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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's Playbook, baby!

Photo: Garry Mcleod; Origami: Robert Lang

Hey all. I have been trying to post few times for the past few days, but to no avail. I thought I did posted it, but for some reason it does not appears?

I have got myself a new gadget! It's a Blackberry Playbook! It is amazing! It truly is. :)

And since then, I have been trying to post my entry from one of the application for Blackberry, but as I have said, it just went wrong somewhere, somehow. I failed. And worst, all those times, I have typed in a lot, but then the paragraphs just gone. "Pooffff!" Just like that. :(

It's late and it's my laundry night tonight, so I have piles of clothes to hang. Loads of 'em. And I got back from work sometimes around, well... nearly 10pm. Oh. That is life. Well, to be exact, that is my life.

I am pleased to know you. Do you? :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Am Back, Baby!!!

Hello to all! :)

I am back again. I know, I know. I have not been a good sport for the past few months. Emm, maybe for the past year? Well, if I tell you that I have been hooked up with tons of work, you will probably don't really want to hear all about my boring, uninteresting workload that I have been facing throughout? Let's just forget what have passed and let us just savor the NOW moment and the merriest of all to come? :) How's that for a start?

Photo - credit to The Green Eyed Lady Blog

As I shall announced, *drum roll*, I have bought myself an awesomely cool laptop with an affordable price, that let me to get back on my two feet and blogging again! Horrayyyy! :) I have missed blogging. I really do. And I have missed all of you too!

So, from today onwards, you will be seeing me back in this corner of the wall, again, jotting down all sort of nonsense that appears to bloop itself from my little tiny brain of mine! Bahaha...

Okay, it's about half one in the morning already & I guess I shall hit the sack now. Until we meet again. Good night, lovable readers! *big hug from me*

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Three, Four, Five or Never?

Is there in anyway a second chance works?

What would you do if you gave someone a second chance for them to re-gain your trust or even better, to make good of the many things that has gone bad... but it seems that it was never is meaningful to them as it is to you?

What happens when you thought that this one person have changed for the betterment, but then you found out that he is not? In fact, he's becoming an expert in telling tales, that even if you tell the many tales to little toddlers they will think that it is the most amazing fairytale told ever, just a notch down from the famous Alice in Wonderland!

An old proverbs;

‘A lie is halfway round the world before the truth has got its boots on'

And another was;

'One lie leads to another'.

Can you actually trust someone who had once, lie to you? And what if, being gullible and you actually did, but then you found out that he lied again... Is there in anyway for you to give him a third chance? How many chances would there be before he stops lying, then? Three, four, five or never? It would be so much easier if you could see his nose becomes longer once he is telling lies, just like our dear Pinocchio boy!

Therefore, is a second chance worth it, or there is no such thing as a 'second chance'?

How would you know if that person is telling you the truth and nothing but the truth now, if he has a record of telling tales of the nastiest lie to you before?

I don't know and the fact that I do not know creeps me out, BIG TIME.

What say you?


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Letters And You

Hey. How was your weekends? Hope you had a good one.

This week, I've been receiving loads of shopping offers and deals in the post.

When I came back last night, first thing I asked my sister was, "... any letters for me?" And what she replied was, "yeah, some shopping brochures arrived!".

See. That's the thing. Everytime there is any letters for me, it will definitely be something similar like that. Let it be shopping brochures and offers, or perhaps invitations to loyalty card members' event or maybe, many of those monthly newsletters reporting of what's going on at the mall for the whole selected month! My point is, my letters are mostly something that relate to shopping!

My younger brother, on the other hand will usually have something more serious when it comes to his, as he'll always have his own subscription of some serious magazine called, 'Personal Money?' or even many letters from the bank offering him to register for a new credit card, bill statement of his credit cards, bla bla and bla. Many of the serious stuff it is. And same goes to my mom and dad. Oh and mom, with her Reader's Digest subscription every month.

If, say, we compile all of our letters received per week, mine one would be the most colourful with the most un-standard fonts they would ever have! Shopping, on-going sale, new restaurants and cafes opening, lovely shoes offer, amazing handbag deals, etc. and the list goes on and on.

Therefore, that made me think...
Does the type of letters you received in the post portrayed you in a way? Like, what kind of person you are? Based on your letters? Really?

And, if that's so... what kind of person does that tells you about me then? :)
What about yours?

Good night.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Do Cats Really Have Nine Lives?

Massive headache. That is what it is.

I thought it will go away after the amazing hot shower, but hey... guess what? It's still there. And it is driving me insane! :(

Now. I have not been blogging for about a week already. Why? It's my laptop. 'She' has gone nuts! At first, the screen was flickering endlessly as if the microchips are having an extremely jolly Christmas party in there. Then, it has gone black, I mean... P-I-T-C-H B-L-A-C-K, as if it was the end of the world, or like someone forgot to pay the bills and the electricity was terminated! So now, that is why I am without a laptop. It's mad! I know. It is mad.

