Tick Tock Tick Tockk!!

Monday, December 31, 2007

A Holiday Fling Or More Than That?

Hi. I am back in Barcelona. And, few more hours before going to the airport and fly back to Dublin. It was such a nice city. I mean, Valencia. And, now back in Barcelona, it felt weird to leave. How impossible a situation can be?

Things are going well. I left my luggage at the Italian´s guy working place. And as bummer as it can be, he is working today. Sigh.

So, here I am wandering alone, in Barcelona city when suddenly I thought a drop by at any internet cafe would be a descent idea. So, here I am.

I can´t say anything. As I don´t really know like what to say. Oh gosh!! I think I like this chap! Madness. As nothing will eventually be better. Like, there is no way things are going far than what we had. It will be finished soon, and I should accept this fact. Sigh. Impossible.

Boh. No idea. Confused. Probably, a stroll in La Ramblas, will eventually ´repair´my thinking.

Was it just a holiday fling or it is more than that?????

Pit Stop

I am here. 18:36 and in one of the Internet cafe in Valencia. In front of the famous Bull Ring in Valencia, next to the train station called Nord Estacio. I think the meaning is, The North Station. *wink*

Tomorrow, I will be having the first train to Barcelona (back again, for few hours) at 11.15 am, before heading to the airport as my flight will be at 9.00 pm. And, most probably my new year will be on the plane itself. How ironic.

So many things happened in Barcelona, and not so many things happened in Valencia. (Of course, I only have one day, to be exact in Valencia though...).

I have met this person in Barcelona, but nothing will ever happen of course. It´s more like a holiday fling. I think. What do you think? Oh, and it is so ironic. Want to know why? I am in Spain, (Barcelona is Spain, yeah?), but this person is Italian. *giggles*

It´s outrageous!! I like!! But again, holiday fling, of course!! *another wink*

I will have the chance to meet this person, tomorrow in Barcelona for approximately 4 hours, before I go to the airport. How would it be? I have no idea. But, I am loving the fact that I am crazy!!! Yayyy!!! What is your opinion about it? Let me know!! *wink and more winks*

P/S: I know this is more like a love story of mine, or maybe holiday fling shoutout, and nothing on the trips. But this is me, anyway... *wink* The story about my journey and trips in Barcelona and Valencia, coming soon! I need to upload the pics and I let you know how it goes.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Plan´s Changed?

Hey people. It´s late at night. And I can´t sleep.

It is about my trip. I have a huge problem, actually. I don´t have accomodation to book in Valencia. I tried to call every hostels and even hotels that they have in that Valencia city and it seems that none of them is available for the dates that I am going. *sigh*

Most probably. the solution would be, staying in Barcelona until the 31st of December. Whatever the way is, I don´t think it´s a bugger if I ought to stay in Barcelona for few more days. *wink*

Barcelona is so nice. I like it here. Oh, I thought of going to Lisbon instead. But, I have not do any research on that yet. Most probably, I don´t know. Still vague about it. *wondering*

Uhuhh... on the day that I was supposed to go to the airport to get a flight to Barcelona from Dublin. It was dreadful. I had to walk for about an hour to get a taxi on the street. The road was empty. Dublin was dead!

But it was cool though. As I managed to get to the airport on time. Just few minutes late. But, after checking in, I had another forty five minutes to wander along all the way in the tiny little airport of Dublin. *another wink*

Uhuhh... one more thing. My bag, when I put that on the weigh, it is only four kilos!!! I told you I had little things. That makes me wonder. Even the girl at the counter asked me about it. *giggles*

Okay, got to do some winky nap now. Long day tomorrow. *double twirl with kisses*

P/S: uhhhuhh... I was on ´sangria´ last night! I won´t be near, ever... to sangria again!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hello From Barcelona!!

Hi to all. Updating from Barcelona. *wink*

I am all good. It is indeed such a beautiful city itself. Gorgeous!! And I hop in the bus tours, going places that I thought I wouldn´t even dare to go there alone, but with the existence of the tour bus that they have, I went to all places!! And, Gaudi... Antonio Gaudi, the famous architect.... his work is magnificent!! I think I am in love with him?!! *another wink*

I am off to another bus tour line. To check other things! Oh, and the shops are open today. So, I think a shopping spree for me, maybe? We´ll see how?!!

I will update more okay? Thank you for those who has been leaving comment and probably voting me in? Million of apology for not replying. I have limitation on time to blog and to be online. So, please do keep in touch! Tata!!! *Spanish twirl??*

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Christmas Song...

It is about few more hours to go before I will be on that plane to Barcelona. My prime trip alone to somewhere else than Dublin. I feel everything. Excited (the most!!), worried, happy, curious, nervous and few more. This is something, a plan, that come out spontaneously. And I still can't believe it that I actually made it. (At least the part of purchasing the tickets, booking the accomodation and checking my way through to go to Valencia from Barcelona - I haven't bought the train ticket yet as the website doesn't actually tell you how to purchased the ticket. Probably I have to check the train station itself once I got myself to Barcelona).

Here, I am sitting on a couch in my living room and thinking. Actually, I have kind of a major problem with me now. A taxi to the airport. I have been calling basically all the taxi centre located in Dublin to book a taxi to go to the airport next morning, and it is totally dissapointed. No taxi available at this moment, and no pre-book can be made!!

It's horrible. I am thinking my way out of here. Does that mean I should have to walk to the airport? That is simply outrageous. Impossible!! Usually, the trip by bus will take about half and hour to forty five minutes. And taxi, would be about less the time. But still... walking?! Not even a suggestion!!

Oh, you will surely wondering why the heck don't I want to take a bus instead of a taxi? That is another problem I am having here. Bus is not going to start until 7 in the morning. Bus schedule (since it's only 26th December - people are still in Christmas mode), is actually based on the Sunday time schedule. That is why.

Probably, I think I will have to cross my finger and wish for the best tomorrow morning, to get a taxi on the road. What a gamble! I hope I 'win' this time! *lucky wink*

Everything is packed. And, I have another problem. A tiny one. I was thinking, why my bag seems to be so light?! I did asked my friend about it, and she said, if it's light, then it is light. As I will be topping up the content when I come back from Barcelona?! *giggles*

Uhuhhh... the shopping! I just can't wait. People keep on telling me the best of shopping in Barcelona. The uniqueness of spending your money bluntly in the city, without even noticing it. I loooove shopping too much, as I think I will be having so much fun with this time vacation! *another lucky wink*

Before I shut my mouth up, I would like to share you what happened during Christmas in Dublin. Most probably, this is what happened to in another European countries. On the 24th December, the Christmas Eve, most of the shops closed early. I pressumed, simply because family are gathered together to eat in a 
family-like. The togetherness. 

So, basically what I did is I bought my groceries, some of 'em to
keep me alive with descent food as on Christmas Day all shops will be shut.
It was rather a quiet night, I must say (Darn quiet for me alright, as both of my housemates, went back to their brother's house, and I was left alone in the house). *sad look*

Oh, and the bus services ended up early, as soon as 9 at night. So, it is a quiet night.

