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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me! :)

Hi all!

Just a quick post! :)

It is my birthday today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! ;)


P/S: I have to work today! :(

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Late Night Newsflash

Hi all!! Just a little update before I am off to bed. (I have an early start tomorrow! Shift at 9am! Sigh!!)

Okay, I already got the breakdown of my exam results!! Surprisingly, it was amazing!! Not that I expected that I would have that sort of marks! I mean, I studied at the very last minute, even though I have been made redundant somewhere in February. And my exam in somewhere in May? I should have studied earlier? But I have not. And, when I saw the results, hmm... I am quite shocked actually!! :)

Module TitleFinal Grade
Construction Economics


Cost & Value Management


Financial Management


Construction Law


Development Project


Well, it is not that good, but for me, it is beyond my expectations! (But just ignore the first one. Somehow, it is difficult to get higher marks on that subject. Trust me, it is!). Therefore, the average marks for this exam is, 2.1. I am happy with this. Really. :)

Oh, and another news! In the shop, somebody is available to cover my shift, therefore I am ready for the Oasis / Prodigy concert in Slane Castle! Hooray!! :)

And, one more thing!! The gum (from the wisdom tooth pain drama), is slowly reducing and nearly back to normal! Ahh... bliss!

Basically, all is returning back to normal! Yayyy!!

Okay, I really need to sleep now. Talk soon! Good night!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Drama?

Okay... terrible, terrible news! :(

First, dentist visit? Well, went to the dentist earlier this morning, and got a prescription of antibiotics 400mg doses!! And to be taken for 4 days. Nothing can be done to the swollen gum, as it is really really swollen!

My birthday treat from my boyfriend? Oh well, he is being soooo nice, as he bought me a ticket to see Prodigy in Slane Castle, on this coming Saturday. Okay, yup! It's true. I am working this Saturday... but two days earlier I got someone to cover for me, on both days... Saturday and Sunday. So, it is perfect, is it not?

NO! They rang me just now, to let me know that the person to replace me is in no position to have any shifts in the shop anymore, so basically I am fucked! I am though! Today is Monday, how could I find anyone to cover for me in such a short notice? Aaaaaa.... And they even put me to work on my birthday too. I am stress right now. Say whatever you want, but I am... :(

Oh, and as always... I am in a big mess. Seriously... Hope something good come up!


Hi... I am still awake! :(

The gum or wisdom teeth thing, or whatever you want to call it is still annoys me badly! I mean, seriously.

I was at work yesterday as well as today, therefore I don't really got the

chance to go to the dentist, or any GP at all. Plus, it's weekends. Nothing is in service!! Not even the pharmacy. I mean, they are open earlier, but usually they close at 9ish or something like that. But I was working till 7ish. Nearly 8. And somehow, all the pharmacy is closed already. :( I was about to get some painkillers! Two days ago, I got an anti-inflammatory from my housemate. It does the work though. It reduced the pain, but at every 4 hours interval! Last night, I actually woke up at 3 in the morning, as the pain is so unbearable, that it woke me up! And I had to take one more before went to bed! Madness!!

I am definitely going to a dentist tomorrow. I have off day tomorrow and Tuesday, so I have to go to the dentist tomorrow! But, I don't think I want to pull out the teeth out! I was browsing through the net, and most of all the articles and health board notices that I have read were saying that it is not necessary to pull it out. As pulling the teeth out, (to some people...) it might cause another infections and sometimes, it took nearly a week to recover of the pain and the swollen looking face! :( I am not going to have a swollen face on my birthday!!! :(
Uhh, so depressing!!

I am so going to the dentist tomorrow!! Please God, hope he/she wouldn't suggest to pull it out! :( I am actually scared!!! (This occurs as few years back, I had obediently went to dentist every once a month for two years, and it is not a nice visit at all!! I was wearing a braces back then, and trust me, it is one of the least favourable event I would ever do it again!)

