Tick Tock Tick Tockk!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Aunty Flow Will Be In Town

It's an early morning for me again, today. as it has been so nice to wake up early in the morning, and take hot shower, ready to go to the office. As routine as it can be, I prepared myself a cup of coffee, and a sandwich for my breakfast. Its drizzling out there, and I was wondering how would I ever waited for the bus, as I don't have an umbrella with me. Both of my umbrellas are left in the office as it was shining with sun for the last couple of days when I am on my way back from office, that I have decided not to bring them back home.

As I entered the kitchen, there was someone sleeping on the couch. And I could not stop wondering, how possible the two seater sofa could take the huge, lengthy body to be comfy enough to sleep over the limited area provided? I have stopped myself from wondering what triggers this person to favour the sofa more, than a comfy bed in the bedroom. Its just don't make sense, that a sofa would be much better than a bed! Probably, as there was me on the bed that stopped someone from curling on the bed too. If it was because of me, I couldn't help it but have worst thoughts of all thoughts... probably I am snoring too much, too bad that despised people to sleep with me? Or maybe there was something wrong with me that pissed this person off, to even sleep on the same bed with me? I couldn't care no more. Up to this person to decide what he / she wants. Its all has been me, and me. So, I don't really know anymore.

But, a bit pang always crossed my mind whenever I had a mug of coffee for myself, this person creeping slowly to the room... Am I really a bothersome? Am I really really that bad?

Uhuh, I tried not to think but it seems unsuccessful, as of course... I have the thoughts. And always the bad thoughts. Oh plus, somehow... I don't really feel good these past few days. Something like, I feel tired. And when I am tired, of course I will definitely have few things thought badly. And that doesn't make things better. I think, I am so not myself at the moment. But then again, probably Aunty Flow's coming to town. Maybe my period is due soon, so her daughter... PMS, is troubling me at the moment? I truly hate it when I had the PMS, it always transform me into someone else. I will be more vulnerable, super super sensitive, and it won't just pissing other people off, but it pissed me off too!

This weekend would be a long weekend for me, as we have Monday's off as it is the Bank Holiday weekend. So, if I got my period on this weekend, it's gonna be so irritable. Uhuhh, how I wish I can fast forward when my period is going to be.

If only...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Splash of Rain in Dublin?

I woke up early in the morning, as I doze off quite early myself. I was watching the tv, when suddenly I heard lashing rain! It was beautiful during the day, in fact it was way too hot that somehow makes you go lazy! Hence, when I heard the lashing rain, I even thought it was the neighbour upstairs taking a shower in the wee night instead of raining. But alas, as I come nearer to the balcony, and opened the door... I could see the night was showered with quite a heavy rain! Unbelievable!

It was still raining at this time, as well. It is about half past seven, and there is no signs that the rain will stop, any minute from now. In fact, I think it is as heavy as last night too. Or maybe a bit lighter.I just had my breakfast, and the feeling to go to work just vanished as I saw the outside world. But uhuh, a lot of stuff to be done in the office, and there is no way I can stay at home and curling under the duvet. Sigh.

How I wish its weekends, so I don't really have to bring myself to the office in such a gloomy weather... NOT. I even can't stop thinking, how is it that I can walk to the bus stop to wait for a bus, as I don't have umbrella with me! Two of my umbrellas are all in the office. Sigh more.

This is truly is not a good weather to start with. Not at all. And it is only Tuesday. How worst can it be?

Sipping a mug of coffee, trying very hard to open the eyes and to get to work. To decide what to wear is one other thing. Uhhuh, and really... to walk out the door... is far beyond expectations!

I guess I will be jotting down more things soon, and see how the weather goes today!

Talk later!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Anniversary To Me

Good evening, everyone. It's Sunday and its beautiful in Dublin! Surprise, surprise. It is very nice, seriously. hen I was sitting in the balcony, I have this sun shinning to me, like a Summer Bliss! At last!! *wink*

I was half dead last night, as I went to a party in a club on Friday night, and it was good performance, somehow! Oh, and the ticket sold out! Luckily, I got the tickets a month earlier! Lucky me!!! *wink*

It was so good, and I will post some pictures when I got them from my friends. If its available. I am not so sure about it. But anyway, it is beautiful performance. Really. I enjoyed myself, anyway. That is must be because I didn't go out for two weekends, and last two nights... when I went there, its superb!

