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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Am I Sexy?

I got another award today! I think it's more like an award month for me this month! *giggles*

LinkyLove is having an interview, to find a sexy secretary, and it seems like I have won somehow! It's class!! I like!!

CLICK HERE to find out how it goes. It is awesome, and I never thought I was that sexy to be awarded such an award! *more giggles, with a sexy giggly voice*

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Linky for such a wonderful remarks and award given! And to others, who believe in me! *sorts of a Grammy Award kind of speech*
*more and more giggles*

Take care to all! I love you, people!!! *wink and a wonderful twirl*

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Honey Bee

I was totally out of voice. Like Ariel in the Little Mermaid, her voice has been taken away from her by the monstrous Ursula.

I know that I have been out all nights, last weekend. But that doesn't really caused the sore throat that I have now. Or, maybe part of it... Yes. *giggles with ROCKSTAR voice* Anyway, I have been desperately ill in the office today. I have been coughing non-stop, and not to mention the choking experience, as your throat felt so dry, like a desert like weather!

I hate to go to doctors, as I hate medicines. Therefore, I used traditional treatment. Honey. In my early childhood days, mama always prepare me a honey drink with a bit of lime squeezed to the honey-drink, and it will definitely be the best cure of the sore throat. Or, at least... you can have a quiet sleep, rather than waking up every one hour... *sigh*

And, it seems like the sore throat, no voice scenario has been spread throughout the blogsphere as well. As for me, I have been getting this now and then, since the Dublin's weather is always a crap! You can never predict what will happen 5 minutes after! Therefore, I guess that is the cause as my body can't really cope as to what weather it will be.

Betty, in Colorado Cowgirl In Upstate New York has the same sickness as well, but I think she's recovering now. And she also suggesting HONEY to cure her sore throat?! *wink to Bety and a BIG wave* Oh, but maybe she is referring to her honeybun hubby too! I guess both honey cures her! *another wink*

Hence, I would like to announce my findings of my experiment for today, HONEY does cure your sorethroat. No matter whether it is the honey from the bee, or it is simply the love from your honeybun, both can cure you. As people often said, love is all it takes! (Uhuh, I guess I started to talk crap stuff again!) *wink*

I am enjoying my honey drink now, and I will talk to you guys soon! But now, I am still with my ROCKSTAR voice!! Hope to get better soon! Take care!! *kisses & hugs to everyone*

Monday, February 25, 2008

Dating Game!

zwani.com myspace graphic comments

It was a good weekend for me. I was too crazy, party all day, for three days?! It has been a while since I have not dancing all night long. *giggles*

That is when the mind takes control and what you can think of, is having loads of fun! Ah, and good things happened though. *wink*

I think, I am back in the dating game. *weeee!!!!*

Ah, I feel like a princess. Principessa. All the time, baby... baby, baby, baby... *giggles* And there were more than one person. Oh, and I got a flower from a stranger too, with the reason that I am so beautiful, that he can't take his eyes off me?! It's sorts of like a story book fiction!

Remember I was telling you guys about the other guy, that I don't know how is the feeling of mine towards him? Probably, I like him more now. Like, he is in the upper stage than the rest. I just thought so. It's just a feeling struck, somehow. But, I might change this opinion in few days time. As you all know by now, I am Ms. Fickle. At least, that is what Daddy called me. *wink*

Okay, I'm off to bed now. Long day tomorrow. Talk soon! *kisses and hugs to everyone*

Friday, February 22, 2008

Join In The Fun

The world has been shocked by a step forward of a new fan-club of a tee hee hee community. Everyone is basically talking about it! It's Daddy P Fan Club, officially launched today!

I have basically nothing much to comment about it, just that I think it is such an aggressive attempt from DaddyP to get all the goddesses attention around the world! At least, 70steen, TNB and me are in it! So, that means GOOD! *wink*

I know that most of the times, DaddyP has been so annoying, attempting to get all the goddesses around the world's attention. And shockingly, he did! But sometimes, it's quite fun actually!

