Tick Tock Tick Tockk!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Polar Bear Hibernation Starts Today!

Hi all! :) So, the winter is nearly here. It's starting to get really really cold nowadays. Plus, the wind that I hated so much over the years! Is finally here. Sigh. Last few days, there were some days where you can see it was really nice, and sunny... and it makes you think, "oh... okay. Nice weather today. Maybe I can go for a walk, then...," but by the time you are outside the house, the wind breeze through... and yup!! It is freezing cold, and you know it is only a deceiving look portrayed by the blue blue skies and sun shine through. Another sigh.

Well, as the years passed by... I know now, when winter is approaching, it simply means, EAT MORE FOOD TO STAY WARM! Just like how the polar bear does in their hibernation period. Yup. This time of the year, in the North Pole! :) I just couldn't believe myself of the amount of food and munchies that I have been consumed these past few days! Really. It's not that I am hungry or anything like that, it's more like food just made me happy in a way, just because it is soooo cold!

Will I really turn into a polar bear figure by the end of winter time? I can't not to eat all the chocolate biscuits, and shortbread, and more chocolate and sweets and more of that stuff... Plus, I am not working much this work, and as in today my weekends starts early! What I have been doing is eat, SATC dvds, chocolates, curled up under the duvet, tea and again, and again and again!! :)

I'll update soon of what I will get up to soon! :)

Have a good weekends everyone! :) *twirl*

Friday, October 23, 2009

Food Photos!

Hello! :) I am still sick. Been coughing all day, err... nope. Not really all day, but it gets worst in the wee morning! Even though when I am already asleep! The cough would eventually wake me up from my sleep!! Which, I found it sooo extremely annoying! It is.

Anyway, just dropping in here to show you some of the food photos that I managed to capture! It is all the food made by my housemate, and my cooking too! :)

Here is the link for the photos! Have fun, people!!

Talk soon!


Sunday, October 18, 2009


It is Sunday. :) Bliss. Even though I have few assignments piled up on the table. Sigh. At least, it is Sunday and it is a day to sit at home and be cosy as cosy as you can be. Me thinks! :)

I have progressed at least, the Thesis Proposal that I need to submit in another two weeks. Apparently the lecturer was being kind enough to let us have an extra week for the submission, and that means "Hooray!!". :) It means a lot, really!

And at the same time, there is this group project for another subject, and it is just so difficult as it is a group project. I don't know why, but I guess it is just me, finding it so difficult when assigned a group work instead of just on your own. Sigh. Worst, it seems so difficult to keep in contact with the group members as to know how is the progress work they have made! And it matters to me, as it is a group project. So, it's kind of shit, really!

Oh, I still have the cough even though I did drink up all the cough syrups every seconds! Haha... It seems to get better, then worst... and get better again. I don't know. It is quite confusing. Maybe the body just decided to play mind games, whether to get sick or to get better! Haha...

I have to get back to my studying now, but would like to wish all of you, Happy Sunday Day! :)


P/S: I just hooked myself up with Twitter now!! I know, some people might think that it's a weird application, but I think it's fun to tweet!! Just like a hummingbird! ;)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flying High

Hello! :) So, I am not into blabbing in here lately. It is just that, I was too occupied doing, basically nothing. Nothing, doesn't mean that I was practically flapping myself doing absolutely nothing, just that doing bits and pieces with work and college, and it accumulated to just being nothing really that important, but time just passed so quickly! And GONE.

Plus, I just got a little "under the weather" condition these past few days. Not that I am unhappy or anything, just that I think I got infected with the bug that has been in the air lately. Everyone in the shop seems to be getting sick with flu and cold, and I think I am starting to get them as well. At the moment, I am gulping on the cough syrup merrily!! Haha... it seems like an important liquid that I have been consumed this past few days.

It says on the box, "...non-drowsy bla bla bla..." but as what I have been experiencing these few days, I think it was just a matter of putting the sentence on that box so that it can be sold without having any prescription, because as far as I can tell... I am sooo high above the sky! Haha... (sorry, too much cough syrup, I guess... ;) )

Well, and at the same time, I am struggling on the submission for the college work too! I have to submit my thesis proposal, supposedly next week, but somehow the lecturer extended it to the other week after that, which is on the 28th October 2009. So, two weeks to go! Yayy! And I have another of this, group project thingy, that ought to be submitted (first draft), by the end of November... means, many many weeks to go, so bless him! Haha... :)

Apart from that boring news, I am okay... :) So, I have to go back to studying now. Or more like, researching? I am trying to concentrate on the thesis work now, but somehow the cough syrup just made me so happy and giddy! Got so distracted so easily from the thick, boring report that I should be having my eyes on, over the past few hours! Sigh.

Talk later, and have a good night! xoxo

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Snap, Snap!!

Hey all!! Just a quick post. I got some photos taken today right after classes in college. Here is the link. It is not that good, but I am happy that I went there to snap some photos! So, have fun viewing!!

I am too busy today, I have to start on my thesis proposal, (for college) which I only have two weeks to submit!!! So, talk soon!! Millions apology! :)


Monday, October 5, 2009

Ecstatically Happy

Hey all!! :)

I am so sorry, was just too busy these past few days. Been working, college and today, even though I have my off day, I (at last!!) went to IKEA and I got my study table!! Plus, I also got myself few other stuff, like the shoe rack, pink lamp shade, study lamp, waste basket, etc. :) And somehow, I cleaned my room and with the existence of the new study table, I am actually quite excited and looking forward to study for college! Haha... God, looks at how new stuff made me want to do something that I really despise and of course, simply made me the happiest person on earth! I am easily amazed and amused, remember? ;)

Yup! And with the new furniture in the room too... I made a slightly change to the room layout, and with the make over, I think I am starting to be happy as I was before. As I said, I am ecstatically happy at the moment! ;)

Oh, before I forgot, I also enter this photography competition... (even though I am crap and can only called myself as an amateur in photography, BUT... I do think I took nice photos... Haha....) so, here is the thing that I put those photos in... as they said.

"Hello, I've just entered the Metro Global Photo Challenge competition. Here are my photos at: HERE IS THE LINK. I'll be grateful for your comments".

So, feel free to drop in, and leave nice / nasty comments about it. I am happy for either or. :)

Okay, talk soon people. Good night.

P/S: Wrecked already with all the fixings and asembling stuff. :(

Monday, September 28, 2009

Negative Altogether

Hey. Gloomy day today. Outside and inside.

I got to learn one thing. To not trust anyone so quickly and do not keep your hopes high enough to let you shattered into pieces at the end of the day. It is just so annoying yet depressing when all of this happened. It is though.

I've had long weekend off. And I spoilt myself by not doing anything at all, just lounging in the house and do basically NOTHING. I was about to get a study desk for my room so that I can be a good student who started the studying earlier, but then again I just don't have the courage to even start anything at all. Uhh, I am so negative at this point, yeah. I know.

Don't know what I am going to do for today, despite of the staff meeting that I will have to attend at half seven this evening, but I think I might head out just to be outside the house for a while. I think I am so tired of everything around me. I just don't know these people anymore, and at the same time, I don't even know who I am anymore. Weird, eh? Yeah. I thought so too.

Blame the gloomy day, I'd say. It is all that you could ever blame at.

To Take A Step Further, One Step Back Or Stand Still?

Life is shit. What would you reckon when everyone is expecting so much from you? Like, it can be so exhausting at time, then comes to the fact that you are actually tired and just so want to get away from everything. Like, seriously.