On Christmas Day itself (which is today), the road is as empty as the forest. I peeked from my balcony 
and what I saw is just an empty four lanes road. And it was a cold night. All shops are closed. No cars on the road. Dublin is completely 
shut down!! 

It is rather depressing, alright. Oh, and my housemates are still at their brother's house. So, here I am. Alone still, in the house, flicking through all the tv channels that Sky Tv provide.

Friends, The Holiday, SpongeBob Squarepants and such. I am still thinking how can I go to the airport in few more hours. Should I rather gamble and walk ahead to find a taxi on the road at 4 in the morning?

My flight is at 7.10am. And I should be there by 5 in the morning. I will have to have all the best of luck with me on this one. *hoping looks*

So, that's it for now. Most probably, this is the last post from me, until I have a chance to write/update you guys from Barcelona (if I manage!!). Wish me loads of luck and I'll be posting again soon. Or, maybe I will before I leave the house later? *wondering*

Take care and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you, Merry Christmas and hope you had an enjoyable one!! Cheers!! *minimum twirl with excitement*

Monday, December 24, 2007

More Research, Perhaps?

I am so excited about my Christmas vacation to Barcelona soon! I will be going on the 26th December and coming back on the 31st December. So, it's about a week in Spain. *wink*

I had so many responds about this trip. And, there is this one person, actually said the thing that I am going there by myself, shows that how depressing a person one could be. In a way, this person was saying that I am one depressing creature! ***hole!

Anyway, I have booked the hostel that I am going to stay in days before. And I am so glad I did it earlier. It is simply because, I was browsing through the hostel website and it seems most of the good rated hostels are fully booked. Lucky me! I have booked Downtown Paraiso Hostel, and as according to the information obtained, it seems to be so close to La Rambla (this is where basically the main road of shopping location and most of the attraction of needs in Barcelona - I suppose).

I booked for three nights, as I am planning to catch a train to Valencia on the 29th December. However, I am still vague about the train timetable as most of the website is in Spanish, but I think I will have to figure out something soon. In the meantime, I have this information in RENFE website. It's a Spain train schedule website. But, I still have not purchase any train ticket as yet. Surprisingly, the price is reasonable. And I am loving it! *wink*

I still have this confusion how long should I stay in Valencia though. I am doing my research quite well. I supposed, well enough, better than my Polo Mints research! *wink*

I will come back with the more precise details of what is it to be like. *double wink*
More research needs to be done! I just can't wait! Yayyy!! *minimum twirl*

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Brand New Look! :)

I am happy! :)

As advised, I twirl to the minimum limit given. And, today I had myself a new look! At first, I didn't even thought of having any major changes, but at the end of the day, there you go! A brand new look!

Above, is the new look of me!! I thought a fringe and a trim cut wouldn't give much difference, but uhuhhh... I think I do look different!

What do you think? *minimum twirl*

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tickie Tockk! ;)

I was at home. Still shocked about the sick plus hospital dreadful waiting hours thingy...

Anyhow, I am still looking forward for my holidays vacation next Wednesday. Can't wait! But, as been advised by DaddyP and 70steen, yeah... I keep my twirling to the minimum of a reach. To maintain good health so I am up for the trip soon. Oh yeah, and to eat sensible foods and relax... I will indeed. :) Thank you.

Anyway, I had myself a backpack. A travellers backpack. As advised by sexyinred, I bought a Berghaus backpack, of 30litres plus 6 extra litres (don't ask me how it is like, the extra 6 litres. I have no idea!). And, ooh... even though I am a bit sick, the festive season seems to cheer me up a bit. I got myself two pairs of Nike sneakers! I like! Oohhh... :)

And, those are sorts of like a Christmas present, actually presents... for me! And, I need to find one sling bag (to shop in Barcelona, to museums and parks...), and also hoodies, or new jumper. I wouldn't bring to much stuff, as my friend told me that I will be shopping like mad over there! Yayyyy!!

So, I am counting the days for my trip! Now, I am off to bed. I didn't go out tonight though. A bit tired, and perhaps a relaxing moment will be a good idea at this moment! No party for me, at least I think it's the best. A good health to accompany me to Barcelona is a very good idea! ;)

Good night!

PS: Sorry, no pics for the shoes. I couldn't find it on the web. :)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Tummy Ulcer? :(

I was in St. James Hospital for 8 hours. :(

I didn't go to work today. At first, in the morning, I felt so bad in the tummy. Not the diarrhoea thingy, but more like sharp pain in the stomach. So, I called the office, and I told them I will be in after lunch. So, I did continue my sleep. As I don't feel that much comfort to stay awake and go to the office, as yet.

Then, at 11 I woke up, and shower and prepare myself to go to the office. I felt a bit better, so I guess it was the normal tummy pain, that I usually get once in a while when I have my period (even though it's not yet my period time).

After, I went downstairs and suddenly I feel that I need to get a taxi instead of walking to the office. As I don't feel so healthy at that moment. I hailed a taxi, and I got one. Due to Christmas season, the traffic was really bad, and I was still in the taxi while the wind breeze through the window. It was cold, alright... just like any other winter day.

But, out of sudden, I felt the sharp pain in the tummy. And eventually, it makes me sweat all over, like as if it was so hot outside. I was panicking! And the pain in the tummy was really bad, that the best I could do is holding my tummy so hard to soothen the situation. The sweat was getting worst! And I feel like fainting!! A bit dizzy now and then.

I then, asked the taxi driver to change the direction to go to the nearest clinic instead. He was looking at me and asked me what happened (after he looked at me and saw me sweating crazily!). Then, after we went to few clinic, I asked him to go to my regular ones. In the clinic, the doctor checked me,  and soon gave me a reference letter to the hospital. She said, suspected I have whether appendix, kidney infection, ovary infection or maybe tummy ulcers. Couldn't really tell the thing as yet. Need further checking.

So, I went to the hospital, and the waiting was dreadful. They took my urine, and I had to wait for 8 hours, before a doctor is actually examine me. Dreadful! And, I was in so much pain!! Have to say that the medical services in Dublin is horrible. What if I am about to die? I will definitely die in the hospital before any doctor attend me... Sigh.

And after the long hours of waiting, a doctor attended me. She's a very nice doctor! Miss Allison. After few checkings done thoroughly, we found out that I have a TUMMY ULCER!! :(

And she gave me a prescription of some medicines for a week, a 4 days off (even tho' tomorrow is my last day working...) and a letter to my GP. And she said, if after a week it is still not okay, I will have to come back to the hospital (hopefully, minus the dreadful waiting!!), and a camera will be inserted in my tummy, and soon an operation needs to be done! I hope I will be okay by then. Wish me loads of luck!

Oh, and by the way... she said the cause of my tummy ulcer, mainly is because not eating meals on time (unregularly...) and stress!! Not eating regularly? Yeah, probably because of the extra hours of working... and the stress too! And she said that I have to drink milk more, like basically 5 mugs a day... ;)

That's it for now. To most of the readers, thanks for stopping by, and I am really sorry for the absent from fueling and leaving comments. Was too busy at work, and now I am too sick. More bad things for me. :(

Good nite! *twirl but a bit pain in the tummy*

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Recognition... Thank You! :)

I am so thrilled! I got an award! But, that was last night.

