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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Little Lost Cat

A little lost cat, wandering on the roadside. 'She' wiggles her tail, and look around. Left and right. And back on 'her' tiny steps again. No one to go to, no one to yapping 'her' whiskers to.

'She' is all alone. 'She' does feel lonely. No one to be with. No one to love and no one to be loved. 'She' feels out of emotions.

"Miow, miowww..."

No one would ever turn. Because there was no one there at the first place.

At some point, when 'she' passed through bus stops... there would be some people coming down from the bus. They stopped. They looked. They petted 'her'. But that doesn't stay for long. Only for sometimes. A moment. Not forever. Not.

And in some other point, when 'she' walked to the field. There will be few kids. Kids would go to 'her', and stopped, looked and petted 'her'. But that was it. For a while. For sometimes. And just for a moment. Not for long. Not.

"Miow, miowww..."

Tonight, 'she' is back at that one moment. The moment where there is no one with 'her'. Not. 'She' feels so sad. Indeed. 'She' feels lonely. Empty.

'She' is longing for someone to be with 'her'. To actually care for 'her'. To love 'her'. But there is none. Not that time. Not that particular moment. 'She' couldn't think of how to get that other moment to have someone to be, care and love 'her' like how normally other cats would have and be.

'She' walked, and walked and walked. 'She' was too busy thinking. To figure out how can 'she' make somebody to actually be, care and love 'her'. 'She' has always been a good cat. 'She' is not as bad as Kitty, the cat that always scratching people's hand when they petted 'her'. 'She' is indeed, a good cat. 'She' always purred and licked the boy/girl's hand back to tell them that 'she' appreciate what they did, and hoping they take 'her' home, care and love 'her'. Always hoping. All the time. But, NO. Kitty is not as beautiful as 'she' is, in fact Kitty has this 'bitchy' look on 'her', and always in a bad condition.

'She' just couldn't understand the fate. 'She' walked, walked and walked.


'She' couldn't move. Last thing 'she' knew, 'she' was crossing the road. But now, 'she' was on the floor. 'She' felt wet, and looked down 'her' feet. Blood. Puddle of blood. 'She' looked up. There was a man, and there was a little girl. Next
to him. Crying.

"Lisa, go back in the car. We will bring Miow, Miow to the hospital. Don't cry now. Daddy will take care of her," said the man. 'She' couldn't move, 'she' couldn't think. But 'she' was so excited to get to know that at this is the moment. The moment that 'she' has been longing for. For somebody to take 'her' home, be, care and love 'her' the way 'she' had always wanted. 'She' smiles.

"At last!"

'She' miowed. To thank the good man, and the little girl. 'She' always wanted a good hearted girl, to be with her, to take care or her and to love her. They can play together. 'She' always dreamt about this, day and night.

But then... 'she' froze. 'She' felt weak. And slowly, 'she' couldn't open the eyes. Slowly, 'her' eye lids closed. And now, 'she' is not moving at all. 'Her' heart beats stopped.

And 'she' is long gone...


We always need somebody to be, to care and to love... That is called passion. But there is always obstacles. Whether the person has someone else, not wanting us the way we want them or simply we were just not meant to be together. So, there will be hurt, shattered and lost...

Simply say, I don't really feel good today. Really don't. And simply say, I am just like 'her'. I am hurt, shattered and lost... Really am. *sad*

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