Tick Tock Tick Tockk!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Party Is On!

IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! *star jump with a twirl*

Everyone, please make yourself comfortable and at home. Let's have fun, and enjoy some cakes, pastries and drinks! *wink*

I am officially 27 years 'young' on this date, and would like to thank you for all the wishes!! *twirl*

I really, really, really, really... appreciate that loads!

Cheers! *chingg chinggg*

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One More Sleep...

It's just one more day, one more sleep... *wink*

Can't wait!! And, the adventure begins!

Also, my birthday getaway... *wink*

I am truly happy... *twirl*

Venture The New Looks Of Cakes...

Uhuhh... I have to put in this, before I go to sleep. *over excited*
I was google-ing, for a birthday cakes... then I came across this website. A blog, of truly beauuuuuutiful, amazingggggg, inexplicable looking cakes. Trust me on this one.
It is simply gorgeous! Too bad I am in Dublin. *sigh*
Have a look, and then... you know why I got so over excited. CLICK HERE for the excitement, and venture the new looks of cakes!! *wink* The founder of the speciality cake shop is Anne Heap. My say on this, she is one talented goddess!
Have fun viewing the cakes!
P/S: See what Daddy has to say about it... *giggles*

The Countdown Continues...

One more day... *wink*
Tomorrow is the last day at work, before a long That is the best bit of all! I can wake up late all day, and lazying myself all day all night. Can't wait!
And of course, one more day before my birthday. It has also been two years since I have been staying here, in Dublin. Today, exactly two years of my stay here. I am so proud of myself to actually hanging on, alone here in Dublin.
Too many things happened in that two consecutive years. Too many things to list out too. It has been a tiring two weeks for me. As for this moment on, I think I can sit back and relax a bit, with less pressure from no one.
Being older a year, supposedly I should have become wiser. But, in my point of view... I don't think I do? *giggles* I should have set up my mission, my aim... as I am becoming older. Should I? I don't know exactly... still, what I want in life. I really don't.
I haven't found the things that I would want to do. I feel that it is difficult to aim, as it will always be rotten in mind, not being able to make it. Therefore, for me it is best not to do anything with it, but just to go with the flow. I have give up thinking too much, as it always dissapoint me. I always end up in misery, instead of performing a star jump, in any way. *sigh*
Therefore, I have decided not to think. Instead, walk on the runaway. If once or twice, I twisted my ankle with the heels, and fell... I can still arise and walk on. Those few splits will only make me stronger, to walk on the runaway. That is the first thing I have made myself clear. Full stop.
Good night.
P/S: One more day for my birthday!! (not including today). Countdown continues... *drum roll*

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday Flicks

Morning started with bright, sunny day... but then now, seems like its getting dark with black clouds everywhere.
Went to Grafton Street, to do last minute shopping before off to Tenerife on Thursday. And back home at half four... *wink*
As I am stucked at home, with nothing to do (I should be packing to move out, basically... but of course I am too lazy to do that, as yet...), I did some stupid things!
Taking some happy pictures of me, on Sunday evening at home!

Have fun viewing!! *twirl & kisses*

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Little Prayer

Hey there people. It's Sunday, and it is beautiful here in Dublin. Blue sky with white clouds like the one in Simpsons. *wink*

I woke up early in the morning, and I visited few of my favourite blogs to have an update of what's going on here and there. I am quite happy at the moment, however... when I went to Fracas's blog, I saw this post of hers. Her daughter is currently been very sick and is admitted in the hospital, at the moment.

Therefore, I would be very appreciated if all of you would take a moment of your precious time, to pray for her daughter's speedy recovery.

It has been a hectic days for her, and it is most appreciated if bags of love and hugs spread around, to wish for her daughter recovery. It is not that difficult to spend sometimes to pray for oneself's health, of course.

So, to Fracas... I pray for your daughter's health and speedy recovery. Take care and may she be as healthy as she can be, soon!


Saturday, June 14, 2008


The layout of my new home!! *wink*

Serene Saturday

Hello people!! *wink*
It's mellow Saturday, the weather is not as good as it can be. It was supposed to be summer, but somehow it's so gloomy and of course, the coldness is unbeatable! It seems like autumn, instead of beautiful summer day!

