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Monday, February 11, 2008

A Make Over

I was very busy this weekend. It's not that I went out for clubs and dancing my ass off, but I was actually being a very good girl cleaning my room. *wink*

And mind you, it is not like the normal cleaning up room, but it's more like re-decorating it! (just few furniture move here and there, excluding painting works of course. I didn't paint anything, or else it might turn out to be really tiring!).

I went to buy some furniture (yes. You got it right the first time. It is a furniture). After that, I went back home and I had to climb up 3 flight of stairs, with a box of dissemble plank of pine wood, that is more than 20kg!! (the girl at the store told me about it, and was asking me few times that do I still want to buy it!! Of course I said yes, because I don't realized that it is actually super-heavy!!)

Oh, and i bought some new duvet covers too! *double wink*

So, after settling down in my room, I started to pull out the parts of my new furniture! With determination, I started to pull out the pieces. There was 48 pine solid pieces! After a while fixing, I was doomed! I got it fixed to the wrong piece! And it was like 1/3 of the whole thing!! My hands were swollen and red all over caused by the screwdriver. *sigh*

Then, while I was doing it, I know I can't make it right. After a while, I heard my housemate is back! I went outside my room, and I asked him is it possible for him to fix the only one screw for me (since the first to start is always the pain in the a**, as you have to hold everything in one go!). And, he did! (Yayyy!!)

Then, I told him, "It's okay now. I can fix the others. Thanks....".

He asked me back, "Are you sure? I can fix it for you... You sure you can do it?"

And I said (with high self-esteem), "...of course. I think so...".

Then he said, "Never mind. I will fix it for you!"

And he fixed the whole thing until it is finished! I was so grateful and happy at the same time. I was like, happy. Simple word, HAPPY!

Then I started to clean my room. I get rid of one side table (I only have one), and one rack. Changed my duvet cover, bedsheet, pillowcase, etc. and now my room looks so comfy and relaxing! I love every bit of it. And, really... I am so happy and I have no regrets because I didn't go out. At least, I have a beautiful room now! *wink*

Oh, by the way, the furniture that I bought is a chest box. I can make it as a table as well as putting all my junk in it. *wink*

I guess that explained my non-existence for this weekend. I feel so tired now, but at least I am satisfied with my weekends hours spent!

Good night.

4 twirls with baby:

Lupideloop on February 12, 2008 at 8:11 PM said...


Just poppe din to say Hi!!

Nice furniture by the way!

70steen on February 13, 2008 at 5:24 AM said...

top tip B4by .... get a cordless screwdriver :-)

It looks fab btw

shle3pyb4by on February 13, 2008 at 6:13 AM said...

mike, hello back to you! :)
aah... nice look but very difficult! :) thanks anyway.. :)

shle3pyb4by on February 13, 2008 at 6:13 AM said...

hi 70steen, hahaha.... okay. noted. :) uhuhhh... it was so tiring, that is why my weekends was a quiet one. :)


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