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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Last Attempt?!

Hi there... I don't know whether this can help me out or not, but I am defintiely going to try my best to it. Not getting the $500, the Snorgtees T-shirt will do! *wink*

As I said earlier on, I was in this fuelmyblog society of bloggers. And, they have this competition of the first 100 bloggers with the most votes, in October 2007, will received a prize of $500. Whoopsie! Not all 100 bloggers of course, but the first top blogger with the most voted! (At this point, Miss Fracas seems to be the winner! Way to go girl!) And all the other 99 bloggers, will indeed, get a free T-shirt as a price! Not so bad after all! *double wink*

So, up to this very moment, vote for me to let me stay in the 100 most top voted bloggers, peeps! I need your votes at this very minute! Now, now... please... *smile sheepishly*

Okay, 'till we meet again in my other topsy turvy post.

And to fuelmyblog and Snortgees, way to go guys! A fantastic attempt to get us bloggers going! Mwahssss!! *kisses to all*

Vote for me here... (as listed below! Just click the icon, okay?). Last attempt! I wonder what Daddy thought about this... :)

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