So, my advice is, enrol now and you won't (I hope I am right here, before somebody tend to kill me if it's not as what has been said) regret! I'm sure it'll be so much fun. Just mind this, he's just an ol' git, so maybe let him be the way he want it! *giggles*

CLICK HERE now to join in! The more, the merrier! *kisses to all*

P/S: Read more here. The first Fanzine of DaddyP brought to you by 70steen. *wink*

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Flower Smeller *wink*

Uhuhh... I forgot all about it. I just realized that I got an award (shall I call it an award? I have no idea!) *wink*. It's from my dear sister from Canada, Fracas. *twirl with joy*

She said,

"...there’s just something about her that brings out that part of you that wants to stop and smell the flowers.
She is a treasure, and doesn’t seem to know it".

I was so speechless, as I thought I don't deserve this at all! Fracas, thank you so much. Glad that you think that way, and to be honest, I am so honoured! *wink* As far as I am concerned, I need to pass this to three people, so here are the list of people who I thought would deserve this better than I should...

70steen, as she has been always cheered me up, whenever things go wrong; whether it was me, my work, my sappy love life... she's always there to put a smile on my face, and giving me hope and motivations by just being there! (I know it's only by interweave, but who cares?! I love her to bits!).

And of course, Sylvie... for being such a lovely lady with determination and skills to draw birdies, no matter where she is! Ahh.... and she is a good cheer-girl too, when you are in your downside of life!! Sylvie, you are a star!! Love you Sylvie!

And last but not least, I pass this on to DaddyP. I know that he wouldn't care less about what award has been passed on to him, but I don't care!! I am still passing it on to him! Despite of the annoyingness provided by him, basically every single day... he has a truly good heart, actually! I noticed this, as when he is away, the absentism is very much detected!! Whatever you do to piss us off, we still love you, Daddy!
I'm done. And once again, to Fracas... thank you for such award!!

Now, everyone!! Let's twirl together before we off to bed! *BIG twirl*

Sick, Tired & Searching For My Other Half... Again!!

I just don't feel too good today. I woke up with a really bad sore throat! I couldn't even hear my own voice. It was a big disaster!

I feel so weak, and so sick. I guess the sickness is coming back, again! Obviously, it is due to the crappy weather we got here. One time it was so sunny, and the other... stormy, rainy and gloomy. Probably the body could not cope anymore. Just like the birds, confused by their own thoughts; whether to sing or to fly away.

That is how crap Dublin's weather is.

Anyway, somehow... I think I miss my other half. I truly am. I know it's crap, pathetic, like I can't get over it, simply because i just can't get over it!! I have tried. So hard. Just that I haven't seen 'it' for quite sometimes now. And probably by now, he already knew what had happened last weekends. That somebody is actually has his eyes on me, and probably (again!), that he is pissed and decided not to contact me anymore. Duuh! How ironic!

I am sick, and I am missing my other half. Eat me alive, please...!!

P/S: It's the pinky stripe one... *sigh*

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Twirl & Swirls In Yummy Thoughts

I came back early today. Yesterday I was home by 9 pm. I couldn't believe it. I came back late on Monday?! Something got to be done by that day itself. So, I have to stay. *sigh*

Anyway, there was nothing much happened. Was too occupied with work, and time just flies by.

On my way back home today, I was wondering. Thinking. As usual, pouring the thoughts of mine, while listening to my iPod. There are so many people out there, thinking the same thing like I did, like... "how unlucky I am...".

Therefore, it should not be just me who's being so unlucky. Am I getting the right point here?

