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Monday, May 28, 2012

Let's Go Bananas!


I love bananas! I think it is a good snack on the go. It is good for an energy booster for you to start your day in the morning, after a tiring workout session, on your break for a quick snack before getting back to work and many other great benefits of this yellow fruit!

Not to mention, I love the fact that this fruit contain many nutritional facts that undoubtedly is good for your health and well-being (if consume in moderate amount, of course).

So, what are you waiting for? Let's go bananas! *twirl, dance & dance*

Friday, May 25, 2012

What's It Worth?

Hello, people. It has been a while since I last posted, but alas... even though it is, I am still at my current status of being unemployed. Things have been tough. Or was it because, I am being over-dramatic in choosing the right job specification?

I mean, we have to choose correctly in order to settle in with the best working environment and not to mention, the appropriate pay altogether? How would it be possibly right to be in a position where you ought to work like there is no tomorrow but only earning, err.. pennies?

Since I have officially becomes 'Mom's maid' as I am the one who is preparing dinner, well... I must say, I have the excellent skills that one could never imagined! On the other hand, I think I have been putting up weight and that is all mainly because I have been cooking yummy, deliciously, unbeatable home-cooked cuisine for the past month and a half! *grins*

I suppose, say, if the footballers are out of footballs for their game in World Cup that is coming soon, then they are welcome to use me as one of the ball! See. I have become rounder, closer to a portrait of a football!

I have entirely giving up in looking for a job, at least for this past two days. While I was browsing through the jobs offered; let it be in the newspapers or even in the jobseekers website, it is all then filtered to this one simple question; what am I looking for in a job, really? Up to this point, I don't even recognize anymore of who I wanted to be, as in what kind of job am I dying to do anymore. That is probably the biggest challenge that I have to date. I don't even know what I want to do!

I mean, yeah. I know I was a Quantity Surveyor in a consultancy firms all these while. But do I really want to continue working in a consultancy line, like until death do us apart? I would be delighted to be offered to work in an oil and gas stream, that would be awesome and the thought of me being in that industry, already gives me a mini-orgasm, but then again... will I be qualified and worthwhile for them?

See. I have been to an oil and gas industry's interviews, twice! The first one, well... let's just say, I failed miserably. It was a 45-minutes phone interview, and it was the shittiest day of my life not knowing what else to talk about while the HR executive on the other line was giving me silent responses everytime I answered his God-knows-what-sorts of questions!

For the second interview, luckily it was a face to face interview. There were three panels altogether and at least, this is great as I can see if they smirked or frown if I did not answer them correctly! It went alright, I must say and it lasted for about an hour. I was having the best of my time blabbering and chatting away things I know would interest them, work-wise. Unfortunately, they did not come back to me and it has been a week and two days when they were saying that they will let me know in a week time. Or less. I have queried them by email but sadly, they don't even bother to reply me at all! I mean, how difficult for them to just send me an email and let me know whether they are processing it, I did not get the job or they will proceed my application for the second interview? At least, reply and let me know what is going on! Or maybe, I was not worth their time at all and therefore, they decided to just ignore me like a dead plant in a pot? This is so heart-crushing for me, most definitely!

So, there you go. This is why I am not that happy for these past few days. In fact, I am still not happy now. Well, there goes my extremely lengthy post for this week! *grins*

Take care and have a nice day! xxx 

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Saturday it is.


After all, it is Saturday and you have all the reasons to smile, don't you? *grins*

Photo credit: Me
Do you know that it takes more muscles to smile than it does to frown? And I have stumbled upon Meganmooren's Blog with her list of How To Burn Calories - Without Even Knowing It.
It's a good read. I had fun reading it and I am sure you will too. Go and find out!

So, a smile eh? What about that? The sight of anyone smiling in front of you is addictive. A smile is, undoubtedly addictive. Your smile will bring smiles to others around you. A smile creates sparks of fun that happily explodes in you that creates funny feeling inside the heart and it soothes the body, mind, and soul. No matter how sad you are at that very moment, try to smile and trust me, somehow, you will release the negativity and bad vibes inside you and then you will be happier and relaxed altogether!

