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Monday, October 5, 2009

Ecstatically Happy

Hey all!! :)

I am so sorry, was just too busy these past few days. Been working, college and today, even though I have my off day, I (at last!!) went to IKEA and I got my study table!! Plus, I also got myself few other stuff, like the shoe rack, pink lamp shade, study lamp, waste basket, etc. :) And somehow, I cleaned my room and with the existence of the new study table, I am actually quite excited and looking forward to study for college! Haha... God, looks at how new stuff made me want to do something that I really despise and of course, simply made me the happiest person on earth! I am easily amazed and amused, remember? ;)

Yup! And with the new furniture in the room too... I made a slightly change to the room layout, and with the make over, I think I am starting to be happy as I was before. As I said, I am ecstatically happy at the moment! ;)

Oh, before I forgot, I also enter this photography competition... (even though I am crap and can only called myself as an amateur in photography, BUT... I do think I took nice photos... Haha....) so, here is the thing that I put those photos in... as they said.

"Hello, I've just entered the Metro Global Photo Challenge competition. Here are my photos at: HERE IS THE LINK. I'll be grateful for your comments".

So, feel free to drop in, and leave nice / nasty comments about it. I am happy for either or. :)

Okay, talk soon people. Good night.

P/S: Wrecked already with all the fixings and asembling stuff. :(

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