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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Paranoia Chick

Today, is a usual day for me. Wakes up early in the morning, showering and off to the bus stop (about half an hour walk from my home) and off to work. Everything seems normal, as any other usual day (exceptional, of course now with my iPod and with thousands of musics and cartoons!! *giggles*) until...

I got into a bus. Went up to the upper saloon. And got myself a seat. So, I was okay. 'Flipping' through my new iPod and enjoying the morning breeze with music in my ear (as the bus window is flipped open). It was nice. Good morning feeling.

But it didn't last long. Then there was this one middle-aged man, sit next to me. Everything was okay 5 seconds before he speaks!

He was looking at me and started to have a conversation. And I was like, OMG! (Oh, mind you! He is a bit weird looking, sorts of having the look like one of the drunken knackers on the street, but the thing that confused me is that he has the Independent Irish (newspaper) on his hand, a DVD of some crappy local love stories he got when he bought the newspaper and a bunch of keys (that might means that he is a responsible person, so he couldn't be drunk!). But later, I think I was wrong! Totally wrong!!!

It is rude if I just ignored him and pretending that I didn't hear what he said, as he kind of shouting to my ear!! So, I plugged out my left earphone, and pretending that I listen to what he said. (It was awful though, as he was shouting and the whole - okay, I am exaggerating! But, most of the people in the bus was looking at me and chuckles! Damn those people!).

First, he was telling me of how the people nowadays are being so arrogant and selfish! about how people are basically annoyed him so much. (Like, why should I care?). Then, out of the blue, he skipped into the topic of how to clean a glass window!!! (Why is he telling me these?). He said that it is better to use a newspaper rather than a piece of cloth, as it will be cleaner and less messier. (Do I look like I clean my window every morning, then only I come to work? Gosh!). Done with that, he jumped to another topic, which is about getting into someone's else rows! (Why, again... why does he has to tell me all these? And it is like me on my way to the office! Is that a good way to start your day?).

What I did is smiling, nodding and smiling again to few people who turned to look at me and this pity guy! Sigh.

Then, I came to my stop. I told him that I have to go now... And, he said... "...sorry little miss, I don't intend to block your way, just to cheer up your day in this beautiful morning..." and he smiled, innocently!

Cheer me up? By doing that?

Please tell me, he is crazy for treating me the way he did and it is so abnormal to act such like that or actually it is normal to cheer up someone's day with that method and I am being a completely paranoia chick?

How weird one's life can be? *wink*

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Shinade on February 8, 2008 at 10:56 PM said...

Well I am the ultimate paranoid...so I might not be the very best to answer this...LOL!!!

But, yes I agree with you...he sounds a little wierd:)

shle3pyb4by on February 9, 2008 at 2:27 AM said...

hi shinade! ;)
uhuh... im always paranoid! really having all this paranoia thingy around. :)

but hey, yeah... he is weird! dont you think so?! aah.. luckily its not just me who thinks tht! :)

Cowgirl Betty on February 10, 2008 at 2:51 PM said...

Howdy, just thought I drop by from the trail . . .

Poor fellow, obviously you have ran into the oft-overlooked superhero, Random Advice Man.

Perhaps he took a gander at your ipod and noticed a smudge--thus the bit about newspaper.

We have a multitude of Random Advice Men here in the States. They hold Random Advice Conventions around various public locations, such as bus terminals and in airport security lines. Upstate New York even has its own Random Advice Legion--lurking in grocery stores, pharmacy lines, and whatnot--ready to save some potentially hapless victim from mild inconvenience.

shle3pyb4by on February 11, 2008 at 9:09 AM said...

hi betty... thanks for stopping by. hmmm, yeah. have to put up with a stranger-weirdo... hopefully nothing similar tomorrow as tomorrow is monday, and uhuhh how i hate monday! :)


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