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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Monkey Business

It's so nice.... Refreshing! Delicious, tasty and filled with loads of ingredients.... I love it!! Every bit!!  :)

Err...oh, sorry! I mean, the smoothies!

MONKEY BUSINESS that I was talking about is the smoothies by ZUMO. I had that earlier, when I was on my way home from the office. It's so refreshing!! And yet, so creamy that even when you're done with the whole loads, you will still have a super-yummy after taste. *smile*

I was browsing thru the net, and somehow I have come across the ZUMO BAR website. It's brilliant!! Unbelievable facts written all over!!

Here are some of those that I would like to share with you peeps;

  1. Did you know that ZUMO BAR is the largest smoothie and juice bar chain in Europe?! And apart from that, they actually own about 30 outlets in Ireland itself? Cool, eh? I never realized that!
  2. ZUMO BAR juices and smoothies are made of (mostly), organic fruits and veggies?? But yet, based on my own taste-bud-experience, they produce the most unique receipe ever!! Trust me on that! (I love each and everything they have, actually! :) )
  3. Oranges, lemons, tomatoes and watermelons are berries? (NO WAY!) But, that's the fact.
  4. On the other hand, apples, plums, cherries, almonds, peaches and apricots are roses plant?! (Too impossible to be true, but that's the fact.)
  5. Laughing lowers the levels of stress-hormones and strengthening the immune system? And, based on fact-on-book, kids (average age of 6 years old kid), laughs at an average of 300 times a day, whilst adult is only  between 50-100 times a day. (No wonder little kiddo always with the smile on their face, less stress. Us, the adult... more stressful; work, life, money-wise and so on. Actions needed; laugh all your hearts-out! Don't stress-out! Laugh, giggles and chuckles for a better life ahead. *giggles* <--- practising it now! :)

Basically, that's the fact that I 'captivate' while browsing their website. It's kind of cool website for a smoothie and juice bar. Try and have a look! You might love to know more about ZUMO BAR!! And, they even posted the nutritions intake in each and every smoothies and juices served. Cool, eh?

So, have a look, and check out my Monkey Business smoothie! I mean, the one that I had earlier on. It's a blast. The ingredient? Haha... suits with the name called; it's something got to do with monkeys! (But, I don't realized that monkeys do eat berries... Eh, maybe they do! Err... I don't know! Make sure you checked that out, okay?!) *smile encouragingly*

Okay, talk to you peeps soon! Take care! Have fun browsing the website.

Tata & cheers! *wink*

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