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Monday, July 30, 2007

GUCCI, hmm... I Like!! *smile*

It was a nice Sunday evening! Loads of sunny moments, even tho' there were the mo where the rain was pouring down "heavenly"! (if you knows exactly what is the heavenly means for rainy days in Ireland.) *sigh*

It was good, even tho' there were few rainy moments. I got the chance to get myself a perfume. It was
GUCCI, Eau De Perfume II. Nice smells!! So lady-like kinda perfume for a "young looking girl" like me. At least, that was what the Irish peeps love to refer me as. Lol. 

I am glad that I bought the perfume in
The Perfume Shop, rather than the Boots...where at first I thought it was cheaper over there. In fact, it was far more cheaper in The Perfume Shop itself. I bought the big one;
50ml for €50. I think its worth it. Like, a euro for one ml. Lol. *rolling eyes*

I have always wanted to have a big, posh looking perfume. And, there you go!! Got myself one. Yayyy!! :)

Then, I bought two cds. One is Beyonce Knowles, called B'Day Deluxe edition and the other one is Gwen Stefani of The sweet Escape. It was brilliant!! And, I wont ever regret of buying those two cds. Its superb!! And, I just love every little single track in each cd! Its just worth the pay! So unbelievable!!

So, there goes my shopping spree on Sunday eve. Lol. Oh yeah, speaking of shopping spree, I even bought books.
(I always been a geek when it comes to books!), I mean, I love books!! I bought the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for my sister... and, Sophie Kinsella new book; its called The Undomestic Goddess(suits me well, eh?!)

Yupp!! There goes my Sunday eve day spent! At least, it is worthwhile!
(But, yeah...I might be broke in no time! hahahaha...)

So, I guess that is it for today... I am getting tired already. I am thinking of hitting the sack early tonite. I have a long day at work tomorrow... PLUS, its Monday tomorrow, and sigh... I hate Mondays!

Well, talk to you peeps then. Take care and be good!!
Tata & cheers!! Good nite and sleep tite!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Oh NO!!!!! *sob sob*

I am feeling so blue tonite... :(
I went down to Brown Thomas, but unlucky me... The bag, that I was talking about...its all GONE!

I went inside and I asked the retail assistant, like,
"Where is the bag that was supposed to be sold in here...?"

And, she was like... "Oh, love... Its all GONE since 9.30 am this morning. Everybody was waited outside the door since 8pm last nite... Too bad! I am so sorry, love...."
And she gave me the pity look like, like that is the best thing to comfort me at that mo. I was like...soooo devastated.

So now, here I am. I am too sad to think that I just lose the opportunity to have that bag in my possesion. Darn sad! Truly am.
I was waiting for the bag ever since I got the newsletter from Anya (the designer) website, since I subscribe any latest news about the bag, like where are they launching next, what is it about, comments on the bag and few other stuffs. But now, its all shattered! I  mean, my dreams of having the bag.

I never thought that there will be so many people is as eager as myself to get the bag, though... And, I got the info, that the bag that is to be sold in Brown Thomas will be about 1200 piece, just in Dublin and 100 piece in Galway... (and I cant remember how many else at other few places...), but I thought there will be at least a piece for me to get one, and bring it back home. :(

And, now...its all GONE!

I guess, I talk to you peeps soon! I am too sad to say anything right now. Not in the mood. I am too sad!

'Till then. Tata... :(

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I Am Not A Plastic Bag

Do I still have the chance to get the "Bag"? I have been reading thru' articles about the bag. And, at last it is selling in Brown Thomas. Today. On the very moment! But, now its already 4.10p.m.

Do I still have the chance to buzz thru' thousands of people in Brown Thomas to get the bag? Or, I dont have any chance at all??!! *thinking*

Its a nice bag. At least, its for the environment thingy. Means, instead of having those plastic bags when you buy groceries in Dunnes Stores, or any other places like that, you wont have to carry the plastic bags... Despite of the odd looking plastic bags, it sorts of 'polluting the environment' too!! Like, have you ever seen the plastic when it stucked in a river or something like that... then water cannot go thru and the place get flooded? And, plastics.... well, we cant really recycle them at all! So, you got the point now why I am sooo eager to get the bag? :)

At least, I have innocent-like thinking. Oh, I really want the bag!!! Do you think there are still some left in Brown Thomas??
Please, pleasee!!! Oh, I really hope that there is one for me waiting to be brought back home!! Please, pleaseee!!