There are millions of reasons to smile but here are some general ideas that will put a smile on your face:-

Photo credit: Me
  •  it makes us attractive (would you rather approach a person who is smiling at you or someone who frowns at you? See! When you smile, it attract others. People will be drawn to you! So, start smiling, but make sure it is a genuine one though! :) )
  • it changes our mood (whenever you feel low, try to smile and see/feel the difference!)
  • it relieves stress (it has been tested and found in a medical documentation that a smile is in fact, a natural relief for a stress. So, why don't you smile for a second? Beside relieves stress, it makes you healthier, and can help you live a longer and happier life!)
  • it lowers your blood pressure (the best and inexpensive cure, don't you think so? What more could you ask for?)
  • it makes you happier (it is a natural drug, if some of you didn't know that!)
  • it makes you look younger (probably people will thought that you are much younger that you are! How cool is that? :) )
 In case any of you forgot how to smile, here are some suggestions of how you can do it! 

Thus, why wait? Smile! Why don't you give it a try to the one next to you now and see how the magic works!

Happy Saturday, people! xxx

Photo credit: Me

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flu Attack

I am officially down with flu. *sneeze*

Photo credit: GoesHealth
It's torturing and irritating when you are caught with this infectious disease, for sure! Plus, you will not be the most favorable person to be with - chit chat over coffee, watch telly, gossiping, shopping and all of other thinkable things that you would usually do with a friend, mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend or even colleague! None of the above can be done without having to blow your nose every, err... nano second?

Here, things I can't live without when I have a "flu attack":-

1) A stack of fresh tissue paper (preferably one box of Klennex would do for a day!)
2) A dozen cups of yummy hot honey lemon (the hotter the better!!)
3) A telly remote (it is excellent if you could have it all by yourself so you have the privilege to flick through channels whatever and whenever you want to!) 
4) A couple of DVDs - when you had enough with whatever is shown on telly (best if you could stocked up on chick flicks & sappy romantic movies - so that if you feel like you want to shed some tears to the storyline, people won't notice anyway, they'll think you are just having a severe flu!)
5) A pack of flu pills (this is great especially if you are facing those runny-nose-moment-that-feels-like-a-niagara-falls-rushing-down ~ it helps you to have a calm and an uninterrupted sleep. Don't take more than the prescribed dose, though... or you will never wake up!)

Yes. That are most like it. Are there any other things that I have missed? Enlighten me with your suggestions, I would be delighted to try 'em out! *grins*

Take care and speak soon!!! xxx *sneeze*

Guten Tag ~ Good Day

Do you speak German?

Well, I don't. *grins* But, I have once had a German housemate once and I have told him my interest on the language! I mean, imagine if say, me... I am a girl from Malaysia, who can speak German language fluently? That would simply amazed people from all over the country, I'd say?
Photo credit: Dolo Languages

What do you think? *rolling eyes*

Therefore, for a start... let's have this, shall we?

Order a schadenfreude movie on DVD now!

Now, well said... isn't it? *twirl*

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How Does Travel To London For Free Sound To You?

A quick one! 

"Travel to London for free during the 2012 Olympic Games"
Photo credit: Me

 How does that sound to you?

Well, here's a good news for you who is interested! *grins*

Dadaaaa daa dummmmm!!! 

I am proud to announce that Samsung has offered to all of you out there (especially those who are crazy and up for a challenge!!), a chance to represent Malaysia for the Samsung Global Blogger!!! 

So, what are the things that you have to do to gain this? (Oh, in fact, this is ===> click THE ONLY THING THAT YOU HAVE TO DO?!!)  That is fun, isn't it? Yayyyyy!!! *star jump & cartwheels*

It's just that simple. So, what are you waiting for? Go for it!!! *twirl*

I wish you all the best &  keep me posted of your videos, if you like! I'll be honored to see 'em, for sure!

Take care & speak soon guys! *wave goodbye*

Demoiselle en Détresse

I just came back from sending my brother to a workshop to get my dad's car. It was sent there few days ago due to a broken window. The workshop is located in Petaling Jaya. Being me, a demoiselle en détresse when it comes to roads and directions, of course I obviously, have strayed from the flock and went the opposite direction from home!

Photo credit: Me

Based on some relevant studies made, it has been said that we use only 10% of our brain. Is that the reason why at times, (or is it most of the times?), that I could not find my way out when I am nowhere to be found in an unfamiliar neighborhood? Or does that has something got to do with me being a lefty? *grins*

I have been told about this myth millions of times before, (especially when I got myself lost in the middle of nowhere!), that lefty crowd are very hopeless when it comes to their sense of directions. Shockingly, there are even forums created just to discuss on this matter! Maybe it is not just a myth, after all? Or maybe it is just another reason for me to point out so as to cover my clumsy idiotic self? Me being a complete fruitcake with a cherry on top! Haha...