One more important thing, today... 27th July 2008, is my blog anniversary!! It has been a year I have been blogging!! Its supposed to be a party for my blog today!! Yayyy for me!!

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to whomever has and had supported me all this while. I appreciate that loads! I love you all, people!! Take care.

I'll be jotting down again soon enough! Tata. *wink*

Friday, July 25, 2008

Life Is All About Math Checks?

While I was doing math check, the usuals... routine of work in the office. I can't help myself but thinking. It is all about numbers in the job of mine. Being a Quantity Surveyor, you will always be exposed to numbers. Additional, substractions, divides and stuff like that. But most of all the times, numbers are the main thing. The point!

And that include the math checks as well. To make sure all the amount quoted is the right figure, instead of the wrong ones submitted, and it leads up to the conclusion of non-capable Quantity Surveyor is in the team!

Therefore, it is not so far off with life. In my opinion, life is all about math checks as well. Once you have wronged yourself, then... the reputation, the bad ones stay until God knows when!

In life, you will never failed to get, at least once wrongly math checked! And when this happened, everything seems to be so gloomy and it ended up facing the worst days of your life, and you can't help but thinking that it is the end of your life! Dot.

In conclusion, math checks are so important to avoid yourself facing the bad day in your life! Trust me on this. Been there. Done that!

Good night!! *kisses*

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Having Bad Dreams Just Like A Child?

I am at home, sipping my Chamomille tea. I am still thinking about last night nightmare. It was really distracting though. I can't remember still, what is it all about. But for what I know, it is surely something horrible that made me scream myself out right in the middle of the night.
Oh, and mind you. It's not once, but more than once. Manipulative dreams, I must say.

Following to the worst nightmare night-experience ever, I thought of something. What would intrigue my mind to suddenly feel insecure and scared that soon scariest dreams then created in my mind? Will that possibly moulded after what I really felt at the moment? Does what I feel has anything to do with my dreams? Mind you, I haven't got nightmares for quite some time now.

In fact, come to think about it... I did feel strange the night before. I was left alone at home, and I don't really have anything to do. Flicking through the channels from one to another that soon bores me to death, I then hurled to the bed for a good night sleep. Then, I was woken up at 4, just for someone to come and pick some thing! I sleep back again, and only soon to realize that there was someone with me, then by noon. But I was fast asleep. And it still seems like I am all alone, as then we were never speak to each other.

Would that be the cause of me having those nightmares? Not to blame the other person, but then again... would the reason simply be as I was all alone and that's the reason for the nightmares come creeping to my head late at night? I remembered I was sobbing. Late at night, far too scared to believe that it was all nightmares, nothing but just a weird sleeping game. And, at some point, I feel so lonely... as I am feeling so alone, even there was someone else in the house.

People might say that I am behaving like a child, looking like a child, having nightmares like a child and sobbing at night, scared... just like a child. But that is who I am and what I am. No one would ever escape from becoming one, like me... even in once in a blue moon.

Therefore, I am happy being myself... and if those point, becoming the reason why people refuse to be with me, be-friend with me, then be it!

As far as I am concern, I am just being honest to myself... and I think there is nothing wrong by being honest. I pressume... Think about it. Let the inner child of yours, exposed... then you know what does it means.
Good night.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Good Morning, everyone. I had very horrible nightmares, continuously last night. After one to another, consecutively. The main point is, I never had a good night sleep at all. It scares me a lot.
The worst is, I can't remember a thing about what is it all about. But the thing is, it was so scary to death! I was screaming in my sleep. A lot of times!
It still scares me now, even.

Lucky Luciano

It is a fine Sunday evening. One more weekend, relaxing at home. It was such a peaceful moment for me, I guess. Not that I'm complaining, but at least somehow I would be fine on Monday. *wink*

I have been browsing thorugh the internet about Mafia. Somehow, the title Mafia always intrigues me in some ways. Most everyone thought that there is nothing good at all about Mafia. What they knew is just killing people, drugs, and lists of other bad things in tow. But personally, I think there are more than that.
First of all, they respect each other. The hold the dignity of oneself. And they are like families, gathering together, and that is when the respect approach. In my opinion, Mafia and Gangsters are two different thing. Absolutely. You can't be deceived and simply group them together under one definition. It is absolutely absurd to combined those two under one description, as they are not.
As I was browsing more, under the title Mafia, I came across this name. Lucky Luciano. He has been the legend, all time favourite. As I read more and find out more about Lucky Luciano, I think he is one gentleman with vision and most importantly, he is a wise man.
I can't really say anything much about it, as I just discover him in one of the articles, but one thing that put me in shock, is the fact that a troop of soldiers, were asking him for permission to enter the country instead of asking the government itself? So, definitely means that he has more power than the government who was supposed to rule the country. And more, if I am not mistaken he was in the prison when he was asked! How bizzarre? *wink*
Here are few videos on Lucky Luciano, and hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Have fun!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wednesday Winds

Hey there. Been a while since I have written down anything at all in this blog of mine. Been busy, too much things to do. That's why.

