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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

There He Goes, There He Goes Again...

It's unbelievable! He is going on the 12th, and it is so near now. I know I keep on saying about this shit these past few days. I just can't bear the fact that he'll be going soon! :(

He's only gone for Christmas, and coming back on the 4th January 2008. Seems like a month to me. I don't know. Supposedly, I am completely vanished from his life now. Supposedly...
But, he keeps on coming back. Back and back! I avoided him, saying horrid things to make him go away, but then one day after, he come back for me. Why?

And now, I am doing the most stupid things of all. Among all the stupid girls in the world, I think I won for the most stupid of all!

He asked me if I could take care few of his stuff while he's gone, and I, idiotically said YES!

I have my own reasons:-

1/ This is a festive season, so I couldn't afford to say NO, especially to do good things. (even tho' millions of hurtful things he did to me!)

2/ My mom always said, whenever people do bad things to us, never have the revenge upon them, as it will eventually come back to us. Sorts of KARMA like? So, always do good things to people no matter what... Every cloud has its silver linings...

3/ Simply because I AM SUCH A STUPID GIRL!

I'm through! :(

P/S: oh, btw...another stupid things from me. I made a small fight with him today, because he said he would like to come over to send his things, and at the very last minute, he said he'll come tomorrow. And I go ballistic over him. And, he said he might has to find something else because he thought that its not a good idea to send it to me! I blew off the chance to be attached to him! How stupid can I be? Stupid, silly me!

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