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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dreadful, Annoying Dot

It is such a lovely day. :) And I am just sitting home, and a BIG no, no to studying today. I have been staying up last night until half four just flipping through my college notes, and oh well... I thought, at least I did some studying going on! So, well done 'me'! Haha...

I just remembered what I wanted to post yesterday!! It was about a pimple!! I got an annoying pimple just below my nose, in between the nose and the upper lips! It is the most irritating pimple you could have ever seen! Haha...

And worst, it's the big, painful with white slob, or was it greenish kind of thing? Well, the bottom line is, it is horrible. Or should I say, it was?

I think it popped out this morning, while I was taking my mid-morning shower! But then again, the pain is still there, which I thought it would be gone when it popped? Oh, it is just bothering me loads! Too much! (I know, I know... I am being a drama queen! As always...)

Well, that is it for now. I am just here, in the sitting room, relaxing away... But got tired sitting here already, might go upstairs, and ready for another Mario Kart session with my Wii. :)

Okay then, I guess I will continue later on? I will, I think... Hmm..

Have a nice day, people... and tata for now. xxx *twirl*

Whoopsie, What Was It I'm Going To Say Again?

So, here I am. I just finished watching football, Man U vs. Arsenal! Such a good game though.

Oh, I know, I know. It sounded so weird, when it is me who is talking about football... But, I just got so attached to it recently. It was really an accident. :)

There was this one day, I was at my boyfriend's house, and he was busy talking to his friends, and I am too bored to listen at them. After all, it is a guy-talk, which somehow spells as 'BORING'! So then, the tv is on. And there was a football match on, but I can't remember what match was that, but I know it was Man U vs. Fulham. I think it's the Premier League? Well, anyway... it was an active game, and Man U played so well.

Oh okay, I hated football before. I remembered, when I saw my brother was too attached with the tv when the football is on, I always, always and always tell him to "...get a life!!". But then, the game that I watched that day, was an amazing game. Then, suddenly... without thinking, or should I say, I was thinking out loud...? I was basically saying something like... "ah, they are brilliant. I think I like Manchester United!!"

And of course, Mr. Boyfriend over there heard me talking, and he just quoted me back. Haha... and since then, I am 'accidentally attached' to Man U! :)

Ah, you know what...? I am actually forgetting the main thing that I want to say here. Ah well... it always happened. :) Oh God, I actually, truly forgot! Short term memory loss! Haha... probably, next chapter would be it. Therefore, I shall say good night now, and see you soon! *hugs* & *twirl*

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

That Was It?

It has been a while since I post anything in here. Well, there is a small news to be told. :( I didn't get the job in the soap shop. I failed.

I got a call on Saturday, which was of course a bad news. Since they told me that they will ring me on Friday to let me know whether I got the job or not. And of course, I have been waiting like a complete idiot, the whole day of Friday, until it was at 8pm when I gave up. They never ring me on Friday!

Luckily, I have such a wonderful boyfriend, who brought me to Eddie Rockets, and 'pampered' me with all the yummy food just to make sure that I am okay and not to be pissed about it. It was a great fun though, as I got to order everything that I want, and it is all on him! :)

And since then, I have been applying for jobs (even though the not-getting the job vibes, did put me off in applying such jobs!) still. And obviously, no answer until then.

Well, in terms of my volunteering in the charity shop, since they have loads of new volunteers at the moment, I took the chance to take off for a week, (might have ask them for another week, since my exam is just around the corner!), to study and prepare for my exam. They can survive without me! :)

Other than that, I am perfectly healthy and sound. I think. :)

Nothing much to be told I think, and after such a long day today trying to absorb the economics and law notes from college, I think I am allowed to have a break! I might put in some dvd and just loathing away... :)

Talk soon! And have a nice evening, to all! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hey all. It is only Wednesday today, and it will be two and and half more days to go to Friday? And Friday will be the big day for me, as I will get the news whether I will get the job or I won't. Only two options, and that might sounds so easy, but as in for me, I think it will be the worst for me if the result is the latter. :(

In the meantime, it will still be the normal me. I went to social welfare, as well as the volunteering job in the charity shop, obviously. Well, had a few hiccups in the social welfare office, as predicted... they said I never came over the change the address??? And it might affected my payments! It is so out of topic. Very much! But alas, it was just a hiccup, so it is all done now. Phew!

And thank God I went to the charity shop afterall, they sort of cheer me up in a way. :) And the best bit of it, I found the dress that I wanted, the one that I thought has been sold, but afterall it was there all along! Yayy!! And obviously, I got them.