Anyway, I am not going to tattle and babble more about the weather, I have a great news to tell!! I got a house!! A house of my own. No sharing. It will be me, and just me!! How ironic?!! *another wink*

I went for the viewing yesterday evening, and to be honest... I am quite nervous. I wonder why. Usually, the advert on the website of home hunting, will show you the picture of the house, but this particularly one is without. And usually, I would be a bit turned off with it, since I can't really see how it looks like, and just depends on the sentence they put in to describe it. But, I went anyway.

It turned out to be such a classy house, an apartment unit, on the fourth floor. A descent one bed apartment, with ample space for one, eh, no no... more people. It's huge for one person to live in. Seriously.

Let me describe it here, anyway. It has quite a big bedroom, then a descent living room, a dining (separated from the living), a compact kitchen, but honestly it's nice... and of course a bathroom with a bath, quite huge. Then, the best bit of it, it has a HUGE balcony from the living room connecting to the bedroom! And every evening, I can see the sun set as the sun shine from the balcony, and it will make the whole house stir with golden shine of the sunshine itself. It's unbelievably beautiful!

I got the house, even though the fact that I can only move in by the end of the month, as I will be going for vacation next week, and by end of the month only I will get paid. Of course I pulled out that Puss in Boots face, and the innocent vibes just spread accross my face, and even though the landlady knows that she will lose about 2 weeks rent, she agreed! I am so happy, beyond excitement!!!

Therefore, I will be moving in on the 27th June!!! Can't wait. Now that the home-hunting is over (and ended up with such a beautiful house), I am beyond happy!! Now I can basically concentrate on my holidays. Aaaah... bliss!!

Happy Saturday, everyone!

P/S: My birthday countdown, 4 more days to go!! (today's included).

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sail Smoothly

Hey hey... *wink*

It is a mild day today. And, of course... Dublin's weather will always be a Dublin's weather. Five minutes it's dark and gloomy, and wait another five, then it turned out to be sunny and warm. And, continuously, repeated... traa laa laa humm...

My home-hunting is still on going. I am still looking, and I have viewing tomorrow as well. It is a one bed apartment, with a huge balcony connecting from bedroom to the living room! Must be an awesome, huge unit, I think... Aah, can't wait!! I need space. I need big space, and I am being fussy as well in choosing this time. I want a house/apartment with loads of windows... I like the house to be airy. Filled with the bright from the sun. To give warmness, home feeling. That are the two things I need. Loads of space, and also windows. Wish me luck on the house viewing tomorrow!

On the other hand...
There are three more days to go to work, then I am off for my holidays. Friday, Monday and Tuesday.
And of course, as the countdown sets... SIX more days from my birthday (today is included)!! Yayyy!!
Six, six more days... Traa laa laa hum... Ooh, I can't wait. *wink*

And of course, countdown to my vacation as well. Uhuhh... everything is so exciting at the moment, and I guess... not thinking too much helps! *wink*

Love you people!! *wink*

Thursday, June 12, 2008

In A Week Time

Hello people... *wink*

I am so excited. I am counting the days off. In few more days, I will be 27 this year! *giggles*

So, to everyone out there... who has been wondering when is the exact date of my birthday, it is on the 18th June. Exactly, a week from now.

The countdown, starts today!! Yayyy!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thinking Too Much Leads Nowhere

Today is Tuesday. In a week time, I will be having my week holidays! *wink*
But I am on bed all day today. Been attacked by period cramps! It is not a good feeling either. Been curling left and right, and sighing all day. When I eat, it pains. When I stand up, it pains. When I turned my back, it pains. Everything spells - PAIN!
I have tried to get myself up and go to work, but alas it is all lead to a big failure. So, basically I was home all day, on bed. Not a good day to spend, at all.
I have decided. I am moving out in July, and I just got the answer to my confusion. We are going to Tenerife, after all. I got the news last night. He just got back from somewhere, and he texted me in the middle of the night... we are going!
I felt happy but in some aspects, I am worried. Would it be a nice vacation without any hassle and tense? Would it be as a good vacation as it can be? I hope so.
I have given up thinking. I guess, sometimes... it just made things go wrong. Go the other side of the story. It does not help, as sometimes it gave you different opinion, which somehow it is not there to judge at all. An opinion which is not relevant to even be called, an opinion. That usually what happens. Not just to me, but to whom who thinks too much. I guess that explains.
When we have an option, to choose... we tend to go to the other side of thinking. The negative ones. To me, its like a disease. Once you have a thought about it, it will spread around... and that is when things got worst.
So, basically... what am I saying is, don't think too much. No matter what the thing is, when you did too much, it won't give you any good.
I am still having my cramps now, but I am healthily to get back to work tomorrow. Therefore, I must hit the sack, now. So, till we meet again! Cheers!
P/S: The home-hunting is still on-going. I'll let you know the update.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Defining Moments

It has been a busy weekends for me. Was too busy looking for a new house, in Dublin. Seriously. Everything here is so expensive, and you have to be as quick and wicked as a squirrel to get a good home to stay. Sigh.

