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Monday, September 15, 2008

Incomplete Lullaby

I am a bit mellow and sluggish this weekend. I went out on Friday, and it is horrible. I mean, I don't think I am capable of going out anymore, anytime soon. I'm through.

I went to Boyz2Men with a friend of mine. Fairy. We had a blast. It starts at half seven on Friday night, and it was brilliant. Then, I met few friends of mine later on, and we went somewhere. It was good, just that I feel strange that I don't feel like I am going out. I knew something, that I missed Mr. Jerk somehow.

He called me at half four in the morning, but I didn't answer it because I didn't actually realized it! Then, he keep on calling all the time. And it was a shocked really. I mean, why would he called.

Then, I just knew that he had a fight somewhere in Italy, and he rang me. Like, why is that so? I knew this because I had few friends with me at the moment, and one of them is Italian, so he kind of translate it to me. As Mr. Jerk was actually speaking crazy italian with me. Silly.

But then, as in today, things just got worst, and I decided to tell him I am not going to Prague with him. He just made a mess, and acting like a kindergarten kid! He didn't even booked any hotel, accommodation as yet!!! And we are going in a week time! I told and asked him before, and he said he will do that. And no, he didn't. I think it is good if we don't go. And he is quite happy about it. He tried to twist things out, telling me aah.. its better if we don't go since I made such a mess with it, but then I told him... not to worry, as I don't feel good to go anyway. Such a jerk!!

I think, not going is much much more better for me, at least I can put this things on the fine line. I mean, I can stop all this nonsense, really. Back on my life, and that is much more important at the moment!

Oh, by the way, I have come across this music, this song. And I think it is kind of cute song. I like this girl, who sing the song. She is from Australia and I think she is just cool! Have fun listening!! :)

Happy Weekends, everyone!

P/S: the vid is kind of authentic too! :)

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