So, there is a reason to go out this weekend, despite of the fact that I might be broke, but hey... at least I have a new dress to be looking forward to this weekend! As in conclusion, it was not a bad day afterall! :)

It might be true that when people always said, there is always a silver lining, somehow! :)

Have to get ready for the day now, and I hope I will talk to you soon enough? Take care! xxx *twirl*

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Terrible Tuesday

It is Tuesday, and I woke up today with a terrible, terrible weather outside. :(

The weather that suggest you to lie down on bed, and curl up with duvet all around you. But then again, I got few errands to do today. Sigh. Social welfare office, charity shop, etc. Hmm... wonder what time will I get things all done?

Well, I will talk to you soon then. Take care & huh... have a nice day! As if... :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

All Is Done

Well... All that needs to be done, is all complete! Done!

My trial session on the floor yesterday, was quite fun. But at the same time, hmm... I was a nervous-wreck! I mean, it was terrible. As I only have an hour to 'perform' to become one of the sales assistant in the shop! So, so difficult! Really.

For the first ten minutes, at the start, I froze myself! I am, completely. People stepping inside the shop, and what I could do is just stand there, stiff! It was not a good moment at all. I froze to death. Well, sort of! But then, I started to think like, I need to get the job, and to secure it, I need to do all my best... so, I started to greet people. Started to say something like, "hey... how are you?", "...it is such a nice day today, isn't it?" (well, weather is always a good topic to start with when you are in Ireland, and you won't be finding yourself feeling silly with the weather topic, at least not in Ireland... haha...). And I got away with it!

At the end of the one hour trial, the manager was there and she told me that they will call me on Friday, to let me know whether I got the job or not. There will be more people trying on the floor this week, that is why. Well, at least I have done my part, and with all my best... so the best thing to do now is just relax, until Thursday night, then it is all set to go. I mean, I will have to worry that on Thursday night, as they will call me on Friday. I just hope I got it this time.

I mean, despite of the fact that I am desperately wanting to have a job, I think it would be so much fun to work in that particular shop! Despite of just having a job, I would be smelling so nice for the rest of the day on my shift days, if I got the job there! Seriously!! I only have been in the shop for an hour, but then the yummy smells from the shop, stick on my hair and clothes, and it would be nice to smell great, isn't it? Haha...

Wish me all the best that you can, and just hope that I will get the job this time! :)

Take care all, and I will see you soon! *twirl*

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Scary Sunday

So, it is Sunday today? Today is the day that I have to be 'tested' on-floor, to communicate with numbers of customers, for an hour! And to be honest, I am so so nervous! I am, obviously!

And to make it worst, it is such a nice weather today, which means... more customers will be entering the shop and see me making fun of myself. I know I would. I mean, when is the time that I can actually do something with an audience, without being so clumsy? Never! I would eventually put my pity life at stake, and trust me there would be an event where I would accidentally be so clumsy. I know I would. :(

This morning, I was basically trying all my best, wishing that somehow suddenly the day would be so terrible, with storm and thunder and of course, Dublin land will be lashing rain, and with that no one would ever feel they have to be in town, supposedly. Therefore, all of them will be staying at home, curl up with a duvet or a throw, in front of the telly doing some movie marathon or some sort. But, obviously my wish has not been granted! It is such a sunny, beautiful spell, has already cast for Dublin, for the whole day today. Plus, even the birds can't stop singing, and tweeting!! Ah well...

It is only few hours, before I will have to get ready and make my way to the shop. I have been awake early this morning, trying to remember all of the products, which one is to make you calm, which is refreshing, and which is the best for the early start in the morning, bla bla bla... and I found it so hard to remember all those little information, and of course, with the fancy names of each of them, just make my brain feels a bit wrecked! It is far worst than studying for an exam, or perhaps the same? Haha...

Well, I better go now, and get myself ready to face the one hour test, and I will be posting later on, on how I am getting on! Wish me loads of luck, and this time, I mean it... I really need all the luck that I can get! Seriously!!

'Till then and bye for now! :) *twirl*

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunny Saturday

Hi all! :)

It is such a nice, nice and super nice weather today. And, to have a little bit of sunshine in Dublin, is always been a big thing! So, it is today.

Well, everything seems to fall into relevant pieces these past few days. More and more great news received. From a dot of good news to the big, huge and fantastic ones! I can't stop grinning and feel blessed. You can't really blame me for being happy, can't you? Haha...

Do I sound so pathetic? Or do I just sound like I just got a tank full of gold in my doorstep? Haha...

Hmm... looking at the beautiful, sunny weather outside, I think I might want to go out for a few bit. Just to go out for a walk and see people on the street with big bags, God knows what else they have to buy to fill up the empty space in their house! It might be the shoe rack that needs more shoes to join in the others. Or perhaps, the food press, that has been empty for a while and need to be filled up. Or maybe, just a few bits and pieces to be bought, just for the sake of... "I just need to spend some money..." kind of thing! Haha...

Oh, news update! I have received few replies from Australia. And New Zealand too. As always, the most famous respond of all time... "We have received you CV, but unfortunately we are not going to proceed. We regret to inform you that you have been unsuccessful in this occasion..." Bla bla bla... Yeah, as I predicted.