It has been, as always a hectic day for me. As if, it is Monday instead of Wednesday. The middle of the week. Sigh. It should not be as hectic as it is. It might because of the Builder's Holiday is on the way. I think that is why.

Builder's Holiday, if I am not mistaken... will be two weeks, starting from next week. Therefore, all the builders seems to have requested the payment, payment made each month (interim payment) to be done earlier that it was supposed to.

That is why.

Weather in Dublin has been unpredictable, as always. Sometimes it shines with sunny rays, but most of the times it has been drizzled like crazy. That is Dublin.

And me? Same old me. I couldn't really talk much about myself nowadays. Things have been too busy at the moment, that somehow I forget to think about what revolves around me. Somehow, become too busy and too occupied with work, does help. Help me not to think about what is going on with my life. Aha, I think that is good. Is it not? I suppose so.

There are two more days to finish up, working days, then weekends is up... Again.

But I am, as usual... will definitely staying in again. I'd say. It's good to stay in, then to wreck your head with too many things ahead. I think. Me thinks.

Aha... I talked too much crap at the moment. Probably, the weather... gloomy weather just clogged my head, somehow. Probably.

Ah, I still have that long lasting headache that I have been complaining these past few days. It is still there, once in a while. And, somehow I am quite worried about it now. Would that be normal to have a consecutively painful headache, at once? Would that be something serious rather than just a normal headache? How I wonder...

Maybe I will have to take a look, what is the cause? No, no. I am not becoming a doctor now, but I am planning to go to the clinic? I'll think about it. In the meantime, I will keep on taking my routine intake of the aspirin. As if it helps? Nada.

Talk soon. I'll tattle more soon. *wink & twirl*

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Have Had Enough

It is Monday, again! *sigh*

But it has been a really good Monday for me, as I have stayed at home all weekends. That is the best bit of staying in, really.

Somehow, on this good Monday evening, I have a thought. A good thought, but somehow scary enough for me to admit the fact.

The thing is, I think what resolve around me these past few weeks is childishness! Completely beyond, I'd say.

Now, I have made my decision. If that it what it is, then it is. No more arguments, no more confrontations. I am completely fine with it. To argue about such things, to be longing for someone to actually accept the fact, that has been denied all the time, is completely hopeless. Would be obviously hopeless...more, if you're dealing with a person with a kid minded!

You wouldn't even received the truth. Not in a million years! You wouldn't even succeed in achieving such thing, with a person who is totally childish! So, where's the point?

I will definitely agree with whatever is made. With whatever I had now, and I wouldn't even care to ask a person to agree and admit the truth. If that is what it said, then it is. The fact is, I don't care anymore. The thing is, I am tired of all the bullshit... deja vu thingy, that makes my life completely in a misery state. It is going nowhere!

I need someone who can guide me, not someone who tear me into pieces because he/she is just being childish complete with a kid minded. It is absolutely leads to nowhere. And, that is not what I want. That is... in fact, a total bullshit?! *grins*

So now, even though it was supposed to be Monday, a day that I should and always trapped in blues and misery, somehow this Monday has got me back to my senses. I have decided. And I am keen to stick to my decision.

It's his choice. So, if he choose to be childish, then childish it is. And to me, means... that's it. I have had enough!

Somehow, I don't really care anymore. As... I have been treated like a maid. Used me like I have no soul. Nothing. Just a stupid, useless corpse. Sometimes, worst than a shit. So, there you go. I gave up.

