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Friday, November 30, 2007

Bonjour - Paris 2007

At last! I am here to scribble few things. Basically, about my vacations with my mummy and baby sister. *wink*

For some reasons, I have not been able to constantly fueling my dearest lovable ones! Truly am sorry! And of course, I have not got the chance to print out my avatar and sent it over yet. I'll make sure I will get it done by Saturday! Click here to know more about what I am talking about... *smiling secretively*

Well, we went to Paris and Madrid. We went on Tuesday, despite of the original plan to leave on Monday. First, we headed to Paris, the city of love. First day, was dreadful! Was gloomy and raining the whole evening. Even the Eiffel Tower looked horrendous! *sad sad sad*

But things changed on the second day. It was lovely, in fact the weather really put up an effect to out pictures. Blue sky, sunny days (even tho' I shall say, it was a bit colder tho'.) We took loads of picture, and we walked almost to each and every part of the city. But, there was a bit nasty thing about it. Paris's public transportation was actually having a strike!! Most of all the trains and buses are not 'functioning' as it is. So, we chose to walk instead of waiting with thousands of people at the stations. *we got really really worn out*

And of course, Paris being a Paris itself, we went shopping! And basically we shop for perfumes! Me, myself... I even got three for myself! *wink*

We went up to the famous Eiffel Tower, and the view up there was magnificent! I like it so much! By looking at the scenery up there, and the strategic location of all location, I wonder how many people has proposed up there?! *giggling* It was such a romantic event!! To get proposed up in the Eiffel Tower! *in awe*

Oh, by the way, Mona Lisa said hi! *giggling*

We went to Musee de Louvre. It was a huge, gigantic size of museum. And there is where Mona Lisa painting is stored. There were guards everywhere. Guarding the lady of love. At first, I thought it would be a very big painting. But, it is less than expected! But, we were having so much fun, walking and looking at each paintings and carvings, including the ceilings painting in that museum. And of course, we didn't even have the chance to go through all the areas in the museum. It was too big to cover!

We didn't go many places. But, we enjoy walking here and there around the city itself, as the weather is really, truly am fantastic! Unbelievable!!

Here are few pics in Paris, and click here if you want to see more! I'll update soon on my Madrid 2007 vacation! Feel sleepy already! *wink*

Love you all to bits! *kisses and sealed it with a BIG twirl*

Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm Back!!

Hola people!!! ;)

I'm back!! There are loads to tell, to show, to babble... my oh my!!

I am so happy but part of me I am a little bit sad inside. Mummy and sister went back early this morning. But despite of that, we surely had a great time. In fact, I shall say we had a tremendous awesome vacation, even though it is just a week! Perfect!

I'll let you know and see the picture and the tid bits of my bonjour-hola vacation soon! (Oh, let me just recap it over. I went to Paris and Madrid...) *wink*

But now, I am not that 'energetic' to spill out the beans! Maybe later... Now, am off to bed. Early snooze for me... Kisses to all! *twirling happily*

Saturday, November 17, 2007

In My La La La Land

I was late to the office today. :(

Last night was awful. Dreadful night for me. I couldn't even breath, and of course I have so much difficulties to sleep. It's like suffocating in my own world.

So, I took loads of medicine. LEMSIP soluble drinks, Benylin (I hope the spelling is right!), Neurofen Plus... and it put me to sleep. In fact, a good sleep. With wondrous dreams! Until...

When I woke up this morning, I just realized that it's already 9 o'clock. I was mortified. I remember having my alarm clock set at 7, plus my phone alarm at the same time, but I remember hearing nothing! What happened to me last night? Rushingly, I called the office and let them know that I will be in late. There are few stuff that needs to go through, (my work) before I am off for the whole week next week! So, I went.
Everything is perfect! I felt like I was reborn. Feel a bit healthy and refreshed! Then, I took another packet of LEMSIP after lunch. And, then it goes...

