lupideloop
2. Fairy
3. Anyone who wants to play this tagging game...just let me know you're in.

Have fun, everyone! *twirl & twirl*

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Warm Shower!

I am okay now, I guess...
My, PMS is healing now... at least, I don't have to hold on my tummy to stop the cramps. I had a milkshake earlier on. One of my colleagues, too kind to bring me over the milkshakes. *smile*

So, I ad the milkshake, strawberry milkshake, and I am feeling better now. At least better than this morning! This morning was awful, terrible!

I have more energy now! I have faith on my life! I have new vibes. Good vibes on me! To runs my life smoothly! I am great, now! I hope that is for the best!

Oh, and I had bananas too earlier on. Two bananas for my dinner meal. It's good. I feel healthy.

And, what I need now is a good, warm shower. To clean up myself and blend myself in the heat. To make myself energized! Reborn!

What I really need is a warm shower! So, i guess I'm off to the shower room, okay?!
I will let you know the details soon, okay?! Take care peeps! And, thanks a million! Love you loads! *wink wink*

Monday, August 20, 2007

A Piece of Appreciation....

I am at home. I was having a bad PMS thingy. Period cramps.  Darn, it's too hard to be treated that way. I mean, you know. You kind of curling on your bed since morning, and you can't do anything else but to curl and holding your tummy to reduce the pain.

That's too awful!

I feel so bad. Not going in today. I have tons of work to do in the office, but I can't just bear the pain to walk in the office like I normally do. I felt terribly guilty, in a way.

However, I have few announcement to make. I think I am thru' with it already! I know, I have been telling you peeps, more than once that I am thru' with the break-up thingy.... But, today. It's for real.

I have bad times early in the morning. I smashed everything on the wall. (Being a super-maniac-head), and I could not think straight at all! I thought I have been thrown, like nobody at all! I felt awful. Terribly in pain. Whenever things got smashed on the wall, and it scattered everywhere on the floor, I imagined myself, my heart...throbbed and cut into pieces. I was torn. Too bad that I felt that way.

But, that was it. I give it a thought. I don't think I can live like that. It was like, torturing myself over something that is not supposed to be turned myself to. So, I stopped. I know it is nothing like that. I am nothing like that. I can do far more better than that. It is  not because of one guy, I can tore away myself and live my life in some kind of tormented life. Not like the one I can think of. So, I quit.

No more harassing myself with violence acts or anything the like. I am strong enough to build back my confidence, my life, myself the way I am raised. I am a good girl. I know how to take care of myself. I don't need other peeps to control my life.

Therefore, I am back! And, now no more lies. I am strong enough. I can do this. If everyone else believe that I can, why can't I? I felt like I am reborn. I am starting back my new life. I will focus on my life, my future ahead me.

Thanks to all of you peeps, who believe in me. I know I have you peeps to guide me! Thanks a million! That means a lot to me. I will become more matured, as time passed by. Thank you so much, and I really mean it. Thank you...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sleeping Beauty Swooshed Her Saturday Off!

It's Sunday! Whatever happened to my Saturday?!

Lost it! I lose a day. *sad look*

It was an awful weekend. I have been partying, happily, ruining my life... *smile* Supposedly, I thought that is the best way to forego all the hurtful things I had inside. To forget bad things and to live my life to the fullest, despite of having that painful feel inside me. I did that anyway.

I went out to a party with few of my friends. Oh yeah, I don't really hang out with most of my Malaysian friends here. For some reasons, the pissed me off. Don't get me wrong. They just simply exclude me from their life. Just like that. I don't mind. What is that for, to go after them when they don't actually want to befriend with you?! Am I right, here? Let them be.

I went out with my multi-country-peeps. I have Sweedish, Italians, Polish and even Irish. They're cool enough. Love them to bits. We hang out and get some musics in the club. Then we continue partying to one of my friend's place, nearby. We had the DJ from the club playing for us. Since, in a way, he is our friends too! It was supercool! We had fun, dancing, talking with the musics blaring! Nice musics! I like. And we (not really 'we', but me.., since they are still happily dancing when I was about to go home. *chuckles*

Okay, so the point is, I went back home at 2 p.m. on Saturday, that makes the calculation of hours spent partying, is about 14 hours! Non-stop! Yayyy!! *wink*

So, I went back straight home, feeling groggy (what can you expect, no sleep in 14 hours?!),
hit the sack! And have a very good nite-day sleep for few hours. I woke up few times, at 6 p.m., at 10 p.m. (when there were few of my friends texting me to ask if I will be there that nite...crazy! But, I continue to doze off for few more hours...), and few more hours after that, then only I woke up at 10 a.m. on Sunday! What a deep sleep I was in! *giggles*

It was fun though. Even though, then the thought of tomorrow is Monday, and I have to go to work again, pissed me off! Like, I was thinking, why shouldn't I just stay at home for the last few days instead of going out and dancing? That would be a good option since I can have myself resting for the rest of weekends, before I started work again?! Nope! That way, I will definitely wasting my weekends-time-off-from-work! I am crazy? I thought so! *chuckles*

Okay, I got to search the fridge what do I have for a descent meal! I am too hungry. I had a bowl of cereals when I woke up just now, but am too hungry already now. Sigh. The dancing part reallly put off my weight and makes me go hungry all over again! Hahaha...