I came back home late last night. Was in the office, until quarter past ten. Few submissions for today's afternoon meeting that my boss had to present. I was being a total head-wrecker. Somehow, there are more than few amendments need to be done. It was horrible.

Plus, I walked back home, in the cold night. And, of course being so HUNGRY! I came back and cooked!! At half eleven, probably. I couldn't remember though.

Then, after finished eating my so-called meal, I (as usual), checked my mail. There it was!! An award for me. It's very rare for me to achieve any award in my entire life.

I was awarded BLOG OF THE DAY! How awesome?!!! *wink & twirl*

It was cool though. Thanks to FUELMYBLOG! You guys are amazing!! And those thoughtful people who has been voted for me ever since, thank you so much. I really appreciate all the things that you guys did!! Really!!

And, here... in my post, I posted my award. Thanks!!

P/S: Uhuh... can't wait for my alone-vacation soon, even though I do feel a bit worried though... :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Vacation! ;)

I made a crazy decision!! And, actually it is not even a decision, now it is confirmed!!

I was thinking where should I go for Christmas, long long holidays of mine. As I stated before, I would go to Munich, to play with snow, and probably will have angel snow all over the place where it's snowing... But, too afraid not knowing of how to speak in German, I cancelled.

But, last weekend... while I was busy checking mails and writing two posts in a day, I made my mind!! I plan, at that moment it was just a Simple Plan! I thought a week vacation to Spain would be nice. So... I checked the tickets, and I found it amusingly cheap!

So, (I guess you know already what's coming... *grin*), I bought the ticket!!!

I am going to Barcelona!!!!!! Yayyyy!! I'm going on the 26th of December, and coming back on the 31st December!! How class it is? Whoaaaaa!!! *full of excitement*
Err... but what you didn't know is that, I am going there alone. Completely alone, just by myself. *wink*

And, I was planning to go to Valencia too! I told my mom too, and as usual, she didn't actually shocked, since she knew if I want it, then I want it!

So, I am off to Barcelona soon, and Valencia too. I have no idea how would I survive over there, just by myself. But, stuck in Dublin and have no one around me too (as basically all of them is going away to their parents, since it's Christmas! - I have less Malaysian friends over here, instead I have more global friends... Sweedish, Italians, Spanish... so, none of them is available). Oh, noted that even my Spanish friends are not from Barcelona, and I don't want to disturb them with their family... But, I guess I will be fine. I just hope, though...

Now, I have purchased the flight tickets, but my problem now is the hostels... I have been searching here and there, and it surely gives me a headache. I am too scared to find which is the best option for me to take. Haish! Help me out here!

Okay, got to go and find more hostels available! Wish me loads of luck!! *wink*

P/S: Perhaps daddyP can give me the Wii and stop by in Spain to pass me the Wii? *giggles*

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Saturday :)

Blog-hopping and I saw this tag. Seems like a good tag game on Saturday morning. So, here I am. Thanks, e-Mocha! *wink*

-Do not copy answers.
-The tag questions must be 100% the same.
-List out 20 names.
-Tag people after doing it.

1. Lina
2. David
3. Fairy
4. Michi
5. Butterfly
6. Tajul
7. Marta
8. Alberto
9. Aisyah
10. Eisa
11. Alaina
12. DaddyP
13. 70steen
14. Kevin D
15. Sylvie
16. Ady
17. Nana
18. Ben
19. Linda
20. Mauricio

Start, start...

How do you know 14? Kevin D
- Uhuh... my blogsphere's friends! Just few months ago... He's awesome! *wink*

What would you do if you had never met 1? Lina
- Gosh! I will be so out of place in here, Dublin! Thank you so much babe for all these while! You're a star! ;)

What would you do if 9 and 20 dated you? Aisyah & Mauricio?
- Aisyah? A BIG NO, NO! She's my best friend and I wouldn't be a one way header, nope! *giggles* And, Mauricio? NOOOOOOO!!! Hahahaa... He's more like a brother. So, I'll have to pass! ;)

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple? Tajul & Nana?
- Hahaha... First, Tajul are married. And, he and Nana? Hmm... bad combo! Nope. I don't think so! *wink*

Do you think 8 is attractive? Alberto?
- Attractive? To others? Hmm... probably. Yeah. He'll get girls if he wants too. Yeah. :)

Do you know anything about 12’s family? DaddyP?
- Are you kidding me? I think I've known him for so long! *wink* He is an awesome father, with
a lovely goddess with her, cool kids... One of them, I think I know him quite better than the other one... Penfold and Tiggz... Hmm.. what else...? *smiling to daddyP*

Tell me something about 7. Marta?
-A sexy girl, from Poland. Really nice girl. And, uhuhh... we're twins from different fathers and mothers... ;) I love her to bits!  *kisses, shalona laska!*

What is 18’s favourite? Ben?
- Ben's favourite? This is hard. Last time, we were best friends, but fate brought us apart. :( But, I remembered the last time, he just love skateboarding! Back in our school-days! ;)

What language does 15 speak? Sylvie?
- She's from La Rochelle, so she speaks French, English... uhuhh, I don't know about others... But, this two languages, she's up to the top! ;)

Who is going out with 19? Linda?
- Hmm... let's see. Err... err... *I'm busted! Help me out Linda!!* *wink*

How old is 16 now? Ady?
- 24, I think... *wondering*

When was the last time you talked to 13? 70steen?
- Hmm... talking means up-front or what? As in for us, we 'talked', I think last nite, in our chatty room! ;)

Who is 2’s favourite singer? David.
- Uhuhhh... I'll try. I think he likes Laura Pausini too. Maybe... ;)

Would you date 4? Michi?!
- Oh God!! Of course, of course...of course!!! I would love to see some miracles. Uhuhh... the answer is YES, YES and YES!! ;)

Would you date 17? Nana?
- Hahaha... Nope! Are you out of your mind? She is a GIRL!

Is 15 single? Sylvie?
- NOPE! She's married to dear Kevin D! ;)

What is 10’s last name? Eisa?
- Rahman. Uhuh... this is easier! ;)

Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11? Alaina?
- Nope. First, she is a girl! Second, she's married! ;)

Which school does 3 go to? Fairy?
- Same school with me! We are from Melawati!! ;)

Where does 6 live? Tajul?
- Rathmines! ;) And in his own world of fishing kind of thing! He just looove fishing!

What is your favourite thing about 5? Butterfly?
- She is one nice girl I met here, probably a year or so ago... She rocks! I love her to bits! She's the best, who knows me, exactly know what I wants, what my thoughts is... It's just fantastic, brilliant to have her around, especially on our crazy weekends thingy!! I love you, butterfly!! ;)

OMG! I just love this game!! ;)
I don't want people to miss the fun, so I tag everyone!! I mean, EVERYONE!!! ;)

Have a wonderful weekends, everyone!! *kisses* 

All In Festive Moods

It is one cold Saturday morning, and what I did is, of course... visiting my regular blog-read. It was fun though as I stumbled accross 70steen post, I found this amusing website. Thank you 70steen! *wink and twirl*

It's a quizzes sorts of website. Like what is your elf's name, whether you are in the Nice List or the Naughty List (in Santa special list, of course... *wink*) and few of other nice-overwhelming-sorts-of-quiz! And I could not believe it, but I was hogging to the website for quite sometimes. *giggling*

Here is my findings:-

My Elf's Name - Dingy O'Leary

Christmas Naughty or Nice List - Nice List; 2526 nice entries, 394 naughty entries

Which Santa's Reindeer Are You - Comet; Like Comet you are always happy. Nothing seems to get you down and you can always put a smile on people's faces *wink*

What Part Of Christmas Are You - Christmas Candle

So, that is all about it! And, I am surely had fun with it. Once again, thank you so much 70steen! Somehow, you made my day!

