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Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's My Day Off

Hi. It's my day off today. :) Books, talking to friends and back to books, and watching movies. Oh, and coffee of course. :)

Well, somehow... for no reason, I keep on accidentally banging my fingers all over the place. I did! And two of my fingers on both hand, (randomly...) are looking red and swollen.

Last night, I tried to trim my own fringe, (with the reason - there is no need to go to hairdresser. It's easy. I can do this on my own) and obviously... it looks way shorter than it should. I'm looking like a girl with an upside down bowl on top of my head!

I just ate my lunch aka dinner. Ginger beef with rice. And now I feel so sleepy, and would like to say "NO" to reading books and college work, but "YES" to lazying around and watching movies...do you think it's acceptable?

I got an email / message from my long lost best friend (from school years back!!). And I am so happy and excited. We were best friends since we were 15 years old, then when we're 23, we went to different direction. Somehow. Can't even think of why that happened. But today, I got a message from him, and I was so delighted! :) Welcome back, friend! :)

I am just tired. I think I need to have a cup of coffee. And perhaps, a movie? ;)

Good night! xxx

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Me vs. Malware

Hi. So, I have been missing for 2 days. What happened? Well, was planning to blog on Thursday night. But then, when I was browsing the net, happily... until at one point, loads of warning boxes popping out, non-stop! One by one, with scary sounds and all these wordings about; "your computer is being attacked by an Internet virus..." or "Your computer is infected by spyware - 34 serious threats have been found..."

And, worst... it comes out one by one and another and yet another!!! It drives me mad! I was racing with "it", to go online and google the anti-malware to be downloaded to get rid of this thing! But, know what? It won't let me download it!!! I managed to download the setup, but when I tried to load the software, it just won't let me! The setup window won't even open for more than 2 seconds! I was nearly in tears! It looks like it will crash anytime soon! :(

But I keep on trying, and trying. I restart over and over again, as I said, racing with "it". When I started the laptop, while it is still trying to load... I google for the solution. Any solution. I have no idea what it was - plus, I am so not the person who knows these savvy tech thingy, so it took me a long long time to understand weird definitions of this and that! But the malware is quick as well! So, more restart has to be done!

But at some point, I found this website, called SpywareVoid. And I found all the things that popping out from my screen! It was actually a compilation of a few different things! Not just one!! It's something called Rogue AntiSpyware and Fake Warning Messages.

And some of those that was found in my laptop; BankerFox.A (what a weird name!), Antivirus System Pro Spyware, and few others. Plus, it was explained that this rogue antispyware, automatically installed "themselves" into your laptop and then create this fake window messages, urging you to purchase their software online, (and they are very persistent as the pop ups will never stop and it will drives you up the walls!!!!), and somehow the software is fake! And... on top of that, there will be trojan / malware / etc. infected your system for real!

So, at the end... at 5am!! I managed! I won! :) *evil grin* And, I also installed an anti-malware in my laptop. Oh, forgot to mention. When I was attacked, my existing anti-virus system (the one that I used before was Avast Home Edition), wasn't working. Somehow, it has been attacked too! But then, even after everything is done, it just won't work anymore. Seems like it has been badly infected and crashed! So, I ended up with uninstall it and install AVG instead. Now, I am proud to say I am highly protected (I hope!), and I am not looking forward for another war with these malicious, infectious web-enemy! Just leave me alone!!!

Good night! :)

P/S: Have a read of those links if you have some time! ;) I hope it helps! And also, (to all the tech people who read this <--- esp my brother, who was trying to help... ;) I am sorry if the description described above is not quite right, but what do you expect... it is just me! ;) *giggles*) Sorry!! :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Counting The Days

Hey. A quick post for today!! :)

I have been busy with loads of reading books, clips from the internet and e-journals. It is all for my thesis. Somehow, I can feel that my eye is jammed! Crammed with words and more sophisticated words that they used to put up in books and journals. Those words and lengthy sentences, that somehow... after you reached the middle part of the whole sentence, you lost the whole point of the paragraph! :) Or maybe you don't, but I did! :)

So, I did the time-line for each chapters and proposed finish date, and somehow it seems like I only have 82 days to go before the final submission date! *nervous* Then, I also managed to find out that I will be leaving Ireland soon enough too! It seems like it will be less, or shall I say, approximately? 120 days left for me to be here, before I leave Ireland for good! :)

Did I not tell you about me leaving?