Well, I will let you know later what is going on, okay? Anyway, the conclusion from what I did, hmm... it doesn't really put off my mind away from him. My ex-boyfriend.... Coz, even though how hard I've tried to do something, fulfilling my schedule with tons of things to do, he is still there in my mind, and the freaky thing is, I still miss him so much! Darn! It is really not a good thing, eh? What should I do?! (Do you think he missed me too?!)

Okay, let me know what you think, eh?! That would be nice, instead of me thinking things, these thing alone! It will makes me go crazy! Help me out!! *wink*

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Charmed Ones

I got tagged! *smile*

There's this one guy, Jacinto. I think he was blog-hopping when he found mine. And, it didn't take him long time to decide to tag mine as one of his five favourite blog! What an honour! I was so overwhelmed. In fact, I still am! *lalalala-twirl*

One of my friend told me today, that he thought I am so in a jovial-mode today. I don't know. There's no sugar over-consumed for the day, so I guess not sugar-rush this time. *thinking*

Anyway, the procedure is, after I have been tagged, I need to return the favour. I mean, I need to tag 5 other people, from my collection of my favourite blogs, including the blog of the person who tagged me. Phew! I think that would be so hard to me to decide. There's more than 5 blogs are in my collection. Sigh.

Listed are 5 of my favourite blog! Oh, before I forgot, here's the rule!

"We can post up to five. Then we tell five more people to share their links. If we all share who tagged us, our links are sure to be seen!"

"They can be business links, favorite sites, affiliate links, whatever you want…"

[B][E][A][U][T][I][F][U][L] I personally love this blog. She's my best friend. She's awesome, happily married, and she definitely can write (Seek in and you know what I'm saying!). In a way, I guess she's my idol! Love you Lina! *smile sheepishly*

La Rochelle
This is the blog that I never stop visiting, after my very first visit! She's from France (if I'm not mistaken). And, she writes about stuff. Anything revolves around her. And, the fact that she's a mother and still looking gorgeous, plus she can definitely write. Gosh! That strucked me! She's an item, worthwhile! Love you sylvie! *wink*

A guy who can write! Adrian is a guy! Always dropped in to wish few words! This blog is massive! Millions of opinions about loads of things! To be rich, To be skinny-super-model-type, to have a cool gadget in a house (even tho it's actually the lift-chair), he's the guy who writes about almost everything! Kudos to you, Adrian! Always love you for being so loyal! *wink*

Jacinto's Weblog
The guy who tagged me! Sorts of love at first sight for the blog-hopping, I guess! Thanks, Jacinto! I'll check on your blog again, soon! Oh, by the way... this blog is about things happening around him... all sorts of stuffs! His thoughts, his opinions, ideas... Good one!

Lupideloope's Thoughts
A blog that cheered me up with the posts! There's this one post of his, I love the most! About CATS! I am crazy about cats! And, he got me! And, there are few other stuffs! Stuffs that I have never thought about too! A creative minded guy with a creative kinda blog! More posts with CATS! I love! *wink*

Thanks everyone!! Happy tagging!! *twirl*
Err... is there such word? *smile sheepishly*

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nominated, I Am!

Whopsies! Forgot to tell you peeps! I got nominated! *rolling eyes*

Good to be in, anyway! No chance of winning. The thrill of being nominated, it roxxx! *wink*

Tata & cheers!! *twirl*

A Myth To Make Believe?

Is true love a myth? How would we ever found ourselves smiling, rowing a love-life as in the cinderella-lalala-live-hapily-ever-after scenario?

I was watching Sex and the City, and suddenly what was on that show slurped me with a thought. A deep thought. Like, how a girl with a normal life would ever be in a happy-fairy-tale love story-line? Nano, none, zilch.

Periodically (as in, my own love-life-history), it is all a BIG JOKE. A boy meets a girl. They felt in love. Love at first sight. First kiss. Happy moments. Smiles 24/7. Things are okay. Small fights. Big fights. Fights about few other girls. Jealousy over the top. Not talking. Not compromising. Ego-booster. Win-win situation. A time out. Break-up.

That is what usually happens. At least, that's more like mine. I don't know if that does apply to any of you out there. But, me... yup! Technically, that's my love-life I'm talking about. Sad? I thought so.

What is wrong with me? Or, maybe what is wrong with the boy? Or, maybe what is wrong with the relationship? Sometimes, I thought it might be JUST ME. It's just that, the fact, of being the black sheep of the family...? The unlucky ones in love? It might just be me... (No worries. Am not sad. But more like, thinking...)

But, I have this one. Another thought. It might be, I have not find the right guy yet (Even though most of the times, when I got hooked up with a guy, I always have the thought, "yup, this is the one! Precisely, sure!")

