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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hey all. It is only Wednesday today, and it will be two and and half more days to go to Friday? And Friday will be the big day for me, as I will get the news whether I will get the job or I won't. Only two options, and that might sounds so easy, but as in for me, I think it will be the worst for me if the result is the latter. :(

In the meantime, it will still be the normal me. I went to social welfare, as well as the volunteering job in the charity shop, obviously. Well, had a few hiccups in the social welfare office, as predicted... they said I never came over the change the address??? And it might affected my payments! It is so out of topic. Very much! But alas, it was just a hiccup, so it is all done now. Phew!

And thank God I went to the charity shop afterall, they sort of cheer me up in a way. :) And the best bit of it, I found the dress that I wanted, the one that I thought has been sold, but afterall it was there all along! Yayy!! And obviously, I got them.

So, there is a reason to go out this weekend, despite of the fact that I might be broke, but hey... at least I have a new dress to be looking forward to this weekend! As in conclusion, it was not a bad day afterall! :)

It might be true that when people always said, there is always a silver lining, somehow! :)

Have to get ready for the day now, and I hope I will talk to you soon enough? Take care! xxx *twirl*

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