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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Saturday :)

Blog-hopping and I saw this tag. Seems like a good tag game on Saturday morning. So, here I am. Thanks, e-Mocha! *wink*

-Do not copy answers.
-The tag questions must be 100% the same.
-List out 20 names.
-Tag people after doing it.

1. Lina
2. David
3. Fairy
4. Michi
5. Butterfly
6. Tajul
7. Marta
8. Alberto
9. Aisyah
10. Eisa
11. Alaina
12. DaddyP
13. 70steen
14. Kevin D
15. Sylvie
16. Ady
17. Nana
18. Ben
19. Linda
20. Mauricio

Start, start...

How do you know 14? Kevin D
- Uhuh... my blogsphere's friends! Just few months ago... He's awesome! *wink*

What would you do if you had never met 1? Lina
- Gosh! I will be so out of place in here, Dublin! Thank you so much babe for all these while! You're a star! ;)

What would you do if 9 and 20 dated you? Aisyah & Mauricio?
- Aisyah? A BIG NO, NO! She's my best friend and I wouldn't be a one way header, nope! *giggles* And, Mauricio? NOOOOOOO!!! Hahahaa... He's more like a brother. So, I'll have to pass! ;)

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple? Tajul & Nana?
- Hahaha... First, Tajul are married. And, he and Nana? Hmm... bad combo! Nope. I don't think so! *wink*

Do you think 8 is attractive? Alberto?
- Attractive? To others? Hmm... probably. Yeah. He'll get girls if he wants too. Yeah. :)

Do you know anything about 12’s family? DaddyP?
- Are you kidding me? I think I've known him for so long! *wink* He is an awesome father, with
a lovely goddess with her, cool kids... One of them, I think I know him quite better than the other one... Penfold and Tiggz... Hmm.. what else...? *smiling to daddyP*

Tell me something about 7. Marta?
-A sexy girl, from Poland. Really nice girl. And, uhuhh... we're twins from different fathers and mothers... ;) I love her to bits!  *kisses, shalona laska!*

What is 18’s favourite? Ben?
- Ben's favourite? This is hard. Last time, we were best friends, but fate brought us apart. :( But, I remembered the last time, he just love skateboarding! Back in our school-days! ;)

What language does 15 speak? Sylvie?
- She's from La Rochelle, so she speaks French, English... uhuhh, I don't know about others... But, this two languages, she's up to the top! ;)

Who is going out with 19? Linda?
- Hmm... let's see. Err... err... *I'm busted! Help me out Linda!!* *wink*

How old is 16 now? Ady?
- 24, I think... *wondering*

When was the last time you talked to 13? 70steen?
- Hmm... talking means up-front or what? As in for us, we 'talked', I think last nite, in our chatty room! ;)

Who is 2’s favourite singer? David.
- Uhuhhh... I'll try. I think he likes Laura Pausini too. Maybe... ;)

Would you date 4? Michi?!
- Oh God!! Of course, of course...of course!!! I would love to see some miracles. Uhuhh... the answer is YES, YES and YES!! ;)

Would you date 17? Nana?
- Hahaha... Nope! Are you out of your mind? She is a GIRL!

Is 15 single? Sylvie?
- NOPE! She's married to dear Kevin D! ;)

What is 10’s last name? Eisa?
- Rahman. Uhuh... this is easier! ;)

Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11? Alaina?
- Nope. First, she is a girl! Second, she's married! ;)

Which school does 3 go to? Fairy?
- Same school with me! We are from Melawati!! ;)

Where does 6 live? Tajul?
- Rathmines! ;) And in his own world of fishing kind of thing! He just looove fishing!

What is your favourite thing about 5? Butterfly?
- She is one nice girl I met here, probably a year or so ago... She rocks! I love her to bits! She's the best, who knows me, exactly know what I wants, what my thoughts is... It's just fantastic, brilliant to have her around, especially on our crazy weekends thingy!! I love you, butterfly!! ;)

OMG! I just love this game!! ;)
I don't want people to miss the fun, so I tag everyone!! I mean, EVERYONE!!! ;)

Have a wonderful weekends, everyone!! *kisses* 

6 twirls with baby:

70steen on December 16, 2007 at 7:57 AM said...

oooo I am number 13 ...... not that I am suspicious or anything ?????
I will/may attempt this over the next few days :-)

shle3pyb4by on December 17, 2007 at 7:39 AM said...

70steen, hahaha.. it was just a guess. i just put all the name in an instant. hehehe... good luck! ;) *twirl*

Daddy Papersurfer on December 18, 2007 at 3:43 AM said...

and I'm 12 - exactly my mental age! - spooky

Daddy Papersurfer on December 18, 2007 at 3:44 AM said...

and I'm 12 - exactly my mental age! - spooky

Daddy Papersurfer on December 18, 2007 at 3:44 AM said...

whoops - *twirl*

shle3pyb4by on December 18, 2007 at 4:25 AM said...

daddyPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!! thanks for stopping by!! ;)
glad that you're here anyway, safe and err... sound! *wink & BIG twirl for daddyP*


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