I might be the one, who always got up on the wrong side of the bed. All the time. Not even a single time, I woke up, and be on the right side of the bed. If there was, might be only once. Then, I'm back to the old me, the wrong side of the bed. Yeah, I thought so...

I was not planning to have a sad-sappy post, but it's just that... I don't know. I am a GEMINI. Therefore, I am allowed to be fickle. Me, with the mood swings. Hahaha... that's GEMINI. Best described...ME. *smile*

I'll be okay at one time, and not okay the others. And, I would like to share something with you guys. Among all my other boyfriends, the previous one, is the best one. Why? He knows me like how I want him to be (before we got into a huge-hideous-scene-ever...the break-up).
He knew me too well. He knew when he should be nice, when to talk good things to cheer me up, when to make me giggles and chuckles like mad (even though when I had a bad day at the office), he was just the perfect match for me, but it's NOT now. We're done. We're history.

Truth is, I missed him. There weren't any guy like him, who knows me like he did. How I wish, things would be different...

Now, it's all gone. But, I will always keep the thoughts, the memories, the fun and the joy I had with him, in a nice, little box, in my heart... and it will remains there, always.

I really hope that he will get a good girl to be with him, and to take care of him. And, me... I just hope that someday, I'll meet someone, so special, who loves me and care for me the way it is supposed to. How I wish...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

End of Journey

Peeps, this is the song that is playing in the post earlier on. Coincidently, it is my new-favourite song! *smile*
The song, so reflecting the girl-power-thingy! At least, it cheered me up! Have fun singing along with the music (as below)... *giggles and wink*
P/S: Dont worry! In a good way!! *wink*

Artist: Ashlee Tisdale
Title: Be Good To Me

Everyday is getting worse
Do the same things and it hurts
I don't know if I should cry
All I know is that I'm tryin'
I wanna believe in you
I wanna believe in you
But you make it so hard to do

What's the point of makin' plans
You break all the ones we had
I don't know where we went wrong
Cuz we used to be so strong
I wanna believe in you
I wanna believe in you

So why can't you be
Be good to me

I don't ask for much
All I want is love
Someone to see
That's all I need
Somebody to be
Somebody to be
Somebody to be
Good to me
Good to me
Can you be good to me
Good to me

I used to think I had it all
Then one day we hit a wall
I had hoped you were the one
Where's my dream, where has it gone
I wanted to be with you
Forever just me and you

So why can't you be
Be good to me

I don't ask for much
All I want is love
Someone to see
That's all I need
Somebody to be
Somebody to be
Somebody to be
Good to me
Good to me
Can you be good to me
Good to me

Where do I go from here
You've gotten under my skin
And I don't know how
To get out of this place that I'm in

I don't ask for much
All I want is love
Someone to see
That's all I need
Somebody to be
Somebody to be
Somebody to be
Good to me
Good to me
Can you be good to me
Good to me

I don't ask for much
All I want is love
Someone to see
That's all I need
Somebody to be
Someone to be
Somebody to be
Good to me
Good to me
Can you be good to me
Good to me

Twirl On A Disc

Numbers of pics of my happyself!

Enjoy the pics!!

To; Adrian, nope! Am not FAT!! *chuckles* (Feels like normal girl, always be super-sensitive when it comes to something or anything about FAT!)

Lina, I'm all ME again!! Yayy, and enjoy the pics!!

Lupideloope, (hope I spelt it correctly...), thanks for your breath-taking, awesomely nice comment!! Appreciate that! Glad that you like it! *smile*

All other beloved readers, I love you peeps! Thanks for spent some time to read thru' my sappy, crappy life! It's all nothing but the truth...

Love you all!! *happy-lalala-mode* and *twirl*

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cherry On Top?

I am so overwhelmed! I hope that you peeps love my blog!

I just don't know why. That I feel so happy today, and I am so in my happy-mode!

I don't have much things to say today, it's just that to let you peeps know, how much I appreciate your visits, and comments!! So a lot!! *twirl*

Take care!

Free As A Little Cute Bird

I am free as a bird!! Laa la laa laa la la laa laa!! Today, officially I broke up! And I am free as a bird. (The funny thing is, I feel so happy! Yayyy!) And as opposed to my love in baking, I did it!! I got back my magic wand!

(It's all because my mood has been swirled. And, it's all back to normal now. I mean, not same old me, but I have evolved to become the pretty, attractive butterfly!! Yayyy! A butterfly who can bake sweet things, just like her! *twirl* )

Thanks to Adrian, he has been very supportive with his kind words, pulling myself together back again, and to my baking thingy, it's all done! I made dozens of beautiful muffins!! Tasty, and yummy just like me!! (Eh, Adrian. I am not fat eh!! Later I post my gorgeous pic! Hehehe... I am NOT FAT!)

I could not put up the pic of the muffins I made, because all of you will thought that it's the last time muffins! It is so look-alike. I called them the twins-muffins! *giggles*
And of course, it's back to normal again, delicious, yummy, chocolatey muffins! Yayyy!!