Therefore, that is why I am blogging using mom's laptop at the moment. And she does not usually have her laptop with her, you see. But luckily, she brought it back tonight. So, here I am. :)

Well, here goes. I had a wondrous thought about cats earlier today. See. They said that cats have NINE lives. But do they really have NINE lives??? For real, like?

I was thinking about the huge 'mess' that I am in at the moment. And say, if I have tried by all means and I still could not 'detangle' it? And what if... I mean, what if, it has gone really really really reallyyyyy bad? Can I just 'be dead' and then simply liven up my eight other lives to live like what cats usually do? That would be awesomely fantastic, is it not? And say, later, when you again, have got yourself into another tricky-web-situation or such, you can easily lose yourself out by just 'be dead', (again!) and then continuously use up your remaining lucky lives? Right?

But the issue in question is, do cats really have NINE lives? Do they?

How I wish life can be as simple as that. Or even more, to live like a child who does less thinking but more play. So you don't have to get stuck in any kind of mess and of course, with that you then don't have to worry whether do the cats have NINE lives is real or just a myth! Haha..

That would just be ridiculously perfect life one could ever had.

What do you think?

Good night, all! :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hidden Facts

I have finally finished my exam! And also the many assignments in tow. It is all done and that's it. At least not until next semester, which would be in September? :) However, there are rumours saying that I will have to enrol into a short course starting this coming June until the next month. I don't know. I have not check into that yet.

Enough about exam. So, let's talk about the elevator guy. Remember the guy whom I had a crush on? Well, there are so many things happened already. Good and bad. And what happens now? I truly don't know.

So, I got to get to know this guy. He's pretty awesome though. There so much in common between us. But being human, of course there are things that will never satisfy you. Or even, some hidden facts that you ought to know from the start was never been told?

Therefore, what happens now? We are taking things slow. I think, sometimes... it is good not to have things too well-planned. Maybe it is best not to know where this is heading and how it is going to end. To not know what to expect is the recommended bet, perchance? I don't know. Let just see what is it going to be. And until then...

Have a good Monday night, guys.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday Blues

Hi! So, I am struggling a bit over here since my first exam paper for my postgraduate course will be on this coming Saturday, and hey guess what? I have not even start studying! This is what people refer to as committing suicide... I mean, for real like!

I just finished sorting out my notes for the Land Law subject (after I managed to finish up 1 assignment out of 5 that need to be submitted on the exam day!). We were told by our lecturer that the exam questions topic will not include those done in the presentations and assignments. That should divide half of the notes I have, don't you think so? NOT! I have sorted the notes, and well... there is another mountain piling up next to my pillow here! So, there is no way that I can finish studying those in like, err... 4 days?! I need luck, I think. I really do.

Well, on the greener side of the mountain (what is it about mountains, today eh?), I have a little update on my elevator guy! :)

Photo courtesy of Hameed Shah

So, when we had lunch in the cafetaria, for soooomeee reason... I have made up my mind that I am not going to pursue on liking him anymore. Because, it is like asking your cat to eat carrots? Yeah, like no can do. It's impossible to see him anywhere and you see him when you least expected! He's some sort of like a choc chip cookie, you see. One time he's there, and the other time he is not. Therefore, there is no way of getting to know him at all! So to speak. But, on my way back to the office... of course, in the lift lobby waiting for the elevator to arrive... then there he was! And I tried my very best to not feel anything about it. So, I was just pretending that it is like any other day. No reason to freak out or feels like there is a butterfly farm in your tummy! (I was with a friend, by the way).

In short, we've talked... again! And that means, he remembered me. And it seems like his friend knows something about it too, in a good way! So, it's not like I am the only one who's chasing cars! :)

And that blows away my Monday blues, for the rest of the day!

But one thing that made me think. Why, until up to this very moment... he has not ask for my number yet? What's on my mind is something terribly heart-wrecking, like a) he has a wife, b) he has a fiancée, c) he has a girlfriend, or even worst... d) he's simply not that into me!

Ah well, we'll see. And until then, I need to study as much as I can for my paper on Saturday. So, good night, guys. Speak soon.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Exam Is On Its Way!

Good Morning, all. :) It's Sunday. And guess what I am up to?

Yup, pile of books are next to me with the list of assignments to be done by this coming week! Plus, I have exams coming up in a week time!! How stressful can that be? Very stressful!!!

I am going to sit for 3 papers this semester. Oh, in case you guys were wondering what am I studying this time? Well, it's getting tougher everytime I started something, don't you think? Well, I am taking a postgraduate course this time, called Construction Contract Management or in a simpler word, Construction Law.

I never thought it would be easy, but to cram all the info of all the cases in a week, I think my brain is going to be into a serious workout session on a treadmill of its own!! Imagine that?? To sponge in all the information needed at least until I've finished the papers?

The first paper is going to be on this coming 30th April, whilst the other two will be on the 7th and 8th May 2011. I really need luck this time. Worst thing is, the first paper would be Land Law! The most difficult subject as one can ever imagined! At least that's what I thought! :)

Well, I have to go now. I will speak to you soon and until then, enjoy the rest of your Sunday! ;) Take care.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

When Eyes Meet

Okay, two days in a row? For real? I can't help it, but grin all night long! :)

So, at first I thought he doesn't exist? Maybe I was imagining things? Haha... Since I didn't even see him (for quite a while), after the meet up in the lift? Then, I saw him yesterday evening, but I thought that was it. There is no possible way, I mean... NO POSSIBLE WAY that I will, eventually bump into him again or something such? Right?