I was thinking, there would be a person who will drop their cup of coffee on the way to their offices, early in the morning, just because of a slight clumsiness empower themselves, every minute of the day. There will also be a person who fell on the street just because they didn't see the banana skin right in front of him/her. Also, there will be a person who ordered a chicken sandwich for his/her lunch but ended up with a tuna sandwich, because as there were so many people in the shop and the order was mistaken. In short, there are so many unlucky people out there, and it shouldn't be just me?! *wink*

I know I am kind of talking rubbish at this moment, but as far as I am concern, half of the things I have said might possibly be half right, if it is not fully right. Yes?

I am not saying that I feel so unlucky today, it's just that the thought popped into my mind, there and then. And I thought (again?!), that I might share my findings with you peeps! (I know, I know. I have so many thoughts, experiments, and such like - read my polo experiment. It is one of those!) *another wink*

I just can't stop myself from having all this thoughts, and I know I might sound too wired at this moment! *giggles*

My conclusion is, I think, I think too much today! Good night!! *twirl and dance and twirl*

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Good Weekend

Hi!! I was too tired to write anything on Sunday. Went out on Saturday. I know, I know. I thought that I would stay home, as the last two weeks I have been a very good girl, staying in. *wink*

But the temptations to go out are very much unbearable anymore. So, I went out anyway. It was a good night, as we party all night long. Was very good actually. I was very happy. But I thought I made quite a mistake. A piccolina mistake, I think. I have grown a feeling, maybe. Or maybe, it was the other way round? I have no idea. Maybe I did spark a chemistry to one? I have no idea. Not at all. But it was a good feeling, just that I am confused rather that was a wise step, or was it a false alarm? Or maybe the temptation to have someone to care about you is all over, inside my head and mind now? I have no idea. Not at all. But one thing for sure (as I have learn about this before, I will not think about it, not going to take actions nor steps!). It'll just be, to go with the flow. I am so tired of fully ready for anything. I will be the spontaneous girl as I can be. *wink*

Anyhow, I really had a good weekend. And I think, hmm... I don't regret that I made the choice to go out! Yayyy for me!! *twirl and off to bed*

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Am Mystic Violet? *wink*

It was Valentine's Day yesterday, but due to some 'stupid' virus/worm or whatever they called it, I have to clean up my hard-disk and it took me approximately 6 hours!!

So, I don't have a Valentine's Day post. However, I am okay about it as for me, love can be told, spilled, let out, etc. whenever you feel like and with whomever you think is the one! (uhuhhh... I think I am being so hopelessly romantic here!!) *giggles*

Anyway, since I don't have my laptop, and it was only Thursday, plus outside people were being so lovey dovey on the street, flower stalls, etc. (and I have no one to be with me), so I decided I might do something to pamper myself!

So, I did it!

I bought a haircolour (earlier on before I came home from the office - a stop by at Boots always cleared up my purse!!). And, it is not like normal colour at all. Not brown, hazelnut, honey, etc., not as normal as it can be. But, I bought PURPLE!

First, I like purple sooooo much! And, I think my hair looked so dull and it needs a make-over! Then, I think to colour your hair in purple seems to be a wonderful idea, so that you can be like a one of the superheroes in the kid's comic book!

I bought a colour called Mystic Violet! How cool the name is, eh? *wink*

After a few rummaging to the hair, nearly took me about 30 minutes to put it all on my hair, it is done. I was freaking out at first, afraid that it would be too purple that I will be very 'rockstar' like to be in the office as well as afraid that it won't be purple at all, so it will be just a waste of money! (I think this is called Double Freaking Moment!).

Then, after leaving it on for 30 minutes, I washed it off, and due to my long hair, it took me about nearly 45 minutes!!

Tadaaa... there you go!!

This is what I want! Personally, I like it. And I think, I did a good job! Because if I go to any salon, it will cost me a fortune!! And, I think I rather look different with the colour though! It's cool!! I know it's not too purple, but under the sunshine, you can definitely see the colour! And in my opinion, I think it is so class! *giggles*

So, I am Mystic Violet from now on! Let me know, how do you think my hair colour looks now? *wink*

Happy weekends everyone!! *twirl to bed*

Thursday, February 14, 2008

How's Life Treating You?