So, I have two things to report now. I mean, today. I succeeded with my baking process. And, I am so free as a bird now. I am officially, young (even though in numbers, it's not that young anymore... hehehe...), single, available, attractive, cute, yummylicious and the list goes on... (stop bragging about myself, I think...)

Oh, to Lina... I won! Since I don't have to dump my muffins to the bin tonight. It's all happily, smiling on the plate, on my kitchen top! Just like I want them to be. Maybe I will bring it over, some of them tomorrow. *rolling eyes*

Okay Lina. Sorry! Good luck to you. Just kidding. Do you want some?! *smile sheepishly*

Okay peeps. I got to hit the sack. It's late and I'm off to work tomorrow morning! Take care! Love you all, loads!!

P/S: Forget to tell you this. Last weekend, I met this one guy. I think he is so cute! But, he didn't ask for my number! Hishhh!! Haha... Just a fling for now. But, he is so cute! Yummy!! Muffin-boy! Hahaa..

Monday, August 13, 2007

Burnt Muffins

(The best impersonation of me)

I thought, I will have the chance to have a nice, chocolatey muffins in the kitchen.
And, I thought I will bake more yummy muffins. Yummy chocolate muffins, this weekend.

But, I am so wrecked!

I am not in that stable condition, not me-the-happy-oh-lala-girl anymore. I am wrecked. I am nobody's. I am all alone, and all by myself. I'm lack of love and affections. I don't have my magic wand with me anymore, no charms attached, no nothing.

I tried. To focus. To get few dozens of muffins on my kitchen top. I tried, I tried hard enough, and I failed.

The conclusion, I had dozens of burnt muffins on my kitchen top instead of nice-lovely-yummy chocolate muffins. That is the best description of how torn I am now. How devastated and how wrecked I am. I don't have to be so pretentious. Actions speak louder than words. So my burnt muffins shows how am I feeling right now. I am not alright. I know that. I am not. And I am so not alright.

I am me, the burnt muffins is what inside me now. I am so not alright.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday Sanity

It's Saturday. And, I just woke up! It's already half past four. In the evening. Seems like, I have been sleeping 12 freaking hours, since last nite. *smile*

Supposedly, I know what I am going to do today. For God's sake, it's Saturday. But, I am still here, in front of my laptop, thinking of what should I be doing afterwards. Can you imagine that?

I thought of going out for a movie-peek, but there is no point having my shower now and headed too cinema, and somemore... what are the latest movie showing that will interest me? None.

Or supposedly, I can go out and shop... like, finding a good book and lazying around in the house, enjoying my single-new-life. But, another book? Nope.

Or maybe, out to shops! Shopping some new clothes, or maybe some home appliances like... stunningly new duvet cover and bedsheet? Or even, new perfumes? Or shoes? (Not a blisters-made shoes...) I don't think so.

Perhaps, I should go out and buy some ingredients to make myself a perfectly hearty-healthy meal, dinner for me, myself? I am so in need to get myself a rice-based-kind-of-dinner meal. I wanted to eat some Malaysian food, which I cannot think of what to eat... But it's just that I want some Malaysian proper kind of dinner... Nyums! Like, fried chicken with some spices, or maybe coconut-based chicken curry, or 'asam pedas' mackarel? I am definitely going to eat something Malaysian.

But too lazy to think and to cook, even more... Darn! What should I do? It's Saturday and I should be doing something. Help me out!!

Yup! Please help me out! Suggestions please... *smile*

Peek A Boo

Another review?! Yayy!! *smile*

I had another review. Thanks to "decoratorinside", or also known as Hanna. *wink*

She made a really impressive review on The Upside Down of Me. I am so thrilled and overwhelmed with that. I never thought that my new-born blog would ever caught her attention to review about. I am so touched!

Thanks Hanna. You made a nice strips of smile on my face. You cheered me up!

Thanks a million!

To those who would like to see what Hanna got to say

Have fun peeps, and have a good nite. It's 4.05 in the morning, and I really should hit the sack!
Nitey, nites! *kiss kiss*

Let's Time Tell The Tale

I am a good liar.

Whatever things I kept on telling everyone, I am still in pain.

Nope. Not about the blisters this time, peeps. It's about me. My life. My ruined love-life, sappy kinda story. My story. I could not believe that I am single now.
I just could not bear the fact that I am. It was like all okay right from the start, until it happened.

What is wrong with me? I just could not think the reason why. I thought I am so in love with this guy, and same goes. Like, he loves me too! But, I just had the bad day of my entire life. I had the prediction WRONG! Absolutely WRONG!

I am a good liar nowadays. Even I felt for my own lies.

In fact, I am still, and so in love with him. I just can bear the fact that we are not together anymore. It's just unbelievable.

But, I guess what's the point of having massive feelings for someone who don't actually have the same thing going on... I need to move on! To a better life. I guess, I just need to be patience, and only the time will tell.

I am a good girl, and I am so confident that I can do that. I just hope this time is for real. No more lies. And, with God's will, i'll be okay. Soon enough, baby. Soon enough.

I hope so. And, I just hope I am right, this time...


I was terribly in pain!