Been looking and viewing few places now. Had few good ones, as well as bad ones too. I could not really choose which one, exactly... as it is confusing. You have to have the money on hand to get grip on the house that you really really like, to book them. And I don't even know and confirm as yet, which one to choose, and when to move out. But definitely either middle or end of July. I think.

It has been a torturing moment.

Been talking to my mom, and she said she would think that a good house with a good space, and not that expensive would be the right choice. It would be. But would be a burden to find one. Mostly, when you called, the answer would be, "... it's gone."

I am thinking about the holiday, as well as when to move out, then... of course of which range of rent would be good. It is all, confusing. And stressful as well. Sigh. Why can't it be as easy as it could?

I have seen this one house, yesterday. That I really, really like. Its a house, with a spiral stairs lead to a mezzanine floor double bedroom. It's class. Posh in a way. But, it is only up to the owner to decide who will be suitable to get the house. I am so devastated. I thought I really want the house, but today... I am thinking about it, and thought that I can have a nice one bed, modern apartment... the same price as that. Speaking of being a Gemini, and a fickle minded girl? Is just making things more difficult.

I'll have a look again these coming few days, I'd say... and only then I will decide. As if I can make the decision. Sigh.

Wish me luck! :)

Sunday, June 8, 2008


It is a beautiful day again, today. One beautiful Saturday, and it is nice to have nice day on weekends. I had such a good night last night. I have been staying in, (again!), and it has been such a good night for me.
The other socks went away, and surprisingly I feel like it is good to be away from him for quite sometimes. I have my space back. And it is good. Not that I am complaining that he is always around, but it's just a girl thing, I think. As daddy always said, goddess's strange thing that he will never understand. Hmm... I'd say so.
Last few days, I went for a chit chat over coffee with two of my girlfriends. Actually, one of them is my friend (A). We sort of become close accidentally. And the other one, is my friend's friend (B). We had the normal coffee session, and it was perfect. We haven't seen each other for quite sometimes now.
From one stories leads to another. It was a real fun. And at some point, we came across to a story from the other friend. My friend's friend. (But we are all friends now, anyway!). She has had a boyfriend, once before... who just vanished!
They were living together and it was a perfect start from the begining. All lovey dovey and all. That spells - GREAT! Nothing has ever been fault in their relationship. In short, a perfect relationship which, any girl would ever dream of.
But one day, on weekends, one fine morning... B woke up. And found out that the boyfriend is missing! She keep calm, as if nothing happened... like an ordinary one weekend morning, having the thought that, probably the boyfriend just go to get some breakfast over. Like what he usually does. After ten minutes, he is still not there. Strange. She keep calm.
Half an hour. Something must have gone wrong! She tried to call him. Not answered. Tried few times, still not answered. Strange.
After an hour, she looked around the house. Everything looks normal. She showered. She open the press/wardrobe to get some clothes... she was shocked!! All his clothes, which was supposed to be in the wardrobe is all gone! She checked another wardrobe. The same. She checked the shoe rack, all his belongings are gone!
She sit still, thinking. What is actually going on? She tried again the phone, unsuccessful. No answer. After two consecutive hours thinking, she soon realized. He just left. He is gone. And it's over.
She got over with it. Trying to cope back with her life. Successful. After few weeks, coping, back to her normal life... one day, she got a mail from this so-called boyfriend. Apologizing. And asking for another chance. She did asked why he did that, and the answer was short and simple, "I don't know....". But, she is a nice girl herself, so he got the 'another chance'.
After few weeks, he did it again!!
Now it's totally over. She is fine with her life now. But one thing that she couldn't understand, is why. We had a laugh over coffee when she told us the story. It was sad, agreeable, but it was funny as well, somehow.
And when I went back home, I couldn't keep myself from thinking. Why would a person do something like this just because he feels so? How can he be so mean, not to mention, cruel... to betray his girlfriend... when they had live happilly together before? Why would he ever think of coming back, then did it again? Does he actually thinks that it's funny to do such thing? Or does he simply being so amusingly selfish a**hole, so he just do whatever he wants?
Sometimes, I thought things like this could just happened in a movie or a paperback fictions, but I was wrong. It does happened in real life. If not, how come the idea popped in the director of the film or the writer of the books?
My thought; life is just too complicated to understand any of it, so the best way to overcome it is to blend yourself in it, and experience the joy and sorrow once you're drowned in it.
Happy Saturday.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

