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Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, 70steen! *wink*

I am being abnormal today. Probably, because of the flu and cold that has been with me these days. I am being so paranoid. Thinking that everyone hates me. And everyone is talking about me. It is crazy. I know.

I had too much aspirin and too much headache at the moment. Not because I wanted to, but because of the drowsiness I have from the flu and cold. Madness.

The funny thing is, I know I am being weird. I know that I am feeling as someone else. I just can't think or doing anything to stop it. It just happened.

While I am writing this, my mind was busy thinking about everything. I can't list out. As I also don't know what basically are the things that I thought about. *giggles*

Seems like I am talking as if I am from another planet. Whatever it is, I am so happy for 70steen. Today is her birthday, and what I wish for her, is for all her wishes come true! 70steen, be happy and hope you had a good one!! Feel free to drop by at her blog and wish her happy birthday!!!

I will have to go now. The aspirin is taking control over my body.... Traa laa laa aa laa... *out of tune sing song melody*

P/S: 70steen, hope you enjoy the birthday song! *wink*

2 twirls with baby:

70steen on January 25, 2008 at 5:59 AM said...

Thank you so much B4by, it is lovely. Those guys are soooooo cute :-)

Try not to feel too low or paranoid,
you know people don't hate you and go easy on the asprin please.

You are lovely and thoughtful. Get yourself to bed with some hot Ribena and get a good nights sleep
Thank you once again
may even try a little twirl here
*twiiiiiiiirrrrrl* ooooo I am all dizzy now hee hee

shle3pyb4by on January 25, 2008 at 6:03 AM said...

hi 70steen... :) *sneeze, snort, sneeze, snort*

glad that you like it! aah... dont worry about me. i guess the flu got me. ill be okay soon! ;)

btw, happy to know that you're Teen is Gemini too! ;) i wonder what date is her bday! hmm... ;)

i have a huge mug of hot cocoa with me now. off to bed in few mins. take care. i love you! ;)

traa laa laa.... good to know that you twirling too! ;)


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