I am still recovering from the invaded moment since last night. I just couldn't believe what has happened. Really.

Anyway, I am so confused about what revolves around me now. I know. I have been saying this thing once in a blue moon in my blog, constantly. But, I just couldn't help it.

I was on my way to the office today, in the morning. I was in the bus. I sit on the upper saloon. (By the way, I came in so early today. I already in the office at half 8, whilst I was supposed to be in at 9. Yayyy for me!!!).

Anyway, when the bus nearly reaching my stop, I went down. So, there were few people in front me. So, I stood still. As the bus is about to reach my stop. There are few people behind me as well. So, we waited.

Somehow, from somewhere... there was this girl (I presumed she goes to the study centre somewhere near my office, as she looks like one of the students), pushing me from far. I give her ways, but she stood still. I was confused. So, I stay at where I was before, holding to the bus pole. But then again, she pushed me as if she wants to get through!! I was shaking my head, and so were others.

Then we come the the stop, and somehow she just push me through!! I nearly fell!! (Ah, no. She is not Irish. She is one of the foreign students from the English course, as I saw her entering the college).

I just don't know what went wrong. Oh, plus I don't even know her. Sometimes, I think life is treating me badly. Yesterday, I was so angry (and still am actually, today), but today I am more like confused! *sigh*

So, how's life treating you guys? *wink*

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Don't Trust Anyone

What would you do if you feel like you have been invaded? In your own property...? (No, I am not trying to be bossy here... read through) :(

As usual, I was waiting for the tv series, Desperate Housewife, supposed to be today at 9.50pm. I told my housemate about this, as they already know. No matter how difficult it is, if it's my time to watch my favourite show, they will let me. As I have my time to watch my favourites.

The important ones are Desperate Housewife on Tuesday (today) at 9.50pm and Men In Trees on Thursday at 8.00pm. That is the only time that I will be hogging the tv. The thing is, everybody know this and okay with it.

But today, (even though I have told my housemate about it earlier), when I came back home, there were few people, as we have a new pool table. I don't mind seeing people in the house, making noise (if they are talking among themselves) or even do whatever they want. I just want to watch my tv show!!

So, everything is okay. At least, I thought it was okay. After having my dinner, (I cooked pasta. Hmmm... nyummy!!) I was playing few games (the pool) and then it was time to watch my favourite. I was sitting on the couch. Happy.

(I know one of the guy - my housemate friend). So, I told him... okay. My tv show is about to start. I have to watch this one, as I missed last week. (I tell you, I was so happy and eager to get the remote!!). But then...

He was looking at me and said, "Ay, no one wants to watch Desperate Housewife at this moment!! It's such a boring show! Why do you have to complicate things?!! There are many people here, and why do you have to follow what you want instead of what others want?"

Swear to God, I nearly cried!! Someone else is actually ruling my life? My house? And the worst part was, my housemate can just ignore this and pretend that he is not even there?!

Oh, plus... of course I am so angry. Over the top!! Like, piccolo merda!!

Then, I got up from the sofa, and headed to my room. And I told him, "Okay, nevermind..."

And there I was in my room, sitting like stupid, as someone else is actually invade my time, my house and worst, as if this is his house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I know, I shall never trust anyone. Not even my housemate. This is big shit. I tolerate with loads of things before, but this? This is simply rude!

I know it might sound stupid to you guys, that I nearly cried because of a tv show... It is more than that. This is like a betrayal, and I don't do betrayal!

I am still angry.

Do you think I am wrong here? *sigh*

Monday, February 11, 2008

A Make Over

I was very busy this weekend. It's not that I went out for clubs and dancing my ass off, but I was actually being a very good girl cleaning my room. *wink*

And mind you, it is not like the normal cleaning up room, but it's more like re-decorating it! (just few furniture move here and there, excluding painting works of course. I didn't paint anything, or else it might turn out to be really tiring!).