But, guess what? :)

I saw him again today, and that's not just it!
No. Nope. Not in some other conversation, again. But, I'd say this is far more interesting than the last time. :) Our eyes met! For real! It felt so weird. And I had that funny feeling again. Butterflies in my tummy!

What happened?
He was staring from across the room! And I am definite about this. Or maybe I was imagining things??? Nope! This is for real! I mean, everytime when I looked up, I saw that he was staring. But when I tried to hold the stare, (if he is not intentionally staring across, he'll look away!) but he kept looking! And I am pretty sure there was no one behind me! And we keep on exchanging glares and smiles, while we were talking to our friends! This is insanely wicked! :)

But one thing for sure, he knows that I am interested in him! :)

Oh dear, what will happen next?? We'll see. Good night. x

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Photo-courtesy from Leonard Cillio

So, I saw him again! :)

It's like my wish has been granted. But nope. No talking. I just saw him from afar.

So, I had drinks with my colleagues right after work before I head home. It's a long day this morning, since we had to go for a site visit. A site visit for a 60-ish floors building. But I think, they are only in the process of finishing off the 52nd floor? Something like that. Or so. But we had to go 20 floors down, then hike 2 floors up. And with all the exercise we had, (so I felt) I was crushed! I had massive headaches and muscle pains. Speaking of which, that might be from the walking I had with my heels before I put on my safety boots when we reached at the site!

Well, so we thought drinks after work would suit just fine. So, we went.

I was chit chatting with my friend, when suddenly I saw a very familiar face entering the 'mamak' shop we had our drinks at. It was him. And for some reason, I suddenly felt there were many butterflies in my tummy. Like, it was unreal! :) Haha... Maybe it was not that bad, but seriously... I think I have a huge crush on him! Like, seriously. I mean, SERIOUSLY!

I hope there will be some conversation involves next time I see him. ;)

Until then, good night.

P/S: I might be hoping for something that will never ever happen, but hey there's no harm in believing that everything happens for a reason? ;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crush On You!

I've met a guy. A very descent guy. Cute. And funny. Whereabout? In the lift! :)

I was waiting for the lift in the lobby. Just came back from a meeting in a Client's office - discussing matters pertaining to costs, designs, etc. Boring! I know. And it is about 3 to 3.30 in the afternoon. It was well heated outside. And I'm looking as if I just came back from a farm! Sweating like a pig! Unattractive!

Then, there he was! He just came in from outside too! Waiting for the lift... The face. I knew that face. But then again, we never said hello or anything. It's just a familiar face. That is how it was before and how it is supposed to be whenever it is. I thought.

But it's NOT! :) He said hello. And it was the most amazing hello I have received that day. Oh, and he is way too cool! :) And I am loving it. The way he starts a conversation, his pick up lines (if it was a pick up lines? ;) - see, it's not pathetic pick up lines! ), his cute face and how he's being funny... adorable!

But that was it. Because he had to go when the lift stopped at Level 8. And until today, I haven't seen his face at all, anywhere! It has been a week, and still counting? :)

We'll see, and until then... till we meet again. I'll keep you posted!

Good night.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Between My Life & A Chicken Coop

Puff, pufffff!! Well, I must say, there is a lot of dust in here. I have been neglecting my blog. Fact. Ah well, I have to admit, I was so busy lately and have no time to entertain myself, let alone to update my blog. But, here I am today... on my second day of sick leave, so I thought why not... write something. Right?

Well, my life has been as hectic as in a chicken coop. I was so busy at work and won't be going home at least not until after seven! By the time I reached home, I felt like a fish that has been kept in a bottle for more than an hour! I have to survive to live. And that is how bad I felt these days.

Apart from that, like everyone else - I do thought of some new year's resolution. But of course, I am is still in doubt of whether will I achieve any of it by the time the year is to reach the end.

I am quite concern with my healthy. Since I have been succumbed my life to work these days, I have been sucked into a sedentary lifestyle. It's pretty awful. Sometimes, I see myself like those soggy cereal in my morning breakfast! So, I took a chance. I registered in a nearby express gym - and I love it! Only until, I got myself a knee injury last week that I had to take a break from the gym! :( It has been a week passed and I'd say I'll give it another week before I start to go back to the gym.

Other new year's resolutions? Well, just to be a good person - better than the last time? Hah! And probably, to be a good employee in the office? Oh yeah, that's one of my resolution too. I want to become a good Quantity Surveyor too! Since I have been working in that office, I have been given few projects on my own to handle, and recently I just got a massive, extravaganza type of project to handle, and I am not going to f**k this up. So, let's just see what happens. Wish me luck!

That is all I could think of to write today. I will update soon and I hope it is not too late to wish all of you, Happy New Year and have a nice year ahead! Take care and lots of love from me!!


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