Okay, the good news is... I think I am falling in love! Not with a person, but with a phone!! I was browsing through the net, and I saw this new ad about this new phone from Nokia... It is amazing!! I want it, I want it!!! Badly!!

But, I know I would not even got a closer chance to have it. It is impossible! I have to work, maybe every hour of the opening hours of my shop, maybe I can afford it? Uhh, its not really a good news isn't it? Tell me what you think! :)

I want to try to go to sleep now. Talk soon! :) xxx

Saturday, June 13, 2009

List of Complications in My Life?

Hi all... :)

I am awake already, so early in the morning and I feel great actually. But there is one thing that annoys me badly! My gums on the right side, back of the throat! It is annoyingly painful! :(

I can't even sleep and when I woke up and tried to doze back again, of course... it spells impossible!! It is so sore but weird enough it is only on the right side. My thought was, probably it was the wisdom teeth trying to force 'herself' to come out again, at this time of the year? Would that be possible?? How many times do the sore will be visible? Because I know I had it few times before, and it depends sometimes on the left side and sometimes on the right side... Any idea, anyone?

If the answer is, not that very often, or worst, if the answer is only once painful moment... then I am in big trouble. I really have to find out soon then, why it is so sore. :( But I am 80% sure that it is the wisdom teeth scenario...

Whatever it is, I feel worst! I mean, who would have wanted the pain to follow you around for few days and God knows if it is going to stop soon, or if not... I will be carrying this pain on my birthday too? Gosh!

Oh, another news. I am actually has been put up to be working on my birthday until 9pm!! And more news, my dearest boyfriend just told me when we were in London, that he has a birthday surprise for me, a ticket to Prodigy in Slane Castle on next Saturday, and too bad... I am working on that day!! Even on Sunday. To make things more complicated, I have to find someone to cover for me on that Saturday if I want to go but still I have to come to work on that Sunday from 11-7pm! :(

The best bid if I just go to work and disappoint him really... Since, if I go, I still have to go to work on Sunday. And, I don't actually think there is anyone who wants to work on Saturday to be honest! Plus, the fact that he just told me less than two weeks, just made it worst as I can't really ask for an off day at all already. :( List of complications in my life is unbearable!

Huh, I am not in my best day today, I suppose. And I am working today too, from 2 to 8pm! Why is everything did not fall into places??? And on my birthday month? What more to come, huh??

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hectic & Chaotic?

Phew!! :) So, everything is back to normal and I am back here in Dublin.

The trip to London was okay, but the best bit of it is that I got the chance to meet my family over there, even though it was only for few days... I think I missed them already. :(

There were too many things happened over in London and on the way back here to Dublin. But first and foremost, the most annoying incident is when my flight going back to Dublin was delayes for, approximately 5 hours!! It was absurd! I was stucked in the waiting / boarding room for almost 'a decade'!!! It was too long. Really really long... :(

And of course, I had to ring the shop and tell them that I can't come to work, as I was supposed to be at work at 2pm, but my flight was delayed every hour! At 9, they said it would be at half ten. Then at 10, they said, it would be half eleven, and at the end, I got in the plane at about 2? The time that I was supposed to be at work! Disgraceful!

And, to make things more complicated, I got a call from my previous employer, which was a good news! Somehow. They offered me a job for two weeks, and willing to pay me 20euro per hour!! But, to shorten the story, I had rejected the offer! :( I just can't. They want me continuously for 2 weeks, but I have my own commitment with the soap shop. I can't just bail on them just because for the two weeks offer, can't I? :(

Ah, so that it is... the list of my Hectic Event throughout this passed few days... So, so hectic, isn't it? Well... the main thing is, I am still alive. I think that is all that matters! ;)

And if you are interested to look up more of my photos in London, feel free to go to the photo folder of London Excitement With My Family! ;)


Sunday, June 7, 2009

So, It Is Really Sunday Already?