I went to buy some furniture (yes. You got it right the first time. It is a furniture). After that, I went back home and I had to climb up 3 flight of stairs, with a box of dissemble plank of pine wood, that is more than 20kg!! (the girl at the store told me about it, and was asking me few times that do I still want to buy it!! Of course I said yes, because I don't realized that it is actually super-heavy!!)

Oh, and i bought some new duvet covers too! *double wink*

So, after settling down in my room, I started to pull out the parts of my new furniture! With determination, I started to pull out the pieces. There was 48 pine solid pieces! After a while fixing, I was doomed! I got it fixed to the wrong piece! And it was like 1/3 of the whole thing!! My hands were swollen and red all over caused by the screwdriver. *sigh*

Then, while I was doing it, I know I can't make it right. After a while, I heard my housemate is back! I went outside my room, and I asked him is it possible for him to fix the only one screw for me (since the first to start is always the pain in the a**, as you have to hold everything in one go!). And, he did! (Yayyy!!)

Then, I told him, "It's okay now. I can fix the others. Thanks....".

He asked me back, "Are you sure? I can fix it for you... You sure you can do it?"

And I said (with high self-esteem), "...of course. I think so...".

Then he said, "Never mind. I will fix it for you!"

And he fixed the whole thing until it is finished! I was so grateful and happy at the same time. I was like, happy. Simple word, HAPPY!

Then I started to clean my room. I get rid of one side table (I only have one), and one rack. Changed my duvet cover, bedsheet, pillowcase, etc. and now my room looks so comfy and relaxing! I love every bit of it. And, really... I am so happy and I have no regrets because I didn't go out. At least, I have a beautiful room now! *wink*

Oh, by the way, the furniture that I bought is a chest box. I can make it as a table as well as putting all my junk in it. *wink*

I guess that explained my non-existence for this weekend. I feel so tired now, but at least I am satisfied with my weekends hours spent!

Good night.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Help Me Out!

I am entering this competition in FuelMyBlog.

Whoopsies!! Newsflash!! Whoever who has not yet join this awesome, cool, magnificent, etc. (I can't put down all the definition for this community, it might be the longest entry of all my post here... *giggles*) community, please do so!

I know, I know. There are loads of other community for bloggers, but as I said all the time, this is one community that is so class and to keep! (Trust me on that!!). *wink*

Anyway, back to the main point here... what do you think this is?

I have two clues:-

1) it is kept inside our house and many others

2) you can hold it
(More clues will be posted soon, it is a 24-hour competition!) *wink*

Feel free to let me know what you think it is. And, of course you can join in the fun too! Register with FuelMyBlog, and you are ready to enter the competition! *wink*

So, help me out guys... or maybe, join FMB! The more the merrier!! *twirl*

Good luck!!

Paranoia Chick

Today, is a usual day for me. Wakes up early in the morning, showering and off to the bus stop (about half an hour walk from my home) and off to work. Everything seems normal, as any other usual day (exceptional, of course now with my iPod and with thousands of musics and cartoons!! *giggles*) until...

I got into a bus. Went up to the upper saloon. And got myself a seat. So, I was okay. 'Flipping' through my new iPod and enjoying the morning breeze with music in my ear (as the bus window is flipped open). It was nice. Good morning feeling.

But it didn't last long. Then there was this one middle-aged man, sit next to me. Everything was okay 5 seconds before he speaks!

He was looking at me and started to have a conversation. And I was like, OMG! (Oh, mind you! He is a bit weird looking, sorts of having the look like one of the drunken knackers on the street, but the thing that confused me is that he has the Independent Irish (newspaper) on his hand, a DVD of some crappy local love stories he got when he bought the newspaper and a bunch of keys (that might means that he is a responsible person, so he couldn't be drunk!). But later, I think I was wrong! Totally wrong!!!

