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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, people!! *smile and a wink*

It is an Earth Day today. 22nd April is always been an Earth Day since I could ever remember! And it was supposed to be celebrated world wide!!

It has all been written here. We should help to save the world, the earth that we are living in by doing some right things instead of harming the long-life of the earth!

There are loads of things we can do to save the earth though!

First of all, the gas-friendly to gas free used for the car instead of the normal monoxide thingy used for the car. That's a start! A good start I think. And a lot of other things too.

Here are the things that I could think of:-

Plant a tree
Start with a small effort, like from your own home. Have your own tree. Maybe a flower. Or maybe a fruit tree. It depends. As long as you have the thoughts with you, it does matter!

Collect things from your home that can be recycled, and put them apart accordingly. Bottles with bottles. Cans with cans. Paper with paper. And avoid mixing plastic in any of those. Did you know that plastic is the worst thing, or probably could never be recycled? And that actually create trouble, like lot lot of trouble to Mr. Earth! We don't want Mr. Earth to be sick, do we?

Wear Something Green!!
It's just for the fun of Earth Day! Celebrate to the fullest!! Wear green and be proud of it. We can pretend that we are a tree today too! So, we wear something green and this is one of the 'how' to celebrate the Earth Day. *wink*

Remind Others
There might not many people acknowledge that today is Earth Day, though. So, remind them. And let them know how can they help. It is a good start. So that other people will noticed, and Mr. Earth can be saved and live longer. When Mr. Earth lives longer, we live longer too!

Avoid Using Cars
Maybe a walk to the shop is more beneficial, than using the car today. That shows how you support Earth Day! Unless you have changed your car to gas-free or gas-friendly system. Then you are alright! I did walked to office today. Simply because to support Mr. Earth. *another wink*

Live Healthily

When you know how to take care of yourself, then only you know how to take care of Mr. Earth. So, de-stress yourself! Make yourself happy with what you have and with people around you. Healthy mind leads to healthy life. And healthy life is important for Mr. Earth! At least, I am successfully healthy today. Stop thinking negative things, and let it go with the flow. Good things come to those who has the patience! *grin*

So, I hope I did help with ideas there. Have fun, and as what I said to others today... let's save Mr. Earth. Enjoy the rest of the day, and happy living!! I love you people!!

Good night!

P/S: Some of the things listed above, are not meant to be done only today, but any other days that you favour! The best is to do it every single day, whichever is appropriate! *twirl for Mr. Earth*

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Loaf of Bread?

It has started with a gloomy, grey Monday, but alas... Mr. Sun came out later this evening! Hooray!! *wink*

I am so broke this week. And few more days for pay day! How stupid I was to go out last weekend and spend the supposed money for this week. So, I have been bringing food to the office,
for my lunch.

Well, on my way back home from work, I stopped by Dunnes Store (sort of like a grocery shop), and bought myself two cans of tuna and a loaf of bread. It's for tomorrow's lunch box. Then, I put the two cans in my handbag and hold on to the huge loaf of bread, and walk to the bus stop for another bus to go straight to my home.

While walking with the bread... something, suddenly occurred my mind. The bread feel so soft and comfy. And then, I had a thought.

What if a pillow is made of bread?

It would be the softest pillow and the best pillow ever, as you can eat the pillow as soon as you woke up from bed, and feeling hungry!! An edible pillow?!!! Wonder how comfy it would be for oneself, to have a room full of bread, and you can basically jump consecutively, while munching the pillow at one time?!!!

It will be wonderful!!!

How I wonder... *wink*

Monday, April 21, 2008

Girls Are So Creative, I Think...

Hi people!! I went out on Friday, but here I am again to jot down something. I had a research recently, and I made myself as a guinea pig for my own experiment!! *giggles* I just made a research about girls! I think we are creative. Think about this.

A girl/woman/lady...goddesses, that is what daddy always refers to. When we were planning to go to shop to buy socks, we will ended up with loads of paperbags from the shops, of shoes, clothes and etc.

But a boy/man/guy... would go to buy the particular socks and ended up with a sock! So, they are so lame! *giggles*

I went to lines of shop in Grafton Street, on my way back from work and I saw loads of new items on sale. And I was planning to go out as well, later that night. So, I went into a shop, and I managed just to look and went out. But there are loads of other shops in front. But I walk.
And I ended up in a shop, that is having sale for spring. Everything is so cheap. Price has been reduced too much.

And I just can't resist. So I got myself a shorts, and a sleeveless in RED!
I went back home, happily. Then I thought, a girl is absolutely more creative then a guy. I bought because it is cheap and it is worth buying, but if I am a guy, I won't buy those as I don't need those, not creative.