I felt drowsy and way too far in my la-la-la land. I felt so high, and I couldn't even concentrate on anything. I looked at the drawings and I went blank. I have a peek on the PC and it went awfully weird! I know something is really wrong somewhere. I felt sleepy, that's for sure. :(

I couldn't even control myself. The medication has gotten into me!

I tried so hard to finish up my work, and be it! I am fine, now... As I went home one hour later, after the usual office-hour, but I feel completely relieved. I have completed my task before I'm going away! Yayyy!

But then, I knew what happened to me last night. The medication really got over me! Practically, I was unconscious. That's why I didn't hear a thing. If I was awake, most probably I will collapse on the floor. Fainted, maybe? Too much drugs consumed, I presumed.

Well, I feel a lot better now, after I suddenly unconscious again after I got back from work. I didn't know what happened and the next thing I knew, I was lying on my bed and staring at the blank point of the ceiling! I felt asleep for 4 hours. Without even noticing it!

Unbelievable! But, I hope I will be better soon! My mom and sister is coming tomorrow! Can't wait!! ;)

And I am so ready for our vacation next week! Yayyyy!!! *yawning... as I still have the sleepyhead drowsiness left*

Friday, November 16, 2007

38 Over The Top

Name one person who made you laugh last night?
MisterWoppit's, in his blog! :)

What were you doing at 0800?
Cooking my dinner...

What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
Scooping B&J's ice-cream... yummy! yeah, yeah... i know i have flu, but it's so irresistible!

What happened to you in 2006?

What was the last thing you said out loud?
"Why is it sooo cold?!" talking to myself as no one is around...

How many beverages did you have today?
LEMSIP and 3 bottles of RIBENA...

What color is your hairbrush?

What was the last thing you paid for?
My new tongue stud! :)

Where were you last night?
Sick, in bed early...

What color is your front door?
Brown oak..

Where do you keep your change?
In my drawer...

What's the weather like today?
Dreadful, icy cold... like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter movie scene... Brrr...!!

What's the best ice-cream flavor?
Caramel Chew Chew by Ben & Jerrys

What excites you?
My life...

Do you want to cut your hair?
I have no idea... what do you think? ;)

Are you over the age of 25?
Positively, I am indeed... :)

Do you talk a lot?
I do... But, if suddenly i'm quiet, then definitely something is completely wrong!

Do you watch the O.C.?

Do you know anyone named Steven?
Not that i could ever remember...

Do you make up your own words?
Yes, err.. maybe you can check my blog! ;)

Are you a jealous person?
Depends... hahaha... if it falls in my PMS mode, i'll be so over the top!

Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'A'

Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'K'
Kokledoo... *giggles* No, i don't have!

Who's the first person on your received call list?
Withheld number... just a second ago. wonder who..? *wondering still*

What does the last text message you received say?
"I had a fight with my boss today... bla bla bla bla...."

Do you chew on your straw?

Do you have curly hair?
Should I?

Where's the next place you’re going to?
Next week, vacation with my mommy & sister to Madrid & Paris for a week!!! Yayyy!! *small twirl*

Who's the rudest person in your life?

What was the last thing you ate?
Ice cream... ;)

Will you get married in the future?
Definitely, if I have the groom with me... ;)

What's the best movie you've seen in the past 2 weeks?
Thank You For Not Smoking... DVD

Is there anyone you like right now?

When was the last time you did the dishes?
After my dinner, few hours ago... ;)
I'm all alone. No one is in the house... BORING!

Are you currently depressed?
I did! But, recovering now...

Did you cry today?
No. Couldn't manage. The flu is getting control over my body! *yikes*

Why did you answer and post this?
70steen tagged me, and I am a bit out of idea to do anything at this moment... ;)

Tag 5 people who would do this survey? LindaC, Nursemyra, Lina, Mike, BabyJet

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Misery Me

I went to the meeting. It was mad. It was pouring quite heavily this morning. Oh, I mean the rain! Not my flu... ;)

I've waited for the taxi to go to the Architects office at 7, and only got one at half seven. By that time, I was half-drenched! Left my pink-transparent umbrella in the office. Only had a hat on top of my head. Unbelievable!