Well, yup! I am leaving soon. Right after I finish my final exam (which will be in May 2010), then, I will be off to Malaysia!! Hooray! No more selling soap for me! (not that I despise the job, but then... as I am growing old, I think I need to get back on track! To be back being a Quantity Surveyor, at least... especially with two degrees soon?!)

I might be back for graduation in October, but we'll see how it goes. :) Oh, I am so excited!!

Well, I'm signing off now. I have to get back to the books! Speak soon!! xxx

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Library Fuss

Hey. Late night post! I intend to do a bit of reading, but after a really nice hot shower, I became so lazy. Haha...

Today, I was so in a giddy mode. I was at work early in the morning, and I feel like I was injected with a happy-liquid-moment-medication! It was fun at work. It was like in a la la la land! Then, (to my surprise as well!), right after work I went straight to college, to the library to get all the related books for my thesis. Before all the books in the library to be snatched away by others!! I don't really want to risk that, do I? ;)

I spent about an hour a half over there, just to realized that there were so many guys in my college! It was like, swarming with many many life-being called, boys! I never realized this before until when I was in the library, all spots, basically all chairs, are occupied with this creature! Only few places where you can see long hair and pink clothes, or maybe faces with make ups and curled lashes. :) The rest are all boys! (Note - not that I was amazed that I forgot the main reason I was there! Haha...).

In fact, I was literally, SCARED! I was cautious. Every time I walked past the book shelves holding my little notebook with the list of books I required, there will be eyes... following my pace. It was horrifying. I thought I was imagining things, (as I am very aware of my super-power!! ;) ) but this time, I know I wasn't because I can in fact heard a conversation being paused! PAUSED. And the eyes...!!! It's horrifying!! Honestly.

But then again, I was from work. Perhaps the smells that is on me, (since I work in LUSH, so you might know how it is if there's LUSH anywhere near you! :) ) lingering around when I walked passed them! ;) Haha... Probably.

Okay. That's it for tonight I think. I'm so tired. Oh, by the way... I got home with 4 huge books with me! :)

So, I guess, speak soon? ;) Good night! *twirl*

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Tale

Hey all! I am just so lazy this morning. :) Ah well, it's Sunday anyway. I think I am allowed? I have a few newsflash to be told today. From health to study and me. Now, shall we start? ;)

First of all, I don't know what is wrong with me, but my fingers (some of them - not all, and it is purely random fingers, on different hands!) have decided to gain on weight! Only the tip of the fingers. They become swollen and red, and itchy at times!! No open wounds or anything like that. Just FAT fingers!

(See picture on the left? That is my FAT ring finger on my right hand)

Have not gone to the doctor yet, as it might be just some allergies

(See picture on the right, for the FAT knuckle on the middle finger)

or such? Went to pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist, who gave me various different possibilities, but then she just said something like, "ooh, but it is all on random fingers.., so, i really don't know". What????? Oh and also, because of they decided to become FAT, I can't do a proper fist with my fingers / hands. On my right hand, the middle finger is fat not on the tip, but then on the knuckles. The ring finger (also on the right hand), is on the tip. Left hand, on the pinkie... is fat on the tip! What is wrong with me????

Okay, then... about my exam. Well, I finished them on last Friday. It was a 3 hours paper, and I think I am doing okay! :) I am not as bad as the last time, when I was shocked to see the paper. So now, what I can do is just wish for the best to come. And, in the meantime... I have to start looking on the dissertation writing. That is next on the schedule, submission date 12th April 2010. 12,000 words. I think, (I hope...) I will do fine. :)

Then, somehow... I do not know what really happened to me, but I think I am evolving in becoming a new person! A good one! :) Yesterday, I woke up quite early, (as to my standard! haha...) and doing the reading list for my dissertation! How odd is that? It was Saturday!! Haha... So, I think this is good? :)

Next, I changed the colour of my hair!! Okay, I have shown to my mom and my brother... But my brother said that there is not much difference. Haven't heard from mom yet. But I think there was a bit! It was not the normal bleach colour, but it was henna instead? I got it from my shop, on my way back home from the exam! :)

I just decided that I want to do something to celebrate, but I don't really want to go out... so there you go! Pampering day!! It was so hard to put it on, seriously!! Then, after mixing it (since it's in a solid form!), I applied it to my hair... and Oh GOD!! It's messy and the most horrible smells on my hair!! But then, I have to leave it overnight, I put foil paper on my hair, then cling

film (as if it was a sandwich!!), then a shower cap, then I managed to sleep on it!

