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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Noveau Riche?

I am still in my living room, but my mug of coffee is drained out. I drank it all. I am still on the net, browsing here and there. For something to read about. To enrich my knowledge of all sort of new things revolved in this whole wide world.

Until, I came across a good definition of real life. It's ironic. And, not to mention... I think the phrase is kind of classy too. Noveau Riche. It is a French word, describing a new rich. Somehow, I just realized that more and more of the wordings nowadays, have been called out in different sorts of language to emphasize the meaning, as well as to attract oneself to actually hold on to that. I search more on this, and here is what I found... The fascinating meaning of Noveau Riche. Everyone is thinking about getting rich, but less people are actually determined in doing it. Performing it. I personally, wants to be rich. I love money. Full stop. Who doesn't, anyway?

More research done, and I found out that there is a university called Noveau Riche University as well?! *wink* Well presented, I think, somehow the university absurdly portray the real meaning of Noveau Riche. It is located in Scottsdale, and with the university motto... "Knowledge, Power & Freedom", simply means the Noveau Riche University is inexplicably served the real meaning of Noveau Riche. It is a university that specifically narrowed to one course, that will eventually reflected the new rich of this new era, in becoming a real estate investor!

It provides tons of intensive of Noveau Riche as it is all listed specifically. In my opinion, besides learning all these things to becoming the respected real estate investor, one would eventually upgrade oneself to become more respectable person as well with numbers of self-improving skills taught! What more can you ask, then? *wink*

As the world revolving non-stop in this fast paced developing era, to becoming a real estate investor, is the best option to live in. Each country is trying to cope with the new era, riping successfully. For example, Russia! Somehow, it has been more developed day by day, and now... it has been known as the Noveau Riche as it is explained. There is an opportunity said that to launch an exclusive social network for Russian millionaires. Therefore, how true is it to be said that real estate investor is the Noveau Riche?

Think about that, on this gloomy, sad Saturday morning... Probably, you will come out with some ideas, and somehow... dreadful Saturday will not be as dreadful as we can ever imagined?

Happy Saturday! *wink & twirl*

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