And, because of the bus-strike and heavy rains, I was late. Stuck in traffic for about one and a half hour... Madness!

Couldn't really pay attention to what the Architect was saying, but I can only heard myself sniffing once in a while. It was outrageous!

Same goes in the office. I couldn't really pay much attention to the task I have to do, luckily I have completed most of the job. The 'winter-package-disease' I am carrying now is really put me in a huge misery of any other living planet could ever imagined! Totally absurd!

At first, I thought... presumably, this all thing might be possibly be because of the cold, resulting from winter-time is peeking in. But now, I think part of it is simply because I am completely broken, in terms of mentally and psychologically... Everything is impossible to amend. To make things right. My love-life is going totally downward now. Pathetic!

Anyhow, newsflash... we still in-contact but it is way too different from what it used to be. Cold. Yes. Doink!

I don't know. I couldn't think of any nice words to lay it here and then... So, be it. I'll wait for some miracles and sunny days to approach to make good of my health as well as my inside-broken patch, to be patched back together again... but,

it is way too impossible to believe so...

P/S: my pic; looking so sick with the said HAT! :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sneezy Days

I am so sick. Really really sick. :(

I have a blocked nose, high fever, sore throat, red eyes, sore muscles and every single little thing reflected. :(

Most probably because of the crying but then laughing session, thanks to 70steen who cheer me up, totally last night. She saved me! :)

I couldn't think of anything to write in today. Blocked mind. Broken, still... :(

Have to go to bed now. Meeting at half eight tomorrow morning! More headache!! :(

*hate the sneezing time!*

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Spacco Tutto

Questa e una triste situazione. E triste che le cose siano andate cosi.E la fine del mondo come lo conosciamo. Si. Disastro totale.

Ne sono certo. Sto molto soffrendo. Spacco tutto. Non c'e niente da fare.

Aver detto abbastanza. Basta.


This is a sad situation. It is sad, things had turned out like this. It's the end of the world as we know it. Yes. Total disaster.

I know it for sure. I am so hurt. Everything broken. There's nothing can be done.

Enough said. Enough.
P/S: Sorry if there is any grammatical errors. I am still learning. And, hmm... please give me some credit. I am really not in a good condition at all! Tanto, tanto triste... :(

Saturday, November 10, 2007

La Solitudine

"Chissa se tu me penserai,
Se con i tuoi non parli mai,
Se ti nascondi come me,
Sfuggi gli sguardi e te ne stai."

How would I possibly overcome this situation?

What is the best options to go with when I have none?

Non la possibile, veramente!

*tanto triste, non possibile verso la vortice*

(Italian entry. an attempt. still studying. give some credit, will you?) *wink*

(Oh, and enjoy the italian song attached! Laura Pausini. I even memorize the lyrics. A truly sad, sad, sad song... Above, is the chorus for you to sing along!) *wink*

For full lyrics, click HERE.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Vocabulary Runs...

Thanks to Linda, I have completely filled my time during lunch-hour with some charity works... that somehow improve my English vocabulary.

And, gosh! It is addictive, alright! *more winks*

Feel free to see where do you stand, your English vocabulary and at the same time, giving out to those needy people. Hey, at least it is a good thing to do on Friday. *flip flaps like a cheerleader girls*

RICE DONATIONS is the link. (Just click it over, and the fun begins!) Have fun!

P/S: Oh, by the way... I played until I donated 3000 rice. And, my vocabulary level is 16. So, I guess it's not too bad! *wink*
Will try again tonight, at home. Yayyy!


I have been google-ing some nice video clips, and I thought this one looks cute. I like!

*not just because the girl loves to twirl like I do, but it is cute... in a way*

Let me know what you think about it. But, mind you. Even tho' the vid looks pretty cute, it is actually kind of a sad song. It is about a couple, broke up but the girl is still in love with the guy and can't accept that they already broke up. That is why each steps of the guy, followed by the girl. Kind of sad to me, still...