A lie down to clear up your mind, and just be free from whatever, whomever... is an actual bliss. At least, once in a while. Maybe it is too wrong to be too nice, that everyone eventually take you for granted and up to the fact, sticking their feet up on your head? Maybe I am done of being too nice. I was once told, na'ah. Not once... more than that. I was too nice... I was too naive, that's why. And some other things as such.

So, maybe it is not a good thing to be too nice. Where people push you wherever they thought suits, NOT!

I don't really know now. To me, it is quite confusing. Every single little steps that I took, always leads me to a disaster patch. So, I don't really know should I step further, step back or just stand still now... But one thing for sure, the clock is ticking, 'till a year before I am off from here. :) At least, there is something I am keen to look forward to.

Good night all.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Luck Make Over, Anyone?

Well, for a start... it was sunny when I steppedAlign Center out from the shop finishing my shift. Even though, it was gloomy earlier on this morning. :) Somehow, the sun always cheer me up, no matter how disturbed I feel. So, it is a good sign, eh? :)

I feel more content now, especially knowing that I wouldn't have to work on weekends no more! My college is starting this coming Wednesday, and somehow I am so eager to go to class. I wonder why. Probably I just want some time to be occupied with something that I can concentrate on. I mean, other than greeting people who came in to the shop, and some of them were rude people who stayed in the shop and giving you their hands on your face not wanting you to ask them if they need any help and always, I mean always after few seconds call you over and asking for an explanation about a product, then shoved their hands on your face again and again!! Silly, silly people! :(

And, I really can't wait to get paid this month! To be honest, I am just so dying to have some cash on me, not to splurge on anything silly or stupid things, just to have a cash on hand. Really. I have been broke this past few weeks, breaking up, feeling so low... I think I really need my luck to turn the other way round. Too much of bad luck, which I supposed, even if based on karma, I should be getting loads of good lucks now, seriously. I need a make over. A make over of lucks! Haha... I don't think that ever existed. Haha... (well, for a start, at least I AM laughing now... )

Hmm... nothing much to say, really. But, if the weather is good this weekend, I am definitely going to find some place to snap some cool photos! I am eager to get my hands to capture photos with black and white film instead. It would be so much fun! Well, I shall leave you now... and until we meet again? ;)

Have a nice day, people. xoxo

I'm Back... :)

Hey.At last, well... as I may say. I think, I am done now. I really am. I was really in bits last night, weeping over stuff, but then... when I woke up this morning, I just realized. This is so unsound. Why would I allowed someone who is so selfish and mostly immature, just thinking solely about his life, and dumping me just like that as if I am close to NOTHING? Why would I let this person destroying me, my life?

This is so not going to happen. I love myself. I can't let some idiot do this to me. Na'ah. As to that, I think I have to move on. It is not simple, I know. It would be so difficult and hard to cope. But, come to think of it, I can. And I will, eventually... as what Daddy said. :) Thank you Daddy!! Appreciate that.

And, (mind my language), F*** all this. I will somehow get back on my two feet, I will... slowly. :) And with that, thanks to all who's been helping me out with this. :) I was emotionally unstable before, but... I think it is getting better now. :)

Have a good night. xoxo

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Can't Do This

I just can't believe that it is actually over. It has been a week already, but it seems like it is just a day pass. I thought that I could cope up, but clearly I cannot. I had a really bad dream last night, and I woke up at half three and sweating like mad. It is something that really bothers me now. And worst of all, I thought I am strong enough to let it be the way it is, but obviously I am not. I missed him so much...

I really do.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Am Not Okay


I thought I was strong enough, after these past few days. Na'ah. I wasn't. I really thought I can cope this up. I can mend the whole situation and be back up on my two feet. Na'ah. Three days were supposed to be long enough to make me feel okay. Nope. Not okay at all.

Collapsing, still. Feels like the heart has been crushed badly. Really badly. And... yeah. shattered. What the f***!!!

I need my strength. I really need to, at least for another year until I am gone from here. Gone for good!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It Is Not Just A Bad Dream

Hey. Bad dreams are awful, aren't they? Like, it will haunt you no matter how hard you try to forget? But then again, if one thing is really happening, and you just realized that it is not just a bad dream... I suppose, we would rather have a bad dream rather than the real thing, eh?

I remembered when I was a small kid, when I had a bad dream, I always cried when I woke up, even though I just realized that it was a bad dream. Just a bad dream... Still, it affected your emotions, and that happened when you were asleep!! Unconscious. Worst part, when you had that bad dreams at younger age. Oh wait, I suppose nothing make a difference. If you had a bad dream, as an adult... it would still affecting your emotions too. Because you cried and sometimes too afraid to go back to sleep... in case that the bad dream will continue somehow. :(

But if something happened, and you just realized that it is not just a normal, typical bad dreams, when you woke up the next day, in tears... and just found out that it is actually really happening. It's real. Then... you will somehow wish that it would be just a bad dream...

Unfortunately, it is not. Too bad. It is really... :(

Friday, September 11, 2009

The End, Again.

The end. I am crashing. Really, really bad.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hey all. Obsession. I have a new obsession. It's either pose for a photo, or taking photos? :)

Anyway, here is the link to the photos I have taken. Went to Howth, on the Northside of Dublin yesterday with a friend and two cameras. One, an Olympus digital camera and the other one is Lomo FishEye. I think it is becoming my new favourite past time.

Enjoy and let me know what you think. :)

Howth Trip - digital camera shots.

Howth Trip - Lomo FishEye 2nd attempt.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Idiosyncratic Me

Hey all. Really. Nothing much to say. Just lost of words. Wisdom words? Ethical words? Hatred words? Just words. Gone.

Is it typical reaction, when you're too occupied with work, mentally you become so annoyed with everything, and all out of sudden, everything just fall out so-not-in-the-right-orders? Seems like wrong steps taken, wrong words spoken, wrong behaviour acted, wrong actions taken and wrong basically, just every single little thing? And suddenly it makes you think that you are just on the right side of the life cycle? No idea. Seriously.

Or maybe it's just a bad day, after all? Am I just having a typical bad day? Or it will soon become a constant bad days, instead? :)

Just been arguing with myself, which is to which. Uhh, I'd say it is just me having a bad phase of the day. This is why I said earlier on, there is nothing much to say. Just a rambling on a really bad day of mine. :)

Talk soon when I am myself again. Good night. xxx

Monday, August 17, 2009

Help Me Out!!!

Okay. Hello people. I need big favour!! Seriously.

First of all, I am really sorry for not updating stuff in my blog. I have been working like a maniac!!! Honestly. I am so tired, and I can never explain it in simple words, how tired I am. :(

Okay, here's the favour. I need some information on what to wear to a christening? I have never been to any, but this time, my boyfriend's brother, is having a christening for his daughter, and I have no clue or what-so-ever on what to wear!!! It just drives me crazy, which I think I can become lunatic and send to asylum anytime soon! :( I know that most favourable would be a dress, but still... what kind of dress. There is too many kind, colours, etc. Aaaa....

Please, please, please... if you have a little time of yours, let me know at least an idea of what to wear. It's just that I don't want to look 'stupid' over there, with the wrong combination of clothes on me. This is crucial. The thing is on next Saturday, so a week to go...


Talk soon! :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Tale Of A Lost Fly?

Hey ya!! :) Well, I have my off day today but most of all the precious times that I have is wasted in Social Welfare Office!! How odd can it be? Well, I am working part time at the moment, therefore I am entitled for the money still... but it is only half of it. Or so they say.

Anyway, I was over there to change my address. Did the last time, but had to go again to confirm. What a day. So, it is all done but the payment has been stopped until I register myself at the new office branch. Disaster!!