(See the picture on the left, it is the hair before henna-ing)

Next difficulties I encountered, when I was to clean it!! Went to the shower cubicle, (oh btw, my neck feels like it's going to fall off, to hold on to the heavy hair on me!! Henna is sooo heavy!), washed it off and it splattering everywhere! Super-messy!! But then, hey... I got a really nice, shiny healthy hair I think? (See the photo!!) So, what do you think? Do you think there is any differences? :)

(And the picture on the right, is the hair AFTER henna-ing)

Okay, so I think that is it for today! My lengthy Sunday post! :) Enjoy your Sunday, and I will be back for more idiotic entries of my life!! ;) Happy Sunday!! *twirl and flapping the new hair in style (but really henna-smelt hair! sigh.)*

Friday, January 15, 2010

Up To My Eyeballs


I won't have any specific entry for today. I am up to my eyeballs at the minute with the studying! :( Exam is tomorrow, so I hope I will be seeing you guys tomorrow for a heart-wrecking post on how terrible I did in the exam. :( Oh.

Well, speak soon. Wish me luck! I think I really need it!!

Good night!!

*back in the book-cave she just created a while ago*

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yummy Meal For Me

Hey! :)

Well, I am off today from work. It's my day off. Usually, I will be lazying around, watching tons of tv shows, or just not doing anything at all. But not today. Exam is coming soon, in two days. It will be on Friday. So, today... I am studying! Study day for me.

I was doing quite okay, I must say. I mean, not that I was locking my eyes on the books all the
time. But hey, at least I did a good few readings. :)

And, I was so tempted to have a healthy-home-cooked-lunch for myself, so I made myself a lovely meal! Plus, it was a healthy one too!
I made roasted vege with black and pepper chicken. Nope, na'ah! I do not fry the chicken, instead I put them in the oven and hmm... it is so yummy! :)

Here are some photos of my mouth-watering lunch! Have fun viewing and I shall go back to my books now! Speak soon! xxx

Slushie Walk - The Brand New Power Walk

Cold. I seriously thought that freezing-phase-with-unreasonably low temperature for Ireland is gone. And yesterday, it was proven! Heavy rain shower plus our famous ferocious wind that has made me fell on the street, in numbers of occasion over the past few years. Even this morning when I was on my way to work!! I had to walk over to Luas Station (remember, the metro-train alike?) and it seems like I have to struggle to just walk! It's so tiring!! Really.

Then, on my way back home...

Yes. True. It was raining, when I was in the shop. Heavy rain and wind, of course. As I thought. As predicted. But, as soon as my train reached my stop, I was actually shocked! The ground... was full of ice-slushie-like. It's everywhere. And it's thick. In one word, MESSY!

The walk from the station to my home (with my two little feet) normally took about ten minutes, the most. But, tonight? It took me double the time! I was wearing my boots, but still... Oh my. :( Some part of the untouched ground, it looks merely beautiful. It's all white and pretty. But, on the road, pavement... where cars passed by and people walked through... it's grey, slushie-like.
And... it's cold. Very, very cold.

I'm just so confused. Wind? Oh... Of course it's still there. Making my life more miserable than it already is, to walk in such situation. Oh. :(

Well, I am just glad that I am home now. And already had a cuppa. Then, maybe I should have a hot chocolate for bedtime later.

That's all for tonight. Speak soon! :) xxx

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let's Go Bananas


Recently, I have love towards this one particular fruit. It's yellow. It's creamy and fluffy textured. And in simple word, it is just YUMMY!!! :)

Somehow, I had this idea in my mind, that bananas improve your memory skills. Somehow. I thought so.

And, apparently, it does! :) Exam is on next Friday, as we speak. Therefore, I'm going all bananas this week!! So, let's go bananas, baby!! *twirl*

Speak soon.