Friday, December 14, 2007

I Love You, Mama... :)

I am so happy. I got a new piercing! *wink*

I called my mom, and told her about it happily. And, what my mom's respond was, laughing devilishly.... "Oh, my dear baby girl..."

That is what I got as well when I showed her my tongue piercing last three weeks! *wink* Even though, afterwards... as usual I got the long-never-ending lecture from her, of course!

That's what mom best at anyway!

To mama, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Thank you so much for loving me and accept for who and the way I live my life!! *kisses from far!*

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Shopping Spree!!!

I am all good! Been shopping myself as well, as busy as those busy-bees on street, busily preparing for Christmas even though it is only WEDNESDAY! *wink*

I bought a pair of shoes! Nice pair of shoes. Oooh... how I just love shoes! 70steen and nursemyra, you both should have a peek on this one particular shoes. I think it's simply gorgeous! *twirl in new pair of shoes*

Oh, before that... I bought a pair of jacket too! It's too nice not to bring home. *wink* I know it is actually not very appropriate to bought this jacket, as it was supposed to be cold in this winter time, especially in Dublin, but I think with the price, ohh, I think I will be so regret not to have that in my tiny collection of coats and jackets. *giggles*

So, that is how I spent my evening out with my dearest friend. It was good though, to be out shopping once in a while. Aah... how much I feel more relaxed and happy after my few hours of retail therapy session! I like!!
Good night to all, and have a pleasant dream! I love you all!! *kisses & twirl*

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One Rainy Day


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It was too tiring! Monday has always been a tiring day for me. Sigh. Outside, the rain is still tapping continuously!

"Oh God! It's still raining, and I have to be there in an hour and a half!"

Everything is perfectly fine with me and him now. At least, for now. And I hope for long. Perhaps, forever. Things have been completely out of hands. We agreed that there will be no more fights and stupid arguments, as those things lead us to nowhere, indeed. And, as in today, it is our first night (after the agreement), to go out for a descent meal and a movie afterwards. I am very looking forward for it. The feeling to be back to normal, where we were before, has always been my dreams. Maybe, eventually this ONE dream will come true. I hope...

I went into the bathroom, and I pull the tap on. I was still soaking wet from the heavy rain, on my way back home from the office earlier on. "I need a hot bath... before I get sick."

I went to the cabinet, and took Aroma Melts, a scented candle bought from Peter G Candles. It's palm wax holds fragrance differently than soy or any other wax typically used in aroma melts and wax potpourri. Locked deep in the palm crystals, unmelted tarts have a very subtle "cold throw" fragrance. Very refreshing and relaxing. "Just what I need."

After the bath tub is nearly fill up, I undress myself and I soak myself in the warm, fuzzy tub. It's refreshing. I feel so relaxed! I take the new loofah lather and Chocolate Mud soap that I bought recently in Tub Truffles. The yummy smells actually help me to relax more. I scrubbed off my body, and relax.

After spending some quiet moment and cleaning myself, I wrapped myself in towel and rush back into my room. I put on a pink jumper and a pair of jeans. Then, I put on some make-up and brush off my long lustrous hair. I looked in the mirror and I knew something is wrong.

"Oh, my lippy..."

I rushed to the table and I took my handbag. Trying to search for my lipgloss. I looked at my handbag. That is the handbag that he bought when we were in Indonesia last two months. It is the Laga Handbags. I always love this handbag, not just because it was a present from him, but then again, the handbag itself is purely beautiful! Plus, all Laga Handbags are handmade by women who survived the tsunami in Indonesia. Every bag sewn and sold brings hope for a better tomorrow.

I look at my watch. "Oh God! Another hour to go!"

I put on my lipgloss, and headed to the door.

"Oh my God!" The tree in front of my house had actually fallen down and blocked the path to the mainroad. And there is no way I can get into town, not at all!

"This is the end. He will definitely thought I made this up. This is definitely the end...," I am still thinking while my fingers are busy dialling his number on my mobile.

"Hello, err... Mike. I don't think I can make it. There's this tree falling down in front of my house, and there's no way.... Hello, hellooo!!"

"Shit!". He doesn't even listen to what I was saying. He already smacked down the phone. This is definitely the end to my pathetic love-life-wrecking relationship I am having now. I tried to call him several times, but I failed. Somehow, the phone connection is not helping at all.

I was stunned! I went back to the kitchen, and I boil the water. I cannot go anywhere, and now my relationship has ended. Just because of the stupid tree fell down.

I took a packet of Mad Crown Blend. A Colombian Coffee blend by The Mad Roaster. I made a cup, and I sipped slowly. "Nothing can be done. It is all wrecked! I am doomed!"

Tears beginning to slowly to stray down my face. "Everything in my life is too impossible to believe. Everything always went wrong with me... I am such a loser..."

But, suddenly...

"Knockk, knockkkkk!!!"

A loud knock sounded on my door. I was shocked. "Who would be here at this very minute, and when I am all sad and all by myself with a cup of coffee in my hand.... who would ever....?

"Lisaaaaa!!! Lisaaaa!!! Baby...."

I was stunned. Once again. But now... not because of the tree fallen down in front of my house that stop me from seeing Mike, but it is simply because it was Mike voice that I heard...

I put down my cup of coffee, and I ran to the door. I slowly open the door, and I can see Mike is all wet and completely drenched! He looked so cute, still!! *smiling*

I was speechless.

"Lisa, baby... I am so sorry. In the rain, I was thinking. And I think I am such a jerk all this while. In the rain, only I realized that you are my baby girl, and you are the one who I want to spend my life with... I am so sorry for what I did before, and I will promise you that I will never do that again and I will promise you that I will love you now, then and forever... I am so sorry, baby...."

I am still speechless. At last, my prayers all this while have been answered. I was crying, and for the first time in my life, I feel so happy.

We hugged for so long...until...

"Baby, I have something for you too..." Mike went to his bag, and took out this small, cute little mittens and handed it to me.

"Always remember this, whenever you feel cold, and I am not around to hug and keep you warm, this mittens will keep you warm until I come to warm you up," and he smiled.

"A special present to starts our new-born relationship... And, always remember I love you always...," and he hugged me for quite sometimes.

That was how we started our new-journey relationship, and that was two years ago. Now, we are happily together, and I will always remember that one fine, Monday evening...


ure so ****ed up and ur grammar sucks! stupid malay gurl.. wake up!~

accept the fac that your grammar sucks big time and what a pathetic life and you sound like one naive pathetic malay girl!.. i

(I think she/he tried to write MORE, but there's not enough space. Hahahaha!)