Well, what am I going to say today? Oh, okay. Last few days, when I was in the LUAS, on my way back home from work... the LUAS stopped at one station. I have no idea where it was, I forgot. Well, there is this one fly, flew in when the door is open. But then, when the door is closed, the fly is still in the LUAS! And it proceed to the next station. On the way to the next station, I can't help myself, but to think about the fly! Before I say anything else, let me just remind you that with LUAS, one station to another took about 3 minutes, at least. That means, few more minutes if the fly, fly!

The life cycle of a fly... if I am not mistaken, only lasted for a week? And 'he' is alone. I wonder what will happen to this fly when 'he' suddenly got himself out from the LUAS and found out that 'he' is no where near his family? And 'he' will try his best to find 'his' family, to fly all over the place without any clue where to go? It is pretty sad, isn't it?

The main reason of this story? I don't know. I just want to share with you what I saw and my thoughts for the poor fly! I just could not stop thinking about this. Seriously. It is sad, isn't it? I guess, I shall say, we should be so grateful that we are not the fly who accientally 'stepped' into the LUAS. ;)

Have a nice day everyone!! :)

Friday, July 31, 2009

IKEA vs. Argos?

Just a little update that I would like to share!! :)

In my opinion, I think (In Ireland, presumably,) Argos is going down!! Definitely!! It is just that IKEA (Dublin) has opened its new store last Monday, and by looking at most of all the prices... hmm, I shall say that they are doing so well!!

Back in my country (Malaysia), we have IKEA ages ago and I personally love the shop!! It is an amazing shop to buy furniture, especially!! Seriously.

And now, since it opens the new store in Dublin, I know that within days Argos will feel the pressure tremendously! How could you even compete with the designs and qualities catered by IKEA. Na'ah. It is impossible!!

Well, we'll see how it goes in few days, I say. :)

Okay, I shall continue then soon. Good night.

P/S: I love this one desk (for my college - final year starting this September!! ;)), and I posted the photo here for you to envy! ;)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Double Off Days...

Hello. I just woke up. I know, I know. It is late already to be waking up. But I am off today and tomorrow before long hours shift on weekends!! So, what I did today is just lying on bed and it is a bliss! Somehow I just discovered that the room, my new room... or should I say the bed... is a threat! Not in a bad way, but in a good way. I will be so lazy and comfy and I can lie down there for hours!!! It is great! Haha...

Well, I am planning to go out shopping in a while. Oh, did I tell you that my new house is just next to a shopping centre? :) Not that I really want to shop, but just walking around for some window shopping. Seeing people. Many kind of people. Hmm...

But as in for now, I am still in a lazy mode. Oh, forgot to tell you another thing. The shopping complex is open until 10 at night! ;) Bliss, eh? I say so. Amazing!!

Okay, I guess I continue soon later. Talk to you in a bit. Cheers!!

P/S: I will be posting the new photos soon. Oh, I am still wondering where can I put / waste the boxes? It is still annoying that I still couldn't figure out which bin to put the boxes waste!! I'd say it's the recycle bin but still, I have to shred the boxes into pieces!!!! Darn. Ah well...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Faith On Traffic Light?

Hi people!! :) I know, I know. It has been a while since the last time of my re-coup of all the things happening around me. Ah well, I am just coping up with the moving out, moving in thing. And getting back to work after a week off since I got a viral skin infection on my nose. So, everything seems to be hectic suddenly. Millions of apology! ;)

Well, did I actually tell you I am moving out, and moving in to a new house somewhere in a kind-of-suburban-area residential? If not, yeah. I moved. It was on that last Sunday. But everything is done now, settling in already. At least I thought so, as I put away all the boxes and none can be seen from the view of my bed. That's good news. Means, room is organised! Haha...

Work? Back to work yesterday. After a week off from the doctor. It is kind of weird, to stand in the shop and greeting customers! It really has been a while! But I think, I'll get used to it soon, again. My shift this week is kind of amazing, even though I do have to work on weekends this week! Sigh. But, overall it is perfect! I was working yesterday, off today, in tomorrow and off again on Thursday and Friday, but in on weekends! It is alright! ;)

Oh, I was in a car one day. Was on the traffic light, when it's red. Then, suddenly my attention was caught to this one lady who is trying to cross the street. But the pedestrian light is still not green, means she is not good to go... and she keeps on pressing the button, (you know, the thing on the traffic lights for the pedestrian to cross the street?? You know what I mean... that thing), well... she keeps on pressing that, until few minutes later, it was green. Suddenly, it made me thinking. Is pressing the button constantly will eventually help the lights to go green quicker, or it was just a myth? It really made me think though. What do you think?

And that makes me go further with the thinking... like, whatever things that we truly made believe, will back us up eventually? Like, the more we believe that it will works our way, would it eventually happens? We would never know, will we? This surely relates to faith as well? Like, the more we have faith on the traffic lights (as we keep on pressing the button, the more it will help to quicken the green light to appear?). Is it?

I have no clue. It was just something that came into my mind when I was at the traffic lights. So, there it is. The thought for tonight to be thought and figured out about. ;) I know, I know. It sounds so much crap, but come to think of it, it is sort of true though? What do you think, now? Let me know and it will be so much fun to find out!! ;)

I'm signing off now, and I will be back soon enough! Take care and see you guys soon! *twirl* (uhuhh, it has been a while since I twirl...)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Continuous Dots

Hi all... So, yeah. I have been off for a while, eh? Millions of apology for that. Just that, previously I was too attached with work! Surprisingly. :(

Did I tell you that my previous office offered me a part time job with them, and I worked with them in the past three weeks (if I am not mistaken of the days-count), whenever I am off from the shop. So, basically... it was like three consecutive weeks of working for seven days a week! Why did I do that? Well, simple! I need the money to keep me alive!

Unfortunately, the office don't need me anymore, and I stopped with them last Tuesday. Recently. So, back to the shop then.

Newsflash... okay. Here goes. On my birthday (more like, post birthday present from Mr. Boyfriend, well...), I got a ticket to Slane Castle to watch Prodigy and Oasis! It was amazing, until I got sick on the way home! And, that probably be the last time I want to go to Slane Castle, due to the fact that to go and to come back from the venue was so much hassles! Read here and more.

Then, we went to Oxegen 2009, in Punchestown, Co. Kildare, Ireland. And we went camping there for four days and three nights! It was amazing, but then the weather... well, its Ireland remember? So, it was dreadful, as dreadful as it can be! But, don't really matters! ;)
Photos here.

Jobs, already noted. See earlier notes. :)

Then, my NOSE! I had a skin irritation / allergy / etc. on my nose, and I do actually look like a witch in an animation?!!! Seriously. And it was sore, like hell! Went to the GP, and apparently she doesn't know what is wrong! How could that possibly be? However, she gave me two types of medicine, and I have to go again for another check-up tomorrow! See how it goes. But it is completely hideous, making my nose looking so disastrous looking! Honestly. I can't bear to put up the picture, because it might lower down my self esteem! That is how bad it is. :(

Well, that's it for now I think. I am tired already, and I will talk to you soon! Take care all and to those who never fails to visit, thanks a million!! ;)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me! :)

Hi all!

Just a quick post! :)

It is my birthday today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! ;)


P/S: I have to work today! :(

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Late Night Newsflash

Hi all!! Just a little update before I am off to bed. (I have an early start tomorrow! Shift at 9am! Sigh!!)

