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Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Yayyy Day For Me... :)

I am so happy!! I got myself a new MP3 player... Yayyy!! At first, I was confused. Like, darnnn!! Which one should I buy...? There were few options. Sony, iPOD and ZEN are the main three brands of MP3 that actually blocking my mind. I was like..."which one?!! Make a decision..."

But, then again...it was sooo hard! :) Like, yeah...everything is in front of you, and then you just have to choose, thinking of which is the best option to grab, and the worst part is... you are being sooo indecisive! Hows that for a change? :) I mean, when you are in that state of mind,
you'll be wrecked!! Your head feels like its going to explode any minutes soon! Hahaha..

Well, after a while I have been in the store... At last, I have made a decision. A simple one. I chose one out of those three. And, I got myself an iPOD shuffle!! Yayyyy!! :) Its super-pink and its too tiny! But, I think I will love it!! :)

So, talk to you peeps soon! I will try and downloading musics to my new-baby-born iPOD! How I wish it is all downloadable-ready when we bought them?!! Lol.

Oh, by the way... I still could not put any smileys to my web browser, so that I can use it in my blog. *sigh*
I have been trying doing that since last Thursday, and it has been dissapointing me even more! I will let you know in my other entries later. Its such a SAD one!

Well, okay! Take care peeps! Tata & cheers!!

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