(Malay - as I am Malaysian, so they called us Malay. In case, some of you don't know what that means...)

So, I am naive and pathetic? Then what?! Why bothers? *giggles*

To this particular person, a message for you:-

In Italian, "Ma che minchia?! Vaffanculo!! Fatti gli affari tuoi!!"

(I put that in Italian, as for your information, besides Malay language and English, I can speak Italian too! So, buzz off and live your life. Stop messing around!)

P/S: NM, special post for you! ;) *twirling*

Someone Hates Me!

I was away for quite sometimes!

And, suddenly... I checked my chat-box, there's this one particular person... I guess he/she must hate me so so much. He/she talked crap about me, complaining my grammar sucks, my life is pathetic (since I have tons of stories about my life-wrecking-love-life... but heck with it! It's my blog, and who he/she to talk anything about it?!) and to summarize that... it sorts of putting me so low, probably underneath anyone's shoes!

I wonder what he/she gains from what he/she did! Most probably his/her own satisfaction... Hmmm, probably.

First of all,

I was thinking... I don't think my English is thaaaa....ttttt bad! As to say this, if my 
English is that really, really bad... why on earth, the Irish people employed me? And, to this particular person,( if he/she is reading this), I got A for all my English exams (yup! even for my own language sometimes I got B. hahaha....), and I did went to Cambridge English test, and to see where do I stand if based on the levels set by Cambridge, and oh!!! I got upper intermediate! Does that satisfy or probably shock you now?! Oh, or maybe you, yourself is so low behind, down there... that you ought to say anything about it? Who knows... *giggles*

But then again, I thought about it, and soon I made myself clear, and hopefully I got your 'sick' mind clear as well... This is obviously MY BLOG, and whatever crap things I would like to spill out, to write down or even to pour in, it is my f****** business and completely NONE of yours! Got that? Or, you are simply blunt, and can't even figure what are the things I am saying here since you are the kind of people who just simply don't understand... Well, suits you!

Take a good care of your health, and probably create your own blog and pour in all your despiteful things you ought to say in there, rather than hoping from one to another blogs, to make nasty comments as such?! Yeah?

Love and kisses from me, and have a nice day! *twirl with few friends whom I love dearly in blogsphere - I LOVE YOU GUYS, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!*

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

There He Goes, There He Goes Again...

It's unbelievable! He is going on the 12th, and it is so near now. I know I keep on saying about this shit these past few days. I just can't bear the fact that he'll be going soon! :(

He's only gone for Christmas, and coming back on the 4th January 2008. Seems like a month to me. I don't know. Supposedly, I am completely vanished from his life now. Supposedly...
But, he keeps on coming back. Back and back! I avoided him, saying horrid things to make him go away, but then one day after, he come back for me. Why?

And now, I am doing the most stupid things of all. Among all the stupid girls in the world, I think I won for the most stupid of all!

He asked me if I could take care few of his stuff while he's gone, and I, idiotically said YES!

I have my own reasons:-

1/ This is a festive season, so I couldn't afford to say NO, especially to do good things. (even tho' millions of hurtful things he did to me!)

2/ My mom always said, whenever people do bad things to us, never have the revenge upon them, as it will eventually come back to us. Sorts of KARMA like? So, always do good things to people no matter what... Every cloud has its silver linings...

3/ Simply because I AM SUCH A STUPID GIRL!

I'm through! :(

P/S: oh, btw...another stupid things from me. I made a small fight with him today, because he said he would like to come over to send his things, and at the very last minute, he said he'll come tomorrow. And I go ballistic over him. And, he said he might has to find something else because he thought that its not a good idea to send it to me! I blew off the chance to be attached to him! How stupid can I be? Stupid, silly me!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Bleeding Too Much

"Bleeding Love"

Closed off from love
I didn't need the pain
Once or twice was enough
And it was all in vain
Time starts to pass
Before you know it you're frozen

But something happened
For the very first time with you
My heart melts into the ground
Found something true
And everyone's looking round
Thinking I'm going crazy

But I don't care what they say
I'm in love with you
They try to pull me away
But they don't know the truth
My heart's crippled by the vein
That I keep on closing
You cut me open and I

Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love
I keep bleeding
I keep, keep bleeding love
Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love
You cut me open

Trying hard not to hear
But they talk so loud
Their piercing sounds fill my ears
Try to fill me with doubt
Yet I know that the goal
Is to keep me from falling

But nothing's greater
Than the rush that comes with your embrace
And in this world of loneliness
I see your face
Yet everyone around me
Thinks that I'm going crazy, maybe, maybe

But I don't care what they say
I'm in love with you
They try to pull me away
But they don't know the truth
My heart's crippled by the vein
That I keep on closing
You cut me open and I

Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love
I keep bleeding
I keep, keep bleeding love
Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love
You cut me open

And it's draining all of me
Oh they find it hard to believe
I'll be wearing these scars
For everyone to see

I don't care what they say
I'm in love with you
They try to pull me away
But they don't know the truth
My heart's crippled by the vein
That I keep on closing
You cut me open and I

Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love
I keep bleeding
I keep, keep bleeding love
Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love
You cut me open and I

Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love
I keep bleeding
I keep, keep bleeding love
Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love
You cut me open and I
Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding love

Delicately Insane

Odd feeling, fuzzy and in doubt, are certainly obscured.

My feeling inside cannot be compromised with any simple definition of confusion anyone could ever think of. A moment when I feel like dropping some tears, and another I feel like I would smile up to my ears... Inexplicable.

Adrenaline rush now and then. Completely stored me in a topsy turvy state of mind.

Counting the days off, to be apart for such a long time. Non-existence of him would tell the tangled tale. The pain, the sweets and the stakes... all does matter. It matters simply to the statement of, I am delicately insane in my little world of passion and love.

Just counting the days off... to be laid upon the truth of life.

Friday, December 7, 2007


I am so confused. Am I really in love with this guy, that somehow when he treats me bad, and I am still there? Or, maybe I am too addicted to the exquisite pain that he constantly provide me? The most unbearable pain I could have ever encountered myself into?

Even though at times when he already did the most ultimate sore and scarred my heart and soul, I will always be there to hold up all the torments supplied?

And, as days passed by, I thought I freed myself from him, the existence of his is always still, in presence. What would that best be defined as?

I am free now, free from him. Unattached, technically... But alas, there is nothing exquisite of this at all... Nothing.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Stucked In The Dryer?

I thought I would go to sleep right after I fold my clothes off from the dryer. But, I can not!!

I tried to stop, the dryer manually. It was supposed to have another 15 minutes, as it was timed. But naughty me, I tried to stop it, and get my clothes out of it before. But, no chance! I push the off cancel button, and try to pull the 'dryer door'. First attempt, unsuccessful! Pull it harder, failed!!

My clothes stucked in the dryerrrrrr!!!!! *frowning*

I sat in front of the dryer, and I push the start/cancel button back again. I stared in the glass of the 'dryer door'. I saw my clothes tumbling up and down, screaming for help. I could not do anything about it! I looked and looked and looked. "Help us out, help us out!! It's too hot in here!! We're done!!"

