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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An Update

It has been a while! :( But I was too busy with everything!! It is kind of annoying to know that you don't have enough time to do things that you like. :(

Anyway, here I am now, with a little update of what has been going on with my life. :) Well, thesis is still on-going. Very very slow. I just found out that it is quite hard to start a paragraph, let alone the whole chapter! Even to start a sentence seems to be so hard for me to contemplate. Sigh. But hopefully all is to be done on time. *cross my fingers*

The other two assignments? Naah. None started. I just don't have enough time. And the submission date is in three weeks. Well, I did my part for the group project. A little bit. But the other one, is still on hold. Presumably will start doing them next week. I hope so. :(

Oh, let's talk about fun stuff! :) This week I am having a Meat-Free Week! :) It's just for fun! It is not that I am going to become a vegetarian or anything like that. It's just that I thought my body needs a little break from meat. Detoxifying myself. :) And it has been since last Sunday, and I am doing so well! It is not that I am munching on raw vegetables or anything such. But I had a very yummy meal everyday, but no meat! :) So far, this is what I have been eating:-

  • Sunday - Stuffed Baked Potatoes (with celery, tomatoes, carrots, onions concoction! It's yum!!) :)
  • Monday - Spaghetti with Chick Pea Sauce (never thought that chick pea can be something else tasty than just houmous! It's just unbelievably tasty!! Plus it won't break the bank too!)
  • Tuesday - Mushroom, Onion and Chives Omelette with Toast (yummy, yummy!!)
Well, how's that sound? :) It's yummy isn't it?? And today, I was thinking I might have a vegetable patties with toast!! :) I figured the recipe and somehow it is so easy!! :)

Okay, I have to get back to my books now. I will talk to you soon! :) Take care!! xxx

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