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Friday, February 5, 2010

Running Out Of Time

Another quick post. These days, it seems like I have not enough time even for myself. :( Tough life.

Anyway, started Semester 2 in college yesterday. Got results of past exams plus another one which was in December, but I didn't have any post about it. Surprisingly, I am doing well! Yayyy for me! :)

Here is the details:-

Undergraduate Course work
CRN Module Module Title Final Grade Comment Credits
18166 RECE4713 Cost and Value Management 2



18165 RECE4811 Tender Documentation 2



Transparent Image

Well, supposed to do better than 66 for that tender documentation, but it is hard especially when it's not solely based on the exam but accumulate with project. :( Ah well, but I am still happy about it. I really am. :)

But, it is just so wrong to always be happy and relaxed all the time. So, here is the other newsflash! Went to college, got two new subjects, and... we got assignment assigned on the first day of school!! For both of the subjects. And worst... submission date would be the same date! 26th March 2010. Amazing, is it NOT?!

Thesis submission - 15th April 2010 (has been changed from 12th April).
Why it is always so difficult for me? :(

Talk soon! xxx

P/S: Sorry for not visiting any of your blogs lately, but I just don't have enough time. :( Also, another little newsflash. Asked for extra hours from my manager and trainee manager; and they are so helpful!! :) Got more extra hours! :) So, more working time, college work, working time, thesis work, etc. I will die. x

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Good & The Bad?

Quick post.

Mama has been so generous, and kind, and loving, and amazing, and etc. as she paid for my going home ticket! :) Yup! Ticket bought. And it will be on the 2nd June 2010. I'll be leaving Dublin. For real. For good. After 4 years... Hmm, so it's about 121 days to go (4 months, approximately). *star jump*

Just got a letter from welfare office (since I was on a a casual payment before - working part time, as I paid taxes before, they allowed me to get benefits of the dole, but not fully. Only based on the days that I am not working). But, unfortunately the letter is informing me that my payment is exhausted last week. So, I am not entitled to get anymore from them. What a news!! Since I am only working part time (on a minimum wage), and without this casual payments involved anymore... I will be dead!! I will be... definitely!!

I have a rent, food, train ticket to pay. This is really hard!! A bad news on the first day of February, right after the day I was so happy when Mummy bought me the ticket!! Sigh.

First, I might ask the shop if I can work extra hours. But, at the same time I have my thesis submission in April! No. I know. I have to work. I will ask about the extra hours. Maybe I could even work on Saturday? I need the money. Yes. I think that would be my first step.

If not, maybe find a second job. Urghh... this is hard. Can't think right now. I am such a big mess! Well, will keep you posted. Until then. x

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