Tick Tock Tick Tockk!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hi all! I am back!!! ;) Well, I have some updates!

Let's see. One thing for sure, I still hate mosquitoes. I do. They seems to be so aggressive and won't ever give up! I hate them. :(

Then, oh. Next one. Now, it's a fasting month. Ramadhan, where all of us fasting for a month then there is Syawal, the celebration. It's been a while I have not been fasting and break-fast with my whole family since I was away for four years!!! It has been so much fun even though I must admit I felt a bit weak day by day!!! The weather over here is so humid and too hot that makes you feel so exhausted and tired. But it is fine on weekdays since I am in the office the whole day!
Oh, speaking about being in the office, work is madness!!! I have been so busy and it's unbelievably tiring and stressed me out so much! I have to meet unreasonable tight deadlines and I nearly cried. So much of being a crybaby eh? ;)

Well, I think that is it at the moment. I do not have any more news to share. But if I do, I will blog about it soon! ;) So, until then. Tata for now folks. xxx

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Buzzz Buzzzz Lady Bee

Busy bee. That is the best way to express my life at the moment. Work is my priority at the moment. At least, that is how it seems. Pfft... And that also explain why I've been so quiet lately. Therefore, here I am tonight to scribble the whats-in-and-about with my life lately.

One. I hate mosquitoes. I really do. They are so annoying. I think they love me. Like, madly, deeply in love with me. Sadly, "I do not feel the same way" towards them. They're evil. Someone really needs to tell them that I really hate them, so please stop biting me. That won't work. I hate mosquitoes.

Two. If there is ever an event of appreciation award day, where you would vote for someone that you think should be given / honoured an award (not your family members, friends or relatives), I would suggest, without a doubt, one of the guard in our housing area. Not saying that the others are not fit to receive the award, but I strongly vote for this man (Let's call him Guard A - I don't even know his name! See, how ignorant I have become? Sigh). He never fails to smile and greet all the residents who passed by the gate. Awesome guard!! Keep up the good work, Mr. Guard A!!!

Three. There are many mosquitoes under my desk in the office. I am pretty sure about this. Everytime if I decided to stay late - which, that is what I have been doing lately due to many things need to be done and completed asap - the troops never fail to annoyed me and my legs! Damn you guys!

Four. I did announce about I got the job? I think I did. Anyway, I was handed over projects for me to handle on my own! It's awesome but in any other word - busy busy busy lady-bee!!

Five. I drive to work now. Bought my lil-bro's car - it was a long story and I have no intention to stay up late! ;) But one thing for sure, I hate drivers who don't know how to drive! Really, really stupid silly people out there who shouldn't be allowed to drive. I mean it! Sigh.

That is all for today I think. I am so tired. And I think bedtime it is now. See you soon.

Good night, people.

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