Okay, I already got the breakdown of my exam results!! Surprisingly, it was amazing!! Not that I expected that I would have that sort of marks! I mean, I studied at the very last minute, even though I have been made redundant somewhere in February. And my exam in somewhere in May? I should have studied earlier? But I have not. And, when I saw the results, hmm... I am quite shocked actually!! :)

Module TitleFinal Grade
Construction Economics


Cost & Value Management


Financial Management


Construction Law


Development Project


Well, it is not that good, but for me, it is beyond my expectations! (But just ignore the first one. Somehow, it is difficult to get higher marks on that subject. Trust me, it is!). Therefore, the average marks for this exam is, 2.1. I am happy with this. Really. :)

Oh, and another news! In the shop, somebody is available to cover my shift, therefore I am ready for the Oasis / Prodigy concert in Slane Castle! Hooray!! :)

And, one more thing!! The gum (from the wisdom tooth pain drama), is slowly reducing and nearly back to normal! Ahh... bliss!

Basically, all is returning back to normal! Yayyy!!

Okay, I really need to sleep now. Talk soon! Good night!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Drama?

Okay... terrible, terrible news! :(

First, dentist visit? Well, went to the dentist earlier this morning, and got a prescription of antibiotics 400mg doses!! And to be taken for 4 days. Nothing can be done to the swollen gum, as it is really really swollen!

My birthday treat from my boyfriend? Oh well, he is being soooo nice, as he bought me a ticket to see Prodigy in Slane Castle, on this coming Saturday. Okay, yup! It's true. I am working this Saturday... but two days earlier I got someone to cover for me, on both days... Saturday and Sunday. So, it is perfect, is it not?

NO! They rang me just now, to let me know that the person to replace me is in no position to have any shifts in the shop anymore, so basically I am fucked! I am though! Today is Monday, how could I find anyone to cover for me in such a short notice? Aaaaaa.... And they even put me to work on my birthday too. I am stress right now. Say whatever you want, but I am... :(

Oh, and as always... I am in a big mess. Seriously... Hope something good come up!


Hi... I am still awake! :(

The gum or wisdom teeth thing, or whatever you want to call it is still annoys me badly! I mean, seriously.

I was at work yesterday as well as today, therefore I don't really got the

chance to go to the dentist, or any GP at all. Plus, it's weekends. Nothing is in service!! Not even the pharmacy. I mean, they are open earlier, but usually they close at 9ish or something like that. But I was working till 7ish. Nearly 8. And somehow, all the pharmacy is closed already. :( I was about to get some painkillers! Two days ago, I got an anti-inflammatory from my housemate. It does the work though. It reduced the pain, but at every 4 hours interval! Last night, I actually woke up at 3 in the morning, as the pain is so unbearable, that it woke me up! And I had to take one more before went to bed! Madness!!

I am definitely going to a dentist tomorrow. I have off day tomorrow and Tuesday, so I have to go to the dentist tomorrow! But, I don't think I want to pull out the teeth out! I was browsing through the net, and most of all the articles and health board notices that I have read were saying that it is not necessary to pull it out. As pulling the teeth out, (to some people...) it might cause another infections and sometimes, it took nearly a week to recover of the pain and the swollen looking face! :( I am not going to have a swollen face on my birthday!!! :(
Uhh, so depressing!!

I am so going to the dentist tomorrow!! Please God, hope he/she wouldn't suggest to pull it out! :( I am actually scared!!! (This occurs as few years back, I had obediently went to dentist every once a month for two years, and it is not a nice visit at all!! I was wearing a braces back then, and trust me, it is one of the least favourable event I would ever do it again!)

Okay, the good news is... I think I am falling in love! Not with a person, but with a phone!! I was browsing through the net, and I saw this new ad about this new phone from Nokia... It is amazing!! I want it, I want it!!! Badly!!

But, I know I would not even got a closer chance to have it. It is impossible! I have to work, maybe every hour of the opening hours of my shop, maybe I can afford it? Uhh, its not really a good news isn't it? Tell me what you think! :)

I want to try to go to sleep now. Talk soon! :) xxx

Saturday, June 13, 2009

List of Complications in My Life?

Hi all... :)

I am awake already, so early in the morning and I feel great actually. But there is one thing that annoys me badly! My gums on the right side, back of the throat! It is annoyingly painful! :(

I can't even sleep and when I woke up and tried to doze back again, of course... it spells impossible!! It is so sore but weird enough it is only on the right side. My thought was, probably it was the wisdom teeth trying to force 'herself' to come out again, at this time of the year? Would that be possible?? How many times do the sore will be visible? Because I know I had it few times before, and it depends sometimes on the left side and sometimes on the right side... Any idea, anyone?

If the answer is, not that very often, or worst, if the answer is only once painful moment... then I am in big trouble. I really have to find out soon then, why it is so sore. :( But I am 80% sure that it is the wisdom teeth scenario...

Whatever it is, I feel worst! I mean, who would have wanted the pain to follow you around for few days and God knows if it is going to stop soon, or if not... I will be carrying this pain on my birthday too? Gosh!

Oh, another news. I am actually has been put up to be working on my birthday until 9pm!! And more news, my dearest boyfriend just told me when we were in London, that he has a birthday surprise for me, a ticket to Prodigy in Slane Castle on next Saturday, and too bad... I am working on that day!! Even on Sunday. To make things more complicated, I have to find someone to cover for me on that Saturday if I want to go but still I have to come to work on that Sunday from 11-7pm! :(

The best bid if I just go to work and disappoint him really... Since, if I go, I still have to go to work on Sunday. And, I don't actually think there is anyone who wants to work on Saturday to be honest! Plus, the fact that he just told me less than two weeks, just made it worst as I can't really ask for an off day at all already. :( List of complications in my life is unbearable!

Huh, I am not in my best day today, I suppose. And I am working today too, from 2 to 8pm! Why is everything did not fall into places??? And on my birthday month? What more to come, huh??

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hectic & Chaotic?

Phew!! :) So, everything is back to normal and I am back here in Dublin.

The trip to London was okay, but the best bit of it is that I got the chance to meet my family over there, even though it was only for few days... I think I missed them already. :(

There were too many things happened over in London and on the way back here to Dublin. But first and foremost, the most annoying incident is when my flight going back to Dublin was delayes for, approximately 5 hours!! It was absurd! I was stucked in the waiting / boarding room for almost 'a decade'!!! It was too long. Really really long... :(

And of course, I had to ring the shop and tell them that I can't come to work, as I was supposed to be at work at 2pm, but my flight was delayed every hour! At 9, they said it would be at half ten. Then at 10, they said, it would be half eleven, and at the end, I got in the plane at about 2? The time that I was supposed to be at work! Disgraceful!

And, to make things more complicated, I got a call from my previous employer, which was a good news! Somehow. They offered me a job for two weeks, and willing to pay me 20euro per hour!! But, to shorten the story, I had rejected the offer! :( I just can't. They want me continuously for 2 weeks, but I have my own commitment with the soap shop. I can't just bail on them just because for the two weeks offer, can't I? :(

Ah, so that it is... the list of my Hectic Event throughout this passed few days... So, so hectic, isn't it? Well... the main thing is, I am still alive. I think that is all that matters! ;)

And if you are interested to look up more of my photos in London, feel free to go to the photo folder of London Excitement With My Family! ;)


Sunday, June 7, 2009

So, It Is Really Sunday Already?

