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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Between My Life & A Chicken Coop

Puff, pufffff!! Well, I must say, there is a lot of dust in here. I have been neglecting my blog. Fact. Ah well, I have to admit, I was so busy lately and have no time to entertain myself, let alone to update my blog. But, here I am today... on my second day of sick leave, so I thought why not... write something. Right?

Well, my life has been as hectic as in a chicken coop. I was so busy at work and won't be going home at least not until after seven! By the time I reached home, I felt like a fish that has been kept in a bottle for more than an hour! I have to survive to live. And that is how bad I felt these days.

Apart from that, like everyone else - I do thought of some new year's resolution. But of course, I am is still in doubt of whether will I achieve any of it by the time the year is to reach the end.

I am quite concern with my healthy. Since I have been succumbed my life to work these days, I have been sucked into a sedentary lifestyle. It's pretty awful. Sometimes, I see myself like those soggy cereal in my morning breakfast! So, I took a chance. I registered in a nearby express gym - and I love it! Only until, I got myself a knee injury last week that I had to take a break from the gym! :( It has been a week passed and I'd say I'll give it another week before I start to go back to the gym.

Other new year's resolutions? Well, just to be a good person - better than the last time? Hah! And probably, to be a good employee in the office? Oh yeah, that's one of my resolution too. I want to become a good Quantity Surveyor too! Since I have been working in that office, I have been given few projects on my own to handle, and recently I just got a massive, extravaganza type of project to handle, and I am not going to f**k this up. So, let's just see what happens. Wish me luck!

That is all I could think of to write today. I will update soon and I hope it is not too late to wish all of you, Happy New Year and have a nice year ahead! Take care and lots of love from me!!


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