It is rude if I just ignored him and pretending that I didn't hear what he said, as he kind of shouting to my ear!! So, I plugged out my left earphone, and pretending that I listen to what he said. (It was awful though, as he was shouting and the whole - okay, I am exaggerating! But, most of the people in the bus was looking at me and chuckles! Damn those people!).

First, he was telling me of how the people nowadays are being so arrogant and selfish! about how people are basically annoyed him so much. (Like, why should I care?). Then, out of the blue, he skipped into the topic of how to clean a glass window!!! (Why is he telling me these?). He said that it is better to use a newspaper rather than a piece of cloth, as it will be cleaner and less messier. (Do I look like I clean my window every morning, then only I come to work? Gosh!). Done with that, he jumped to another topic, which is about getting into someone's else rows! (Why, again... why does he has to tell me all these? And it is like me on my way to the office! Is that a good way to start your day?).

What I did is smiling, nodding and smiling again to few people who turned to look at me and this pity guy! Sigh.

Then, I came to my stop. I told him that I have to go now... And, he said... "...sorry little miss, I don't intend to block your way, just to cheer up your day in this beautiful morning..." and he smiled, innocently!

Cheer me up? By doing that?

Please tell me, he is crazy for treating me the way he did and it is so abnormal to act such like that or actually it is normal to cheer up someone's day with that method and I am being a completely paranoia chick?

How weird one's life can be? *wink*

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pancake Tuesday

It's a Pancake Tuesday! *wink*

I was told yesterday by a friend of mine that it is a pancake day today. Hence, I didn't eat any pancake today. Too much eating. I had something else for dinner, alas I forgot everything about the pancakes. *sigh*

I don't have much thing to say today, just that Happy Pancake Tuesday to everyone! Hope you guys have a good one! (I am still sad as daddy is away. 70steen is right, he has that 'influence' on us!) *giggles* The old gog!

Have a good pancakes everyone, oh... but don't eat till you get sick! *kisses to everyone*

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Shining Like A Star!

Ahaaa... Forget to tell you!

I got myself a new nail colour! I cut my long nails, and now it is so short as it is. I don't have long, beautiful nails like how usually girls have. As far as I am concern, I have short and hideous nails. *giggles to myself*

I envy girls with long, sexy fingers with long beautiful nails. After I have my nails cut (as it has grown so long
that I have difficulties with 'em), I paint th
em again. In different colours. But, I like it though!

Have a peek on my short and hideous yet shining nails! *wink*

I am off to bed now!

So, what do you think? ;)

Bye Bye Twirl

It is a very sad night tonight.

Daddy will be gone for a month or two for another vacation/work/fun gateway (or whatever you may call it) in just for another few more hours. Blogsphere will be so quiet without his annoying and sarcastic remarks yet refreshing!

He, who always has been circled by the most gorgeous goddesses like 70steen, Sylvie, Fracas, NurseMyra, Linky, Shinade, TnB, SugarQueen, Olga, Lizza and many more (including myself, of course. I am one of the goddesses too! *wink* Sorry to those I haven't mentioned. I might slipped off few names without realizing! Millions of apologies!!) will be very happy to escape from us. Or maybe, he will be missing us while he's away? Hmm... *giggles & thinking*

So, what important here is that, (this is from all of us, I presumed), we hope that you will have a good vacation away... and don't forget to come back here! (I am still waiting for my present! *wink*). We will surely miss you and don't forget to pop in now and then if you have the chance!

Take care, and hope you and Tg will have loads of fun and enjoy your vacation up to the most! Todlooo!!! *kisses and another bye bye twirl*

Monday, February 4, 2008


Whoopsie!! Newsflash!! (I forgot to tell you this in my previous post). *grins*

I got myself a new iPod. It's so class! I got myself a black iPod Classic. Aah... 80Gb, and it is so worth it! ;) I was busy putting musics,videos, clips and so much more and I am so into it.