The new kitten heels, put my life in misery!! I felt pain, that no one can ever replaced the pain away. It's so sickening!

I wore the new pair of kitten heels today. I was so proud with it. It looks stunningly gorgeous! And, I had that with a pair of my GUESS jeans, and a shirt. Office-like shirt. In pink colour. It was supposedly to be awesome. Until...

I was late to the office. I tried to hail a taxi, but at 9 in the morning, in Dublin, it is far more impossible to get a taxi! No chance!! At all!!

And, I had to walk, like quite a few miles until I reached the place where we could possibly get a taxi, here... in Dublin!

And, by that time, I felt 'weird' sensation in the shoes. But, I was like... Naah... It was not that bad. Until...

When I reached the office (I was late, as always...if I took a taxi, it was never been early to me!), I sat and I was busy doing my work. And, when I was about to get up and made myself a cup of coffee, I felt the most annoyingly-painful-kinda pain. In my shoes!!

When I looked at my feet, I had blisters all over. It was painfully-annoying!

I was in misery all the while. I just could not imagine myself walking in that shoes, no more!

In lunch time, I headed home. I went back. Had my lunch, and the best part was... I made myself wearing the best pair of shoes ever!! I had my NIKE on. And, it was a heaven-moment!!
No more painfully event for my little two feet! I am so glad that I sacrificed my time to go back home (in my lunch time), and changed to a comfy-most sensible shoes ever!!

I am so proud of myself! Period. *twirl*

Friday, August 10, 2007

Late Night Shopping Spree

It's Thursday!!!

And, in Dublin it means Late Night Shopping Spree!! (shops closed at 9 p.m. Ample time to spend your money!) *smile*

As usual, on Thursday I will be having that smile curled on my little-bubbly-face. Even though if I have like so many things to do in the office, the fact that it is Thursday, can put all my misery away. Definitely!

I went to the office today, and I'm happily humming secretly inside. "Laa la laa la la laa..."

It is not, a very busy day today, and with the fact that I dont really have so many things to do, it keeps the fun-meter in me rising! Yayy!

And the clock strikes half past five, tadaa...!! I could not hide my happy-feelings inside anymore. I will have to meet my friend Zain in the Grafton Street (sorts of hi-class shopping street in Dublin, I must say), and we are going to have dinner. My favourite. Chicken wings, and it's his treat this time! Another yayy for me!

So, to shorten the story, I met him there and we had that super-yummy-delicious chicken wings in Captain America. We have one full loads bowl of chicken wings, breaded mushrooms, potato skin pasta and all those goes with yummylicios butterscotch milkshakes! It's a hearty-meal! Trust me! *smile*

Then, I met Lina. My other friend. Zain went back. So, I started my shopping spree Thursday nite with my shopping aka best friend! We went from one shop to another. And, it is really overwhelming. I always love my retail-therapy session!

At the end of the day, I got myself a new pair of office shoes. It's white and unbelievably gorgeous, stunning looking shoes; kitten heels! Cute!

And, so does Lina. *smile*

There goes my Late Night Shopping Spree for this weekend! I am so thrilled with my new pair of shoes. Can't wait to wear that tomorrow! Yayy for me!

Thursday, August 9, 2007


"Don't change, but evolve!"

Butterfly, I like butterflies. My personal thought, I think they are gorgeous kind-of creature. With so many patterns, and so many colours... Gosh! You could not even decide like which to pick as your favourite. *smile*

With their unusual life-cycle; starting from larval caterpillar stage, then inactive pupal stage (for quite sometimes....), and then comes to the metamorphosis into a familiar and colourful winged adult form, with the most species being a day-flyer; regularly attracting most of our attentions!

From the hideous looking inactive pupal, they have become some sort of you can't never thought of; a beautiful and attractive creature.

That is what my dear friend is trying to tell me. Most of peeps, when they have come acrossed a shitty-moment, they tend to change themselves. And yet, they have not become themselves anymore, but become someone else. Someone who is not better than what he/she was before.

Don't change. Instead, evolve. Go through the metamorphosis stage. To become someone else, far more better from who you were before, and proud of it. Spread your wings, and colour your life with hundreds, thousands or even millions of colours... Not, painted it all with black and annoying bleach, that put you down under the prediction.

I gained my confidence. My self esteem. I'm forming myself, (with hard-work), to become one of that beautiful butterfly. So, that I can fly away... and be proud of myself. Even though it's not for long, (butterflies don't live long enough...) but I will make sure that I will cherish every moment of my life. Kudos to me!

Butterfly, I am... *smile*

I Am Back On My Two Little Feet

I am back to square one. But, I had give it a thought, and suddenly it crossed my mind. If this is what going to happen, then let it be. I can't do anything about it.

Therefore, I am back on my two little feet, again. (I hope so!)

Fortunately, something has cheered me up. And, thanks to KDarell! She is one awesome mother with the skills to write a nice review of blogs. I guess you know what's on! Yup!! I got a review from her too!!! *excitedly twirl*

I have been doing loads of thinking lately (even though it was only like what, two days?), and I don't think I am capable of stopping myself from live my life if this kind of thing revolves...anyway. I still have my life to get it going.
So, I want to take up the challenge. To have my life back, not to regret things happened before.