Hey ya! :) Surprisingly, I lost track of the days. I thought yesterday was a weekdays, no matter what day I thought it was, the fact that I am already lost the counting of the days, made me worried a little! Is that because I am to attached with work? Attached, doesn't mean that I am obsessed about it, but the fact that I was working the whole way through the weekdays... That is what I meant! :)

Well, it is Sunday today... And thank God it is slightly clearer sky than it was yesterday. What happened yesterday? Well, I should say that it was one of the most horrible day that I can see appears, once in a blue moon in Dublin! Seriously. It was raining since morning, till the end of the day. And I am not talking about little commotion, but it is the one that with ferocious lashing rains, with an additional cruel wind once in a while. And the wind that I am talking about, is the one that can basically fly you up the sky!! Mary Poppins incident! That is what I really meant!

I am working, as usual today... but for the 12-6 shift, and I am flying off to London tomorrow at 12.10pm. :) At least, there is something to look forward to. :) Even though, I have to scrape some money to get away with it. Uhuhh, more money. This is definitely killing me and shred me into tiny little sad pieces! :(

Therefore, I guess that is enough for the little update of what's going on. :) I will try to update more when I had more time. :) Thanks to everyone who's still visiting my blog, and to those in Fuel My Blog, I am so so sorry for not having enough time to vote back for you guys! I'll try to cope soon! I know I have been saying this loads, but... it's the truth! Cheers!! *twirl*

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday Tales

Update. :)

Okay, so I am not being a drama queen saying that I was too busy with work. I am, indeed. It was hectic, as if I am in for the full time position, which I am not! However, I would care to say that I am enjoying every bit of it. I mean, who wouldn't want to finish up 8 hours shift work, but then coming home smelling nice and yummy?? :) It is bizarre to find anyone in normal retail shops coming back home after long day at work smelling deliciously amazing! :)

That is all about work.

Next vacation on the chart? Well, I am going off soon to London to see my family over there on this coming 8th June, on Monday midday then coming back to Dublin on the Wednesday morning. And apart from the fact that it is only for say, about two days approximately, I am still looking forward to see them. :) And, the climax of the whole thing is, my boyfriend is coming over too on the 9th to meet them! Nervous, excited... say it all. Haha... Wonder what it would be like?! :) Hmm... Haha...

So, basically everything is on the right track... Just money wise, I am still climbing up the ladder slowly. Trying so hard to keep on track and hopefully in two months, all will be good and back to normal. Hopefully... Sigh. Because of the job, I won't get paid until end of June, I think. :( And my social welfare money might be stopped as I already got a job, it depends. Sigh, again. :(

Okay, that is it for now. I will be updating more soon enough. Take care and see you soon! :) Happy weekends, everyone.

P/S: Nope, nope. I won't be enjoying weekends, this week too... as I am working the whole weekend. God, damn it! Haha... :) xxx

Thursday, June 4, 2009

La La La Land...

Hi all!! :)

So, it has been a while. I have my off days on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the best bit of it is that, the weather is just amazing!! :) On Tuesday itself, it was between 25 to 26.5 degrees!! Awesome!! :)

Oh, and we bought a pool and put it at the backyard of my boyfriend's house! On top of that, we actually found a fifty euro note in the shopping centre floor, lying there, just waiting for us to splurge 'em for the massive pool! It is amazing!! :)

More news! I am heading off to London on the 8th June, to meet up with my family over there. At the moment, they are in Switzerland, and soon to Rome! But heading back to London on the 8th and flying off back home on the 10th! Can't wait!! Oh, and my boyfriend is coming along too, but he's joining me on the 9th! :)

I am going to turn 28 next week! :) Eh, another two weeks! Exactly two weeks! Can't wait! I know that means, a year older, but at the same time, it means a year wiser? Anyone? Haha... In relation to that, I would like to invite all of you to donate on my birthday on my favourite charity cause... Animal Rights! So, anyone interested... and can afford this, please do help! :) I would be the happiest girl in the world, as to speak! :)

Well, I am heading off to work soon, starting at 3 till 7pm. So, I will talk soon!! Take care all, and let's twirl!!! *giggles*

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Little Update!

Hi all! Uhh, it has been a while, hasn't it? Well, honestly speaking, I was too busy! It is true though. What I have been doing, is just came back from work and feels wrecked on the sofa, being so lazy lounging until bedtime. I have been so tired and I mean, super tired!

Standing in the shop and smiling all the time, I think my jaw bones might be stiff after a while. Haha... And worst of all the things, weather has been unbelievably gorgeous this past few days while I was working my ass off in the shop! I am so jealous!! :(

Well, what do I have to say here. Let's see. Weather, checked! Work, checked! Hmm... Oh, my health? I still got that annoying sore throat that I got about two days ago, and to be honest, it is quite annoying. Was it because of the dusts from the shop? I mean, all the bath bombs and bubble bars? Might be possible, isn't it? Hmm... it is really sore especially early in the morning, when I first got up from bed!

Oh, and yesterday one of the girls from the shop gave me a full bag of samples goodies to try out so that I know how they works! From skincare, haircare as well as body care! Phew... and my room, somehow does smells like the shop now, for some reason! Haha... And I can get my discounts after I have been employed for a month! Can't wait! And, because I am working there at the moment now, and as so you know, the shop does supporting so many good causes, that I somehow feels the urge to do so too! :) I mean, at some point, it does educate me and I have gain knowledge with this too despite of having the sore feet for standing in so long! :)

We are still against animal testing of all the products produce, we have a charity support products and the fact that I just know recently, that all the soaps in the shop is palm-free soap base, so we can avoid using palm oil! Instead, we are using coconut and sunflower oil. Main reason, is to stop ravaging the Indonesian rainforest to plant palm trees, destroying the biodiversity and making little Indonesia the biggest CO2 is not something we want to help with! And the fact that the in-house activist have set up A.S.A.P (Actively Seeking Alternative to Palm) to ecourage other companies to follow, is so over-whelming! :)

Uhh, enough about all those. I guess you got what I meant now? :) Hmm, time passes by so quickly. It's nearly ten now. So, feel free to browse through the good deeds, and maybe you should start shop at my shop now for stuff? :) Take care and talk soon! :)

P/S: Uhh, forgot the main one, when we did this week! We are also supporting Climate Rush! Here is a little video of what is done in Liverpool recently, and we had the same one too in Dublin, but I do not have videos on that one. :) Enjoy!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Straight Till Weekend!

Hi all... So, I woke up early again today? :) I am off to work at 12 and today is the longest day ever, I shall say. I will be finishing at 8pm! :(

Came back home late last night, as I was late out from the shop! Was supposed to be finishing at 7, but just missed the time. Ah well... and I ended up coming out from the shop around 7.30pm. And God knows what happened with the traffic last night, as I have to wait for the bus for quite sometimes, and reached home at nearly 9! Disaster!

Oh, things went well with him. He rang to invite me for dinner over his house, but I was too wrecked and had to cancel. Plus, I have a long day today, so let it be another day.

Worst, I woke up this morning with a sore throat and it is actually pissing me off big time. Oh, I think it started last night, as I was coughing when I tried to sleep. Wonder where the sore throat coming from? Might be because of all the smells consumed by the nose recently, after being stuck somehow in the shop for hours? Possibly.

More hours this week, as I have to work straight to Sunday and most of people I know are going to Life Festival 2009. Damn it! :( And already got the timetable for next week! Working all week till next weekend, and only have two days off which, on Tuesday and Wednesday. This is some sort of like a full time instead of part time, isn't it? Well... we'll see.

