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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hey all. Obsession. I have a new obsession. It's either pose for a photo, or taking photos? :)

Anyway, here is the link to the photos I have taken. Went to Howth, on the Northside of Dublin yesterday with a friend and two cameras. One, an Olympus digital camera and the other one is Lomo FishEye. I think it is becoming my new favourite past time.

Enjoy and let me know what you think. :)

Howth Trip - digital camera shots.

Howth Trip - Lomo FishEye 2nd attempt.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Idiosyncratic Me

Hey all. Really. Nothing much to say. Just lost of words. Wisdom words? Ethical words? Hatred words? Just words. Gone.

Is it typical reaction, when you're too occupied with work, mentally you become so annoyed with everything, and all out of sudden, everything just fall out so-not-in-the-right-orders? Seems like wrong steps taken, wrong words spoken, wrong behaviour acted, wrong actions taken and wrong basically, just every single little thing? And suddenly it makes you think that you are just on the right side of the life cycle? No idea. Seriously.

Or maybe it's just a bad day, after all? Am I just having a typical bad day? Or it will soon become a constant bad days, instead? :)

Just been arguing with myself, which is to which. Uhh, I'd say it is just me having a bad phase of the day. This is why I said earlier on, there is nothing much to say. Just a rambling on a really bad day of mine. :)

Talk soon when I am myself again. Good night. xxx

Monday, August 17, 2009

Help Me Out!!!

Okay. Hello people. I need big favour!! Seriously.

First of all, I am really sorry for not updating stuff in my blog. I have been working like a maniac!!! Honestly. I am so tired, and I can never explain it in simple words, how tired I am. :(

Okay, here's the favour. I need some information on what to wear to a christening? I have never been to any, but this time, my boyfriend's brother, is having a christening for his daughter, and I have no clue or what-so-ever on what to wear!!! It just drives me crazy, which I think I can become lunatic and send to asylum anytime soon! :( I know that most favourable would be a dress, but still... what kind of dress. There is too many kind, colours, etc. Aaaa....

Please, please, please... if you have a little time of yours, let me know at least an idea of what to wear. It's just that I don't want to look 'stupid' over there, with the wrong combination of clothes on me. This is crucial. The thing is on next Saturday, so a week to go...


Talk soon! :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Tale Of A Lost Fly?

Hey ya!! :) Well, I have my off day today but most of all the precious times that I have is wasted in Social Welfare Office!! How odd can it be? Well, I am working part time at the moment, therefore I am entitled for the money still... but it is only half of it. Or so they say.

Anyway, I was over there to change my address. Did the last time, but had to go again to confirm. What a day. So, it is all done but the payment has been stopped until I register myself at the new office branch. Disaster!!

Well, what am I going to say today? Oh, okay. Last few days, when I was in the LUAS, on my way back home from work... the LUAS stopped at one station. I have no idea where it was, I forgot. Well, there is this one fly, flew in when the door is open. But then, when the door is closed, the fly is still in the LUAS! And it proceed to the next station. On the way to the next station, I can't help myself, but to think about the fly! Before I say anything else, let me just remind you that with LUAS, one station to another took about 3 minutes, at least. That means, few more minutes if the fly, fly!

The life cycle of a fly... if I am not mistaken, only lasted for a week? And 'he' is alone. I wonder what will happen to this fly when 'he' suddenly got himself out from the LUAS and found out that 'he' is no where near his family? And 'he' will try his best to find 'his' family, to fly all over the place without any clue where to go? It is pretty sad, isn't it?

The main reason of this story? I don't know. I just want to share with you what I saw and my thoughts for the poor fly! I just could not stop thinking about this. Seriously. It is sad, isn't it? I guess, I shall say, we should be so grateful that we are not the fly who accientally 'stepped' into the LUAS. ;)

Have a nice day everyone!! :)

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