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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Let The Countdown Begins

Today is 12th June 2012 and let the countdown begins? *wink*

I will be a year older in 6 more days and truthfully, I think this year is the worst year for me. All the mean-and-not-so-fun things are lined up just before I'm turning 31 and that is just simply greatttt! Not.

Let me list out 'em so we can have a look at it and decide how bad it will affects my life? Haha...
  • I am unemployed, therefore, it means no work for me (yayy!) but at the same time there is no money for me to spend on new shoes or fancy little knick knacks whenever I am in dire need of glorious retail therapies (yikes)
  • My final exam  for this semester falls on the 16th, 17th and 23rd of June (unfortunately - no parties for me this year, I supposed. As I will definitely be partying with zillions of law cases that I have to read for exam - well, pretty sucks I must say - Anthony vs Belle, Brendan vs Catherine *yawn*)
  • I have gained a bit of weight - which, at this stage of my life (in my 30s), I despise every additional pounds shown on the bathroom scale everytime I stepped on it and it is beyond worst than ever when what I do to stop it is, err... NOTHING. (I've got to do something to overcome this. I know. But, I am just too lazy. Any suggestions?)
  • My love relationship? Haha... This is undoubtedly out of the question! It's an unspeakable topic for me recently, since I have nothing to talk about. Perhaps, I was desperately looking for a job that I totally forgot all about this matter? One thing for sure, I am definitely going to find one great job then only I will think about getting myself stuck and tangle in a love relationship; pun intended.
In order to overcome this knotty and destructible problems of mine, I have come out with a list of things I wanted you to get them for me my birthday wishlist! 
  • Keating on Construction Contracts 9th Ed. - I know I have gone insane when an educational book is one of the item listed in the things-I-want! But this book cost about £400 for one book! 
  • A treat to hair salon - I have not done anything to my hair for quite a while now and I think my hair is hating me at the moment that sometimes I hear them talk among themselves how they despise me! 
  • A new mobile phone perhaps? - My Blackberry is acting up lately that I was so close of throwing it to a nearest bin only to realize that is the only phone I have. Haha... I sort of been contemplating to get an iPhone, but... hmm, anyone? *wink*
  • A new job? - Simple as that.
  • A manicure & a pedicure treatment - It is always fun to be pampered, once in a while? No? 
  • Cash - Yes. It is just not fun to be skint for so long. Trust me on this. I know. 
  • A pair of new  heels? - This too, has been a while.
  • A fare ticket to someplace in Europe? I missed Europe. I really do.
Well, that is all I could think of at this very moment. :) I will add in more when I have come across more things that I want! In the meantime, block your calendar - it's on the 18th June 2012. *wink*

Let the countdown begins!


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