I have to get ready now. Need to prepare some food to bring over later. Not going to spend more money on food, better off having my own lunch box! :)

Take care all!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Build Me Up Buttercup

Aaahh... So, that was it? United lost to Barcelona? Sigh. But somehow I knew that United is not fit enough for Barcelona. I mean, Barcelona of all team to beat? It is impossible! :(

And the result, I am so disappointed! Shredded to pieces. And worst, somehow it does affecting my boyfriend, whom I have to say... is not in a good condition at all. So, we had a stupid fight last night. Really, really stupid. And I ended up walking back home just by myself. I really am confused of what is going on, but I feel so weak and low today... Like, blueehhhhh.... :(

Hmm, I really don't know what will happen to me and him, it is just that I am not in the right condition to actually talk to him? Na'ah. Not as yet. I am just a little bit shattered. Luckily, I already secured a job at the moment, therefore... well, it can keeps me occupy for the day. Luckily. So, I won't be mourning in the house without nothing to do.

To cheer me up and to share with you guys, here is the song that always cheer me up (even though when I looked up the lyrics, it is actually a sad song? Haha...), Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundation. Take care everyone! :)

P/S: I am working later today, 3pm to 7pm. Awesome! :)

Uhuhh, just found this song... and somehow, I think it is sooooo cheesy and it does cheer me up! :) Haha... Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who Will Be The Champion?

Hi, so I wake up early today? :) Yes, I am going over to the charity shop today to do my honourable bit, then to Social Welfare Office for signing and to the post office oh and of course later on to the pub to watch the BIG match the world has been waiting for, Champions League; Manchester United vs. Barcelona!! Yayyy!! Can't wait for the match. Either or, it is still a good match to watch! An European team with another outrageous and talented Latin team!

Well, so as I said before, I am a BIG fan of United now, and I have faith that they would win! The have to. :)

Weather wise? Well... it doesn't look so good. It is gloomy and of course, as always... windy and horrible and is so noticeable! There is no way you can pretend and make it as if it is a good weather at all! Haha...

Hmm, so that is all for my morning remarks at the moment. It is already 9.03 and I have to hit the shower pod, and get ready. My shift at the charity shop today would be from 10 to 2pm. Loads and loads of things to do... So, I guess I will catch with you guys later on??

Here are some vids for Manchester United and the Trailer of the upcoming Champions League tonight. Phew... it is realllllyyyy a good match to watch! Enjoy!! :)

Arkkkk!!! Another flashnews! Just got a call from the soap shop!! They asked me to work today!!! I have all planned. But, change of plan I think! They want me to work from 2 to 8pm! How could this be? I want to watch the match!! But after negotiation, they want me from 3 to 7pm. That's okay. I can go straight to the pub from the shop, smelling awesome. Haha... Talk soon! *twirl*

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another Happy Day?

Hey all. I am still at home. Was thinking of stopping by at the charity shop, but then I rang them earlier, and they said that they were too many volunteers at the moment too! :) So, they insist me to come tomorrow instead. Ah well... so, I will definitely be there tomorrow. :)

Hmm... speaking of that... then I will have my continuous shift starting Thursday till Sunday. Well, what a busy weekend this weekend, for me I guess. :)

So, what can I do for today? Oh, I have been indulging myself with SouthPark since Sunday. I have found their website, South Park Studios and it was amazing! I can watch all the episodes for each season and I don't have to pay anything for it. It is a good remedy to stay home and watch all those! Brilliant!

And it is a nice weather today too! :) Not as nice as the one we got on Saturday! I have been lying on the ground, on that particular Saturday for a massive hotness received for approximately 2 and a half hours, and oh joy, I was having so much fun with the sun! :)

Hmm, I guess I will be start thinking what to do for today... Well, any suggestions?

Talk later!

P/S: Oh, actually the nice weather was on Sunday, not Saturday. My fault! :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Little Devil It Is

Hi all! I am too tired. I went out last night and I am still pretty wrecked and knackered! It was a good night, really really good night to see everyone's there! Amazing.

Anyway, I am heading to hit the sack now. I am so worn out too! Just came back from my boyfriend's house, with a BUS!! So, the hang over plus the twenty minutes bus trip is a lot of hard work!

Before I go, I had this photo taken just before I went to work on Angels and Demons fancy dress weekend. On my first day of shift! :)

So, what do you think? Haha... Does that looks devilish enough? :) I got two person came in to me on that day, to give their opinions on my attire! Can you believe that?

One, said... "you are the most friendliest devil I have ever met in my entire life!!" and the other, different time, and different person but a similar type of statement! "You are the most pretty devil I have ever seen in my entire life!" Haha...

How's that for a at-work-boost-up-your-confidence-statement?! Amazing isn't it? Well, if you care, tell me how you think?

I have got my working rooster already. Next day I will be working is on Thursday, at 3pm to 7pm then the whole weekend, full shift if I am not mistaken. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. God knows if I have to work on Monday too, but I doubt it. We'll see. :)

Okay, talk soon! Take care!!

Oh, and please don't forget and let me know what do you think about the Little Devil in me... haha... Cheers!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Angel or Demon?

Hi all!! Oh, I am so excited today. Today will be my first day at work. I will start my shift from 1pm to 7pm today. Honestly, I am sooooo excited. Yayy!!! :)

But, I just got a message from them yesterday mid-day, telling me that this week is the fancy dress weekend, and the theme is Angel or Demon. So, I was asked to dress either or, and there is no limitations to the normal colour coding in the shop as usual. Usually, it should be black, white or a bit of both. And today, I mean this weekends... it would be free colours, as long as it portrays either the angel or the demon!

Why do I have to starts my first shift with an extreme gesture?!! Ahhh, I would be making more fun of myself I think. As we can be as simple as we can but as extreme as we could!

I have decided yesterday's evening, that I am going to be a demon / devil! It's just because it is easier to find stuff. Haha... I got this devil horns headband! So, that would do. And I will be wearing red and black mixture of clothes. I think that would do fine. Do you think so too?

Take care everyone, and I will report back to you guys later on! Wish me luck!! ;)

*twirl devilishly*

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Good Omens?


I just finished my paper this morning, and it is the last paper for the year. Well, surprisingly it went well! I mean, it was supposed to be the most difficult paper among the other two, but... it was 'nicer' than I thought it would be! :) One good omen taken. Take note.

Then, right after the exam I went straight back home and on the way back home, I was fairly surprised to see how amazing the weather is, compared to the one before. So, it is good. Exam's done, amazing weather. Another good omen, I see? Take note.

I had this plan with my friend, Nadia that we will have a late lunch together today, as she is on her holidays and I am already done with the papers. So, I was preparing the meal to be brought to her place, and all seems good. On time, well-organised, not a mess. Uh, should I mention this? Perhaps, a good omen? Take note.

Weather was being a bit horrible, and I was a little bit disappointed, but not for long as the sun shoved away the dark clouds, and back to the sunny day again! Phew, quite a good omen, I suppose?

Relieved, happy that no more exams and everything seems to be on the right track, smiley face, content heart, cheerful... hmm, so that is amazing isn't it? Aah... not just yet.

Relaxed, then the phone rang, and it is a call from... THEM! The soap shop!!! It's in fact, another good news!!! I GOT THE JOB!!! I ACTUALLY GOT THE JOB!!!! *twirl happily*

So, that explained all the good omens I have been receiving! *wink*

Happy Thursday everyone, and of course... HAPPY TWIRLING! *grins*

Freaking Out

Hi. Tomorrow is the last day of exam, and now I am actually freaking out!! It is... as usual the morning exam! And worst, it is the most difficult subject of all the three subjects I have to sit for an exam! It is the Financial Management, and seriously... it is horrible!! It is something got to do with Stock Inventory, Dividends, Stock Turnover Period, Working Capital Cycle, etc.