To KDarell... I appreciate that loads!! It really boozed my self up, and cheered me up, definitely!

To the girls, appreciate loads all of your advices and comfy-talks!

To other readers, thanks for stopping by! I hope you like it! *smile*

Here's the review from KDarell about The Upside Down of Me.*smile sheepishly*

I'll come out with more stuffs soon!

Cheers!! *wink and twirl*

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dead End

I am still sad. And I am still.

I'm missing him, even now. I am dying and maybe i'll die soon.

"Please be strong!! You are a good girl", I told myself. But, that's a BIG LIE, and I knew it since I am not a good liar.

My life is at the end. I'm hopeless. I am through.

Done. Die.

Popped In The Dirty Bin

'GREAT NEWS' everyone!

I've been popped in the dirty bin! Just at lunch time today. It was awful! I felt stupid, dreadful (just like the weather in Dublin... sigh), not-worth-even-a-single-penny, and most of all (in the consequent orders) ... I have been;

  1. Neglected
  2. Abandoned
  3. Ignored
  4. Thrown/Dumped
  5. Left

To summarize, I had a boyfriend (OMG! I even feel horrible when I have to write in 'had' instead of 'have'... silly me!). We were sort of having a long distance relationship for about 4 months now (not anymore... OMG!!).

And, today's date... it's supposed to be our one year one month anniversary. But, things didn't go really well... (And, I am at the bottom of a very narrow well!) As to shorten the story, he just popped the thing, and that's it! Just like that!

I guess, I am not a good girlfriend to him. Maybe not good enough for him. Yeah, I guess so... Maybe he deserves someone better than me, gorgeous-looking girls, with good etiquette and stuffs like that... which, is SO-NOT-ME! (I'm so in the dead end!)

I am still in shocked! I can't do anything, and I can't actually think of what are the things for me to do... I just could not believe like, what just happened! I am so dying to believe that it is just a bad dream, and soon by the next day, I am all okay, and happy with him as my boyfriend... but it is just NOT!

I think I need some time, to sit back and relax. NO, NO!! Oh God!! I am through with this sucky thing... I think I just have to believe that, I am not fated to be with anyone, just no one! Full stop.

I am so sad. Enough said. :(

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Good News, Everyone!!

Everyone wants people to actually go and read their blog, and in some cases, they love to have people to subscribe to their blogs! To gain this, basically is to increase your blog traffic, definitely!

Thanks to Blogskinny, blogger out there will definitely have an option to get people to acknowledge their blog by being sorts of different from the normal-typical kind of thousands or even millions of blogs out there, God knows how many... *rolling eyes*

To captured the audience attention, we can't simply write something, and there you go! Millions of people viewing yours... It's not that simple. Audiences want to be close to the blogger. To have 'the connection' with the blogger, to 'feel connected' to the blogger and yet... they don't really want to read a report. They want to read your blog. In that circumstances, they want to actually know who is the person behind the uniqueness sentences poured over in your blog.

Blogskinny has invented this 
Weather Widget. By having this 
widget in your blog, it will help you to build and maintain the connection.

The readers will feel connected. Even though some of you peeps might be saying, "Yeah right... by having the information as mundane as how the weather is like, it's going to increase the traffic of my blog! Stop talking nonsense!".

NOT A JOKE! Readers love you, and they love to know things and everything happens around you! You are like the idol to them. And, by having this widget of the weather condition of yours, it will definitely helps! Give it a try, and we'll see how it goes from there on! Let me know the result, if its possible! *smile*

Here's the link to the Weather Widget.

Good Luck! *smile encouragingly*

Monday, August 6, 2007

She Swirls And She Twirls

I am so happy today! I am so happy inside... *smile*

I can't really explain like, how happy I am, but I can put it in
picture-purrfect-quote! I was rumagging through my pics collection, and I found this...

I looked happy in there... As there will be nothing can possibly torn the feelings inside! *twirl*

Why am I happy? I don't have any specific reason for that, it's just that, I am happy! Weee....!!! *twirls non-stop*

Take care! *giggles*

Happy Monday


Happy Monday, everyone!

It's Monday, (I am at 1:08, so I consider it as already Monday! :) ) and the best thing of all, it's a Bank Holiday in Ireland! Yay!! Simple English, I got the chance to wake up late in the morning and nothing got to do with the office, work, submissions, measurements, reports...

Best to define; I am all free, all day, on Monday!


I just don't have anything on mind yet. Like, what are the things I should be doing?! Like, what are the best thing for me to do since all-day-is-a-no-work-day! can you imagine that?

so I am going to be lazy all afternoon on bed. Smiling and curling and giggling. But what will happen after some points? When I had enough of the lazy-ing time on bed?

