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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Drug Addicts, and Alcoholics Are Everywhere?

So, it is already Wednesday. Been a hectic 'world' today in the office. Supposed, has been warned by my boss that I need to prepare to stay in the office late, as I have to finish up Client's requirement for our big hospital project at the moment. To be honest, this project has wrecked my life since two months back. Right after I came back from my Tenerife trip. It was way beyond hectic. I don't know which exact word best to describe the trouble with this one!

Luckily, I speed up my work, and instead of staying up late in the office 'till night, I managed to go back early! Yayyy!! Kudos to me! *wink*

On my way back home, I was flicking through the free newspaper, which I got this morning. I never had the chance to flick it earlier on, as my mind was too occupied on what are the things to do in the office. Then, I was strucked by the news of drugs consumption, everywhere!

It seems that drugs have been the main requirements of people need nowadays. And even, for girl to losing weight, is to consume drugs! But I am more concern on the bad drugs, not the medical drugs. Same thing goes with the alcoholism among youngster nowadays.

These people who consumed drugs, seems to be a huge problem to the community. Almost the same effect goes to the people who drink. I am not mentioning about people who drinks sensibly, or in any other word, rinking on weekends... socially. This is about the people who live to drink alcohol and consuming drugs. As if, that is the new way to a better living!

Artist, actors, actresses... singer, group band... there are no exceptional. Is there a new law saying that people who take drugs and drink alcohol to the fullest is the coolest people on earth?

I was browsing through the net, and I saw there's this one Drug Rehab, speacialize in helping these people to become sober. Back to reality. Soberity. In a good way.

The place is so peaceful, and with the environment they provide, I don't have any doubt about their mission statement! However, as people said, whatever it is, and how good things are, it must come from yourself as well. Your intention to quit, is the most important aspect of all. It's not just physically, but it must also come from the mind. Your mind, and your own decision to quit.

It has quite an impressive selection of Drug Rehab Programme to actually bring you back to your normal life, instead of swaying away to another direction, the direction that you won't be able to live on for long. Drug Detox is to make sure that you are completely off the drugs. So that, you can actually realized the meaning of having a happy and wonderful life, instead of stuck in the paranoid world filled with filthy drugs.

They also provide Alcohol Rehab, specially to those people who are can't get enough of alcohol per day. And the best thing is, they do not just give some talk about drinking and the bad outcome of becoming an alcoholism, but it also provide Alcohol Rehab with extensive care and treatment, as well as self improvement, that you soon instead of pulling tantrum as someone asking you to do what you are not willingly to do, you will eventually blooming and become a better person.

In my opinion, Cliffside Malibu is the best place if any of you or someone you knew that need helps, in terms of detoxicating themselves either from the drugs or alcohol.

Uhuhh, I have been to tired stretching my eyeballs on my monitor in the office. But, by looking at few photos in the website of Cliffside Malibu, it was a true pleasure! Kudos to these people who made it work! It is truly a tremendous success of making people poodled with drugs and alcohol, can have their normal life back, without being afraid to be tortured or lectured!

It's awesome, I must say. Good night everyone. *kisses*


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