Plus, I was busy with my new PSP game too. I got myself Sim Castaway! It i
s so addictive!! So much for

having high hopes with a present from daddyP to get the Wii. I decided to just stick with my PSP at this moment. *giggles*

That is a perfect weekend for me. Talk to you peeps soon! *kisses*

I Hurt My Feet

I am being a very good girl this week! :) I went out on Friday night. Surprisingly, I came back at 4 in the morning, and straight to bed. Woke up the next day (which is, on Saturday), and went out to have my weekend retail therapy. Which is good, boosting my mind in a way.

Went back home, and despite of going to a club, I went to my friends place. My good girls friends. Spent few hours there, watching The O.C. episodes. (I know. I never do this, especially on Saturday night, but I did!). It was such a torture though to keep on thinking of going out but I did not. But, I did very well at the end. I didn't go out! ;)

And went ba
ck home at 1.30am. Can't really sleep, so I was hooked up with my PSP. I bought a new game. Sim Castaway! Got really attached though, as I stopped myself from playing at half six in the morning!!! Woke up today, feeling weird! Had a really bad headache. And was too attached with the laptop and PSP! Just few hours ago, I went to the shop to get some groceries. And now, I am back i my room, and I saw something. Which is, a bit confusing. I hurt my feet. And it is weird, as I don't feel anything. I
keep on thinking how it happened, but I could not figure that out!

It's bleeding horribly. And, I am still thinking. Like, what really happened? I wonder.
Happy Sunday everyone!! *twirl with bleeding feet*

Friday, February 1, 2008

Seconds Weather!

It was such a windy day today. Eh, correction! I think it is such a 'fickle' day today.
I was in the office, in front of my computer, doing my work. In front of me, I have a big glass window. And I had the blinds open. (I get you the picture tomorrow - this thing I am about to tell tale happened after lunch hour, sometimes between 4 pm to 5 pm). So, I was busy concentrating with the work. Then, a sun shone to my face, directly came from the outside. And, I looked outside. Telling one of my boss (who sits behind me), "what a lovely day today!".

I continued with my work. After 5 minutes approximately, I looked out the window again as there was some sort of black shadow, shadowing me from the outside. I was shocked. There was a black cloud everywhere, brought by the ferocious wind that hates me 'who' happened to broke my umbrella and 'push' me on the street and I fell. I can see that the wind blows 'aggressively'.

But it is okay, I though
t. As there was only black clouds and stormy wind that brings the 'Harry Potter' scene into the area (black and dark clouds view). Seagulls making so much noise and flying here and there. I continue my work.

Within a minute, I looked back to the window and I was so shocked!! The view has turned into something so wild and ugly, and the worst, it just happened in nano seconds! Stormy winds basically blowing everything on the streets, the windows making clatter sounds, it was drizzling and the rain drops tend to make their own ways in the air, presenting odd shapes of nature.

Then, after few moments, the rain drops evolved into sleet and the winds became more 'ferocious'!! It was the first time I have ever saw something like this. It looks dangerous, filled with hatred, evil, fury, madness... Though, it still portrayed the beautiful abstract of nature art. Our eyes (me and my boss), were glued to the window, 'enjoying' the compulsive art displayed. After a while, we continue our work. Then, after few minutes, I still have the urges to peek and enjoy the scene.

Then again, I was shocked! It has changed. Now, it is all sunny and good day, as everyone could have ever wanted! The sun shine
s, and the birds flying happily. No more seagulls. It looked as if it is so perfect, like nothing has ever happened
before. Like, what I saw before never ever
happened! It looked so peaceful and

relaxing. I was confused.

I told my boss, and he told me, "... this is the beautiful Irish weather. You can get 4 season in one day!".

I hate to agree with that, but it is so true. I witnessed it, and it is sooooo true, indeed!

Four season in just a few minutes! Madness!!

P/S: The nails, represent the weather in Dublin for today. *wink*

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