With Or Without

It has been a hectic week for me, these past few days. Too many things to do at once in the office, somehow it cracked my brain - a bit.
I have never felt so exhausted yet still confused about the life I had and have ahead. It is the rhythm of life, I'd say. At one time, you will be up in the sky and on the other hand, you will be collapsing, shattered, scattered on the ground.
My dream, supposed to be my get-away birthday vacation, (at this moment), might not happened. Despite all the stress at work, weather, friends... this thing pissed me off big time. Somehow, this person just told me that it might not be possible for this person to go to Tenerife. I won't mind if I have to stay late in the office to finish up a job that should be done there and then. I won't mind to have to go through heavy rain with wind, to come back from work late at night. I won't mind to be neglected and ignored once they have found another friend... but a cancellation for MY birthday get-away is a big no-no. I am waiting for this. It was my dream. It was one of my wishlist, and now it is in vague.
Why would a person promised, then break the promise as if nothing happened? Is that the new proposition of extremist propoganda? Have I been so not up to date to realize that it is actually, okay to behave like that? Or am I being so childish to get, and to actually get what I want on my birthday that has not been celebrated two years ago?
It is all too confusing at the moment. I have thought about it. If this person is not going, things are going to get reallllyyyyy ugly. I mean, really really ugly.
And whatever it is, I am still going. With or without this person! Full stop.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cocoon Up

It's warm, sunny Monday! It is a Bank Holiday today, which means no work on Monday!! *wink* It has always been a pleasure not to work on Monday, no matter how hard I tried to be focused on Monday, it surely won't happened.

Surprisingly, it is beautiful, again!!! It's an off day, and it's gorgeous. What more can I ask?

It has been a lazy day for me today. I have been cocooned myself in my room, and just simply being lazy. It's a bliss!

Foregoing the bliss moment I had and to have in another few more hours, I can't help myself thinking. What is going on with my life, basically? I am nearby towards thirty of age in few years time, and I am still here, popping around like a small kid, happily tip toeing, wandering around.

When would it be the best time to think and decide of my path of life? Has it already timed out? What if when I thought of aligning my path, it is way too late. What would happen to me by then?

Things like this always bother me. Too much to 'consume' and too much to think of. And ended up, off the narrow road of nowhere.

What will happen by then?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

One Sunday Morning

It is a beautiful Sunday morning. The sun shines brightly. And it looks like it's going to be a good day ahead. My mind swirls deliberately. Thinking of what is actually going on with my life.
It has been so strange. It is so complicated. How would you portray a guy who is trying to be a friend or a guy who is trying to be your boyfriend? My heartbeat race to the fullest. There is no way saying how and which gesture should I be taking to know what is right and what is NOT.

I know, I am being complicated, again... with this formula of life, love and trouble. The thing is, everything seems perfectly fine. I have him with me. I met him, at least once a day. It's just that... I feel strange!

Now, I have this thought on my mind. Is it really me who always create trouble, when everything runs smoothly? He is being nice, all the time he is there... and I am being super-paranoid because of nothing. Does that means I am the trouble ones, not just for this one but for all the mislead in love throughout my entire life?

Does that actually means I am craving for tears, heartbroken and the shattered feeling? Longing for the exquisite feeling that somehow it will break me into pieces? What is wrong with me?

What is it that I want, actually? Does that mean I want more that what is offered? And if I don't get it, it would pissed me off, and I would be in my original state of mind, being wrecked? Is that what I actually want? What I am longing for? Isn't that spell, "strange"?

Or maybe all this feeling actually showing that I have doubt on what he is giving now, and the fact that he is now different from the past (when he used to be a jerk), keep me having doubt and more doubt about it that I can barely feel secure, at all, anymore?

I am too confused. I don't really know what is going on, and it actually driving me nuts!

Was it his changes that bother me, or was it just me all along right from the first time? What is going on?


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