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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Me, The Bad Vibes?

Hey. Just got back from a club. Finishing up the trip report, and now I thought I want to scribble something too.

I don't know whether I am being paranoid or it is happening actually. I need comments on this, definitely.

The night that I came back from Amsterdam, it was on Tuesday night. The boyfriend was over at my place, and he went back the next day! I was completely wrecked. I was sick, that's why he was there. But that's not the point! When he went back the next day, to his car (he was driving and parked his car in the parking space outside my apartment), his car was robbed, back windows were smashed to pieces and then the whole car was burnt down! Police were over and it took ages to finish the whole thing with them! That's one thing. I can't stop having the thought that I am a wrecked head! I brought him bad luck! It was me, that he got that scene! If he was not here at my place, none of that could happened. Luckily, the car was insured.

Second, I went for a date with him last night to a cinema, watching James Bond. It was a great movie. Then, we went back to his place to chill out with few of his housemates, girls and boys. It was fine. Then, I slept over there and woke up today, he made breakfast and everything. Was perfect. Then, was chilling over at his place, and he wanted to go out with them friends as one of his friends is dj-ing over in the club. He was asking me if I wanted to go, but I said I don't know. The thing is, Marta is living so far now. And I barely have anyone else who is close enough with me that I can trust to go out with. So, I feel a bit out of place even though he was supposed to be my boyfriend. But, I went.

Ah, before that... when we were chilling after the breakfast, one of his friends just came back from Peru, and was chilling with us too. Out of nowhere, or maybe I heard it wrong... but he said something like he is going away next year for few months all over Europe. Just to experience things. Like, is that it? I mean, does that means he is just going to go away? Like, just away?

Okay, then in the club... I think everything just went wrong. I mean, I used to be so bubbly and known as a chatterbox all the time, but I just don't know why I just shut myself the whole night through! And, somehow I think he is acting strange as well! Maybe I am feeling so paranoid, but I think I am feeling the right thing. I just feel unwanted! That is what I actually felt. Seriously. Out of place.

Then, he was asking me that am I going with him to an after session, after the club. He was telling me that he just going to get drunk and back to his place with few friends, if I want to come with him, but he keeps on telling me that somehow I feel like he don't want me to be there. Like what is actually going on? After being too long to be stupid and silly in the club, I told him like, I just want to go home. Then, he sent me to the road and get me a taxi. I just don't feel good at all!

For me, I don't think he really cares about this relationship that we are having. Somehow, I am not really that important to him. And, what I did is just giving him more nightmares, with the car get burnt down and everything. And even, if I stayed, and holding to this relationship, obviously it is going nowhere if he really has planned that he is going away for few months next year. It's a hopeless relationship. Pointless.

So, I really really feel strange and weird at the moment, that I thought I think the best thing to do is just to end this relationship before it got any further. Obviously, it means nothing to him at all! Another failure job from me! I was thinking of ending it by just ignoring him. He will be fine I think, but I don't think I will though. God, this is very hurtful!

Let me know what you think, besides of telling me I am a nutcase! I am, alright. :)


Part 2 - Gent & Amsterdam

So, there we were... in the Dam! *wink*

It was a good fun! We went from train station, being so foolish, don't know how to get to the hostel, then we got a taxi from the train station! Unfortunately, the hostel was only less than five minutes drive, but the taxi driver charged us fifteen quid! What an arsehole! With the reason, he is the chartered cab! Silly us, we can't really afford to perform such drama, so we just nodded!

We went to the hostel, check in, put the bag in the lockers, and off we went to bed! Was a great four hours sleep, as we woke up again later, and freshen up, and continue our main attraction in Amsterdam! COFFEE SHOP!

Did you know that it is legal to smoke joints in Amsterdam? *grins* So, we went to one after another coffee shop with big grins, and walk around the city! We were giggling now and then, as we were too high with the 'legal cannabis!'

We just walked around the city, with loads of shops aligns on the street. Then we even went to the Red Light District! There were girls displayed behind the windows. Tapping the windows when everytime guys passed by. Like promoting themselves. Ah, prostitution is legal as well in Amsterdam. It's like the classic way of purchasing a prostitute! But, when we walked pass through, and because of too high, we were giggling along the way, we can't deny that we got few angry stares from this girls! It was hilarious.

We keep on doing the same thing for three days and two nights we were there. It was brilliant! On the last day in Amsterdam, we got really really tired and stoned as well! I started to get cough and flu. Been sneezing around. When it was the time to go to the airport, we looked like a zombie, more or less the same! We just on time in the airport, and we basically nearly missed the flight! *giggles*

When we arrived in Dublin airport, things got more worst! We looked completely wrecked! We dragged the bags, and pass the custom / immigration when the lady is actually stopped us and was asking us where we were flying from. After we told her that we from Amsterdam, she quickly asked us to scan the bags! It was so funny. I thought that we looked really really dreadful that we became so suspicious to look at! Luckily, she didn't ask to search our bags! We did bring back something! *wink*

That's the whole story of the trip! I would want to do it again though. But there is no more music festivals like that, as such in the time being! Plan for next year, probably! I'll put up pictures soon, but it is a dreadful pictures! Even the pictures from I Love Techno! I was just too wrecked to snap a shot! :)

Good night!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Part 1 - Gent & Amsterdam

I am back!!! I was here, back in Dublin on Tuesday night, to be exact! But I only have a chance to scribble in today! Pheww!! Loads to tell.

