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Thursday, August 9, 2007


"Don't change, but evolve!"

Butterfly, I like butterflies. My personal thought, I think they are gorgeous kind-of creature. With so many patterns, and so many colours... Gosh! You could not even decide like which to pick as your favourite. *smile*

With their unusual life-cycle; starting from larval caterpillar stage, then inactive pupal stage (for quite sometimes....), and then comes to the metamorphosis into a familiar and colourful winged adult form, with the most species being a day-flyer; regularly attracting most of our attentions!

From the hideous looking inactive pupal, they have become some sort of you can't never thought of; a beautiful and attractive creature.

That is what my dear friend is trying to tell me. Most of peeps, when they have come acrossed a shitty-moment, they tend to change themselves. And yet, they have not become themselves anymore, but become someone else. Someone who is not better than what he/she was before.

Don't change. Instead, evolve. Go through the metamorphosis stage. To become someone else, far more better from who you were before, and proud of it. Spread your wings, and colour your life with hundreds, thousands or even millions of colours... Not, painted it all with black and annoying bleach, that put you down under the prediction.

I gained my confidence. My self esteem. I'm forming myself, (with hard-work), to become one of that beautiful butterfly. So, that I can fly away... and be proud of myself. Even though it's not for long, (butterflies don't live long enough...) but I will make sure that I will cherish every moment of my life. Kudos to me!

Butterfly, I am... *smile*

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