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Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Hermit Is Better Than A Lunatic?

I have just realized that I have not been blogging about nearly a week now? Almost. It was just that I am too occupied with too many things at once. Somehow, the workload in the office since to be mounted up, day by day. And with that, time passed quickly enough, that leaves me just enough time to eat and sleep.
I have been in a topsy turvy mode, these past few weeks. Somehow, I feel it too disturbing. And most of all, I feel so alone. Not actually complaining about it, and not also being so pathetic, looking gloomy and pest over my sad life. No. Its just that, I think I do missed my life. My normal life.
I have received an email from my best friend, back in my country. We become good friends when we were in our childhood times. We did everything together, get caught up doing stupid things, tell puppy love tales to each other, shopping together, having good and bad times together. We known each other too well, in fact we sort of complete each other lucks and miseries. It was one of a bestest memories I have ever had.
And when I got her email last night, I could not stop smiling reading all her tales and assumptions on me. She is still the same person as I know her back then. It was a joyful moment to acknowledge that she is still there. Alive! Ah, we have not contacted each other for so long. Probably, nearly a year?
Then, something struck me. It was too nice to have her back on track, even though... agreed that we both too caught up with our own things that we failed to be there for each other, but somehow... we can still click just like how we click years back. Then, I started to wonder. She is the only friend of mine who knows exactly what kind of person I am and how to cope with me and my tantrums at times, and vice versa... but then, how can possibly I find someone as exactly like her to become my best friend over here? It's impossible, especially when you grew older, things are getting far too complicated to achieve.
One scare thought popped in. I know I can make friends here. Have new friends from all over the places. But then, how can I contradict the idea that I can no longer get myself a good friend who understands me well. Does that means I am being to choosy to have a friend? Or does that actually means to be my good friend, you have ought to have good reputation, with high class dignity to satisfy me? Good grief. It's pretty scarry to have such thoughts!
Whatever it is, that is what I have been thinking lately. I think I am so alone, and the fact that I am alone, somehow does not scare me, but in fact, I think I kind of like the idea of being secluded once in a while. Silence, is to me... peacefulness. Probably the silent treatment that I had these past few weeks, trained me to become a good anti-socialist? Or what my friend over the other side of the world was saying, she thought she is becoming a hermit at the moment, as keep on saying no to any social invitations! A hermit will do at this point, I presume!
Happy weekends, everyone! *wink & twirl*

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