Trip to Gent, Belgium was great! But, we were quite dissapointed with the food price in Belgium! Surprisingly, it was so expensive that we are quite shocked. It is unbelievable! And it is not just about the food. The fare for tram, services, etc. were completely insanely high! However, despite of all that, I still enjoyed I Love Techno. It was brilliant. There were like 35,000 people in a big, huge warehouse that later turned into a gigantic sweat box ever! It started at seven in the evening, and ended at seven the next morning! It was a blast! All my favourite djs were there, and the climax of the event went you were dancing there to the tunes with thousands of people you don't even know, but up to the same rhythm! It was so cool! Met my boyfriend over there with his friends, and him... with a little hat headband on his head! Adorable but sweating madly! We had a good time, seriously... a good time over there! Magnificent!

Then, after the event finished, we went straight back to our bed and breakfast (not with my boyfriend, but with Marta... my little Polish sister!), and packed and tried so hard to stay awake as we have to check out by ten. It was the dreadful event ever! We were so tired, but have to stay alive! So, we managed! Then, we dragged our luggage, a big mess inside, to the nearest tram station to get to the train station to Amsterdam!

Trust me on this! It was dreadful! I mean, it's killing us! Looking zombie-ish with two bags, followoing us behind! We got the tickets, but soon we realized that we have to change a train somewhere in Antwerp! More disastrous! How could you ever stay awake in this kind of situation?! We were holding up the eyes, badly... just to stay awake! Ah, not to mention that we looked completely, totally unattractive at all! Ha ha ha...

Changed the train, and got a two hours train to Amsterdam! Marta just couldn't had her eyes open no more, so she felt asleep. It was only me who tried to stay awake until we got to Amsterdam! Funnily enough, I just didn't know what I was thinking, suddenly when it was supposed to be another hour to Amsterdam, I woke Marta up and told her, we are in Amsterdam. We dragged the bag and jumped out from the station. Somehow, Marta got the courage to ask this lady in the station, only to find out that it was only Rotterdam! It was hillarious! As we have to get our asses back to the train to continue another hour journey!

To be continued. Stay tuned. *wink*

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chipping In

Hello! :)

I can't wait for my trip to Brussels, Belgium for I Love Techno this coming Thursday! Should be fun! Then, we're heading to Amsterdam on the 16th until 18th then, back here in Dublin.

Well, that is the fun part of it, but of course in my terms... there is always the bad terms included as well. Somehow, I have been tormented by ESB, electricity bills recently. They were supposed to get off the money for the bills next month, but somehow they took it out this month, and it is more than they should! Some sort of estimated bills for the following months! And it is not a small amount. Was nearly 500euro. And I have been left with only few pennies!! (since October has 5 consecutive weeks... another bummer! So, more expenses!!)

With that, I am very curious about how am I going to cope with no money at all for the travelling!! As estimated expenses, I am short about 400euro! And it is not good! First, I hate to ask from friends and my mom, especially my mom as she has helped me for the deposit of my house and loads of things, so the bottom line is DOOMED!

I only have few more days to find out how to overcome this problem, and I don't see any other ways rather than asking for a lend from friends. And it is not easy too!

If I could, I would join people who begged on the bridges in Dublin who asked for money to stay in hostels, etc. but my banner / signs would say something like, "Please donate for my funtime in I Love Techno this coming weekends! Appreciate that loads!!".

Pathetic?! I know. But I am doomed now. Have been planning about this since last two months, and when this happened, it just left me in mute!

In what ways can I obtain 400euro in 4 days? Sigh. Bummer.

P/S: Oh, by the way... I think I am in a relationship now. I am someone's girlfriend now. ;) So thrilled, as it has been a while! :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy 60th Birthday!!

Hey there. I thought I might missed it, but alas... there are few more hours left for me to say this out loud!

So, it's the Old Git's Birthday today. And well, well, well... How did he affects my blogging life?

As for a start, he is always a charmer! I know I should not caught be saying this... but hey, it's his day today. He deserved to be 'pampered'!! *wink* He knows how to say the nicest words even though somehow sometimes it does come in weird packages! But deep inside, you know that he is actually cares about people around him! He was just pretending that he doesn't, but the fact is he does. *another wink*

He is always an optimist. He would tried very hard to overcome one's sadness by pulling out unthinkable words that somehow cracks you into a laughing box! He always knows how to pull the best bit of any occasion, so that's daddy!! :)

In short, to summarize all this... he is a star! He is and will always be. And I don't think that it is only me who's saying this, but as far as I am concern, basically most of all his club members admit this statement! He is a star!!

Never fails to cheer people up!! So, I would like to take this precious opportunity, to wish him Happy Birthday, and may all your wishes come true, daddy!! Keep on blogging and I am proud to announce that you are simply among the best person I have ever known! Kudos to you! *twirl*

*a big twirl to celebrate daddy's birthday!!*

P/S: sorry for the late 'announcement'!

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