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Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Myth To Make Believe?

Is true love a myth? How would we ever found ourselves smiling, rowing a love-life as in the cinderella-lalala-live-hapily-ever-after scenario?

I was watching Sex and the City, and suddenly what was on that show slurped me with a thought. A deep thought. Like, how a girl with a normal life would ever be in a happy-fairy-tale love story-line? Nano, none, zilch.

Periodically (as in, my own love-life-history), it is all a BIG JOKE. A boy meets a girl. They felt in love. Love at first sight. First kiss. Happy moments. Smiles 24/7. Things are okay. Small fights. Big fights. Fights about few other girls. Jealousy over the top. Not talking. Not compromising. Ego-booster. Win-win situation. A time out. Break-up.

That is what usually happens. At least, that's more like mine. I don't know if that does apply to any of you out there. But, me... yup! Technically, that's my love-life I'm talking about. Sad? I thought so.

What is wrong with me? Or, maybe what is wrong with the boy? Or, maybe what is wrong with the relationship? Sometimes, I thought it might be JUST ME. It's just that, the fact, of being the black sheep of the family...? The unlucky ones in love? It might just be me... (No worries. Am not sad. But more like, thinking...)

But, I have this one. Another thought. It might be, I have not find the right guy yet (Even though most of the times, when I got hooked up with a guy, I always have the thought, "yup, this is the one! Precisely, sure!")

I might be the one, who always got up on the wrong side of the bed. All the time. Not even a single time, I woke up, and be on the right side of the bed. If there was, might be only once. Then, I'm back to the old me, the wrong side of the bed. Yeah, I thought so...

I was not planning to have a sad-sappy post, but it's just that... I don't know. I am a GEMINI. Therefore, I am allowed to be fickle. Me, with the mood swings. Hahaha... that's GEMINI. Best described...ME. *smile*

I'll be okay at one time, and not okay the others. And, I would like to share something with you guys. Among all my other boyfriends, the previous one, is the best one. Why? He knows me like how I want him to be (before we got into a huge-hideous-scene-ever...the break-up).
He knew me too well. He knew when he should be nice, when to talk good things to cheer me up, when to make me giggles and chuckles like mad (even though when I had a bad day at the office), he was just the perfect match for me, but it's NOT now. We're done. We're history.

Truth is, I missed him. There weren't any guy like him, who knows me like he did. How I wish, things would be different...

Now, it's all gone. But, I will always keep the thoughts, the memories, the fun and the joy I had with him, in a nice, little box, in my heart... and it will remains there, always.

I really hope that he will get a good girl to be with him, and to take care of him. And, me... I just hope that someday, I'll meet someone, so special, who loves me and care for me the way it is supposed to. How I wish...

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Lupideloop on August 17, 2007 at 9:09 PM said...

Reading through this post I felt I could relate in a way to the problems you have mentioned. Although my experiences have been few and far apart.

I think we all go through moments of doubt as to what love really means. Then there are those who have been lucky enough to find their true love early in life. Most of us, it seems, spend a lifetime searching, and some never truly find theirs.

Why? Could it be because we set to ourselves too many conditions for what we want in our partner? Could it be that the older we get the harder we find it to relinquish some of that independence that a single person gets used to?

Oh, it could be for so many reasons, some valid and some damn stupid - but there anyway!

shle3pyb4by on August 18, 2007 at 1:44 AM said...

that's the thing. i dont know anymore what is actually meant by love. hahaha... to me, love is like, a relationship, after about a year plus, then you will be left, ignored and dumped into a bad condition! that is what love means to me now! *sigh*


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