Photo credit: Me
While I was typing this entry at this very moment, two of my cats are sitting down in front of me and cleaning themselves off. They lick their paws clean. Then roll on the floor, flailing their tails and meowing. Cats. Oh, and don't forget their cute, innocent faces looking at you!

Photo credit: Me
And at that very moment, I thought of; how would it be to be as happy as a cat where you don't have to think about anything at all and just be worried about which part of the fur that need to be extra groomed? Which paws have I not cleaned earlier? Or, when should I meows to get the attention to be fed. Instead of not to get lost in a maze of streets and signboards?

But then again, I am happy with who and what I am now. I don't mind being stuck in a traffic of a God-knows-what-street-name have I got myself lost into ~ who knows, while I was searching for the right directions, I will somehow meet that adorable someone whom I soon be with? (in your dreams! haha...) Or being a lefty. Truthfully, I have discovered that lefty, in fact, has so many phenomenal characteristics, which I strongly believed (or I'd like to make myself believe!) that the righty are extremely envy me for! *grins*

What about  you? What do you think?

Got to now. Until then, take care. xxx

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Don't Make That One Bad Apple Spoils The Bunch

It's Sunday evening and the weather is quite gloomy as we speak, a perfect weather for an evening nap. We have been out since morning but here I am now, plonking on a sofa with my laptop on my lap, typing a blog entry 'vigorously' for you to have a read! Haha...

What would you think of someone who has a very bad past life? Would you judge him/her for who they were before? Do you have the privilege to do so? Why is that so? Even if he/she is changed and has become a better person, indeed? Does that means, even if he/she has repented for all the bad things he/she did in his/her past life, he/she will still be judged? Don't you think it appears to be a little bit iniquitous to you?

Photo credit: Me
 I think, no matter what you are religion-wise, or which part of country you are from, it will still comes back to the basic rule of life,
"Everyone will never escape the chance to make mistakes. People make mistakes, and it is for us to forgive and to forget". 

That is why we have the word  (to) 'repent' or 'repentance' in our dictionary, isn't it? *smile*  The chance for a person to change for a better person, that is! I don't think it will be that difficult for us to be less judgmental but more forgiving for all those lovely individuals around us, I suppose?

"First impressions are important, but everyone deserves a second chance"
 ~Unknown quotes~

Let's do that for the betterment  of the community. It will means a lot to them.

Well, take care now and have a spectacular Sunday, either on your own or with your loved ones. 



Wedding Bells


I went to a friend wedding earlier today and she looks so pretty in her wedding dress. She is all white; oh, the bride and the groom. They look so adorable together and how I wish I am the one in that gorgeous white dress next to my next hot knight in a shinning armor! *chuckles*

When I was there, it made me think. How would I look like on my wedding day? How many people will be there for my wedding? Or how many should I invite to my wedding? What sort of door gifts should I consider to prepare for all the guests to bring home? There were thousands, ah... or maybe, millions of thoughts have been circling my mind ever since! It droves me insane! Really.

But then again, it rolled back to the original matter-of-fact; why would I be bothered to think about all those things if I do not have anyone, who is to be considered as the groom? Oh, and how I was stunned at the fact that I am in fact, err... single? Truth hurts!
Photo credit: Cartoon Wedding Card
Then, another set of questions popped in my head. Will I ever be married? Is there any chance that I will be, on one fine day, to be known as someone's wife? Am I good enough to be wearing those pretty, gorgeous white dresses for a wedding reception? My wedding reception. And I shall give it a good twirl and I will definitely flaunt that dress beautifully on that day. What do you think? Any ideas?

Frankly speaking, I really don't know. And I don't think it is wise for me to say anything on it, only until it happens. Until then, I better get myself some sleep and I shall speak to you again soon!

Good night. *twirl*

Friday, May 4, 2012

Jump Links Trouble

I might become a zombie soon if I never get my beauty sleep anytime near future.

I have been wide awake all night just to install that little tiny weeny bird that simply said "tweet this" and of course with a major failure! See. I managed to do that, or at least I thought I did. But for some reason, because there is this option of  "Read More" for each of my posts (which, I have studied throughout the night and figured out that they called it 'jump-links'???) , they decided to make it harder for me. I have been trying all my best that I had to tweak the HTML codes here and there but still, to no avail! *crying*

But hey, but at least this silly little girl still managed to put in a few icons! Unfortunately, I am still figuring out how to make those pretty little icons be visible when I am in each post. It is just so torturing to not know how to do it, especially when I came to think of it, of how small the matter is!

