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Friday, October 23, 2009

Food Photos!

Hello! :) I am still sick. Been coughing all day, err... nope. Not really all day, but it gets worst in the wee morning! Even though when I am already asleep! The cough would eventually wake me up from my sleep!! Which, I found it sooo extremely annoying! It is.

Anyway, just dropping in here to show you some of the food photos that I managed to capture! It is all the food made by my housemate, and my cooking too! :)

Here is the link for the photos! Have fun, people!!

Talk soon!


Sunday, October 18, 2009


It is Sunday. :) Bliss. Even though I have few assignments piled up on the table. Sigh. At least, it is Sunday and it is a day to sit at home and be cosy as cosy as you can be. Me thinks! :)

I have progressed at least, the Thesis Proposal that I need to submit in another two weeks. Apparently the lecturer was being kind enough to let us have an extra week for the submission, and that means "Hooray!!". :) It means a lot, really!

And at the same time, there is this group project for another subject, and it is just so difficult as it is a group project. I don't know why, but I guess it is just me, finding it so difficult when assigned a group work instead of just on your own. Sigh. Worst, it seems so difficult to keep in contact with the group members as to know how is the progress work they have made! And it matters to me, as it is a group project. So, it's kind of shit, really!

Oh, I still have the cough even though I did drink up all the cough syrups every seconds! Haha... It seems to get better, then worst... and get better again. I don't know. It is quite confusing. Maybe the body just decided to play mind games, whether to get sick or to get better! Haha...

I have to get back to my studying now, but would like to wish all of you, Happy Sunday Day! :)


P/S: I just hooked myself up with Twitter now!! I know, some people might think that it's a weird application, but I think it's fun to tweet!! Just like a hummingbird! ;)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flying High

Hello! :) So, I am not into blabbing in here lately. It is just that, I was too occupied doing, basically nothing. Nothing, doesn't mean that I was practically flapping myself doing absolutely nothing, just that doing bits and pieces with work and college, and it accumulated to just being nothing really that important, but time just passed so quickly! And GONE.

Plus, I just got a little "under the weather" condition these past few days. Not that I am unhappy or anything, just that I think I got infected with the bug that has been in the air lately. Everyone in the shop seems to be getting sick with flu and cold, and I think I am starting to get them as well. At the moment, I am gulping on the cough syrup merrily!! Haha... it seems like an important liquid that I have been consumed this past few days.

It says on the box, "...non-drowsy bla bla bla..." but as what I have been experiencing these few days, I think it was just a matter of putting the sentence on that box so that it can be sold without having any prescription, because as far as I can tell... I am sooo high above the sky! Haha... (sorry, too much cough syrup, I guess... ;) )

Well, and at the same time, I am struggling on the submission for the college work too! I have to submit my thesis proposal, supposedly next week, but somehow the lecturer extended it to the other week after that, which is on the 28th October 2009. So, two weeks to go! Yayy! And I have another of this, group project thingy, that ought to be submitted (first draft), by the end of November... means, many many weeks to go, so bless him! Haha... :)

Apart from that boring news, I am okay... :) So, I have to go back to studying now. Or more like, researching? I am trying to concentrate on the thesis work now, but somehow the cough syrup just made me so happy and giddy! Got so distracted so easily from the thick, boring report that I should be having my eyes on, over the past few hours! Sigh.

Talk later, and have a good night! xoxo

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Snap, Snap!!

Hey all!! Just a quick post. I got some photos taken today right after classes in college. Here is the link. It is not that good, but I am happy that I went there to snap some photos! So, have fun viewing!!

I am too busy today, I have to start on my thesis proposal, (for college) which I only have two weeks to submit!!! So, talk soon!! Millions apology! :)


Monday, October 5, 2009

Ecstatically Happy

Hey all!! :)

I am so sorry, was just too busy these past few days. Been working, college and today, even though I have my off day, I (at last!!) went to IKEA and I got my study table!! Plus, I also got myself few other stuff, like the shoe rack, pink lamp shade, study lamp, waste basket, etc. :) And somehow, I cleaned my room and with the existence of the new study table, I am actually quite excited and looking forward to study for college! Haha... God, looks at how new stuff made me want to do something that I really despise and of course, simply made me the happiest person on earth! I am easily amazed and amused, remember? ;)

Yup! And with the new furniture in the room too... I made a slightly change to the room layout, and with the make over, I think I am starting to be happy as I was before. As I said, I am ecstatically happy at the moment! ;)

Oh, before I forgot, I also enter this photography competition... (even though I am crap and can only called myself as an amateur in photography, BUT... I do think I took nice photos... Haha....) so, here is the thing that I put those photos in... as they said.

"Hello, I've just entered the Metro Global Photo Challenge competition. Here are my photos at: HERE IS THE LINK. I'll be grateful for your comments".

So, feel free to drop in, and leave nice / nasty comments about it. I am happy for either or. :)

Okay, talk soon people. Good night.

P/S: Wrecked already with all the fixings and asembling stuff. :(

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