Eh, I got to take my shower now!!!
I'm off to Brown Thomas then to get the bag!!! I will let you know the results then, okay?!! Wish me luck!! :)

Tata & cheers!! :)

Mozilla Firefox pissed me off!! :(

Hey there... I am so fu*ked! I mean, I was browsing thru my Mozilla Firefox web browser. And when suddenly, the browser seems to be NOT WORKING! I mean, I could not even navigate to any sites...!! :(

And, when I searched the net using my IE, finding the cause like with the hell that happened, few websites suggesting that I should uninstall and reinstall the Firefox then and again. The funny part is,
(actually I dont really think its funny at all after I have to go thru sooo many hassles, doing that!!), when the Firefox is trying to installing, it went 'dead'! Few warnings popped up, saying that I dont have the relevant port to start installing... *sigh*

I was devastated!! Trully am! At the end of the day, I have downloaded new web browser!
OPERA! Not bad!! In fact, I think  its the fastest web browser I have ever found! No hassles, and cool!! Its really good tho'.

From now on, no more Firefox for me!
I am so upset with Mozilla! :(

Well, talk to you peeps soon! I'll be jotting in more stuff soon! I realy need to get a shower right now. Am so tired, been hooking up to the laptop since morning! Haha... Take care now!

Tata & cheers! Mwahss!! *kiss kiss*

A Yayyy Day For Me... :)

I am so happy!! I got myself a new MP3 player... Yayyy!! At first, I was confused. Like, darnnn!! Which one should I buy...? There were few options. Sony, iPOD and ZEN are the main three brands of MP3 that actually blocking my mind. I was like..."which one?!! Make a decision..."

But, then again...it was sooo hard! :) Like, yeah...everything is in front of you, and then you just have to choose, thinking of which is the best option to grab, and the worst part is... you are being sooo indecisive! Hows that for a change? :) I mean, when you are in that state of mind,
you'll be wrecked!! Your head feels like its going to explode any minutes soon! Hahaha..

Well, after a while I have been in the store... At last, I have made a decision. A simple one. I chose one out of those three. And, I got myself an iPOD shuffle!! Yayyyy!! :) Its super-pink and its too tiny! But, I think I will love it!! :)

So, talk to you peeps soon! I will try and downloading musics to my new-baby-born iPOD! How I wish it is all downloadable-ready when we bought them?!! Lol.

Oh, by the way... I still could not put any smileys to my web browser, so that I can use it in my blog. *sigh*
I have been trying doing that since last Thursday, and it has been dissapointing me even more! I will let you know in my other entries later. Its such a SAD one!

Well, okay! Take care peeps! Tata & cheers!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm Back Again! *wink*

I am back! :)

Its good to be back! To be back writing. Hahahaha... Believe it or not, I have spent few hours setting up my new blog page, and phewww!! At last, I did it!

Well, its not that a super-extra-ordinary page, but to me... its more than perfect! I am not so good in computers nor softwares, but yet I managed to pull out something like this... *grins*. Frankly speaking, I am so proud of myself, and darn... I am so sleepy. It was unbelievable that how can my eyes actually glued to this laptop not realizing the time passed by so quickly! And, on top of it, it is already 2.21a.m., and I have to go to work in less than 6 hours. Sigh. But, at least I am satisfied with the things I did. For once. Hahaha...

I really have to go now. There are only few more hours left for me to catch few winks, so that I wont doze off in the office later on. I'll be definitely drop in later, tomorrow evening to put in bits and pieces to this page. Plus, I need to know how the heck can I possibly add in emoticons and smileys to my blog entries. I have tried few times, but it never worked! :(

I guess I will be seeing you peeps later on! Take care and nites!!
Tata & cheers!! ;p

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