Basically, it is the accounts subject with all the numbers and formulas! I am simply dead! Dead, I mean it!! *nervous*

And we have about six topics to discovered, and I know I did it before. I went to classes, I did. It is all seems to be out of place now. No possibilities that I can get through with this tomorrow. I don't think so! How could this be so hopeless? Oh my...

It is already half eight and I don't think I have enough time to do all at once. I did revised most of it, but still... I feel soooooo hopeless! Darn it.

Oh, by the way... I rang the shop this morning, but the manager said she'll ring me after half an hour... but never received any. I guess it will be tomorrow then. Ah, it really doesn't matter at this stake. I am far more concerned about the paper tomorrow. I really do.

Solution? I think, as always... I will be hitting the sack by two in the morning, and wake up tomorrow at half six. As always. Then, just cross my fingers, and hope for the best! That is all that I can do now isn't it?

Well, talk soon and cheers! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Restless, Tired & Sleepy...

Hey. So, I did went to exam today, and as to answer daddy's question, I did wake up early. In fact, I woke up at six in the morning to do a bit of studying! :)

Well, it went okay. But as always, I was blank for one of the sub-question, which is quite common event for me. Haha... The topic that I decided not to study, came out!! How could that possibly be? It was not a favourite question at all! I should stop predicting what is coming out I think! Haha... So much of being a psychic, eh?

And just after I came back, I feel so tired and restless! Might be because of the stress in the exam hall! And oh, I bang my left hand on a cabinet on the way up to my room! As always, again... clumsy me! Haha...

Well, I am up and awake now. I might do a bit of studying then sleep before I wake up early tomorrow for an early studying session!

On the other hand, for the job thingy... I got a missed call from the shop when I was deep asleep this evening, and they left me a voice mail asking for me to give them a ring! I wonder what is it all about? Will I get the job or will I not? Have no idea at all! And...

to be honest, I could not care less. I mean, yeah. I am looking for a job, but if this time they said they are not happy with my trial on last weekend, so be it. And... that was it. :)

Oh, I did ring them back but at half six, no one answer my call already! Haha...

Well, talk to you soon then. Good night! xxx

Monday, May 18, 2009

Study Is Just Not The Thing For Today

It is half nine-ish. And I am still here, just had my coffee and stare at the blank page of a notebook, trying to figure out why the HELL is it so difficult to start studying!! The second exam is tomorrow morning at half nine, and I could not even afford to start looking at the notes!! This is absurd!!

Usually, I will have the urge to study already by now. But then again, today it is all seems to be messed up. And I am doomed, to be honest! I am... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

So, how possibly can I do this??? Why do I have to feel 'blueeeeeeeehhhhhhh' whenever I thought about studying? Haha... Weird isn't it?

Help me out!!!!

Later! :) xxx

*twirl nervously*

Sunday, May 17, 2009

So, It Is?

So, here I am... waking up so early on Sunday morning?! Haha... I woke up at half eight, and I can't even get back to sleep. Sigh. Well... half of the percentage, might be because I went to bed quite early and the other half might be because I was too tired from the four hours trial shift?

Hmm, speaking of the four hours trial shift, it is kind of strange. I mean, I used to love the shop's smell. However, after standing in the shop for a consecutive of four hours shift, it was... somehow, strange? I mean, I feel a bit sick? Too strong smell that I can't even say what it is! I mean, it was okay at the start, but when I got home... my hair, clothes, skirts, socks... all smells the same! Really strong-but-nice kind of smell. That... it also makes me dizzy a bit. As if I am going to puke any minute soon! Haha... Oh, I think the word is nausea?
And I have another four hours to go today, and I wonder how it would be then? Would they let me know if I got the job by today or I have to wait another few weeks until they decided to tell me? No idea!

And how many days (say, if I got the job...) will I be taken into consideration to work with them or how many hours per day... none that I know. And I also don't know when will I get to know all these. So, cross my fingers and hope for the best I hope.

Studying? To be honest, I am in a vague position at the moment. Or should I say, still in my own confused-lalala-land? I have all the notes for both papers, which is for next week exams. But I have no clue where to start. And I hope after today's shift, I will start (I mean, seriously... start to read!) and just hope for the best for the both papers next week! :)

Well, that is it for today. I have nothing else to say. I have another hour and a half to just do nothing until I have to go to work. Wish me luck and just hope for the best. I really hope that they tell me right there and then after today's shift, so I don't really have to worry about the job all week! :)

Take care and see you soon!! (Bad, bad weather today somehow which, obviously not helping me at all! Sigh!!).

Saturday, May 16, 2009


So, it is already Friday? Again?? Time passed by so quickly nowadays, isn't it? And is it a good thing or a bad thing? Well... it depends!

As in for me now, I don't think it does me any good at all. Especially, NOW! I mean, I am in my exam week at the moment, so... it is so obvious that when the time passed by sooo extremely quick, it just bothers you now and again, as if you do not have enough time to study. At all. But that is, as if I am studying so hard... Haha...

But still... it is true though. Okay... first, I know I don't really pull it off like I should have. But then again, with no interest in opening the book or notes, and the fact to have the possible interest to succumb your brain cells with the idiotic terms of finance and stuff... for the exam... it makes life much more harder than it was already is! (Confusing sentence I have ever made these past few days!! Haha...)

Well, I guess I better start it tonight. I have to. Next exam would be on Tuesday, and the last one would be on Thursday. So, better catch up with the stuff to be read!

Oh, nearly forgot the most important stuff!! I am working tomorrow for four hours, and the first time after hmm... let's see. After two and a half months... I am going to earn money again!! Yayyyy!!!

Okay, talk soon and wish me luck. For both, work and exam!

Cheers!! xxx

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Potatoes & Sheep

Oh, forgot about this. Do you know how much I am fond and "appreciate" POTATOES?? :)

Remember my post before, called Hot Potato Flying? You can click the title if you want to see the previous post, that I am talking about! :) Trust me, it will make you day, if you are crazy about them as I am! :)

Well, I just found out on the telly, there is a new ad with potatoes involved!! :) :) :)

Here goes!!

Aaahhh, I accidentally saw this ad!! More potatoes!!! Singing potatoes!!! Haha...

And I LOOOOOVEEEEE sheep!! I can go crazy looking at a herd of sheep! :) You can actually asked my boyfriend, when we was on the way over to his parent's house in Laois, we passed through huge lands and fields, and there were many sheep!!! :) I just go crazy!! I mean, realllllyyyy craaaazzzzyyy!! And this ad cheer me up, everytime I see it!

Enjoy!! :)

Tadaaa Dummm Dummm!!

Hey there. Well, so okay. Here goes... There is a lot to tell in here. Hmm, should I start?

First, remember the job interview that I went to, with the crazy, outrageous cover letter that I have sent to them earlier on? The post for a part time sales assistant? And I failed, and they rang me and told me that I didn't get the job? Well, on Saturday midday, I got a call. And guess who? It is the same shop!! To shorten the story, the are looking to employ more people, and apparently they are wondering if I am interested. :) So, of course I said I am. And they are holding another trial thing in the shop, but instead of just an hour, they want me to have the trial aka training, on this coming Saturday and Sunday for four hours each day!!! And to topping up the cream, they are going to pay me for that trial training thingy!! Yayyy!! :) So, that is one of the newsflash!

Second, I am on the peak of bursting into tears!! My exams are just around the corner, and my first paper will be on this Wednesday!! Pain in the arse, isn't it? To make it worst, the first paper is Construction Economics!! The worst subject ever!! I mean, it might not be that difficult to some, but to me, it is the best worst subject that I could ever asked for! I am dying, I know I am... Dying, dying, dying, dying....tuuuttt! Haha...