I rest my case... And somehow, I am happy about it. It's just killing me all these while. And now, I am completely done. Finish. Dot.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I am successfully staying home the whole weekend. Again. THis is one achievement that I am so proud of. But I have to admit that it is quite bored just to stay at home and sleep early. At least, I am not spending the money horribly and tend to be sober all weekend. So, I guess there's a bit relieved on that matters.
I am looking at the day today, and it is quite right. Not raining, and that is the most important aspects of all. I guess. I am planning to do some groceries shopping, and live like the normal does. That means something, I pressume.
Is it not normal to not go out on weekends sometimes? Is it weird just to stay at home and do nothing? I got to think about that and somehow I couldn't really answer my question.
He just got back. He went out last night. I don't really know what's going on, but I hope everything is okay.
So, I talk to you guys soon! Figure that out. Is not going out in some weekends is good, or it should not be good as people should go out all weekends?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Favourite Place

Wind breezing. In the balcony. It's peaceful.

My favourite place. Of all ever, places in the house. Feel good. It's nice, to sit. Curl up to myself. Outside the balcony. The view. The mountains. Top of houses. Some chimneys. Few birds, soaking wet.

The balcony.

Noveau Riche?

I am still in my living room, but my mug of coffee is drained out. I drank it all. I am still on the net, browsing here and there. For something to read about. To enrich my knowledge of all sort of new things revolved in this whole wide world.

Until, I came across a good definition of real life. It's ironic. And, not to mention... I think the phrase is kind of classy too. Noveau Riche. It is a French word, describing a new rich. Somehow, I just realized that more and more of the wordings nowadays, have been called out in different sorts of language to emphasize the meaning, as well as to attract oneself to actually hold on to that. I search more on this, and here is what I found... The fascinating meaning of Noveau Riche. Everyone is thinking about getting rich, but less people are actually determined in doing it. Performing it. I personally, wants to be rich. I love money. Full stop. Who doesn't, anyway?

More research done, and I found out that there is a university called Noveau Riche University as well?! *wink* Well presented, I think, somehow the university absurdly portray the real meaning of Noveau Riche. It is located in Scottsdale, and with the university motto... "Knowledge, Power & Freedom", simply means the Noveau Riche University is inexplicably served the real meaning of Noveau Riche. It is a university that specifically narrowed to one course, that will eventually reflected the new rich of this new era, in becoming a real estate investor!

It provides tons of intensive of Noveau Riche as it is all listed specifically. In my opinion, besides learning all these things to becoming the respected real estate investor, one would eventually upgrade oneself to become more respectable person as well with numbers of self-improving skills taught! What more can you ask, then? *wink*

As the world revolving non-stop in this fast paced developing era, to becoming a real estate investor, is the best option to live in. Each country is trying to cope with the new era, riping successfully. For example, Russia! Somehow, it has been more developed day by day, and now... it has been known as the Noveau Riche as it is explained. There is an opportunity said that to launch an exclusive social network for Russian millionaires. Therefore, how true is it to be said that real estate investor is the Noveau Riche?

Think about that, on this gloomy, sad Saturday morning... Probably, you will come out with some ideas, and somehow... dreadful Saturday will not be as dreadful as we can ever imagined?

Happy Saturday! *wink & twirl*

Willingness or Just A Simple Routine?

It's Saturday. The day starts with gloomy, damp, chilly day... What more can we expect?

I was home last night. Been a very good girl, staying in. I don't feel really well, that put me in the position to stay in. I felt a bit dizzy, and it just pissed me off badly. Like, when I tried to laugh... and my head moves, I feel strange. When I tried to walk, then my head feel more strange. What worst can it be? Is it feverish feeling? Or just a simple, normal headache?
What caused it? I have no idea. Probably, the rainy days just struck my head, and I got this fever? Would that be the reason?
Sipping a mug of coffee, and writing this... I couldn't help but thinking. Why would anyone be so obedient towards something? Will that resulting because of routines, or simply because of affections? Or perhaps, the willingness to do something, is a matter of wanting?
People waiting for a bus in the morning, at the same time... at the bus stop. Would that simply be because of a routine? Or a must, as they need to be at work on time? Or they want to be in the bus, as the affection of being in the same bus every morning is inexplicable? *wink*
Answering a call. Would that be because of affection? Or the urge to answer the phone, as in if it is not answered, more queries to be answered in near future? Would a person do that willingly, or as in to be forced to do so?
How would you know which labels to be known for any of those? It would not simply be precised, on which reason it will falls under. It is all inexplicable. Truly.
The best cure, is not to think on which category it will falls to. That is the best bit of all. As I have been studying before, to think of something absurd, will just simply crack your mind, and will only be messing up your head, and on top of that... you might lose few worthy years of living just to think.
Think about that. I know it is kind of crappy, but somehow there's truth beneath all that. I think so too...
Happy Saturday, everyone. *twirl*

Is It A Fact?

