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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Having Bad Dreams Just Like A Child?

I am at home, sipping my Chamomille tea. I am still thinking about last night nightmare. It was really distracting though. I can't remember still, what is it all about. But for what I know, it is surely something horrible that made me scream myself out right in the middle of the night.
Oh, and mind you. It's not once, but more than once. Manipulative dreams, I must say.

Following to the worst nightmare night-experience ever, I thought of something. What would intrigue my mind to suddenly feel insecure and scared that soon scariest dreams then created in my mind? Will that possibly moulded after what I really felt at the moment? Does what I feel has anything to do with my dreams? Mind you, I haven't got nightmares for quite some time now.

In fact, come to think about it... I did feel strange the night before. I was left alone at home, and I don't really have anything to do. Flicking through the channels from one to another that soon bores me to death, I then hurled to the bed for a good night sleep. Then, I was woken up at 4, just for someone to come and pick some thing! I sleep back again, and only soon to realize that there was someone with me, then by noon. But I was fast asleep. And it still seems like I am all alone, as then we were never speak to each other.

Would that be the cause of me having those nightmares? Not to blame the other person, but then again... would the reason simply be as I was all alone and that's the reason for the nightmares come creeping to my head late at night? I remembered I was sobbing. Late at night, far too scared to believe that it was all nightmares, nothing but just a weird sleeping game. And, at some point, I feel so lonely... as I am feeling so alone, even there was someone else in the house.

People might say that I am behaving like a child, looking like a child, having nightmares like a child and sobbing at night, scared... just like a child. But that is who I am and what I am. No one would ever escape from becoming one, like me... even in once in a blue moon.

Therefore, I am happy being myself... and if those point, becoming the reason why people refuse to be with me, be-friend with me, then be it!

As far as I am concern, I am just being honest to myself... and I think there is nothing wrong by being honest. I pressume... Think about it. Let the inner child of yours, exposed... then you know what does it means.
Good night.

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[s][e][x][y][i][n][r][e][d] on July 22, 2008 at 6:59 PM said...

Owhhh poor you...It must be something that been bothering you lately like work or you know it better yourself.

I think this is just how the sub-concious mind is trying to get across the message to you...so you could get it settled fast and back to the dreamless night...hehehhe or so I thought.Ekkkkkkk.....(ehem now I'm a psychologist tehehehhehe) or else you might just forget to basuh kaki before jumping into the bed :P

And I think it's a brave move to be honest about oneself rather than bottling it up or even worst hiding it in the back of your closet ...so babe I cheer you for being true to yourself !!! Yeay!!!! and hopefully you'll got no more bad dreams hereafter.

wani ezryl * on July 22, 2008 at 8:03 PM said...

sometimes bad dreams mean nothing, but sometimes it's affected by what we do on the daylight.. hee. like thinking too much of sumthin may cause bad dreams too. or being too tired or tense. juz think happy thots b4 u sleep, may b it'll scare those nightmares away ;]

Anonymous said...

What I'll say is that you pray before going off to sleep every night. It has always helped me, I am sure it will help you as well. And think of all the good things that happen during the day before going off to sleep.:)

Daddy Papersurfer on July 23, 2008 at 3:40 PM said...

Just dream of me Baby ...... on second thoughts better not - tee hee

[you'll be fine - remember the *twirling* days]

shle3pyb4by on July 25, 2008 at 6:29 AM said...

hi sexyinred, been a while since you have commented on my blog! i'm touched!! :)

yeah. somehow, it might be about something that has been bothering me all these while. plus, the hectic times im in the office, stucked with too many things at once... that has been bothered me as well. not in a bad way though, but a bit of stress as the submission date is far too near to be true!

i will basuh kaki somehow and see how it goes. however, it has been good since the last time. no more nightmares for me, and i guess its a good sign though. :)

shle3pyb4by on July 25, 2008 at 6:31 AM said...

couz, thanks. yeah. everyone is talking about basuh kaki before going to bed. basuh kaki - washing the feet has been the old folks saying. maybe it is true, i think. to keep yourself clean up before going to bed seems to be a reasonable action to be done! ill see on that.

P/S: but i usually showered before off to bed. so, hows tht then?

shle3pyb4by on July 25, 2008 at 6:32 AM said...

scratchbags! :) *grins*

yeah, to think about good things nowadays before i am going to bed...? seems to be the most difficult ones to be done. too much to gain that part of happiness. always fell asleep thoughtless! ;)

ill try! :) *twirl*

shle3pyb4by on July 25, 2008 at 6:33 AM said...

daddy!! thinking of you??? err, on first thought!! NO! :)

uhuhhh, i should ask TG about this. did she got nightmares basically every single day? whoopsies!! :)

*big twirl all around*


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