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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Significantly Scented

I think this week has been a very good week for me, as I am being such a good girl, staying in instead of out partying! Way to go girl!! *cheer to myself*

I forgot to tell you guys! Or, I did tell you? Uhuh... nevermind. Anyway, I am about to show you my new collection of perfumes, I brought back from Paris! Its not that I bought plenty of 'em, I just bought three, but I am definitely loving every 'scent' of it! Here goes:-

Pink Sugar by Aquolina

This is my favourite! Pink Sugar. (Actually, all of them... But, I like this. Read thru' and I guess you'll find out why). The smell of this perfume is so yummy-licious! Trust me on that! Some sort of cotton candy smells. It's so sweet and somehow, I think (my personal opinion), people will definitely fall in love with you when they smell this off of you!! And, it is so baby-yet-deliciously kind of smell! I like!! Oh, and without realizing it, only later I found out that it is actually an Italian product! So cliche! *giggles*

Hot Couture by Givenchy

Hot Couture has the same kind of smell like the first one. It has this sweet, sugary smells. It is just simply irresistible, as I love sugar smell so so much! But somehow, this smell has it's formal smell, and I guess that is because it is Givenchy. So, you will be all posh yet still holding the sugary vibes with you! Oh, and of course, it is a France product. Yayyy! *twirls happily*

Ange ou Demon by Givenchy

Ange ou Demon  is a completely different scent from those two. It has a tremendously, posh and elegant kind of smell. No sugary, no child-like or cotton candy smells. Gorgeous smells, suits when you're off to somewhere, somewhat special with your loved ones, or maybe to dinners or sorts alike. Very sensual, yet... perfect! As the name says, angel or devil? You decide!

Have fun!

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