Okay, I think that is it for now. I am going to get a nice, refreshing shower, then I am definitely going out for the day. Would be nice to be outside, in this lovely weather! I might talk to you soon later on. Take care, and have a nice weekend everyone!


So, It Went Well... :)

Tadaaa....!! :)

I got short-listed!! I went for the interview, but to be honest with you... I was a bit hesitant to stay, and I nearly chickened out! I nearly bail off, and basically I nearly going home!

But at the end of the day, I stayed with the reason, just give it a go and why not. It was a group interview (I think I did mentioned it before), and I thought it is going to be around 4-6people, but definitely, and obviously... I was wrong! There were 35 people altogether!

And, mind you... all of them are dressing up, with colourful hats, coats, necklaces, etc. and I was the only plain jane there at the time! That is one thing that make me want to go home as well. But, I stayed.

So, we were divided into three little groups, and basically to shorten the story, I got short-listed! Yayyy!! There are 12 of us who got short-listed, and will be having an on-floor trial! It will be for an hour, and I think they want to see how we interact with customers. I think. I mean, I think. I don't think they want the 12 of us. Is it not?

So, mine would be on Sunday, 2-3pm. The most peak hours of the day! I will definitely make a good amount of fool of myself that day. Haha...

Oh, when we were in the group, we were asked two questions, and I already made a mess, when at the end of the day, they are laughing at me everytime I speak! Haha... First question was, find some random thing in your bag and try to sell that to them. And I was selling my key chain! Haha... And the second question was, if you were a book, what would you be? And, I said, a children book! Because I am fun! Haha... but they were asking me the title of the book, and I simply said, Thumbellina. The little thumb girl! Why? Because I am small, and will go through all the hurdles, but at the end of the day, everything is just fine. :)

Haha... And I did make a mess of myself, as they were laughing at me, non-stop, but hey... at least that got me into the second round of the interview, isn't it? Haha...

So, I will let you know what happen on Sunday, and with that, happy weekends to everyone and talk soon! :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hula Hoops of Life

Hey! :)

Well, I have a good news and a not so good news. Maybe we will start with the good news?

Okay, here goes! I got a job interview next week, on Wednesday at 8am! Yayyyy!! My first job interview after nearly eight weeks unemployed and trying so hard applying for jobs!!! :) It is not a Quantity Surveying job obviously, looking at the scenario of the construction and economy at the moment, but... at least I have an interview to look forward to!

It is a job interview with LUSH! A soap shop. And I sent in my resume last two weeks. It is not just a resume, but I have to submit a cover letter, and it has to be NOT A FORMAL cover letter, which has to be loads of colours and nothing spells formal in that particular letter! And, I sent in one kind of cover letter, which I think I would not get a job at all if they require a normal type of cover letter. Oh, that is not all. It has to be stated in there, why they should hire me and why am I amazing? How difficult is that? I have to brag about myself, and which I did... and for the last two weeks, I nearly make a decision of never ever going to walk in the shop anymore, because I feel so embarrassed of the letter that I put that in! Haha... but, luckily with that weird letter I got myself an interview! Yayyy...

Oh, and I am so looking forward for it. Here is the copy of my cover letter!

The bad news is, I think thing has got worst with me and Mr. Boyfriend. It's just that I think we don't really get along as how we were before, and it is quite sad to be honest! I nearly forgot to tell you that last weekend, I thought it was the end. Seriously, I mean he just acting so weird (which I think because of the amount of the alcohol he consumed), but apart from that it seems like I don't actually know who he is anymore.

And today, he came over and we went for lunch (okay, hear this first. I did asked him to go for a movie, last two days but was cancelled since he wanted to watch the football and same goes with yesterday, that is why he came in today early, to make up the movie invitation that he has to cancel), then he went back home, to watch movies with his friends (which I thought it was the Watchmen - which I said he can go that without me, because I don't really favor that movie), but only to find out few hours ago that he went to see a horror movie (which, he supposedly hated it everytime I asked to watch that kind of movie)!

Maybe I am acting like a drama queen or some sort, but I am a bit pissed off. And I think I am allowed to be pissed. I asked him to go for a movie, few days ago... but got refused. And then, suddenly he went to see a movie with group of friends, and it is not a movie that he intended to watch and it is fine? I don't really want to go and watch the movie with him and friends, but when it is become so obvious that I have been excluded and all my opinions are always been shit to him, but it is okay when his friends made it, it is just pissing me off! Really.

Oh, and mind you. The group of friends, there are few girls as well. No, no. I am not jealous with them, they are nice to me. Just that, why am I being excluded? I don't really want to go, but just why?

