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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Becoming A Polar Bear

I am still without any resolutions for this year, as yet. I am still in the process of making a list. A list that can actually be done by the end of this year. Not some nice-typical resolution, that ended up unachievable by the end of the year! So, it needs some time to actually exist. I'll let you know, don't worry. :)

Well, today. I was supposed to concentrate on my notes. My college notes. I have an exam next Friday. One paper. Three hours paper. And I was sick since Monday. Actually, since New Year. I
was waiting for the taxi to go back home, in the cold... on New Year's Eve, (where it was hit by a snow storm - okay, maybe I'm exaggerating with the word "storm", but it was really a heavy snow, that night!) for more than an hour. So yes, I was sick since then. And am off work since Monday, and today is Friday... and okay. I should have at least study a bit for the exam next week. But, I just can't!

I mean, for the first three days (until Wednesday, perhaps?), it is still tolerable. I was sick. Flu. The worst flu ever. Couldn't stop sneezing, for some reason! Then, Thursday? Getting better, but was wayyyyy too lazy to read the notes! :) I keep on staring at the notes, and somehow (might be the medication I was on as well), the notes seems to be staring at me back with
anger!!! :) So, I decided to not study and watch one tv shows to another! ;) Haha...

Starting with Gossip Girl followed by Glee, then Privileged. And then, now... I am too depressed to find out that Privileged is not going to continue with Season 2!! And worst, the finale in Season 1 is ended with a horrible cliffhanger!!! So depressing. :(

Well, that is all then for today. I guess, see you tomorrow then. Good night.

P/S: Well, besides that... I am well aware of how lazy I was these days, being sick plus the cold-annoying-weather... I seems to have more valid reasons to become a Polar Bear!! Feeding myself to keep warm! Bliss!! ;)

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