Things would be different for me if the weather for tomorrow is bright and sunny, but August in Dublin, is just the beginning of the Lord of the Rings scenes. The starting point of autumn; ferocious winds attacking numbers of your umbrellas (you will have the thought of becoming a Mary Poppins flying thru the chimneys with the umbrella, but this is far more aggresive look when at the end of the day your umbrella ended up in the bin!)

Oh, how I wish, there will be miracles tomorrow!!

Well, I guess I better off to sleep now. There is nothing much I can do, anyway. Maybe a good early sleep today will bring some miracles to happen tomorrow!

How I wish... *wiggle my wand with so much hope*

Wonders From The Little Angel's Wand

I am all completely overwhelmed! The SCONES that I was telling you about? I have it all purrrfectly baked! Yayyy for me.

And yet, it's not only scones that I managed to bake, but I have also got 21 pieces of lovely
choc muffins done! Yayyy to me!

Here are the pics of the wonders from my magic wand! (i am that cute lil' angel with her magic wand! Horray!!)

Enjoy the pics! Yummy, yummy! *smile*

Saturday, August 4, 2007

To Wiggle My Magic Wand :)

I was just thinking of SCONES.

We were having free scones in the office since last two weeks! And, it intrigued me to actually browse the web, to get a clear definition of scones. Not that I don't know what it looks like, or how the taste is... Simple English, I was wondering how difficult is it to 'produce' scones.

I got this one receipe. I thought of giving it a try!!

So, here's the scones (sorts of...), that will be on my kitchen-top tomorrow evening. For a good tea-time snack! Wish me luck!! *wink*


Hey there..


Somehow, my settings (since I am using OPERA web-browser despite of FireFox-since I have problem with that before; and IE...not! If that's got to do with the linking page?) are way out of line! Probably, something, somewhere, I pushed on the wrong buttons or clicks or what-so-ever... (don't ask me, am not good in IT at all!...) *smile sheepishly*

Anyway; here's the address for you to find out more about the healthy yet yummy smoothies/juices ever!! Voted by me!! *yea!!*


Have fun! Nyummm, nyummms!

Monkey Business

It's so nice.... Refreshing! Delicious, tasty and filled with loads of ingredients.... I love it!! Every bit!!  :)

Err...oh, sorry! I mean, the smoothies!

MONKEY BUSINESS that I was talking about is the smoothies by ZUMO. I had that earlier, when I was on my way home from the office. It's so refreshing!! And yet, so creamy that even when you're done with the whole loads, you will still have a super-yummy after taste. *smile*

I was browsing thru the net, and somehow I have come across the ZUMO BAR website. It's brilliant!! Unbelievable facts written all over!!

Here are some of those that I would like to share with you peeps;

  1. Did you know that ZUMO BAR is the largest smoothie and juice bar chain in Europe?! And apart from that, they actually own about 30 outlets in Ireland itself? Cool, eh? I never realized that!
  2. ZUMO BAR juices and smoothies are made of (mostly), organic fruits and veggies?? But yet, based on my own taste-bud-experience, they produce the most unique receipe ever!! Trust me on that! (I love each and everything they have, actually! :) )
  3. Oranges, lemons, tomatoes and watermelons are berries? (NO WAY!) But, that's the fact.
  4. On the other hand, apples, plums, cherries, almonds, peaches and apricots are roses plant?! (Too impossible to be true, but that's the fact.)
  5. Laughing lowers the levels of stress-hormones and strengthening the immune system? And, based on fact-on-book, kids (average age of 6 years old kid), laughs at an average of 300 times a day, whilst adult is only  between 50-100 times a day. (No wonder little kiddo always with the smile on their face, less stress. Us, the adult... more stressful; work, life, money-wise and so on. Actions needed; laugh all your hearts-out! Don't stress-out! Laugh, giggles and chuckles for a better life ahead. *giggles* <--- practising it now! :)

Basically, that's the fact that I 'captivate' while browsing their website. It's kind of cool website for a smoothie and juice bar. Try and have a look! You might love to know more about ZUMO BAR!! And, they even posted the nutritions intake in each and every smoothies and juices served. Cool, eh?

So, have a look, and check out my Monkey Business smoothie! I mean, the one that I had earlier on. It's a blast. The ingredient? Haha... suits with the name called; it's something got to do with monkeys! (But, I don't realized that monkeys do eat berries... Eh, maybe they do! Err... I don't know! Make sure you checked that out, okay?!) *smile encouragingly*

Okay, talk to you peeps soon! Take care! Have fun browsing the website.

Tata & cheers! *wink*

Friday, August 3, 2007

Nearly There...

I am nearly there... Yayyy!!

Today, I went to my office, and I am completely drained-out!! Remember the Cost Plan Stage 3 that I was talking about before? Well, today I have gone through basically the whole elements with my boss, and yet... there are still more to be done tomorrow. *sigh*

I thought that I have basically do everything, but yet... GOSH! There are more and more to be checked. Cross-checked. To make sure everything is in complete order. And even the report is not type yet. How can I manage that? And, I ought to complete those things by tomorrow!!!