 Food for thought; all the small things matter. They do.

Photo credit: PICTURES Funny 16
Say, a girlfriend who is always has to cope up with the boyfriend's mini-tantrum, but up to a certain point, she will give up and leave the boy, for sure!

And... that goes the end of the post for now. *twirl*

I'm heading for a nap for a short while.

Take care.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Do We Need Extraordinary Ingredients In Life?

Cooking dinner.

How difficult it is to think of what are the things best to cook for dinner? Once or twice, it's still okay. But for two consecutive weeks, it has become so hard! Beyond your imagination, it is!

Sometimes you definitely ran out of ideas of what to prepare for dinner! I am damn serious. Okay, so you had chicken on Monday, then eggs on Tuesday and fish the following day. And then? Oh then, you ended up repeating those ingredients and then what?

Photo credit: Chefs London
How creative can you be with all those limited ingredients and at the same time to not bore them with the same recipe over and over again? Even if you're graduated from a culinary school or something like that, I personally think you'll be dying for new menus! You will be stuck with the same menus and that is very depressing!

Then, suddenly I was thinking about my resume that I have been sending out to my future employers, hoping for them to pick up my application out of the hundreds or maybe thousands of other application from others *cross my fingers & wish for the best*. But then, it made me think. What if, my resume is just a concoction of some basic ingredients like a typical dinner meal and nothing extraordinary to begin with? Say, will you choose an ordinary, lame, tasteless pasta dish or will you be  overwhelmed and delighted to have chicken roast with extra yummy consistently good homemade gravy for dinner?

That made me think.

I'll try harder on the job hunting and in the meantime, I need to get myself in the kitchen to prepare some yummy meal for dinner! :)

Take care.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sparks of Surprises, No?

So, here I am again. Sweating like a pig. Inside the house.

The weather has been so weird lately. At one time it is too hot outside and while you are sweating inside the house, gulping many glasses of iced cold water just to cool you down, (but to no avail, obviously!). Then, out of sudden, it will be pitched dark outside and heavy rain struck! Oh, and don't forget the ferocious thunders that comes along!
Photo credit: Clker.com

But still, you'll be drenched with unquestionably sweat, of course. Again.

Predictable. That is what it is when it comes to the weather in Malaysia, lately. I presume, by chance, any of us can become that pretty lady who is on telly reporting the weather news, say, if it is going to be like this for the next few weeks, huh? No more reports or previous studies of the clouds and winds, to determine how is the weather going to be, yeah? Just a list of predictions of many predictable events. That is all it takes.

How would that be then? To know of what are the things that are going to happen in the near future without having the need to worry of the unexpected events? Would it be fun or would it be the other way round? If you get to choose either or, will you choose to know or not knowing?
Photo credit: Kimberliah
Some people said, surprises are good. It brings the sparks of joy to any news. And the sparks that made it special in some exquisite way. But then again, what if the surprises are the one that will bring you down? The one that will make you sad and your appetite gone in just a nano second?

Well, for me, I'll choose the conventional way. I would want to have some surprises in my life ~ be it the good news or the bad ones. Even if I will be given a second chance to answer that, I'll still stick to my answer, undoubtedly. So, what about you? Surprises or no surprises? Surprise me with your choice! Haha...

Take care!


It's a Labour Day!

It's a day off!! Yayy!!!

O-K-A-Y, it is not that yayyy anymore to me, really. I have been staying home, off work, for about a month now, and a day off from work just means nothing to me, really. It seems like, it is just another day to me. Nothing spectacular about that, for sure!

However, I would like to wish 'Happy Labour Day' to everyone who is working and I shall say that, you guys deserve a day off today! Yayyy for all of you! *star jump*

On the other hand, despite of the supposed-to-be-no-work-day, I have been struggling to complete my assignments, which need to be submitted in June. Truthfully, I am having a hard time to even trying to concentrate on it! Ever since I have resigned, I have stapled myself on the sofa and flicking thru the channels on telly has been my expertise!! ~ I wonder if there is any job out there requires such expertise, huh? Therefore, with rather, so much joy when the remote is in my hand, the assignments sadly, has been put aside.

But come to think of it, I surely have about approximately a month to go, right? So, I should have enough time to complete it, I presume? It should not be taking so much of my time, is it not? Well, how hard could it be that I need more than a month to complete it?

For now, I am going to have a rest ~ it is a Labour Day, after all? :)

Take care.

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