Hey ya! :) Surprisingly, I lost track of the days. I thought yesterday was a weekdays, no matter what day I thought it was, the fact that I am already lost the counting of the days, made me worried a little! Is that because I am to attached with work? Attached, doesn't mean that I am obsessed about it, but the fact that I was working the whole way through the weekdays... That is what I meant! :)

Well, it is Sunday today... And thank God it is slightly clearer sky than it was yesterday. What happened yesterday? Well, I should say that it was one of the most horrible day that I can see appears, once in a blue moon in Dublin! Seriously. It was raining since morning, till the end of the day. And I am not talking about little commotion, but it is the one that with ferocious lashing rains, with an additional cruel wind once in a while. And the wind that I am talking about, is the one that can basically fly you up the sky!! Mary Poppins incident! That is what I really meant!

I am working, as usual today... but for the 12-6 shift, and I am flying off to London tomorrow at 12.10pm. :) At least, there is something to look forward to. :) Even though, I have to scrape some money to get away with it. Uhuhh, more money. This is definitely killing me and shred me into tiny little sad pieces! :(

Therefore, I guess that is enough for the little update of what's going on. :) I will try to update more when I had more time. :) Thanks to everyone who's still visiting my blog, and to those in Fuel My Blog, I am so so sorry for not having enough time to vote back for you guys! I'll try to cope soon! I know I have been saying this loads, but... it's the truth! Cheers!! *twirl*

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday Tales

Update. :)

Okay, so I am not being a drama queen saying that I was too busy with work. I am, indeed. It was hectic, as if I am in for the full time position, which I am not! However, I would care to say that I am enjoying every bit of it. I mean, who wouldn't want to finish up 8 hours shift work, but then coming home smelling nice and yummy?? :) It is bizarre to find anyone in normal retail shops coming back home after long day at work smelling deliciously amazing! :)

That is all about work.

Next vacation on the chart? Well, I am going off soon to London to see my family over there on this coming 8th June, on Monday midday then coming back to Dublin on the Wednesday morning. And apart from the fact that it is only for say, about two days approximately, I am still looking forward to see them. :) And, the climax of the whole thing is, my boyfriend is coming over too on the 9th to meet them! Nervous, excited... say it all. Haha... Wonder what it would be like?! :) Hmm... Haha...

So, basically everything is on the right track... Just money wise, I am still climbing up the ladder slowly. Trying so hard to keep on track and hopefully in two months, all will be good and back to normal. Hopefully... Sigh. Because of the job, I won't get paid until end of June, I think. :( And my social welfare money might be stopped as I already got a job, it depends. Sigh, again. :(

Okay, that is it for now. I will be updating more soon enough. Take care and see you soon! :) Happy weekends, everyone.

P/S: Nope, nope. I won't be enjoying weekends, this week too... as I am working the whole weekend. God, damn it! Haha... :) xxx

Thursday, June 4, 2009

La La La Land...

Hi all!! :)

So, it has been a while. I have my off days on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the best bit of it is that, the weather is just amazing!! :) On Tuesday itself, it was between 25 to 26.5 degrees!! Awesome!! :)

Oh, and we bought a pool and put it at the backyard of my boyfriend's house! On top of that, we actually found a fifty euro note in the shopping centre floor, lying there, just waiting for us to splurge 'em for the massive pool! It is amazing!! :)

More news! I am heading off to London on the 8th June, to meet up with my family over there. At the moment, they are in Switzerland, and soon to Rome! But heading back to London on the 8th and flying off back home on the 10th! Can't wait!! Oh, and my boyfriend is coming along too, but he's joining me on the 9th! :)

I am going to turn 28 next week! :) Eh, another two weeks! Exactly two weeks! Can't wait! I know that means, a year older, but at the same time, it means a year wiser? Anyone? Haha... In relation to that, I would like to invite all of you to donate on my birthday on my favourite charity cause... Animal Rights! So, anyone interested... and can afford this, please do help! :) I would be the happiest girl in the world, as to speak! :)

Well, I am heading off to work soon, starting at 3 till 7pm. So, I will talk soon!! Take care all, and let's twirl!!! *giggles*


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