Oh, actually... that is the only news that I have. It doesn't seems to be that many isn't it? What was I thinking? Dope!! Silly me... Uhh, maybe the pressure... uh, maybe it was just me... Maybe... uhuh, okay. I'll stop now. Haha... :)


Friday, May 8, 2009

Thursday Tale!

Hi all! :)

Well, there is too many dramas happened in my life within a week duration! Crazy!! Completely. Okay, so here it goes...

I have been so pissed off with the Social Welfare office at the moment! They have been suspended my money for three consecutive weeks, with the reason, I have not notify them about my changing of address! Are they for real??? I have been there three times! Three times, with all the related documents, and every single time... I heard them telling me, "...everything is grand! The money will be in next week, as this is straight forward case... so, it is all done!". Yeah right! Not at all. The same conversation has been hummed in my ears, all these while.

Then, next thing was the college assignment. Thank God! I managed to finish it all off last night, and it is all done and submitted! Yayy!! :) There were six questions, where I thought I only have to answer four (as notified earlier), just to find out that all six need to be answered! Thank God I managed, somehow. So, it is all done and I am quite happy. Only the exams of three papers to go. Yayy!! :)

The fall? Well, there is still a bit of pain. But I think it will be gone quickly. I hope. Anyway, since then I am so afraid of any slippery floors or things like that... The fall really open my eyes to slippery floors in a different opinions! Haha...

Okay, so that was it for today. I am too tired for staying up completing the law thingy. But then again, at least I am free now and I think I need some relaxation time. :) Probably some dvds or anything on telly. Well, see you guys then! :) *twirl*

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pain In The Arse!

I have an extremely pain in my arse!!

Okay, so it is not a good opening sentence for a post. But, I don't care! Haha... I mean, this is what I am going to actually write about! It is. :)

Last night, I went to a friend's house, as she is having a birthday party of her own. So, we went there. And it was such a good night, I mean... I got the chance to see most of my friends there. So, it was brilliant.

Then, as the normal birthday party, there will always be a cake-fight-sort-of-thing... And, at first I thought I was safe enough, as I stood quite far from the cake-war crowd, but then at the end, they managed to get my face slapped with creams too! Haha... so much of the effort, trying to stay away from them ones! :)

Everything went well, until at one time, I got really sick. It was strange though. I mean, I used to go out and doing more than just a birthday party. I used to really stayed up and drinking and I am still fine. But then again, probably it has been a while since I have done any of this nowadays, I got really really sick. But that is still fine. I mean, it is normal to sometimes to get sick.

So, we decided to go and get some air in the back door... through the kitchen. So, I went there first. And, I don't really remember what happened, but what I really noticed, its just that I am already on the kitchen floor, on my butt!! I had a serious, hard drop fall!! And it was really sore. So, so and so extremely painful!! I fell on the kitchen floor!! It was so slippery, and I have no clue beforehand, as I stepped into the kitchen, and ... BAM!!!

So, at the end, with me being sick... plus the fall incident, there is no other things that I favour the most, but to go home and sleep. Thank God I have my boyfriend with me, and then he brought me home and said bye to all on my behalf, as I was actually sitting on the staircase, just wanting to go home. It was really sore, and I am not really in the mood of partying anymore...

And now, I am sitting in my arse, still feeling the soreness, and I wonder is it, by any chance affecting my tail bone? Should I really go to the hospital and have it checked? But now, it's not just the arse that is so painful, but the whole body itself is sore. God... Will I always be as clumsy as I am, all the time? Sigh.

It is sore, really, really SORE!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

So, It Is Friday Again!

It is Friday!! :) Supposed to be my favourite day, when I was still working before. I always, and always feeling so energetic and fully charged, when it comes to Friday. Friday is when I am happily smiling, and humming to myself, as if it is the most happiest day in my life, even though if I was given a workload, that if it was given on any other day, I would sigh so hard. That is how much I appreciate Friday so much, before...

But today? Well, it just seems like any other day to me now. It's Friday, so? I will still be at home like any other day, when I sighing and wondering, when will I be called for an interview, and... if I am lucky enough, I will be getting a new job, something for me to look forward to.

However, I am not going to splish splash some miserable post in here, as it was so, so sunny at the moment, and... I managed to wash my sheets, etc. and hang it outside! If you know how exactly the weather supposed to be in Ireland, then you know how much I really appreciate the sun, once in a while when 'he' decided to pop out to cheer people like me! :)

What am I going to do for the rest of the day today? I have no clue, no idea and no plan at the moment. It is Friday anyway. Haha... And I just cleaned up my room, and sursprisingly I hoovered the whole house (including my room, obviously as that was the main point the hoover come out from the garage!), feel fresh, and I might get something to eat. It is already 4pm and I haven't eaten any single thing yet! Haha... Probably, 'lazying' in the sitting room with something to watch on telly? We'll see. I might pop in tonight to give the update? :)

Well then, that is it for now. I guess, I will talk to you soon! Tata for now! *twirl*

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dreadful, Annoying Dot

It is such a lovely day. :) And I am just sitting home, and a BIG no, no to studying today. I have been staying up last night until half four just flipping through my college notes, and oh well... I thought, at least I did some studying going on! So, well done 'me'! Haha...

I just remembered what I wanted to post yesterday!! It was about a pimple!! I got an annoying pimple just below my nose, in between the nose and the upper lips! It is the most irritating pimple you could have ever seen! Haha...

And worst, it's the big, painful with white slob, or was it greenish kind of thing? Well, the bottom line is, it is horrible. Or should I say, it was?

I think it popped out this morning, while I was taking my mid-morning shower! But then again, the pain is still there, which I thought it would be gone when it popped? Oh, it is just bothering me loads! Too much! (I know, I know... I am being a drama queen! As always...)

Well, that is it for now. I am just here, in the sitting room, relaxing away... But got tired sitting here already, might go upstairs, and ready for another Mario Kart session with my Wii. :)

Okay then, I guess I will continue later on? I will, I think... Hmm..

Have a nice day, people... and tata for now. xxx *twirl*

Whoopsie, What Was It I'm Going To Say Again?

So, here I am. I just finished watching football, Man U vs. Arsenal! Such a good game though.

Oh, I know, I know. It sounded so weird, when it is me who is talking about football... But, I just got so attached to it recently. It was really an accident. :)

There was this one day, I was at my boyfriend's house, and he was busy talking to his friends, and I am too bored to listen at them. After all, it is a guy-talk, which somehow spells as 'BORING'! So then, the tv is on. And there was a football match on, but I can't remember what match was that, but I know it was Man U vs. Fulham. I think it's the Premier League? Well, anyway... it was an active game, and Man U played so well.

Oh okay, I hated football before. I remembered, when I saw my brother was too attached with the tv when the football is on, I always, always and always tell him to "...get a life!!". But then, the game that I watched that day, was an amazing game. Then, suddenly... without thinking, or should I say, I was thinking out loud...? I was basically saying something like... "ah, they are brilliant. I think I like Manchester United!!"

And of course, Mr. Boyfriend over there heard me talking, and he just quoted me back. Haha... and since then, I am 'accidentally attached' to Man U! :)

Ah, you know what...? I am actually forgetting the main thing that I want to say here. Ah well... it always happened. :) Oh God, I actually, truly forgot! Short term memory loss! Haha... probably, next chapter would be it. Therefore, I shall say good night now, and see you soon! *hugs* & *twirl*

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