Would too many alcohol consumed brings the urge to become honest and vulnerable? Which means, you will only tell the truth and nothing but the truth? Like, you can actually tell something that is when you were not drunk, you will not tell no matter what?

It has bothered me, somehow. One person, at work today... was telling me this. And, my friend... few years ago was telling me the same thing. That occured to me that, somehow I need to know how right this thing is.

If that is the case, simply means that we can actually be so helpless and hopeless, if we got drunk... am I right?

It just sprang into my mind... I just have a thought. And, if this is so true, then it is... Have to watch out then, I mean... myself. *sigh*

How I wonder... *wink*

Friday, July 11, 2008


Weather is still as horrible as it can be. It started with a bright sunny morning, and ended up with damp, gloomy night. As always, work is piled up in the office. And that doesn't really make my day. That, in fact... just make things go weirder!
But, at least I was to occupied with work, that soon I didn't even got the chance to realized that the time passed by so quickly! That was the best bit, I guess...

However, I thought that I will be feeling much more better today, but with the 'help' from Mr. Rainy Day, it obviously didn't help me out at all! I was half drenched when I got home. Even though, with a huge umbrella. The rain seemed to swift up, front... all sides of corner!
What happened when we are out of sentence? Out of conversation, that soon leads to silence? Like, everything said to be wrong and none of the conversation leads to another conversation? Does that means, BAD? Like, really really bad?

Stay awkward in shushhh moment, definitely put me in a misery condition. My wild mind couldn't stop but thinking, wondering... what did I do wrong? Or, is something really really bothered and the best cure is just to keep quiet and enjoy the bliss of tv script and dialogues?
But hey, I guess... the best way to deal with it, is to just ignore it. Not to talk, not to have a conversation... is an option. So, if that is what chosen, then that is what it is. Dot. Full stop?

I think so too! *wink*
Night all, have a good sleep and I'll be back for some crappy stuff more to tell. *twirl & blow kisses away*

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just Don't Feel Right

It's Wednesday. Still hectic. Still too many things to do in the office. A lot to do, that somehow cracked my mind. Plenty of work, as it ended up having myself being sluggish, and the time just swaying, flowing by...

I don't really feel too good today. Not really in the humour to do anything. Plus, I had my nose bleeding, and also had a bad nightmare last night. Does that means, I am losing it? But, for what? Why? Strange things happened, I guess... Once in a blue moon.
It feels like an omen. But, still couldn't figure out the cause. Or what.
Still had the nose bleeding, earlier on. Plus, horrible headache. Too painful, that I can barely do anything. Trying the washing machine earlier on, and the manual just don't seems to be the right one, somehow. Feels like the clothes, are not really, completely washed! Just part of the clothes that are wet, and it just don't seems right.
Don't really feel good. Feel strange, and full of hatred at the moment. Everything seems to be pissing me off. Everything, just don't feel right. Just don't.

Probably, the washing machine thingy just trigger it off. Badly. Make things worst.

Uhuhh, I think I am scribbling crap at the moment. Just not up for anything to write about. Just don't. Full stop.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kung Fu Kitchen Ninja

Today, as usual... things are hectic. Too many work to do at once. From one call to another, it just cracked my brain cell, seriously.

However, things changed when I got home! First, after settling a quiet few minutes moment in the living room... resting the brain cell, I thought that I might grab some vegetables for dinner. I had bought chicken before and I thought some vegetables would be lovely! So, instead of staying home being lazy, thinking of what vegetable to eat, I make a move.

With a grocery bag, wearing a shorts, tank top and flip flops, I really do look like a rotten housewife shopping for groceries in the market! *giggles*

I bought brocolli and some chocolate desserts!

At home, I sit back in the living room. Then, I decided to cook, until this one person said... "I cook!". He went to the kitchen, and start 'handling' the brocolli. Chop chop choppp!! In the kitchen, there was the ktanggg ktunggg clackkkk cluckkk sounds. I was worried. Really worried. Like what is really happening in my kitchen? Wondering, I wander slowly to the kitchen... He was actually cooking!