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Kittens Newsflash

Hey! Studying is so much fun, NOT! Hmm... but maybe it is. Sometimes. Clearly, not all the time because if not, I am probably a genius by now. :)

I forgot to mention that I have two new kittens!! Oh wait. Not that I have, but technically I do have it. But not here, instead it is with my mom. She sent over some photos and they are adorable! Somehow, dad's friend, who is a vet, gave it as a present!! Ooh, they are adorable!!

Honestly. And mom told me, that our other cat, (the existing one, who is very very old lady now) is so pissed off with the newbies. I don't blame her for that. Haha... So, enjoy the photos!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ouch On The Butt

Hey all. Just a little update from me today. Well, first of all... it has been snowing, late last night... again. And it has been a very heavy one, I think... (since I was fast asleep, anyway) based on the all white scenario that I can see this morning, when I woke up. :) All white, just like in a winter wonderland postcard. :)

Then, all day today... (mostly!), I have been a very good girl. I have been studying and trying to do all the calculation exercise for this coming Friday exam. So, yayy for me. :) But, I still got this one video that people has been circulating around. It was a clip from RTE News last night, in Ireland. What is it about? Well, have a look and tell me what you think! ;)

I guess that's it from me for tonight! And, talk to you guys again soon! xxx

P/S: I honestly pity the guy! :) But then again, fell in front of many many people who watched the news...? Hmm. ;)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Becoming A Polar Bear

I am still without any resolutions for this year, as yet. I am still in the process of making a list. A list that can actually be done by the end of this year. Not some nice-typical resolution, that ended up unachievable by the end of the year! So, it needs some time to actually exist. I'll let you know, don't worry. :)

Well, today. I was supposed to concentrate on my notes. My college notes. I have an exam next Friday. One paper. Three hours paper. And I was sick since Monday. Actually, since New Year. I
was waiting for the taxi to go back home, in the cold... on New Year's Eve, (where it was hit by a snow storm - okay, maybe I'm exaggerating with the word "storm", but it was really a heavy snow, that night!) for more than an hour. So yes, I was sick since then. And am off work since Monday, and today is Friday... and okay. I should have at least study a bit for the exam next week. But, I just can't!

I mean, for the first three days (until Wednesday, perhaps?), it is still tolerable. I was sick. Flu. The worst flu ever. Couldn't stop sneezing, for some reason! Then, Thursday? Getting better, but was wayyyyy too lazy to read the notes! :) I keep on staring at the notes, and somehow (might be the medication I was on as well), the notes seems to be staring at me back with
anger!!! :) So, I decided to not study and watch one tv shows to another! ;) Haha...

Starting with Gossip Girl followed by Glee, then Privileged. And then, now... I am too depressed to find out that Privileged is not going to continue with Season 2!! And worst, the finale in Season 1 is ended with a horrible cliffhanger!!! So depressing. :(

Well, that is all then for today. I guess, see you tomorrow then. Good night.

P/S: Well, besides that... I am well aware of how lazy I was these days, being sick plus the cold-annoying-weather... I seems to have more valid reasons to become a Polar Bear!! Feeding myself to keep warm! Bliss!! ;)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello, 2010!

Well, hello people! :)

It seems that this time, I actually been away for quite a while. Which, naturally it should not be tolerated! :) But hey, I'm here. ;)

First of all, Happy New Year to all of you. It's 2010 eh? Many many things happened to me in 2009, and all of those are to be kept in a box and put it aside. It will always remains as memories. Memories of 2009. Doesn't matter if it is a good one, or a bad one... it is all been done. New people we met, people we left, people who left, things done, words said, and all those things, it is all in the past. Now, the best thing to do is to look forward! :) Plan for the new year. New
year resolutions maybe? ;)

Speaking of which, mine is not done yet. :) I have no idea or maybe, not really sure of what is exactly my new year resolution this time. One thing for sure, I know that I want to have resolutions that I will somehow manage to complete it by the end of this year! :) Becoming a nicer person, maybe? Haha... We'll see. I'll let you know if I made one already!

Well, looking at this, I know I don't really have much things to say. It has been a while... :) But, I'll try to update more often anyway! So, take care all and speak soon! xxx

P/S: Did you know that Ireland, has been snowing like crazy these past few weeks? :) And, it wasn't like this for many many years!!! Here is a photo from my room window! :) xxx


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