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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Polar Bear Hibernation Starts Today!

Hi all! :) So, the winter is nearly here. It's starting to get really really cold nowadays. Plus, the wind that I hated so much over the years! Is finally here. Sigh. Last few days, there were some days where you can see it was really nice, and sunny... and it makes you think, "oh... okay. Nice weather today. Maybe I can go for a walk, then...," but by the time you are outside the house, the wind breeze through... and yup!! It is freezing cold, and you know it is only a deceiving look portrayed by the blue blue skies and sun shine through. Another sigh.

Well, as the years passed by... I know now, when winter is approaching, it simply means, EAT MORE FOOD TO STAY WARM! Just like how the polar bear does in their hibernation period. Yup. This time of the year, in the North Pole! :) I just couldn't believe myself of the amount of food and munchies that I have been consumed these past few days! Really. It's not that I am hungry or anything like that, it's more like food just made me happy in a way, just because it is soooo cold!

Will I really turn into a polar bear figure by the end of winter time? I can't not to eat all the chocolate biscuits, and shortbread, and more chocolate and sweets and more of that stuff... Plus, I am not working much this work, and as in today my weekends starts early! What I have been doing is eat, SATC dvds, chocolates, curled up under the duvet, tea and again, and again and again!! :)

I'll update soon of what I will get up to soon! :)

Have a good weekends everyone! :) *twirl*

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