Pitifully, I can't do anything about it. I looked, and looked and looked again. Suddenly I felt dizzy. Looking at my clothes tumbling up and down in the dryer. Hmm... 5 more minutes. They'll get used to it, I hope.

What is it like to be in the dryer...? How I wonder.

Good night! *wink and tumbling... eh, twirling!*

This, That Or What?

Monday was supposed to be a horrible day for me but I managed to pull this out! I mean, usually... I mean, usually I will be all cranky and stuff on Monday, but hell with it. I managed to be all twirly and happy today! I wonder why... Probably there's about three weeks before my long holiday for Christmas! Yayyyy!! More holidays, means more curling up on bed! Just like what Misterwoppit said! Yeah, I think I have to agree with him! Sleeping is the best thing everyone could ever wish for! *twirling happily*

Speaking about the long hols coming soon, I am still undecided about where and what to go and to do! The tickets I wish to buy, to go to Munich has gone up! And, there is no way I am going to buy it soon, as I have not decided whether I am going or am I not. *worried look*

Sometimes, when you have the holidays laid in front of you, such such a long hols, and you have no one to be with, you'll be wishing that it is not a holiday at all. You rather wish you could go to work, and then you don't have too think about where and what to go and to do. But, when you don't have holidays, you'll be complaining about it, and sighing all the time because you need one! I guess that's human. Never satisfied with what they have! Another sigh!

So, I am still undecided. Most probably I will be ended up curling on bed, all day long, for two consecutive weeks! *mourning*

Oh, but maybe I should change the idea of going to Munich, but have a fly-over to Barcelona instead? (the tickets are fairly cheap, anyway). Hmmm.... *wondering*

Another options? Now for me to wait up, and for all of you to suggest me things I should do! *giggles*

Oh, I'm hungry! Want to peek in the kitchen and see what I got! Later!! *waving hands and twirl off to kitchen!*

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Ending?

I've been left, or maybe I left? Been in the confusion. Not all day long, not all week long, not all month long, not even all year long, but all life long...

Enjoy the vid! *twirl in confusions*

My Sunday Reads

It's Sunday! *wink*

Supposedly, Sunday to be a good day to have a day-walk and enjoy the sun, but now the weather in Dublin is truly, disastrously horrible! The wind blows, and a bit of drizzling since morning. And if you happened to have an umbrella with you, you will potray nothing but Marry Poppins indeed! See how she flies?

I woke up, and feeling really bad. Not mentally, but phsically... only later after that I found out that 'aunty flow's in town!'. Shit!

But, I keep my life on. Reading and fueling my regular read of blogs.

I'm Sick of Chicken, is all about nice pictures taken, that put me laughing on the floor all the time, scrolling down to the bottom of the blog. It was hillarious, and I think you should check that out! Even tho' you have the most awful times of the year, it will never fails to put a smile, at least, on your face on this beautiful peaceful day of the week!

ShaneSaw is about a lad in the States, complaining of the life he has right now. At least for this moment, as I guess he only started. But reading his blog, I guess that makes the two of us, who never fails to complain about what we had. And I guess, some people just woke up in the wrong side of the bed, and I think that is why there is a word saying about LATE BLOOMERS! I think, we, somehow will bloom beautifully somehow. So, let's just keep it the way it is until the time comes, shall we? Keep on blogging! *wink*

Gimrack Hospital, is by this one beautiful nurse, who always has the best say on every aspect, especially on the technically, medically terms of human, sex (sometimes, correct me if I am wrong here, nursemyra! *wink* ) and life. She puts in in a very 'elegant' way, and I just couldn't resist of not visiting her every now and then! Way to go girl!! *cheer for nursemyra*

Olga The Travelling Bra, basically is about where 'she' travels! And, I read up today it's something about a mountain looking like a tits, or more like a breast-shaped mountain. So, drop in there to read more about it! Never fails to amuse me, as I am simply easily amused! *giggles*

Sugar Queen's post today, (or I think it was sometimes before), is about celebrating Christmas. Decorating the tree, and finding the right trinkets, to put up. All in festive mood! Yayyy! Read more to find out what's in! *giggles*

Linda is still with her quizzes. I guess she is so into the mind-wrecking quizzes and riddles! *giggles* Drop in to see more of the quizzes posted by Linda, and tease your brain, to see whether it's working or not. I tried, and I seems to have all the answers correct...NOT! *giggles again* A good start on a lazy Sunday! Yayyy!!

70steen, is still in a festive mood! All happy and looking forward for the long holiday and Christmas of course! All about 70steen, counting the days for Christmas!! Month of festive, starts NOW! Have fun reading thru' her life in towards Christmas! *twirl on skates with 70steen* Yayyy!!

Darlene, as similar to everyone, of course in the festive mood too! I read about how you've been elfed! Check that out!! Nice one, Darlene! Way to go!!! Yayyy!! *still twirling*

FuelMyBlog, recent post is about a new competition for all the bloggers in FuelMyBlog community. More chances to get more presents for this year Christmas! I am looking forward for  it! How about you guys? Who is not in the community, why not register yourself, and enjoy the fun?! The more the merrier!! *twirl twirl and twirl*

MisterWoppit, recent post? About a deodorant?! *giggles* He, as well, never fails to put me laughing, twirling and laughing and twirling on the floor, never-ending ever again! *start laughing on the floor again!*

A blog who continues to put me into awe and confusion! DaddyP's blog. He blogs about a thing you can't never think of. And I was wondering, why he is always has the weirdest idea of us all. Only then I discovered why! *giggles* (Please don't be mad at me, daddyP. I love you!!) *wink*

Fracas... What I read recently, is about Christmas! Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! So, I guess everyone in the festive mood? Absolutely! But the keyword here is boobs, girls, Victoria Secret... uhuh, drop in there to find out more! *giggles*

Penfold, daddyP's son... Hmm, something fishy is really going on there. We can't seem to get into the blog. Something got to do with the settings. Somebody needs to spill it out, "what really happened?"

SexyInRed? She is so into travelling right now. And recently, she promoting the book, BlueList 2008. It's a good book for travellers, and I guess I want to get hold as the book too! Thanks babe!! Drop in to find more about her never-ending travel from one to another! *wink*

LaRochelle. Sylvie from France. *wink* Recently, she posted a picture. A picture of a dreadful looking sky. Dark and gloomy, by the beach. That shows how horrible the weather is at the time of the year now. To Sylvie, we are in the same boat. But I guess, mine is much more worst. I have winds blowing, too strong, that if we are so light like a Thumbelina, we would definitely fly away!! *giggles and twirling*

So, there goes my Sunday read! Have fun reading all of them! You will surely won't regret any minutes of it! Cheerss.....!! Laa la laa laa la aa laa la laalalaa.... *twirling happily*

Significantly Scented

I think this week has been a very good week for me, as I am being such a good girl, staying in instead of out partying! Way to go girl!! *cheer to myself*

I forgot to tell you guys! Or, I did tell you? Uhuh... nevermind. Anyway, I am about to show you my new collection of perfumes, I brought back from Paris! Its not that I bought plenty of 'em, I just bought three, but I am definitely loving every 'scent' of it! Here goes:-