So, my conclusion is, girls have creative minds, while guys... you figure. *giggles*

Good night.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Back To School

Today has been a hectic day for me. I was busy as a bee, probably busier that a bee? *wink* I have been so occupied with work and my job lately. I have been thinking about future?! *giggles* Have I told you, that I have been enrolling myself for another Degree Honours course? *wink*

Yupp!! But I can only get the answer whether I will be accepted or not by mid June. This is the second time I applied. I have applied before, (last year) but it was rejected as there is no space left. Ah, by the way... I am not going to forego another six years course, but I will be on the advance class, (as most of the subjects I have taken before), so I will be placed in the 5th year. So, only a year to go! Yayyy!! And it will be a part-time basis.

Main reason for me to take this course is simply because I am interested in doing APC, which is to be known as a Chartered Surveyor. APC is actually some sort of another course, for me to forego another two consecutive years... (require me to have a log book, report, presentation and stuff like that, including... TEST), for me to get the chartered thingy! *another wink*

To sum, this Honours Degree course is like a step-stone for me to take the APC, since my existing degree is not accredited by the main surveyor society! Stupid? I know!! What a waste!!

But, I am really looking forward to be back studying! And how much I appreciated, that all the cost is going to be born by my company! *wink*

Wish me all the best!! I really need to get in!!

P/S: Yes, daddy... I am looking forward to be back studying!! *wink*

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Twirling Back Again!! :)

Hey there. It has been a while. Really. Too many things have been all over my simple-supposed-to-be life. It has been hectic, alright.

It seems that the blogsphere has been so quiet lately. I thought it was just me, but in fact, it happened to few other blogs too. As in for me, I blame the beautiful sunny days that just swept away Dublin these past few days. I know I supposed not to blame the oddness that happens, but somehow it just make myself become lazy when I got touched by the warmness of the sun, all day.

Anyhow, I am back here, blogging as always.
There are so many things, inexplicable. First, my life. I think I am becoming more sensible towards everything that passed through my life. I am becoming quite happy with my job now. Day by day it's like, I am enjoying the job that I have now, and I think it is so much of a good thing on that! It is so rare for me to have this feeling towards a profession! Trust me on that. But, knowing that this thing happened to me, I think I am growing up. Growing up to become a lady who knows what responsibilities are. What is important and what not.

Then, my love-life. I thought it has ended. But, I am in the same story line, just that I have moved to another chapter. And I don't know how long it's going to take to finish up the whole book. The book has been enormously full of emotions and suspense. As one time the reader will be sad, and on the other time, they will be clapping hand with big smile drawn on their face. And I don't know as well whether is it a book with a good ending, or a book that ended up with the reader will be wet with tears. The only thing that I know is that, it is one hell of a BOOK!

So, basically... that is what has been going on with my life. And I would like to express my feelings here, how much I miss blogging. Really. And I am so happy to be back. As the clock strikes 22.36, I will have to put a stop on this dot line, and till then... I will come back to jot down more stories of the upside down of me.

Good night and see you soon!

I love you people!!! :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fine Satisfaction Guaranteed

Hi people. :)

I am still recovering from the noise, as well as the non-stop adrenaline rush I had in TimeWarp 2008 in Mannheim, Germany.

It was so good, despite of the loud music from various DJs all around the world. I will definitely go again though, next year. *giggles*

There is one more party that I am looking forward to. It is a festival in Germany (still), and it is called Love Family Park. CLICK HERE to know more about this event!

I met Raresh, my favourite DJ. He is awesome and cute, indeed. In fact, before I went, my friend (who actually knows him, but didn't tell me right from the start!) gave my number to him, as he was asking for my number. But due to some problem, we didn't really meet up.

No problem to me though, as it is a good thing that at least he got my number (even though if he deleted right after he got it!). *giggles*

Here are the 3 stupid videos I managed to captured. But, hmm... due to loads of reason, that is why the video is kind of sucks BIG TIME! At least, I have tried!! *wink*




Friday, April 4, 2008

TimeWarp 2008, Mannheim, Germany

Hi people!!!!! *wink*

Just been so busy at this mo', that is why I have not been able to be updating what is going on around me! *another wink*

Anyway, I am off to Germany this weekend for a party!! Yayy!! It is called TimeWarp 2008, and it will be held in Mannheim, Germany. All of my favourite DJs will be there.

I just fell in love with this one DJ. Not even he has a good music, but his looks is so yummy!! I like him! Can't wait to see him and his music though! Raresh from Romania!!!

To know more about the event, go to www.time-warp.de or click here!!!

Here is the picture of my favourite DJ!! Nyumsss!! *twirl*

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