That is just LIFE.

Thursday, November 8, 2007



Somebody has actually said that to me. The reason is just because I didn't reply, or answer any of the texts sent or calls received.

And, it was just not my fault. I didn't do anything. I simply did what I did, is because it was meant to be that way.

He warned me about not to be in his 'world', to 'conquer his world' or even to 'rule his world'. So, I decided not to 'be there'.

But what I got was, thousands of texts and calls. Of course, unanswered. (Think about this; if that is what he wants, then that is what he gets!) Who agrees?

But NO... it goes the other way round. He got so mad! (I don't even know what is going on now. I was being harrassed! More calls and texts. (Wasn't it supposed to be that way, when an order was said for me not to be anywhere near?) *confusing look*

And, I decided to play silent. I'm off, away from him now. But, he kept on searching and trying to find me! Instead of FINDING NEMO, now it's more like FINDING BABY! *giggles*

It was just MAD!


However, the last text received was... "You are like a child..."

Whatever! *not to twirl today, not a twirly day*

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Little Lost Cat

A little lost cat, wandering on the roadside. 'She' wiggles her tail, and look around. Left and right. And back on 'her' tiny steps again. No one to go to, no one to yapping 'her' whiskers to.

'She' is all alone. 'She' does feel lonely. No one to be with. No one to love and no one to be loved. 'She' feels out of emotions.

"Miow, miowww..."

No one would ever turn. Because there was no one there at the first place.

At some point, when 'she' passed through bus stops... there would be some people coming down from the bus. They stopped. They looked. They petted 'her'. But that doesn't stay for long. Only for sometimes. A moment. Not forever. Not.

And in some other point, when 'she' walked to the field. There will be few kids. Kids would go to 'her', and stopped, looked and petted 'her'. But that was it. For a while. For sometimes. And just for a moment. Not for long. Not.

"Miow, miowww..."

Tonight, 'she' is back at that one moment. The moment where there is no one with 'her'. Not. 'She' feels so sad. Indeed. 'She' feels lonely. Empty.

'She' is longing for someone to be with 'her'. To actually care for 'her'. To love 'her'. But there is none. Not that time. Not that particular moment. 'She' couldn't think of how to get that other moment to have someone to be, care and love 'her' like how normally other cats would have and be.

'She' walked, and walked and walked. 'She' was too busy thinking. To figure out how can 'she' make somebody to actually be, care and love 'her'. 'She' has always been a good cat. 'She' is not as bad as Kitty, the cat that always scratching people's hand when they petted 'her'. 'She' is indeed, a good cat. 'She' always purred and licked the boy/girl's hand back to tell them that 'she' appreciate what they did, and hoping they take 'her' home, care and love 'her'. Always hoping. All the time. But, NO. Kitty is not as beautiful as 'she' is, in fact Kitty has this 'bitchy' look on 'her', and always in a bad condition.

'She' just couldn't understand the fate. 'She' walked, walked and walked.


'She' couldn't move. Last thing 'she' knew, 'she' was crossing the road. But now, 'she' was on the floor. 'She' felt wet, and looked down 'her' feet. Blood. Puddle of blood. 'She' looked up. There was a man, and there was a little girl. Next
to him. Crying.

"Lisa, go back in the car. We will bring Miow, Miow to the hospital. Don't cry now. Daddy will take care of her," said the man. 'She' couldn't move, 'she' couldn't think. But 'she' was so excited to get to know that at this is the moment. The moment that 'she' has been longing for. For somebody to take 'her' home, be, care and love 'her' the way 'she' had always wanted. 'She' smiles.

"At last!"

'She' miowed. To thank the good man, and the little girl. 'She' always wanted a good hearted girl, to be with her, to take care or her and to love her. They can play together. 'She' always dreamt about this, day and night.