Then... I was talking and talking and talking, until clankkk clunkkkk clackkk!! The big spoon for cooking nearly flying, and a bit of mushroom pieces, flew from the pan! There it was!! The flying mushroom, and the chef? Obviously, a ninja is in my kitchen... There goes, the Kung Fu Kitchen Ninja!
We ended up laughing, and he personally, ended up with a bit of scalded fingers! *pity look*
Oh, and of course, a lovely dinner in the end! Yummy yummss!! *wink*

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Small Report

It is Monday today, and as always Monday is a horrible day to start with!
Woke up early in the morning, still feeling groggy from last night party, I feel so wrecked! But then, I have to head to Blanchardstown for a site meeting and site valuation! Bored.
On Saturday, we went out and it was good right from the start. Then, have few friends coming over, and it was really fun! Everyone was so drunk and happy. All of us were so crazy, I think. Completely!
Until, there's some point we got disconnected from the brain cell, things got uglier! I mean, really ugly. People getting nervous, paranoia... And it went bad!
At the end, one collapsed on bed. And others looking so weak and tired. Then, we knew that the party was over. Why should it starts with giggles and fun but ended up in misery and sorrow? Why would we can't be normal and just get back to sleep when we thought that it was it?
One thing for sure, whisky is not for consuming like milk, every 5 minutes, one gulp! That would definitely bring you sorrow. Definitely!
That is all I am about to say today! But one thing for sure, no more whiskey for anyone!
Good night, people. I am not in humour to write today basically. The drip of tiredness is still linger inside! Tata!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Swirls of Zillions Event

Hey everyone! I am pacing back and forth, wandering to think what to jot in first. Everything seems to be a zillion story need to be told. Therefore, I'll start with one by one plot, compressed!

Tenerife vacation, my birthday getaway... it was just okay. It's not as great as I thought it would be. It is totally NOT. Somehow, I felt a bit regret to have the vacation, that put me in a bad situation. There was nothing really wrong with Tenerife itself, it was a great place to relax. No doubt about that, obviously. The weather was perfect, warm and sunny every single day. Even thought I am not one of the 'whites', but I still get burned! It was really really warm... or should I say HOT? *giggles* There were loads of people around. I mean, loads!!

Everything was so cheap. Food, drinks... almost everything is so cheap! Even designers stuff, are cheaper compared to the one sold in Dublin. Completely cheap. Therefore, I shall say that Tenerife is a really good place for you to go and relax for a week, even though you don't really have much money to spent!

However, I got mugged!! That's the horrible bits. It was the second last day I was there. We met a couple, husband and wife. And, apparently... somehow, they just took my money and left. I lost 200euro, just like that! Vanished and parished, from my purse! Such a kiddo to sneak in and took my money! Wicked couple!! So, that's about it. Plus, I don't really have that many pictures to post in. There goes, my birthday not-so-great getaway.

The new house? Well, this one was different. It was brilliant. Despite of the tiredness and urge to get things transferred from my old house to the new gaf, it seems to be so rewarding! It's beautiful, the best birthday present I have ever given to myself. It's perfect. It's the house that I have ever dream of to live in. *wink* It has been so hectic, moving out and moving in. But, despite of the too many things on the list that needs to be done, I am fully satisfied and I have loads of picture to show as well!

Oh, the weather in Dublin tends to be shittier than ever! It feels like winter now, truly are! What would you feel if you have to still stuck with heavy boots and a long jacket, still, in Summer time? Is that appropriate? In my opinion, it is beyond absurd!
Well, that is all about it. I'll drop by later, soon to jot in more adventure in my not-so-fun life, at the moment! Cheers!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sore Here And There

Hey all. Too many things happened at once. Tenerife, moving out home... moving in home. Too many things, that put me in an insecure position, the most!
The holidays that was supposed to be a superb vacation, turned out to be not so nice. Hectic things going on, with too many things to list out. Last weekend was filled in with moving out and in the new house. And it was so tiring, I have sore all over my body, thought of that having to bring all the stuff up and down the stairs.
At the end of the day, I couldn't make it to the office this morning, so I decided to take an off day. I could not even woke up from bed. It was the most horrible sores ever. My neck, my shoulders... feel like I am working as one of the builders on construction site.
But alas, everything is nearly finished now. I have already picked up all the things from the old house, and next is just to fixed it in the new home. At least, I am nearly finished. That can be done, slowly at normal pace.
I will jot down later for more precise definition of what has really happened. I am still sores, at the moment, so I will talk to you guys later... Soon!
Take care, and kisses from me, b4by! :)

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