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Monday, October 29, 2007

Full of Hatred

I am not in a good state today. I am so angry. And full of hatred.

A person just treat me like a piece of a shit, found on the street. He treat me with such annoyance, and worst, like a shit!

Have you ever come accross this feeling, that you feel so angry towards somebody and you are compacted with so much hatred in you, that you feel like crying, not because you are sad, but because you are so angry?

I feel like that now.

Who does he think he is? A kiddo with a tiny brain like, maybe a germs brain (does a germ has a brain, anyway?), and hooked up with not-so-good supplement everyday?
And the fact that, he is working in some shitty place, without experience, and of course without any qualification, he thought that he is so good enough to treat people like a dirt?

Whatever happened to the world now? People like this chap, always thought that they are the universe-owner, treat people like that? Like they are the best, and of course we are the worst ones? Stupid!

I am so full of revenge now. I want him to feel like a rubbish. I want him to feel the pain I have now. And I want him to suffer so badly, that he will soon regrets those mean things he said and did to me! How can it be possibly done?

Impossible! Because people like this now, actually rule the world! Double stupid.

I have to gain back all my confidence! To coup all my scattered life back. But, that will never stop me from having this huge, thick revenge I have inside.

He will pay for what he did. That is a promise. And, yes... he is long gone in the book of my life.
**** off! *I am really pissed!*

P/S: This is the first time I have ever felt so angry, and I am so angry that I can't even twirl today*

P/S2: Maybe I should join penfold, in finding the right partner, for myself. Queue up now... Forms will be given out soon! ;)

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