Pink Sugar by Aquolina

This is my favourite! Pink Sugar. (Actually, all of them... But, I like this. Read thru' and I guess you'll find out why). The smell of this perfume is so yummy-licious! Trust me on that! Some sort of cotton candy smells. It's so sweet and somehow, I think (my personal opinion), people will definitely fall in love with you when they smell this off of you!! And, it is so baby-yet-deliciously kind of smell! I like!! Oh, and without realizing it, only later I found out that it is actually an Italian product! So cliche! *giggles*

Hot Couture by Givenchy

Hot Couture has the same kind of smell like the first one. It has this sweet, sugary smells. It is just simply irresistible, as I love sugar smell so so much! But somehow, this smell has it's formal smell, and I guess that is because it is Givenchy. So, you will be all posh yet still holding the sugary vibes with you! Oh, and of course, it is a France product. Yayyy! *twirls happily*

Ange ou Demon by Givenchy

Ange ou Demon  is a completely different scent from those two. It has a tremendously, posh and elegant kind of smell. No sugary, no child-like or cotton candy smells. Gorgeous smells, suits when you're off to somewhere, somewhat special with your loved ones, or maybe to dinners or sorts alike. Very sensual, yet... perfect! As the name says, angel or devil? You decide!

Have fun!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Dream White Christmas

I have a problem. Since Christmas is on the way, so we know that there will be a long span holiday! If I am not mistaken, I will be having at least, about two weeks holidays! Okay, that is not the main problem. My main problem is, since it's Christmas, most of my friends will definitely not be here. All will be with their family, for the Christmas celebration. And, that leave me all by myself.

I have been browsing through the net, finding the next best place to put in my adventure list. As it is Christmas, I would be very much delighted to have a purely, I mean, really pure white Christmas. As saying that, simply means, I wanted to go to places with snow!! As I am so dying to make an angel-snow! Oh, maybe angel-snows everywhere!! Yayyyy!!! *twirling happily*

I found the place. A perfect place, for a perfect white Christmas for me. Munich. In Germany. Perfect! And as so I've heard, it's been snowing there for the past three weeks or so! And, I have checked the ticket, as well as what should I be doing over there, and it is perfect! A perfect Chrsitmas getaway! Aerlingus only cost you about €80++ to go over there, and it is a return ticket! So, it is not that expensive as I thought it would be. Perfect! As perfect as the angel-snows would be!

Instead of just to stay in Munich itself for the whole week, I would be able to go to Frankfurt, Berlin or even Hamburg, so it will be more likely a Germany-trip for me! Even tho' I don't really mind just to stay in Munich, learn and get to know the city just by itself! And I saw in one of the website, that there is a castle over there, similarly look alike a castle in a fairy-tale kind of castle! How perfect would it be?

But, there goes my problem! Who should I go with? At this moment, I have no one! No one indeed. And I am completely alone. I wouldn't mind to just go there alone, as I think I can cope. But, would it be too dangerous to go there just by myself, twirling in the cold night weather? I have no idea, but I really wanted to go there as I don't want to stay in Dublin, alone, just by myself! I am better off to be someplace else, rather than in Dublin... and in this completely dreadful weather, at this time of the month!

Help me out! Give me suggestions, maybe... or even, keep on telling me that it is okay for me to go there by myself.... ;) Or even better, if there is anyone out there to come with me too! My next adventure.... Yayy! *twirls*

Family Tree

It's Friday night, and it's 23:55. I am still sitting on my bed. Not my usual weekends night. I just feel like I have to write. But, I can't think of anything to write about.

While was walking back home from work today, (usually I will felt pang of excitement, and rushingly back home, as it is Friday, but that does not happened today) I think. And when I actually think, it means bad news!

Perhaps, it is one of my downy days. I'm counting the days. I'm aged, day by day. Simple English, I am getting old. And worst scenario, I am all alone. (I know, I know. I am back to the same topic, my pathetic love-life!)

I know that I keep on telling myself, shoved off those dickheads, as what 70steen keeps on telling me. But somehow, as you aged, you will definitely have this thought once in a blue moon! Plus, I am no where to be near to anyone called family. In any other word, I am all alone! Oh, and counting the days...

My friends are getting married, having a kid or maybe, some of them... kids! (mind the 's', showing the plural, obviously!). And, what happened to me? Faling down from one to another pathetic, love-life scenario! Why should I always be unlucky, and all the bad omen falls to me? Am I really, really that bad? Maybe Little Lost Cat will tell you how I feel.

And, I pity my family, especially my mum. she definitely wants to see me happy, and of course to see and even play with her grandchildren, but having me as her daughter (one black sheep of the family, said it all!), what will happen eventually? Dissapointing her?

I am so in my topsy-turvy mood right now. One minute I am happy, and the other, I am dead on the floor, like a corpse! Unbelievable nonsense-me!

I am thru'. Help me out!

Hola - Madrid 2007

I am sitting on my bed, thinking of what should I write about. DaddyP once said, he often thought writing on something else and ended up with something completely different from the original quote. Well, I have the same thing, and I guess most of the bloggers sometimes, do have this kind of feelings too! *wink*

Oh yeah, I will tell you bits about my trip to Madrid with my mummy and baby sis! *smiling* We took a flight from Paris straight to Madrid. And the flight was supposed to be an early flight. About 8 in the morning, if I am not mistaken. So, we waited at the shuttle service port at 5 in the morning!! Luckily we don't have much trouble getting up in the morning, which I normally have! *giggles*

Shorten the story, we arrived in Madrid sometimes at half past eleven. It was completely different city compared to Paris. As in Paris, the people, the look... are more formal. Looking like Paris. But in Madrid, it was sensational! Not saying one is better than another, as in my opinion both city has its own uniqueness! In Spain, I mean... Madrid, the city looked more laid back. And of course the language, two different thing, obviously! From French to Spanish, we managed to cope... luckily!

So, we tour the city. Of course, for my mom, we went shopping. She made stops at all the shops we passed through. I did complained sometimes, but now I am missing her so so much! :)

And one of the days, we went to the biggest park in Madrid. It's called Retiro Park! It is a huge, really really huge park!! We took loads of picture, and we even fed the birds! It was truly fun, and we definitely enjoy every bits of it! ;) Presumably, it is more meaningful, since I went there with my mum and my sister, part of my life... Was truly enjoyable.