But then... 'she' froze. 'She' felt weak. And slowly, 'she' couldn't open the eyes. Slowly, 'her' eye lids closed. And now, 'she' is not moving at all. 'Her' heart beats stopped.

And 'she' is long gone...


We always need somebody to be, to care and to love... That is called passion. But there is always obstacles. Whether the person has someone else, not wanting us the way we want them or simply we were just not meant to be together. So, there will be hurt, shattered and lost...

Simply say, I don't really feel good today. Really don't. And simply say, I am just like 'her'. I am hurt, shattered and lost... Really am. *sad*

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mr. Peanut

I was on my way home from work. Half way walking, and the other half... I took a bus. It was way too cold to walk. So, I decided to take a bus.

It's good tho'. I don't have to wait for so long. About less than 5 minutes standing there, here comes the bus. I hop in, and took a seat. *smile*

Then, something caught my eyes. A peanut. Mr. Peanut. On the floor. 'He' is alone. Lying on the floor. I tried not to look at 'him', but
somehow 'he' got my attention.

When the bus make a turn, 'he' wiggles on the floor, and rolled to the opposite side of where 'he' was before. I was worried. 'He' was lying in the middle of the walkaways. The bus 'corridor', or whatever you called it! *thinking hard about 5 minutes ago, but could not find the appropriate word!* *sad*

Then, the bus stopped. 'He' stays still for a while. Phew! At least for now, 'he' is safe! Then, the bus moved again. Darn! "Move away, Mr. Peanut!! It is too dangerous to stand in the middle of the way!," I tried to give 'him' a telepathy message. No use. 'He' wasn't listening. I guess he was too happy rolling around, here and there.

More wiggling, and rolling for Mr. Peanut. I'm still worried. Two more stops before I have to get off the bus. I was thinking of 'kicking' 'him' to the side, so that he will be more safe than where 'he' is now.

"Glukkk!". Another stop! There comes a very cute looking guy, stepped into the bus, witih a box on his hand. "Back from shopping, I guess!," thinking, while my eyes parted from Mr. Peanut location, and I was looking at this guy now. He was trying to get some coins from his pocket, and he put that in the ticket machine. "Cute!".

When he walked in the bus, I heard a small cracking sound.


I was worried. I knew this is going to happen. I was too worried now. I looked where Mr. Peanut was happily lying on the floor, earlier on. I was shocked!

No more Mr. Peanut on the floor. There was a groundnut on the floor, scattered into small pieces. Scattered! I mean, really! Smashed into small pieces. I was sad. My eyes on the floor, looking at poor Mr. Peanut.

"Ting!!" The bus bell rang. Woke me up from my sorrow. I looked up, and my stop is here now. I walked to the bus door, and I am still looking on the floor. Looking at Mr. Peanut 'corpse'.

No more Mr. Peanut. 'He' is dead. Smashed by a cute looking guy.

Poor Mr. Peanut!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Last Attempt?!

Hi there... I don't know whether this can help me out or not, but I am defintiely going to try my best to it. Not getting the $500, the Snorgtees T-shirt will do! *wink*

As I said earlier on, I was in this fuelmyblog society of bloggers. And, they have this competition of the first 100 bloggers with the most votes, in October 2007, will received a prize of $500. Whoopsie! Not all 100 bloggers of course, but the first top blogger with the most voted! (At this point, Miss Fracas seems to be the winner! Way to go girl!) And all the other 99 bloggers, will indeed, get a free T-shirt as a price! Not so bad after all! *double wink*

So, up to this very moment, vote for me to let me stay in the 100 most top voted bloggers, peeps! I need your votes at this very minute! Now, now... please... *smile sheepishly*

Okay, 'till we meet again in my other topsy turvy post.

And to fuelmyblog and Snortgees, way to go guys! A fantastic attempt to get us bloggers going! Mwahssss!! *kisses to all*

Vote for me here... (as listed below! Just click the icon, okay?). Last attempt! I wonder what Daddy thought about this... :)


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