But, at least... I think I did quite well. Can you imagine that I have to measure all the elements in the building? I mean, basically I am the one who prepare the Stage 3. That is kind of cool, eh? *smiling proudly*

And, there were times while I was discussing and cross-checking the measurement with my boss, he did mentioned something about what should be done when I do this kind of things by myself. So, there are chances that I ought to be given a project, a new one on my own!! Yayyy!! (Even though I don't really like the job, but I guess my opinion can simple be amended if I were given a project to handle. *smile* At least, I will have full control on that, and that is kind of awesome, don't you think so? *giggling*

So, that was it! I am completely finished (in a way, I supposed). Nevertheless, whatever things that is going the procure, at least I did my part, and that is quite BIG part. And, I am happy with it. Plus, this coming Monday (6th August 2007), I am going to have my own-sweet-time loathing at home... its a Bank Holiday, so no work on Monday. Yayyyy!! Triple excitement!! (I hate Mondays, did I mentioned that??)

I am going to have my beauty-sleep now... and long day ahead tomorrow before the superb weekends-day-at-home soon! So, wish me LUCK! I will let you peeps know then, what will happen by end of the day tomorrow... (wish me loads of LUCK okay?!)

Keep on reading my blog (I appreciate to those readers out there...Thanks a million. Appreciate that loads!!), and I'll promise a piece of my crappy-beauty thoughts that will always put a smile on your face! (I know, I know... I'm starting to talk crap. My best, my expertise!) *rolling eyes*

'Till we meet again! Take care, good nite and sleep 'tite'!!

Todloo!! *wink*

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I Am A Complete Mess!!

I am in a complete mess!! *sigh*

By end of the day at the office today, I was supposed to submit my Cost Plan Stage 3. But, what happened? I cannot finish the task on time. Therefore, I was given an extra time, and I have to submit the Cost Plan together with the report by end of the day, on Friday. (the report itself took about days to finish up. I don't really have an option, don't I?)

It's not that I was not given time by them, but it's just that I thought they are actually putting on too much workload on me. Can you imagine that the work that I am completing now is actually a 3 person job?

I think I am so stressed-up. I could not think straight. I was at my place the whole day today, and including my lunch-time too! I am going

My second fear is, what if the work that is finally completed (soon!), would not satisfy them, and at the end of the day we ought to re-do it all over again?! What if the things that I did is just a folder of things full of crap? I'm really in the dead-end, am I?

This is what actually happened when suddenly you were given too many things to do, then you ought to swirls your mind and for some reason, it always leads you to the NO-NO ones.. (simple English, the negative ones!)

What would you think I should do? In my simple-minded-girl thought, I think I should just go with the flow, and see what it looks like in the end... Everyone makes mistake, so I am not exempted from those, right? *rolling eyes*

I guess, I'll see what comes next... Wish me loads of luck! (I need that... seriously!!!)

Okay, my dinner's ready.
(I cooked! Fried chickens!!)

Take care, and I'll update you with the results soon. (Oh, GOD! Save me!!)

Tata & cheers, peeps! Mwahs!! *hugs*

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Current Obsession


Current obsession intact! I just can't get my eyes off of
'that thing'

"I want, I want!!!"

It is so in-style, posh looking, expensive and of course... that's what we called a
'fashionista'. *rolling eyes*

It's the
Sony Z610i

It is clearly an 
eye-catcher to anyone, plus with the mirror image created, it simply hard to have someone not to have a second glance on the phone, and of course the owner of the phone will be very impressed by the catch! *wink*

In idle mode, the clamshell looking innocently invisible, but yet when the lights on
(especially when people make calls), it will stylishly lit up the front and the external display suddenly visible, for people to adore the posh phone, by Sony.

What else can we actually demand from the best style-designers?
SONY, known as the most famous brand to opt something obviously rare compared to the like in the market? *impressive sigh*

The phone built-in with
2.0 mega-pixel camera, comes with pre-set for picture-to-web in just a nano seconds with few navigation keys. Cool eh? I thought so. *smile*

Plus, it is also comes with the good storage to
keep in all your favourite music so that you can listen it on the go. I have few friends who owns Sony phones, and based on what I have heard
(reviews from them), it is a good deal!!

"With good looks and awesome personality, who could ever possibly to resist?"

Well, well... now it does not sound like a phone anymore, eh? *chuckles*
Enough of my reviews
(not that I got paid or anything with the review I had... sigh), it is just that I am sooo impressed with the phone, that I could not think of the idea why should not I get one. (Despite of the fact that, if I am getting one of those, I will be all broke right in the beginning of August... lol)

I saw the phone last weekends, and my eyes was glued to the phone for quite some times. What do you think about it? The looks, the contents
(as if the personality, if its a guy...lol), and the affordable price (its not THAT expensive really...*smile*), it surely strucks anyone by the first glance laid on 'em.

Love at first sight!! That is what it is. 
Nyummy, nyummm!! I LOVE!!!

That's all for today, I guess. I will be back with more stuffs to add in! Thanks for stopping by. I got to go to bed now. Long day tomorrow!!

Tata & cheers!! Nitey nites! Mwahsss!! *kiss kiss*


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