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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Plenty of Me-Time For Now?

Hello, again. :) 

It has been a while since I last post anything here and there are surely, loads to tell. 

First and foremost, I have resigned. Yup. No more late night stay in the office, working on weekends, stressing all week with all the ridiculous workload, spots popping up randomly on my face due to imbalance hormones, haha... But one thing for sure, I am on the verge of becoming cash-less! Broke and in dire need of an instant cash~I can no longer have a retail therapy as the cure for depression or my random temperamental mood swings, definitely.

A month have passed and I am still looking for a job. It is just so difficult when I don't even know what is the perfect job for me that I will be, err... happy doing it? Is there any job, like really, out there ~ with good pay at the end of the month and will, in no doubt, give me full enjoyment in life? 

To be frank, I am perfectly happy staying at home and just do, err... nothing! At least, I can enjoy and have more of a me-time to replace the hours that I have spent in the office when I was still working in that mini-hell of life? A little vacation off work and trust me it is surely, a bliss! Everyday, knowing that I don't have to wake up so early in the morning to face the 'incompetent drivers' on the road to the office and coming back home! It is a bliss, truly! Haha... 

But, I know that this is not going to last for long. In fact, I am already feeling the urge to at least to have to do something, because I am the type of person who cannot stay at one place and just sitting there not doing anything for so long. The boredom will come knocking at my door, soon. Soon enough. 

Well, until then I will savour the moment and we will see how it will turn out to be. I will definitely update you on that, though. :) 

Take care and have a nice weekend ahead! Tata for now. 


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