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Friday, July 31, 2009

IKEA vs. Argos?

Just a little update that I would like to share!! :)

In my opinion, I think (In Ireland, presumably,) Argos is going down!! Definitely!! It is just that IKEA (Dublin) has opened its new store last Monday, and by looking at most of all the prices... hmm, I shall say that they are doing so well!!

Back in my country (Malaysia), we have IKEA ages ago and I personally love the shop!! It is an amazing shop to buy furniture, especially!! Seriously.

And now, since it opens the new store in Dublin, I know that within days Argos will feel the pressure tremendously! How could you even compete with the designs and qualities catered by IKEA. Na'ah. It is impossible!!

Well, we'll see how it goes in few days, I say. :)

Okay, I shall continue then soon. Good night.

P/S: I love this one desk (for my college - final year starting this September!! ;)), and I posted the photo here for you to envy! ;)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Double Off Days...

Hello. I just woke up. I know, I know. It is late already to be waking up. But I am off today and tomorrow before long hours shift on weekends!! So, what I did today is just lying on bed and it is a bliss! Somehow I just discovered that the room, my new room... or should I say the bed... is a threat! Not in a bad way, but in a good way. I will be so lazy and comfy and I can lie down there for hours!!! It is great! Haha...

Well, I am planning to go out shopping in a while. Oh, did I tell you that my new house is just next to a shopping centre? :) Not that I really want to shop, but just walking around for some window shopping. Seeing people. Many kind of people. Hmm...

But as in for now, I am still in a lazy mode. Oh, forgot to tell you another thing. The shopping complex is open until 10 at night! ;) Bliss, eh? I say so. Amazing!!

Okay, I guess I continue soon later. Talk to you in a bit. Cheers!!

P/S: I will be posting the new photos soon. Oh, I am still wondering where can I put / waste the boxes? It is still annoying that I still couldn't figure out which bin to put the boxes waste!! I'd say it's the recycle bin but still, I have to shred the boxes into pieces!!!! Darn. Ah well...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Faith On Traffic Light?

Hi people!! :) I know, I know. It has been a while since the last time of my re-coup of all the things happening around me. Ah well, I am just coping up with the moving out, moving in thing. And getting back to work after a week off since I got a viral skin infection on my nose. So, everything seems to be hectic suddenly. Millions of apology! ;)

Well, did I actually tell you I am moving out, and moving in to a new house somewhere in a kind-of-suburban-area residential? If not, yeah. I moved. It was on that last Sunday. But everything is done now, settling in already. At least I thought so, as I put away all the boxes and none can be seen from the view of my bed. That's good news. Means, room is organised! Haha...

Work? Back to work yesterday. After a week off from the doctor. It is kind of weird, to stand in the shop and greeting customers! It really has been a while! But I think, I'll get used to it soon, again. My shift this week is kind of amazing, even though I do have to work on weekends this week! Sigh. But, overall it is perfect! I was working yesterday, off today, in tomorrow and off again on Thursday and Friday, but in on weekends! It is alright! ;)

Oh, I was in a car one day. Was on the traffic light, when it's red. Then, suddenly my attention was caught to this one lady who is trying to cross the street. But the pedestrian light is still not green, means she is not good to go... and she keeps on pressing the button, (you know, the thing on the traffic lights for the pedestrian to cross the street?? You know what I mean... that thing), well... she keeps on pressing that, until few minutes later, it was green. Suddenly, it made me thinking. Is pressing the button constantly will eventually help the lights to go green quicker, or it was just a myth? It really made me think though. What do you think?

And that makes me go further with the thinking... like, whatever things that we truly made believe, will back us up eventually? Like, the more we believe that it will works our way, would it eventually happens? We would never know, will we? This surely relates to faith as well? Like, the more we have faith on the traffic lights (as we keep on pressing the button, the more it will help to quicken the green light to appear?). Is it?

I have no clue. It was just something that came into my mind when I was at the traffic lights. So, there it is. The thought for tonight to be thought and figured out about. ;) I know, I know. It sounds so much crap, but come to think of it, it is sort of true though? What do you think, now? Let me know and it will be so much fun to find out!! ;)

I'm signing off now, and I will be back soon enough! Take care and see you guys soon! *twirl* (uhuhh, it has been a while since I twirl...)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Continuous Dots

Hi all... So, yeah. I have been off for a while, eh? Millions of apology for that. Just that, previously I was too attached with work! Surprisingly. :(

Did I tell you that my previous office offered me a part time job with them, and I worked with them in the past three weeks (if I am not mistaken of the days-count), whenever I am off from the shop. So, basically... it was like three consecutive weeks of working for seven days a week! Why did I do that? Well, simple! I need the money to keep me alive!

Unfortunately, the office don't need me anymore, and I stopped with them last Tuesday. Recently. So, back to the shop then.

Newsflash... okay. Here goes. On my birthday (more like, post birthday present from Mr. Boyfriend, well...), I got a ticket to Slane Castle to watch Prodigy and Oasis! It was amazing, until I got sick on the way home! And, that probably be the last time I want to go to Slane Castle, due to the fact that to go and to come back from the venue was so much hassles! Read here and more.

Then, we went to Oxegen 2009, in Punchestown, Co. Kildare, Ireland. And we went camping there for four days and three nights! It was amazing, but then the weather... well, its Ireland remember? So, it was dreadful, as dreadful as it can be! But, don't really matters! ;)
Photos here.

Jobs, already noted. See earlier notes. :)

Then, my NOSE! I had a skin irritation / allergy / etc. on my nose, and I do actually look like a witch in an animation?!!! Seriously. And it was sore, like hell! Went to the GP, and apparently she doesn't know what is wrong! How could that possibly be? However, she gave me two types of medicine, and I have to go again for another check-up tomorrow! See how it goes. But it is completely hideous, making my nose looking so disastrous looking! Honestly. I can't bear to put up the picture, because it might lower down my self esteem! That is how bad it is. :(

Well, that's it for now I think. I am tired already, and I will talk to you soon! Take care all and to those who never fails to visit, thanks a million!! ;)

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