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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One Rainy Day


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It was too tiring! Monday has always been a tiring day for me. Sigh. Outside, the rain is still tapping continuously!

"Oh God! It's still raining, and I have to be there in an hour and a half!"

Everything is perfectly fine with me and him now. At least, for now. And I hope for long. Perhaps, forever. Things have been completely out of hands. We agreed that there will be no more fights and stupid arguments, as those things lead us to nowhere, indeed. And, as in today, it is our first night (after the agreement), to go out for a descent meal and a movie afterwards. I am very looking forward for it. The feeling to be back to normal, where we were before, has always been my dreams. Maybe, eventually this ONE dream will come true. I hope...

I went into the bathroom, and I pull the tap on. I was still soaking wet from the heavy rain, on my way back home from the office earlier on. "I need a hot bath... before I get sick."

I went to the cabinet, and took Aroma Melts, a scented candle bought from Peter G Candles. It's palm wax holds fragrance differently than soy or any other wax typically used in aroma melts and wax potpourri. Locked deep in the palm crystals, unmelted tarts have a very subtle "cold throw" fragrance. Very refreshing and relaxing. "Just what I need."

After the bath tub is nearly fill up, I undress myself and I soak myself in the warm, fuzzy tub. It's refreshing. I feel so relaxed! I take the new loofah lather and Chocolate Mud soap that I bought recently in Tub Truffles. The yummy smells actually help me to relax more. I scrubbed off my body, and relax.

After spending some quiet moment and cleaning myself, I wrapped myself in towel and rush back into my room. I put on a pink jumper and a pair of jeans. Then, I put on some make-up and brush off my long lustrous hair. I looked in the mirror and I knew something is wrong.

"Oh, my lippy..."

I rushed to the table and I took my handbag. Trying to search for my lipgloss. I looked at my handbag. That is the handbag that he bought when we were in Indonesia last two months. It is the Laga Handbags. I always love this handbag, not just because it was a present from him, but then again, the handbag itself is purely beautiful! Plus, all Laga Handbags are handmade by women who survived the tsunami in Indonesia. Every bag sewn and sold brings hope for a better tomorrow.

I look at my watch. "Oh God! Another hour to go!"

I put on my lipgloss, and headed to the door.

"Oh my God!" The tree in front of my house had actually fallen down and blocked the path to the mainroad. And there is no way I can get into town, not at all!

"This is the end. He will definitely thought I made this up. This is definitely the end...," I am still thinking while my fingers are busy dialling his number on my mobile.

"Hello, err... Mike. I don't think I can make it. There's this tree falling down in front of my house, and there's no way.... Hello, hellooo!!"

"Shit!". He doesn't even listen to what I was saying. He already smacked down the phone. This is definitely the end to my pathetic love-life-wrecking relationship I am having now. I tried to call him several times, but I failed. Somehow, the phone connection is not helping at all.

I was stunned! I went back to the kitchen, and I boil the water. I cannot go anywhere, and now my relationship has ended. Just because of the stupid tree fell down.

I took a packet of Mad Crown Blend. A Colombian Coffee blend by The Mad Roaster. I made a cup, and I sipped slowly. "Nothing can be done. It is all wrecked! I am doomed!"

Tears beginning to slowly to stray down my face. "Everything in my life is too impossible to believe. Everything always went wrong with me... I am such a loser..."

But, suddenly...

"Knockk, knockkkkk!!!"

A loud knock sounded on my door. I was shocked. "Who would be here at this very minute, and when I am all sad and all by myself with a cup of coffee in my hand.... who would ever....?

"Lisaaaaa!!! Lisaaaa!!! Baby...."

I was stunned. Once again. But now... not because of the tree fallen down in front of my house that stop me from seeing Mike, but it is simply because it was Mike voice that I heard...

I put down my cup of coffee, and I ran to the door. I slowly open the door, and I can see Mike is all wet and completely drenched! He looked so cute, still!! *smiling*

I was speechless.

"Lisa, baby... I am so sorry. In the rain, I was thinking. And I think I am such a jerk all this while. In the rain, only I realized that you are my baby girl, and you are the one who I want to spend my life with... I am so sorry for what I did before, and I will promise you that I will never do that again and I will promise you that I will love you now, then and forever... I am so sorry, baby...."

I am still speechless. At last, my prayers all this while have been answered. I was crying, and for the first time in my life, I feel so happy.

We hugged for so long...until...

"Baby, I have something for you too..." Mike went to his bag, and took out this small, cute little mittens and handed it to me.

"Always remember this, whenever you feel cold, and I am not around to hug and keep you warm, this mittens will keep you warm until I come to warm you up," and he smiled.

"A special present to starts our new-born relationship... And, always remember I love you always...," and he hugged me for quite sometimes.

That was how we started our new-journey relationship, and that was two years ago. Now, we are happily together, and I will always remember that one fine, Monday evening...

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Shane on December 12, 2007 at 11:30 AM said...

Ohh I like this very Sensual!!

shle3pyb4by on December 12, 2007 at 9:09 PM said...

shane, thanks! ;)

minah, whatever your intention is, i just dont understand what are you trying to do in here. it is absolutely insane. to other readers here, minah is actually saying something in my language, stating few cursings here and there, plus she also said what i did (basically in the story line that i posted), is like a disgrace to my nation. (like, wtf?)
and she said something about the thing that i can actually speak italian, that she said i'm bragging about it, and my face is not italian, so she said i'm doing crap with all the language. like, do we have to look like some kind to actually talk their language?

in my opinion, this girl/guy sucks big time. but, i just want to let her/him do whatever he/she wants. no point arguing with this sick people.

to others, cheers! ;) *twirl*

shle3pyb4by on December 12, 2007 at 9:11 PM said...

oh, btw... shane. the thing that you commented, saying this post is sensual, she/he said something about "f*** sensual!"

