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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back to Beautiful Life?

It's Monday, but then again its a holiday. Today is the August Bank Holiday for Dublin. I was out last night, to see Ben Sims playing in Andrews Lane. It's not to bad I must say. *wink*
Got back home at half six in the morning, as we went to an after party in friends house. It was brilliant. Nothing much to report, but one thing I have discovered. We will somehow ought to be abide by what we have and somehow, it will be a routine. Ah, I know I did not make sense at all, on everything I said here.
But here goes... I just discover something, I am so cannot be angry or mad at one person (no matter who they are, but this would happened if he / she is close to me), no later than two days. Somehow, it tells that whether I am naive and stupid, or I am a good girl with good feelings inside that barely let me have the negative things inside? But what I opt for is the first one. I think I am naive and stupid. But am I?
Oh and one more thing, I think I hate confrontation. That is why, everything should be all okay. So that it won't lead to commotion and disaster scenario, instead a beautiful normal life style, would be better I must say.
I just wish that, no more confrontation to be let happened, instead... I just want everything to be normal. What is so wrong to have a normal scene? Somehow, fights, silent-treatment, etc. is just simply not worth it. I just want things to be normal. When it was normal, everything was so fun.
Everyday filled with laughters, smiles, stupid jokes, gigglings and happy things basically everyday. It was so much fun. But now its more about not talking, quiet-worst than the library, sad faces, weird faces, reluctant to even say something... its obviously huge difference from what it was used to be.
Uhuhh, if only I had a wish, I only wish for it to be back to normal. Somehow, I do miss the ol' times. Somehow, how I wish...
A music from Infected Mushroom, I wish... Somehow, I think the music is addictive? ;)


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wani ezryl * on August 6, 2008 at 9:09 PM said...

it's gud to hear that you're in jolly good happy days again ;] i mean, why arguing when we're really close and can share the joy&laughter? enjoyx! xD

Anonymous said...

I have got something for you on my blog.:)


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