Oh, and one more thing, last weekend as well... there is this one little filthy bitch, who claimed to be his ex (even though, his friend told me that it was just a one time act, and not even his girlfriend, etc.), just throw herself onto him, and I am in front of them watching!! Oh, and to make it worst, he did NOTHING! Nothing at all, but just looking at me! What is wrong there? Am I missing something?

I don't seem to know who he is now, already. We can't get along at all now. Not at all. Ah well...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Well, Is That It?


Okay, here's few updates. Still no job. But, did I tell you guys that I am doing a volunteering job in a charity shop that support all the disabled people in Ireland? It is called Enable Ireland. We sell all sort of stuff that has been donated and use the money to support the disabled.

Well, I didn't get any pay for it, but then again... at least I can see people. That's why I am doing it. I just went in today, and will be tomorrow and Friday too. It's kind of fun though.

Anyway, yeah... what I was talking about before? Oh yeah, newsflash. Job, still nothing. Me, trying to keep myself busy to not becoming insane of not having a thing to do. Love life? I supposed it is okay, but I don't really know and I don't want to mess my head and thinking about all sorts of disappointing stuff, just let it flow and see how it goes. No comment on that one.

Study? Yeah, I have exams on the second week of May, and I don't really know how is it going to be. It's quite scary, really. Like, then what? I have my sixth year soon starting September, but do I really have to ask my mom for the fees? If I don't get any job? Such a pain, isn't it? Might just ended it right away, and go where? I can't believe this is how its going to be. Is it going to end just like that, me here in Dublin? It is so not meant to be that way, isn't it? Like, should I actually give it up already? No idea.

Uhuh, things are just getting so out of hand. Rent to pay, bills and expenses... and without job it just make it much more worst! We'll see...

Good night! xxx

Thursday, April 2, 2009

All In One Day

Hey there. So here I am again! :)

Well, there is too many things happened at once. Especially today. Well, first of all, let me tell youAlign Center this. I am now, officially working in the charity shop called, Enable Ireland (which is a charity shop, supporting disabled people. It was a volunteering work, so I got no pay instead I am working in a shop voluntarily. It's a good fun though, since at least I am not stucked at home and do nothing. And, at least I can see people, and it is for a good cause too. So, it is worth it!

Then, today... I was shocked. I went to the post office, normally like basically every Wednesday, to get my social welfare money. Yes. I am on social welfare money at the moment, but hey! at least I did pay some taxes for the last two and a half years, and I am entitled to it now, helping me to get a job soon and by the meantime to keep me alive! But, apparently today, I got more than I should. It looks like a lump sum of money has been given to me! I think because I did sent an appeal letter saying that I am entitled to a few weeks that I have left behind for the signing date. At least all my effort of actually writing an appeal letter, is answered! Irish Social Welfare Office actually has done a great job! Kudos to them! So, that was the good news!

Okay, secondly... I was harassed in the bus! No, no! Not a sexual harassment, but a mental harassment. A drunk, mentally disturbed man just came over to me in a bus, and actually freaking me out when he was actually asking to marry me!!!! He was whispering for the first few minutes, but then he was actually raising his voice and no one is helping me at all. I got freaked out, and I went straight to the front of the bus, waiting for the next stop! It was such a situation! I was actually freaking out to death! I think I did have the same incident a while back ago... this one ---> Will You Marry Me?

Then, I came home and enjoyed the World Cup Qualifier match, between Ireland and Italy. Such a good match, and an active one too! It's brilliant! I like Vincenzo Iaquinta from Italy and Robbie Keane from Ireland. I fell in love with this two guys on the field! Haha... They are brilliant! Oh, and the guy with the mask from Italy too. I think his name is Giorgio Chiellini. Haha...

Another one is, it's stupid. But I still am a bit pissed. But maybe it was the PMS? No idea. But a friend of mine is asking me and Mr. Boyfriend to come for a dinner on Friday night. So, I asked the Mr. Boyfriend. I know that he has something planned, or sort of like that but it wasn't supposed to be at 8pm! But I just asked him anyway.

And the answer was something like, "I have things at half six, then I will have to go to my friend's party at later time... bla bla bla..." The thing that I was so pissed about was, he told me before that we are going together. Like, he said the friend of his inviting us, me and him. But the way that he said was something like, "go on and do whatever you want but I have to be here and there at certain times". Like, him! It seems like I am not included anymore in the agenda! Fuck that! Such a selfish, ignorant statement... don't you think?! And now, I don't feel so much of going there with him anymore. Like, I feel so neglected!

Oh and more, I did said then, "have fun!". Then, to make it worst, I got something like, "so... are you still going to the meal and meet me after or what's the plan?" Fucking hell (excuse my language!), but what just happened? Am I really not included in that thing now? To be honest, I really don't feel like going at all. Not at all. I am so pissed! Or I am just being a drama queen here? I have no idea, but what I know, it was such a hectic day today. Ah well...

Good night! xxx

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