"sensual pala butoh" - that what that means!

Shane on December 12, 2007 at 10:17 PM said...

Blog Drama haha the person in question must have an awfully boring life to be trolling blogs and poking fun.

marta said...

Hey shalona laska ;-))
Im so happy tht everything is ok with Mikele :-) at last!!!
I have from so hopes it will become
yeah :D:D:D

Ps. pls swich on your ICQ more offen ;-)
Kisses ...xxx.........

shle3pyb4by on December 13, 2007 at 5:56 AM said...

hi marta, I MISS YOU SO MUCH! thank you for stopping by! mama mia!! bardzo bardzo shalona laska!! kurwa!! *laughing*

marta on December 13, 2007 at 7:49 AM said...

Lisa always forgive your enemies, nothing annoys them so much ....
Luv Ya ;-)))****

shle3pyb4by on December 13, 2007 at 9:09 PM said...

for God's sake, please leave my page. and just leave me and my blog alone. stop pissing off all my friends. fine, you said what you got to say, and just go...

i am happy with my life and all the things that i do. and for the last time, things i do, i had, i have and i will be having, means all those sorts of thing, its my life and none of your business. so, please just go...

oh, and by the way, your italian is upside down! :) stop messing around.

Anonymous said...

I think he or she is soooo into u Beeno baby. juz take it as a compliment :)

and to dat particular person, this is her blog, not yours. Plus we don't need you or your 'grammar police' attitude or your really really rude words.

people blog for fun and for self-satisfaction.

People like u make bloggers choose to make their blog private! And people like u stop bloggers to be creative and imaginative.

Too much drama have been going on now. if you don't like her writing, stop visiting this site.

I guess u r too addicted now :)

kotekudalamjuburminah said...

hahahaahah...dah tentu minah ni bodoh.....dah tentu cerita kat atas tu satu cerita karangan....dah tentu hari tu tak hujan....dan dah tentu kat rumah tuan punye blog ni takde pokok.....dah tentu aku nak sangat arse fuck minah ni.....hahahahahahah....dan dah tentu aku kat dublin....jaga ko kalau aku jumpa.....hahahahahahah.....jantan betina aku tak kire......pukul tak nak....aku nak sodom je cik minah ni....heheheheheeh

kotekudalamjuburminah said...

hahaha...jgn la emo minah oii....tak nak la...die tak sedap...u jugak yg sedap...ada bulu pahat gitu.....ape muhrim2 ni minah....alah....bukan u tak biasa....tak minah la macam ni....u tak takut mesti lagi best kan....u pun nak tu...i tau....heheheheheh...bukan orang2 kat dublin ni tak tahu dan tak kenal u.....semua orang cerita pasal u....jgn la emo and start cakap cam keling minah oii....kejap pasal muslim...pastu denied....tapi dok sebut muhrim2 jugak lagi....dah la cerita dongeng yang minah dok marah2 ni pasal ape???i tau pasal sedap sangat atau pun sakit sangat kena sodom kot....tu pasallah muntah...hahahahahah

Jimmy said...

maka sah la minah ni seorang yang bodoh....dah tentu cerita tu cerita tulisan semata-mata....disebabkan kebodohan ni lah dier marah2....serbu tak tentu pasal....macam dia baca novel...pastu dia tak suka novel tu....pastu siap contact tak pon report polis pasal ape penulis novel tu tak tulis cerita yang sedap mengikut selera minah....lembu punya minah.....patut sangat la KKDJM....

minah said...

it just shows how low these malays think..

and they say they are overseas graduate..

i'm not surprised if they are sponsoured by the governement..

sure, their government is run by malays too...

what a fucked nation.

aku nyampah sial dgn minah BODO ni said...

kecoh sial minah niee... nak kutuk2, pas2 nak ckp pasal melayu. do u haf anything against them?

dah tu nak kutuk government gaks. ntah pape... nampak sgt dia nie yg bodoh, x tau pape, tetiba dah kutuk2 beeno baby nie. pas2 terMALU.

dah la weih. fuck off from her blog. u r NOT wanted here!!!!

mula2 kau ckp kiteorg semua x kenal kau kan. so, kiteorg SEMUA pon x kenal kau. x nak amik tau pon pasal kau. Sebab kau tu NOBODY!! Org yg x de LIFE n suke kutuk2 org.

lepas tu kau tulih ni pulak.

'senang citer.. dorang pun dah biasa pelok pelok bukan muhrim.. aku kenal sangat dorang tue..'

ek eleh... kau kenal ke beeno baby ni sape, kau kwn baik dia ke. kalau setakat tau pasal dia sebab penah ternampak dia dr jauh OR terdgr gosip2 jek baik x payah la.

ok la SEMUA, x yah dah layan minah giler nie. dah la ckp putar belit, cam keling pon yea gaks! :P hehehehheeee...

Anonymous said...

How sweet baby... no wonder you want the mittens.

Twirls for you!

Anonymous said...

How sweet baby... no wonder you want the mittens.

Twirls for you!

shle3pyb4by on December 17, 2007 at 7:42 AM said...

hi fracas.. thanks for stopping by. yup. i like the mittens tho, even the story up there is only some fictions created. :)
twirl back for you! ;)


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