Oh, when we were feeding the birds, two of the birds actually eating my fingers, instead of the bread!! My mum managed to capture the moment, but only to this one particular bird! *giggles*

Have fun viewing the pictures, and click here if you want to see more of my memorable moments in Madrid! Love you all, and to mama if you're reading this, I LOVE YOU! *kisses*

Friday, November 30, 2007

Bonjour - Paris 2007

At last! I am here to scribble few things. Basically, about my vacations with my mummy and baby sister. *wink*

For some reasons, I have not been able to constantly fueling my dearest lovable ones! Truly am sorry! And of course, I have not got the chance to print out my avatar and sent it over yet. I'll make sure I will get it done by Saturday! Click here to know more about what I am talking about... *smiling secretively*

Well, we went to Paris and Madrid. We went on Tuesday, despite of the original plan to leave on Monday. First, we headed to Paris, the city of love. First day, was dreadful! Was gloomy and raining the whole evening. Even the Eiffel Tower looked horrendous! *sad sad sad*

But things changed on the second day. It was lovely, in fact the weather really put up an effect to out pictures. Blue sky, sunny days (even tho' I shall say, it was a bit colder tho'.) We took loads of picture, and we walked almost to each and every part of the city. But, there was a bit nasty thing about it. Paris's public transportation was actually having a strike!! Most of all the trains and buses are not 'functioning' as it is. So, we chose to walk instead of waiting with thousands of people at the stations. *we got really really worn out*

And of course, Paris being a Paris itself, we went shopping! And basically we shop for perfumes! Me, myself... I even got three for myself! *wink*

We went up to the famous Eiffel Tower, and the view up there was magnificent! I like it so much! By looking at the scenery up there, and the strategic location of all location, I wonder how many people has proposed up there?! *giggling* It was such a romantic event!! To get proposed up in the Eiffel Tower! *in awe*

Oh, by the way, Mona Lisa said hi! *giggling*

We went to Musee de Louvre. It was a huge, gigantic size of museum. And there is where Mona Lisa painting is stored. There were guards everywhere. Guarding the lady of love. At first, I thought it would be a very big painting. But, it is less than expected! But, we were having so much fun, walking and looking at each paintings and carvings, including the ceilings painting in that museum. And of course, we didn't even have the chance to go through all the areas in the museum. It was too big to cover!

We didn't go many places. But, we enjoy walking here and there around the city itself, as the weather is really, truly am fantastic! Unbelievable!!

Here are few pics in Paris, and click here if you want to see more! I'll update soon on my Madrid 2007 vacation! Feel sleepy already! *wink*

Love you all to bits! *kisses and sealed it with a BIG twirl*

Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm Back!!

Hola people!!! ;)

I'm back!! There are loads to tell, to show, to babble... my oh my!!

I am so happy but part of me I am a little bit sad inside. Mummy and sister went back early this morning. But despite of that, we surely had a great time. In fact, I shall say we had a tremendous awesome vacation, even though it is just a week! Perfect!

I'll let you know and see the picture and the tid bits of my bonjour-hola vacation soon! (Oh, let me just recap it over. I went to Paris and Madrid...) *wink*

But now, I am not that 'energetic' to spill out the beans! Maybe later... Now, am off to bed. Early snooze for me... Kisses to all! *twirling happily*

Saturday, November 17, 2007

In My La La La Land

I was late to the office today. :(

Last night was awful. Dreadful night for me. I couldn't even breath, and of course I have so much difficulties to sleep. It's like suffocating in my own world.

So, I took loads of medicine. LEMSIP soluble drinks, Benylin (I hope the spelling is right!), Neurofen Plus... and it put me to sleep. In fact, a good sleep. With wondrous dreams! Until...

When I woke up this morning, I just realized that it's already 9 o'clock. I was mortified. I remember having my alarm clock set at 7, plus my phone alarm at the same time, but I remember hearing nothing! What happened to me last night? Rushingly, I called the office and let them know that I will be in late. There are few stuff that needs to go through, (my work) before I am off for the whole week next week! So, I went.
Everything is perfect! I felt like I was reborn. Feel a bit healthy and refreshed! Then, I took another packet of LEMSIP after lunch. And, then it goes...

I felt drowsy and way too far in my la-la-la land. I felt so high, and I couldn't even concentrate on anything. I looked at the drawings and I went blank. I have a peek on the PC and it went awfully weird! I know something is really wrong somewhere. I felt sleepy, that's for sure. :(

I couldn't even control myself. The medication has gotten into me!

I tried so hard to finish up my work, and be it! I am fine, now... As I went home one hour later, after the usual office-hour, but I feel completely relieved. I have completed my task before I'm going away! Yayyy!

But then, I knew what happened to me last night. The medication really got over me! Practically, I was unconscious. That's why I didn't hear a thing. If I was awake, most probably I will collapse on the floor. Fainted, maybe? Too much drugs consumed, I presumed.

Well, I feel a lot better now, after I suddenly unconscious again after I got back from work. I didn't know what happened and the next thing I knew, I was lying on my bed and staring at the blank point of the ceiling! I felt asleep for 4 hours. Without even noticing it!

Unbelievable! But, I hope I will be better soon! My mom and sister is coming tomorrow! Can't wait!! ;)

And I am so ready for our vacation next week! Yayyyy!!! *yawning... as I still have the sleepyhead drowsiness left*

Friday, November 16, 2007

38 Over The Top

Name one person who made you laugh last night?
MisterWoppit's, in his blog! :)

What were you doing at 0800?
Cooking my dinner...

What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
Scooping B&J's ice-cream... yummy! yeah, yeah... i know i have flu, but it's so irresistible!

What happened to you in 2006?

What was the last thing you said out loud?
"Why is it sooo cold?!" talking to myself as no one is around...

How many beverages did you have today?
LEMSIP and 3 bottles of RIBENA...

What color is your hairbrush?

What was the last thing you paid for?
My new tongue stud! :)

Where were you last night?
Sick, in bed early...

What color is your front door?
Brown oak..

Where do you keep your change?
In my drawer...

What's the weather like today?
Dreadful, icy cold... like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter movie scene... Brrr...!!

What's the best ice-cream flavor?
Caramel Chew Chew by Ben & Jerrys

What excites you?
My life...

Do you want to cut your hair?
I have no idea... what do you think? ;)

Are you over the age of 25?
Positively, I am indeed... :)

Do you talk a lot?
I do... But, if suddenly i'm quiet, then definitely something is completely wrong!

Do you watch the O.C.?

Do you know anyone named Steven?
Not that i could ever remember...

Do you make up your own words?
Yes, err.. maybe you can check my blog! ;)

Are you a jealous person?
Depends... hahaha... if it falls in my PMS mode, i'll be so over the top!

Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'A'

Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'K'
Kokledoo... *giggles* No, i don't have!

Who's the first person on your received call list?
Withheld number... just a second ago. wonder who..? *wondering still*

What does the last text message you received say?
"I had a fight with my boss today... bla bla bla bla...."

Do you chew on your straw?

Do you have curly hair?
Should I?

Where's the next place you’re going to?
Next week, vacation with my mommy & sister to Madrid & Paris for a week!!! Yayyy!! *small twirl*

Who's the rudest person in your life?

What was the last thing you ate?
Ice cream... ;)

Will you get married in the future?
Definitely, if I have the groom with me... ;)

What's the best movie you've seen in the past 2 weeks?
Thank You For Not Smoking... DVD

Is there anyone you like right now?

When was the last time you did the dishes?
After my dinner, few hours ago... ;)
I'm all alone. No one is in the house... BORING!

Are you currently depressed?
I did! But, recovering now...

Did you cry today?
No. Couldn't manage. The flu is getting control over my body! *yikes*

Why did you answer and post this?
70steen tagged me, and I am a bit out of idea to do anything at this moment... ;)

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